Wallowing the deep end of addiction, I’ll bring the silly shallow me out to air.   I’m too rattled emotionally by Let Me Look At You.  Puppies, unicorns and rainbows… I’ll be staring at them for the rest of the wk for sanity’s sake.  Or equivalent.  There’s nth a pretty picspam can’t cure.

I can’t shake TangWei as my dreamiest JN, because she doesn’t just fit the look, she can handle the demanding character.  Is it the hint of the fateful smile of what put a spell on HS:

There are other JN suggestions I like by the fans, DongJie is one, Jiang YiYan is another choice. As much as I think ShiShi is pleasant, she has never shown me hint of the talent to handle JN at all.   So even though my way too obvious choice for HS is none other than Yuan Hong, and I can’t get too much of HongShi on my screen, she’ll do the character a disservice, honest opinion is honest.

Of course I’m not truly crazy betting on YH even thrown around as a contender in a movie adapt but isn’t he GLORIOUS?!  Afterall I’ll be losing a lot of sleep being a busy YH fangirl these days with ALL his dramas I’ve not seen out next few months.  ALL.  You name it, it’s airing.  Turn of century thriller-romance Mi Wu Shuang Long is already all out; Ad Mania has an online  premiere date in November;  Love Trouble official weibo is ramping up the promos with its premiere coming up very soon;  Mulan has always been slotted Dec/Jan; just yesterday Fall in Love with You Again (with SiWon) is also confirmed its trailer be out in Nov…and the drama proper will follow promptly!!!!!!!!!!   There’s even a travelogue show of him every Fri starting in November.  SIX! shows!!!

A CCTV drama’s (turn of century, based on the national historical mansion I’ll go on a stretch and say it’s CN version of BBC’s Downton Abbey) official weibo has named YH as a possible lead with K actress ChaeRim.  I dun care for CR, but WHO CARES!!!  Finally Loverboy has a chance to be back on the CCTV drama-wagon!

And guess what makes my head spin? Some fan at Baidu suggested MYHYUNBINNIE as HanShu!!!!  ARGGGHHHHH!!! Whimpering a very loud WANT!! BUT Loverboy is still my #1 choice. I’ve never been more TORNNN btn my fav hotties in my fantasyland!

I can see a HanShu (and a lot more of my dirty pervie thoughts….)

A ~30 yo HanShu on that New Year day?

Hot DAMN, who updated loverboy’s wiki to this gorgeousness?! :O~~~~~~~

ShawnYue is also a very decent Han Shu contender in my book:

And YangYang is scaring me with how much this is my visual of WY!!!

IFFFF Hu Ge still looks as green/freshfaced as his Dandelion days, I can see him asWY (and the delish side of additional angsty bromance w/ YH!!)

I can also live with Roy Qiu being either WY or HS or Tang Ye or CJJ’s hubs (just coz I’m fine with the fan-choice of TangYan as CJJ kekeke).

Credit: baidu Roy Qiu bar

I’m a flipflopping shallow fangirl!  But I don’t think it’s extremely hard to play all of  the guys in the book with the right shiny pretty shell.  JN, otoh, has to the absolutely pitch perfect in aura, looks and acting chops.


31 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Really Yuan Hong as Han Shu? I kinda imagined him as more light skinned and loverboy is more tanned? I see Ethan Ruan as Wu Yue. Yuan Hong looks good bald too, but thats not my have guy. Haha

    i drowned my self inside Caught in my own trap and floated up to cloud 9. It was my therepy. 恋爱吧,就像不曾受过伤害一样 I Devoted My Youth to You – 木槿天蓝 is very good too. Just smiling like crazy reading them. R u still in hk?

    1. We all have diff tastes! ^^ I need a HS able to do unmentionables YET I’ll still care about him, somewhat. So really pretty eyes, with a clarity to it is my Must. In that sense YH being the expert on playing baddies we hopelessly adore is perfect. I’m fine with HS tan or not, just not my top priority, afterall he’s a sporty guy.

