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1.  Still have the flu and I’ve never been this excited about it.  Firstly, it made it easier for my lil project of no weibo/twitter , no contact with ANY possible drama peep breathing in the universe and I’ve attained the unimaginable: unspoiled for 13, 14!!!!!!!!!!! *confetti*  And it gives me morbid delight only I’ll get seeing my darlings having my exact sniffies in the most d’awwwwww way humanly possible.  (TMI, I did go and smooch my very unwilling significant other because I now equate spreading of germs ROMANTIC!)  MUAHAHAHA  And it also justifies me wasting tissues since it’s for dual purposes of the runny nose and tears: I do not fare well w/ any Dad-Daughter scene.


Isn’t it glorious when time-traveling for us normal folks can be as easy as a smile from a certain someone.  Yeah, my cutiepie, u be frustrated 6 yrs of HARDwork is down the drains just with that.  And SiWon, you cocky little b*!   But I still love you to pieces, so torture that poor boy on *giggle*.  I can’t be alone squeeing ‘Awwwwwwwwww ’tis love! BOTH! *sobz :~)))* ‘

3.  SHE TALK!  THEY TALK!  Gosh SiWon is moving into my heart as my dearest Kdrama heroine maybe ever.  How much she’s grown from that slow, sheltered, naive silly girl with an all-consuming crazy hobbie?!  She is proving herself worthy of having our perfect JoonHee as her bff soulmate being thoughtful and sharp and considerate.  I love it when she tested the boundaries as to whether YJ has a significant others right away, and at the right moment much later,  just put it out simply and crisply clear. Carpe Diem, my girl!


I paused and capped this random scene screaming ‘SAMSOOK!’.  (It’s probably not Samsook, BUT IT IS to my delusional fangirl eyes!!)

Yeah, it would be PERFECT timeline-wise to have a Samsook pig in every household with a female in Korea circa 2005 summer, no?  And SW is working as an assistant PD/crew in showbiz, right?  She may no longer be the rabid Mrs. Tony but RAbidness stays in the blood foreber. It will be IRRATIONAL she’s immune to the Samsoon feber!  Speaking of wrong, how can she NOT  know the gist of Daddy Long Legs?!  SiWon is never an avid reader…that is very understandable, BUT I’m dead set she’s a Samsoon fangirl, thus she MUST be a Samshik fangirl, and DU-H a Hyunbinnie fangirl and how can she not check out EVERY freaken thing (like the 10 seconds of DADDY LONG LEGS) he’s done right after u caught the Samshik bug?!?!?!  It’s not plausible.  And knowing our SW is most proficient in fangirling, she should’ve read Daddy Long Legs then, not coz of some package conveniently landed at her doorstep. *I’ll admit I’ve never read the book, but there was an anime of it I was rabid about as a kid*

5.  to 100.

This, this, this and THIS:

What I love most now with this little drama is not how it’s driving me nuts with a full-blown addiction, I was never THIS good waiting for subs.  It is how it is taking its own patient, confident pace in its storytelling.  I was a bit restless with the dragged out Who’s the whoever but I get the point now.  I’m supposed to savor it like spending time with an old friend.  There are things we know about the characters and the story, and led on by the steady pace we have build an intimate relationship with them, and that is why we can almost always predict the next scene yet we still care and wanna see and hear it, like all the first hand accounts from our bffs, even though we can sniff what any conversation with them is about a mile ahead.   It truly is the journey and the spending time with them, listening to them pouring their personal stories and feelings out to your ears…and we are always acute and open to their ramblings……that we get the beautiful magnificent impact of the scene.  This must be the loveliest most perfect OTP kiss I’ve seen in a long, long while.  It’s real, and these talented newbies r kissing exactly like their characters should in 2005. It is not earth-shattering and SURPRISE!  When SiWon starts counting, we all KNOW it’s gonna happen and YJ will shush her 1, 2 and …*SMOOCH!*  I love that little grin EunJi is injecting in her SiWon.  *EunJi is impressing me more and more how insanely natural a serious acting talent she is.  She’s scaring me in how she’s wayyy better than all the younglings who are all GREAT! in this show.  What gives?!  All along, I’ve been enjoying the ride and just asking them to not make a slip I can’t help but notice and I do not notice her acting acting (which is a good thing).  Now I’m consciously marveling how spot on she is with all her littler nuances, twitches and transitions.  This can’t be taught and trained.  She’s just THIS good. @__@ *  Of course, I love his slight flabbergasted pensive hesitation diving in, and the spot-on heat and want in a part-deux.  Take notes K actors, this is how real, breathing 20sths kiss.

101.  Dads.

I put my tearducts to good use during the funeral. ;___;

I have never thought there will be a day when I will SAVOR watching a grown man pulling a girl’s hair with all his might, his own daughter’s hair, literally off her head for MINUTES and think it is such a warm, lovely, sweet, adorable and most hilarious scene.

9 thoughts on “Reply 1997 13, 14

  1. What is this drama?

    Lately I’ve been watching oby-gyn over dinner. I feel Im going to have digestion problems by the time this drama ends. On the other side I’ve not watched a drama like this one that has more good looking guys than bof.

  2. There are seriously not enough letters in the word AWESOME to describe the show. I cried I laughed and I lived just like the characters in the drama.

    Ep 13 and 14 were daebak, simple but affecting, quiet but filled with emotional gratification and impact that I’d never expected.

    Eun Ji’s a marvel, just as the rest of the actors in the show. What a year!

    1. I love R1997…but I’m a horrible horrible friend to tell you ILICDD is much more AWESOME! *sorry these r the 2 dramas I have the urge to watch atm* XDDD

      I think they are all doing good to great, but EunJi is the only one I’ll stick with her acting career and check things out no matter what because of her. I’ve not seen anyone as natural other than the girl in A Muse.

      1. Nah, not horrible! I bet if I watched ILICDD I’d love it as much as peeps do but I just do not have the right means and channel to do it T____TTT sighs.

        And I am so sad that I am behind everyone in this. ARGHH.

  3. *ear to ear grin*

    Nothing much else to add… except I freaking love Eun Ji and her rendition of Shi Won. I mean, I rather adore all the kids (the casting has been so spot on with everyone, adults included) but as you said she’s just SO damned good and natural. I hope she takes on acting for real, as part of the package. I doubt she’ll stop being an idol though as by her own words she loves singing and performing.

    1. She needs to never stop acting!!!!! Am I horrible to have the thought of the life of an idol is short…and therefore some years down the line we’ll have EunJi doing what is truly her calling?!

      1. Well, she’s just 19 but yeah, the shelf-life of your averige idol is not all that long. So it’ll be good to have a back-up plan. Nothing says you have to stop singing if you act either.

  4. Omg that kiss was seriously hot….I still can’t get over it *fans self*
    Haha, I see Eun-ji fangirl in the making. Have you started watching her Apink videos on repeat yet? xD
    I do like her a lot but I don’t think I see that range of acting you mention. But then I’m not that good of a judge on acting, especially when it’s in a foreign language (like I’m totally missing out on the busan/seoul dialect switch which is probably awesome. I mean I do hear that busan sounds different but of course can’t tell it apart from all other dialects with any sort of accuracy)

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