Domesticdiva is SOO not my calling.    I can bake, part is it doesnt involve me handling sharp weaponry, the other part is I love chemistry and food, but that’s about it.  I cut 2 of my own fingers a few days ago almost to the bone,  it’s the most volume of my own blood I’ve seen, the sight after, with blood dripping down my entire arm…is quite fascinating, esp when there’s no pain…yet.

So emergency surgery, stitches and a lot of needle poking and drugs later, I’m mending. muahaha I’m almost back to my own lousy typing speed considering I’m still groggy w/ painkillers w/ 3 semi-functioning RH fingers, thumb, ring and lil.

And still I managed to watch Reply1997 15 yesterday, just not sharing promptly my opinion on it (which is good…)

….coz I have nth nice to say.  Maybe it’s the pain,  my own bitchy mood because I need to stay overnight for a low grade fever, but now I’ve slept over it and  pampered to the nines a whole day at home, it’s still a boring and everything is bugging me ep.
First, TW.  GEEZZZZZZZZZZ  I’m biased, I admit, I just dont like him nor the actor.   Just get lost already, will you?!  Again, I’m not a hardcore OTP shipper,  I’m fine w/ SW/YJ not working out, but TW is just no, NO!   Get a grip, she’s not that into you, and just grow a pair and a brain and do the sensible right thing that’ll make everyone’s life easier, us viewers incl.

This is also the first ep I thought the acting of our precious pair is not cutting it, esp our YJ.   He seems like a lost, overworked puppy that is trying too hard but not delivering.  EunJi is less noticeably buggy, but sth defizz and I can’t pinpoint what is lacking in her perf this ep…

I think it’s the scripting.  What was a minor mehh all along is royally bugging me this ep.  I really dun see the point of dragging out another ep of Who’s the what. *yawnnnnn*  I think the actors themselves r bored and showing it,

Usu, flaws and all, there was always a scene that got under my skin and I’ve been holding out hope and my breath for it for an hour…and NOTHING!!! I’ve only been as disappointed when my sourdough inexplicably refused to rise after all the TLC and sweettalks I’ve put into it.  I dozed off at the Dad+some Uncle scene.   It’s probably the drugs’ doing, but STILL.  I Lub and is inappropriately crushing DAD the most!

On an entirely unrelated, but  ZOMG!!! note, my weibo is EXPLODING like a gorgeous oven rise this very instant.  See for yourself:

Basically, what happened is HG’s bday is 9/20, YH, after some appearance in his hometown WuHan the other day, hop to SH for some catching up and betcha some early bday celebration of  his RL OTP, and fans had a field day sighting the strongest bromance at HG’s restaurant Fount.   The day after,  YH posted a rare personal weibo these days, blatantly advertising for HG’s fusion J resto. Ballsy since the present tense political sino-j climate (any public figure making any noise the trolls can YY as J-sympathizing will be ‘cut to size’, cyber-stabbed to a certain death).  YH, the forever sweetheart, said he would eat his way to be a Michelin some day, and at that very day, he would give HG’s resto 8 stars…u know, like those saccharine loveydovey lurve promises in the heat of the whirlwind romance AND he has to add a sickly PDA, PSST!GETaROOM PS at the end:  ‘A tiny tip: The owner is impeccable at service, I would recommend everyone to experience it first hand’

And to that, Big Hand, ie The slashyfanfic-guru *HG’s real nick on the webby by the shippers* replied (shippers noting YH’s weibo did not @ HG, no mention of his name in the first place…he needs to click into YH’s feed to see the tweet, considering how swarmed his mentions usually is)

HG: The position of  owner’s ‘wifey’ is still very vacant,  do you wanna try and test the seat out?! *kekeke*

Lorddddddd have mercyyyy!

Hence my weibo is absolutely swarmed with wails and hallelujahs of Red(YH)White(HG) shippers as I’ve capped, and understandably so.  *I mean I’m cramping up my 3 bordering useable RH fingers to type this silliness, YOU KNOW!!????!!!

And  ShiShi is now in WuHan, YH’s hometown (and was she in SH @ Fount yesterday, I wonder…), doing some sisteromance of her own with her co-star during the promo of their upcoming idolmovie:

I bet they r gossip on HG/YH (they r both chubby with both guys, duh)

4 thoughts on “whassupppp?

  1. Aww sorry about ur fingers. I get squeamish even w a papercut.
    On AM1997, I think the kid actors are having a harder time slipping into their adult roles. We’ve seen them at the reunion, but mostly they were being their teen selves around the booze. But YJ as a judge and JH as a doctor were like kids playing grown up. And the emotions that come along w the roles are sometimes mis-interpreted because simply put, they haven’t been there yet.
    I like the uncle story because growing up I know how it is to resent your older sibling for being smarter and greater and getting more love from the parents. But the truth is, they hadn’t meant it when they hurt you because they were probably young and childish themselves. And I like how it ties back w YJ and TW. That TW might have seemed selfish but in the end he was sorry he ever hurt his younger bro even though it was unknowingly so.
    I don’t get the big deal about baby’s daddy either. It’d be funny if they’re doing this to divert our attention from someone else entirely different. Muhahaha.

    1. oh TYTY, I’m doing much better finger-wise! ^^

      You said it all! I’m only amazed by EunJi’s acting tbh all along, but 15 is the first time I noticed her subpar as well. I guess AM1997 will end up in my like pile but I’m never over the edge rabid about it. I havent even seen 16 and I have no urge at all!

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