Apples of my eye

This is one of the few posts that is quite ‘political’, I should say very personal.

I was a young thing during ‘89.6.4.  It was the first time I am part of a massive crowd in protest.  I was also 1 of 10,000,000+ people, ie 1/7?  of the population, orderly, peacefully walking for hours, through the heart of the city to fight for the civil liberties of a tiny place on earth we call home.  Last few days, teenagers went on hunger strikes, retirees, teachers, parents, citizens…went on hunger strikes.  Massive crowds in the city wore black in 30+ midsummer weather.  I wore every piece of black I had in my summer closet.  I did wear a black tee to work…I had never worn a tee to work, but it was more my personal thing and it’s Fri.  I did get a few concerned look and questions since it’s only customary for a passing in family during the lunar Seventh month (the ghost festival/most ‘yin’ month, it’s ‘bad luck inducing’ to wear all black.  I just go for practicality…black is humanly insufferable in summer, we all agree.) Some of my relatives are pro-PRC, some are not.  That’s the beauty of freedom.  I met a professor who left his tenure post taking asylum in a little university town, the university i attended, and I pestered him to teach our Mandarin class to sing March of the Volunteers properly (It has the most lovely lyrics of national anthems tbh) and I still can sing every word in my most proper Mandarin.

I’ve read pages from the syllabus of the ‘National Education’ ie political indoctrination that is going to be mandatory for grade school kids in HK sooner or later.  I am not a mother, I do not live in HK, but still my blood boils.  It is not the teaching and singing of National anthem in schools, or glorified history of the ruling party that is bothering me the most, but it’s the miasma of falsehood and lies that is going to be passing around from these national ed textbooks, through the teaching by teachers….to the children.  Some are so far from the truth no one is gonna mistaken it, not even a 5 yo…BUT having a mandatory class period wk after wk, yr afte yr on reading about fabricated patriotism…and it is conducted by an authoritative figure such as our grade school Teachers, it will plant a seed of unmeasurable harm of oblivion to truths, at least to some, and even if it’s just ONE child, it’s one too many, stifling his/her ability for individual critical thinking.  What is more damaging and can seep into all walks of life, all facets of life as education of our children?  Let me ask sth quite stupid and obvious…where would Marxism be if not from an individual line of thoughts from the head of Carl Marx?


These pics made me cry, the most gorgeous human beauty to my eyes these few days:

Organizers said there are 120,000 in attendance of the night vigil.   The visual is stunningly a TONNE of people spending the whole night in the street.  This is the crowd promptly making way for an ambulance to attend to someone who’s fainted in the heat.

A few youngsters volunteer in cleaning the public toilets in the area, they make their Moms very very proud:

Some spent the night playing loving jazz

An anon grannie dropped off a bucket of homemade pear soup, a lovely medicinal tonic good for the throat to the protestors.

There were several accounts of  taxi drivers chauffeuring for free.

And all sorts of donated lovely food:

this is fr London:


Back to HK:

Not related but still, too beautiful for words and moving me to tears… This is Andy Lau hugging 蘇華偉 who has won gold medals in the paralympics  representing HK since 1996.   Mr. So works at an office job for Andy’s company for a living…but he took a year of paid leave training for the event.  Andy, his boss, was there cheering him on, and this is the moment they share a hug.  *sobbbb*

Lyrics and translation


7 thoughts on “Apples of my eye

  1. Im so touched by what the kids and grandma. Cleaning the restroom and bringing the soup. Brainwashing kids from their young days will handicap their ability to be critical about things. And if they are successful in doing this more and more bad plans will continue.

    1. IT is gonna happen sooner or later…it’s a slow death but still we’d rather it be later. It’s the old CN saying, you can do anything to me…but don’t touch my kids, ever. IF they push it again, I bet the parents will fight again. I’m just surprised (and the parents should be a tad ashamed) this is started by 2, 3 highschoolers and at least it does sth, because this BJ backed gov can heck it all… what is the worth of popularity polls when they dun need to be elected by the peeps it’s governing?!

