Hotness of Cactors is off the charts, this post.  You’ve been warned:


YH kissing the mind out of a darn lucky woman in his upcoming TW/C drama.

Lets not forget he’s equally as lovely at the receiving end *I kid, he’s just rehearsing, PD showing him how he should hold the heroine Wang LuoDan’s face before some hot smooches*

Remember the scene-stealing most gorgeous slimy STD carrying pervie we’ve all fallen in love more than HuGe and YuanHong combined at one point? It’s been 5, 6 yrs, and not aging a day.

I have 2 dozens of his recent fansnaps of him and he’s as gorgeous with his GORG cute fangirls.  Who look this good chilling watching US Opens at a sportsbar?  NOBODY.


Fr weibo: 梁朝伟(50)将与松田翔太(27),前田敦子(21)联手,首次出演台词几乎为中文的日本电影「一九〇五」(导演:黑泽清)。而刚从人气偶像组 合「AKB48」毕业的前田敦子将凭借此片以演员出道。影片是以1905年清末中国人赴日留学的横滨为舞台,讲述三位主人公命运交织的动作电影。明年秋天 上映。 1905, very late Qing dynasty, a J movie in mostly Chinese of lives of CN students, Okinawa. HOT DAMN! *gosh and Tony is looking at me, IS LOOKNG AT MEEEE and I can’t even spare a moment at the brooding smexiness of Shota. *

Looking GOOD Aaron!  Cold War will be the opening movie at PIFF this year.

And TangWei will be its host?!?! REALLY?!?! Wae?!?!?!!?

Daniel Wu+Chang Chen+Liu Ye! !  ! @#$%^*^&^$! I need some extensive serious lying down on a huge block of ice.

I find Feng Shao Feng very campy and swarmy and his face bugs me even though I concur it’s very far from ugly….and he’s the cup of tea many would die to slurp.  LanLingWang is totally not giving me any optimistic vibe, the only positive? I can’t look away at  Ninagawa Mika’s gawdy but always fascinating art direction in the posters.  And Daniel Chan is running away with it.  I’ve watched a lot of Miss producer Chen’s works and hated most of them despite the fact they r  megahits.  I hope this gets the popularity in viewership for the actors’ sake but I doubt it’ll prove the track record wrong and I can love a drama by her.   Unpopular opinion is unpopular, Ariel does not have a face for periods, period.  She impresses me to an insane degree with her Huang Rong because she doesn’t look the part, AT ALL.  Every frame I’ve seen of her in LLW, it’s so out of place, I kinda wanna look away because I can’t possibly hate Ariel on screen, or can I?  IT’ll seriously PAIN me. :/

My eyes are drawn to the one and only Tony in this company of GQ CN Men of the Year. Biased fangirl is biased (but seriously, the red Q is blocked by his head to form a red arrow pointing at the pretty! isn’t he the most alluring of them all?)

The ladies are getting the last laughs though in this post of mine:

Zhang Yuqi.  HOT!DAMN.

White Deer Plain is my most anticipated CN movie for a long while and I’ve just get my hands on the novel!   She is on my girl crush list I’m betting on stealing the goddess crown from Fang BingBing, I think she has it to shut all naysayers with her  heaps and bounds of potential: you really can be drop dead gorgeous vavavoom AND have acting chops all in one.

White Deer Plain trailer:

A music clip:

Even though she’s the Queen of turds lately in C cinema,  she’s still one of the very few C actresses who have the rare package of looks and chops.  She is my partAsian very skinny Liz Taylor reincarnation.

I’ve been a fan of Mavis Fan since forever as a singer, I love the fact her nick is Little Witch.  Little did I know she can ACT and totally devour the screen she is sharing with ChenKun and ZhouXun.  Another case of a talented singer who is even more gifted as an actor.  I have not seen The Silent War but I must (Tony+ZhouXun+Mavis+masterminds behind Infernal Affairs and Overheard, therefore I’m trying to not read a thing about it.  My hunch is telling me she may be able to hold her own against Tony and ZhouXun (again!) combined.

And really nobody wears clothes I wanna steal EVERY piece off her body asap like ZhouXun:

I spent a good while salivating at the following caps and asking myself the stupidest rhetorical question WHY does every pretty picspam post of mine always have ChenKun?  and ZhouXun?  or better yet, CK+ZX making hot lurve?!  ie ChenKun fangirling news:  Painted Skin 2 HD is out in the interwebs:

ZX, you luckiest of luckybitches!

7 thoughts on “Hotness

    1. lolz ok his left eye is looking and you and rt…ME!!!! XD

      BUT r there any watchable silly HK flicks STILL?!?!?!??! I can’t rem last I saw sth crazily silly funny like the good old days, StephenChow kinda silly. We can always rewatch Eagle Shooting Heroes!

    1. We know these 3 r major hotties, but I have no idea of the synergy of hotness when cramped in one poster!!! It should be out in Dec, no? GOSH and Grandmasters too…. :O~~~~~

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