I went to a wedding in a picturesque farm and met this sick little piggy yesterday, I must’ve spent too much time with it and now I’m sick too.  Not fun!  I hope this is nth more serious than a normal flu, I was dragged to urgent care and got poked and examined in the middle of the night…and now wait and see.  Luckily, my personal ‘drama’ is on a holiday, I guess.  None of my grandiose plans for the day materialized, and family is stuck home with me too.  At least they laid around the pool and swam a bit while me is stuck in bed slurping plain jook/congee.  It is sweating hot even with the AC blasting and I’m having the chills, and sweats…yuck.  But then is it crazy to love being a bit under the weather and never felt more aware of one’s body and the love ur dear ones will just shower on you without considering u r a spoiled brat that’s past the age to be a whiny needy child?!

Doesn’t help surfing  the Tube.  I was trying to stay away from the HK headlines knowing the unfolding unrest will depress me.  A rushed educational ‘reform’ angering majority of citizens,  teenagers protesting by fasting at the Central Government Complex aka ‘Doors Wide Open’.  A new unknown syllabus of  ‘national education’ where children will possibly be graded on ‘patriotism’ where history will be fuddled Red (there is no mention of ‘colonization’ and ‘ROC’ entirely) is giving me a new headache the size of Jupiter. I hate to be reminded a city, my hometown, is dying.  I can’t bear to be a witness to it.  Why is this extreme polarization of that little island necessary?!  We are talking about the education of our children here, why the haste and politics!?!??!?  What infuriates me the most is educators, teachers are minimally involved, the peeps penning the textbooks are lopsided political with a very narrow knowledge and vision of the definition of the word ‘patriotism’ in greater China, let alone the unique complexity of HK.

I’m too beat to translate, but these are sharp speeches and commentaries on the explosive issue:

A commentary by 練乙錚 renowned educator, current editor in chief of Hong Kong Economic Journal

An interview of 倪匡/Ni Kuang on the most sensitive subject: communist party

The gist in English:  nytimes  wsj

AND *Sighhhh*:

Yes, this above vid gives me extreme heartpain, but at the same time I feel invigorated and hopeful….because I wish I can live to see standoffs, protests of every pertinent issue, big or small, on that little bit of land that maybe irrelevant in 10, 20… years, even when losing is inevitable, there’s hope if we keep fighting for our simple rights.

2 thoughts on “Sick

    1. I’m much better now Chancy! Thank you! ^^

      The cute piggy is the culpit though, we were there early to went on a walk and the sty is at the other end of the party, I’m the only one who is oblivious to the smell and dirt on sorta nice clothes.

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