  2. Thanks for the moving photos! You should be proud to have such fellow countrymen/women! It’s really heartening to see such unity across generations with respect to the “protest” against the introduction of the education reform. I remember seeing the undergraduates on the news a week ago being interviewed about going on a hunger strike fortheir cause and their quiet determination really stuck with me. It was also qt noteworthy as they’re young compared to the occupy HK folks outside the banks at Zhong Wan. While I may not be from Hong Kong but I am nonetheless impressed by the willingness and courage by the youth to speak their mind and stand up for their beliefs and national pride. If the same reform were to ever take place in my home country, I can bet that my fellow citizen/youths won’t be as outspoken as those that I have witnessed in HK.

    1. I’m proud, but then again you never know the power of people! I’m shocked as well because this looks so futile a David vs Goliath a fight started by a few highschoolers. HKers r pushed to a very dire corner though…either we fight, or we all go by the communist’s doctrine and forever shut up and do as the authority deemed nec.

  3. It made me cry too. I didn’t sleep much last night surfing all the election results I could chase. It is beyond words to see our beloved home town dying a slow death – but these 16 years old make us proud and give us hope. Indeed, it is the individual thoughts that make this an interesting planet and a progressive world. Let’s salute to all the blackie kids, parents, teachers and volunteers.


    1. The results r so heartbreaking :/ but then it’s mostly the disorganized pan-democratic parties’ fault. We are still dying a slow cancer, but at least we know for sure we won’t lay down without a fight and who knows? I for one is quite optimistic for once we may live to see you know ….a change of ‘dynasty’? With internet an integral part of our lives and so many mainlanders, at least this generation knows what’s going on, as supposed being completed blocked fr the great famine, 64… and knowledge is power, the more they know, it just automatically translate to individual, critical thinking. At the very least, I’ve heard of weiboers saying things like, ‘oh, so we r brainwashed…’ Whether sarcastically or what, the fact is they know the ‘national ed’ is not as mandatory to all without question.

      What I hate most about things thrown out like a fact: the (Chinese) people needs the all knowing, all motherly authority, to tell us what’s to do, what’s best for us…guiding rules from the party is a necessity. We, Chinese as a race, can never handle democracy full of its warts and be fooled because there are just too many of us and too many opinions = bad hindrance. I think HKers, with our peculiar history,are most ready out of any CN societies to make the best out of a democratic system, we have a lot of bipartisanship, but then in black and white issues of right vs wrong, we always exhibit a breathtaking unity esp when we have a mature, effective ICAC against corruption.

  4. The national education curriculum is ridiculous I agree but I do not see the 6/4 protests in HK as a protest to protect civil liberties in HK, but rather, as an extension of the rather foolish protest culture of HK.

    On average, there are 2.7 protests a day in HK. The Legco is essentially in paralysis, with pan-democrats wasting taxpayers money by proposing and debating ridiculous motions and bills. The new chief exec is an indecisive man who is unable to take a stand, bows too easily to public pressure and is unable to lead a city caught in paralysis. What most HK people need to accept is this – China will be an integral part of their lives. Whether they like it or not, their livelihood is now so hugely dependent on China in ways they have never thought about. Where is all the cash in their economy coming from? Where is all the demand, all the supply, all the economic activity coming from? China.

    HK is sick. In the past 3 years, what major reforms have there been? What major action has been taken so that HK is kept at the forefront of the world? Look at the North Eastern Development Area as the latest example, if the people living in these areas want development, want to attract business and growth to this area, who are the people in Kowloon and the Island to tell them they cannot? If HK is such a democratic and free society, how can these people repress others from economic development and improvement in living standards?

    Fifteen years ago, HK was the financial and cultural capital of the East. The degradation of society in one run by online opinion by these “post 80’s” youths with no social experience, no jobs and just pure unadulterated dissatisfaction will be the ruin of HK. Already, Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul have overtaken HK as the major hubs of the east. Decisive action is needed and it is needed now.

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