Surname is Hu, Happiness is Full

**Credits on pics; thanks to the redbeanies/HuGers at weibo**

HuGe + YuanHong aka th irrevocable official CN Bromantic CP touted by weiboers made a long overdue appearance together a few days ago.  Of course I expected some slashy goodness from the 2 dwerps, but still, I’m so unprepared.  Just this morning alone I’ve read quite a few HuGe+YuanHong (WhiteRed) shippers throwing their pens in writing slashy fanfics no more…because all the demand is and can forever be fulfilled by strictly documenting every word and action btn the 2 in public.  All I’m screaming catching up with them at the 10 year reunion for 我为歌狂 (Craze for Song: a 2002theater production based on one of the first popular Chinese anime) is: Oh my slasheddd eyes and ears! @____@ The crew and cast gathered again for a ShangHai fanmeet at FuDan University (DARN! I just missed them by 2 weeks!@$#@^$##!%) announcing the new production of 幸福小镇 (Happy Town, again a theater revival of a popular Chinese anime)

New hot hashtag @ weibo l’ve learned these 2 days: #姓胡袁满#. 姓胡袁满 is a play on words: 姓胡 (Xing Hu) ie Surname Hu, mimics phonetically 幸福 (Xing Fu), a blessed happiness; 袁满 (Yuan Man) is homophonic to 圆满 which signifies brimming with satisfactory perfection. 幸福圆满 is common well wishing towards newlyweds, the surnames of the 2 jokesters Hu and Yuan just so happens to fit in seamlessly *kekeke*. To note, Hu Ge is the one making the wordplay of his own surname and 幸福, coining the saying ‘if u have/take the family name of Hu, you’ll be blessed with happiness’ at his bday weibo spamming a few wks ago.   He also coined the goosebumps inducing loveydovey nick of ‘Lil Red(Hong) Flower’ for his Lao Yuan recently…and he’s so not stopping there.  Viva La WhiteRed CP.

My Mando is not good enough to get every word of what’s said in the vids, but just droolzing at the 40 min long fanmeet alone, I can’t rem the last time seeing the twosome smiling so gorgeously sweet and glowingly happy, esp apparent is HG, he’s been looking waxy and zoned out for any ShittySword or DMY outings the very least.

If you haven’t heard of 我为歌狂, you must not be a WhiteRed shipper AT ALL.  The year was 2002, HG and YH were both freshmen at SHFA, becoming fast friends rooming tog since Day1.  Sleeping at facing bunk beds but head to toe and toe to head. ‘Not on top of and at bottom!’ stressed HuGe at the fanmeet.  HG auditioned for the voice acting in the anime, although he didn’t get the part, he left an impression on the production to cast him in the idol version of the theater revival.  The story has 2 heroes, so they asked HG if he knew of anyone suitable and of course he recommended YH.  YH was spotting 90s rocker long locks then, physically perfect for the more aloof, cooler, angstier Ye Fung, yet YH has said he had much more confidence personality-wise playing the other lead Chu TianGe, a rich boy excelling in everything, a bit spoiled yet warm and sociable.  HG ended up playing Chu, but they switched characters for fun during a showing or two.  It was the first time they worked together,  building the comaraderie we are so fond of, first realizing the most rare chemistry and friendship they have.

The fanmeet was a 我为歌狂 reunion in name, but gear was switched to the HG+YH bromance, many times so naturally segued by the pair themselves.  HG spurted out during an in depth chatter on a secret adoration… he’s bought along ‘ladyboss’, more specifically YH.  ‘ The position is not occupied yet, so do take it for the time being!’ flirted HG at YH, to which YH just grinned so madly pretty, truly like a flower in full bloom.

The famous voice actors of the anime were also present at the reunion, some of them are friends of HG/YH as voice dubbers for their roles.  HG+YH then roleplayed a skit as LuWu and Prince 13 respectively to the ad lib by one of the revered voice actor.  Hilarity ensued!  YHwas so emotional his hands was trembling touching HG’s ‘LuWu’s’ chin, HuGe had to reinstate the point at the end YH is the LADYboss, y was he doing the girl-part?!  I feel bad for the near-transparent heroine of the play Miss Xu who is also bff/classmate of YH and HG.

The fanvid:


*Sigghhhh too beautiful for words*

They then party on at HG’s restaurant Fount, where they met up with the fans, taking pics, holding out the CP blessing: 姓胡袁满 (Surname is Hu, Happiness is Full) and at the back: 永结童心 (Be of one ‘child-like’ heart always)


Are you blinded by all the slash yet?  You’ve seen nth.  When asked by the fans to say sth:

YH (aka HG’s Ladyboss/wifey) :  Thank you all for coming to our…event.

HG:  Thank you.  Thank you for all the heartfelt dedication.

YH: We’ll both be happily…(living ever after!) working hard.

HG: We’ll be churning out works diligently (he used the words 努力生产 identical to newlyweds saying they’ll work  hard at the baby dept<___<). 

And that’s not the end of the night, both of them tweeted lovely sentimental proses on the reunion as if it’s their 10th year wedding anniversary, both referring to the passing of 10 years changing them both, they gained some, lost some…but for both of them, they are most grateful there’s always ‘You and Me’

*Gahhhh I think I need to borrow Thor’s hammer to flatten out my goosebumps*

As the newly crowned National Bromantic CP, their homies are of a certain other worldly caliber of amazing:

Take TR’s Uncle Photog, who just went along Loverboy’s Africa trip snapping gorgeous pics of the pretty:

The usually cool and collected Uncle dedicated a blog post of a pair of elephants titled: to a pair of 姓胡袁满 bros.  O!M!F!G!

Then the voice actors teased under HG’s sentimental tweet at the witnessing of the budding bromance all these years ago, referring to YH as The Ladyboss.  Even YH’s voice actor in almost all his dramas Mr Xia joins the fun in blessing the CP just now.   Loverboy is clearly in a chirpy chatty mood we sorely miss lately.  And I’m just as deliriously happy as a slashy fangirl can be!

Joking aside, their friendship is so genuine and strong these 10 years and certainly moretocome it really warms the cockles of my heart like nth else.  Loverboy has just started filming a MOVIE in SH.  MOVIE!!!!  It looks like a crappy suspense (Jing Wong is the producer :/) but as many Redbeanies r praying, just let him be a cop, in uniform, it doesn’t matter if he got killed right away as long as we have the visual and a couple most alluring Lil’ Red Flower’s ooohs! and aaaaahs!

7 thoughts on “Surname is Hu, Happiness is Full

    1. I’m basically screaming WTHOMGGGGGG! watching these 2 being too adorbs for words.
      I’m sure if HG directs sth in the near future, he’ll cast YH. They’ve said it numerous times it’ll happen for sure. Of course I’ll be greedy and hope HG will act in it as well and not just direct.

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