      Yes YH is absolutely wrong for WY, he said he’s a sunnyboy! haha he can’t be Yu/rain. My WY needs to be fragile, skinny and in his case pale with soft features, any physical exertion, he may have a deadly seizure. He also needs to be younger looking compared to the rest…dying at 18. I also like the suggestion of Ray Ma TianYu I saw floating around.

      OH! 恋爱吧,就像不曾受过伤害一样, that’s a line fr MNIKSS! XDD I’ll try it out. I’m so happy always with bk recs! muakkkk

      1. lol I totally messed up on the images. Now I remember, there was a time during their high school days when JN mentioned something about HS seeming to have been out playing alot during the summer (If I recall properly) from the look of his complexion. I totally see Yuan Hong now. haha It’d be more awesome and perfect if there was a younger Yuan Hong twin that can play high school Han Shu. I cringe so badly whenever I watch dramas about 30 year old woman/guys and they flash back tot he past and just make a 30 year old wear high school uniforms. -_-” Well, I suppose….18 & 26 don’t look that different sometimes. lol

        1. Oh gosh, that’s my biggest peeve as well! I think YH can still barely fake it as an 18yo, but not for long. I’d prefer child actors as well.

          Hehe, I rem following Miss Xin’s weibo when she’s much more active, she’s basically a fangirl like the rest of us. And the only actor or even person whom she’s openly raved even just for the writing at weibo alone is YH. Afterall she’s just turned 30.

  2. Arrrgh, I like all of them so anyone of them is HS is fine by me. Just don’t give that role to anyone who is not good looking enough or has very poor acting skill. As for WY, I don’t really care as he isn’t in that many scenes. Sorry, I don’t feel much for him bcos I skipped most of his chapters:P I know why Chancy thinks Ethan is suitable as WY. Probably bcos of his military crew cut:)

    I took the same therapy as Chancy but didn’t float to cloud 9:P Haha, promoting your current fav book? Is it that good? Then I’ll download it & listen in the plane. Btw is it suitable to listen to it mid air? I don’t wanna end up smiling or crying like a looney in the midst of strangers.

    1. I’ve calmed down a bit, but wow…the Baiduers are really into pitching their dream-cast than discussing the book!

      I will never be able to shake off YH has HS since it’s following WriterXin’s weibo and coming across YH as the HS reincarnate (either by fans or Miss Xin herself) is the reason I have the ebook in my drive for the longest time. But then now that I’m more rational, I’m not as stubborn w/ my choice for JN as for any other character. Any one who is good looking attractive to me but not pervie/sissy looking and can carry off forcing himself on a girl without me vomiting and can no longer look at his face is fine.

      1. dang, in Miss Xin’s novel world of A-B-C city there must be tons of YH running around. lol First a Lin Jing modeled after Yuan Hong and now we have a YH-like Han Shu. haha I wonder if all the other main guys are modeled after Yuan Hong as well. That I’m would actually make a creepy image. Gonna start imagining to see if Chi Cheng from Mirage also share a side of Yuan Hong.

        1. I think i can see shade of YH in CC especially the funny antics eg asking mookie to pay for his ‘train’ underwear, lol. Anyway I don’t know YH well so not sure if he is as childish as CC but I feel YH is a man with a sense of humour:)

          1. Asking mookie (as in MOI) to pay for his whatever underwear?!?!?!?! Did I read it the right way?!?!?!??! Here, take all my $$$$$$$$$$$$$!

            He is the biggest clown out of Cactors, and wont ever hesitate to show his not too offensive silly pervie side every chance he’s got, he just made pervie fun out of the chinese nick for ipad/ipad2/ipadmini/ipad4, 5, 6, 7… and …making fun of his own hands hinting on…releasing himself. >< He's the definition of shameless.

        2. It’s clever of Miss Xin staying close to home. The cities mentioned in the books I read are clearly Guangzhou (G city) and Shenzhen (S city)

          OHH I now must check out Mirage asap, so far I think it’s back to back perfect casting of YH is LinJing or HanShu (and I actually got the vibe they are the same type of men, a calmer bigbro and a brash hothead youngbro vibe. just that LJ is more jaded and thus more mature.

          Do you feel as though Chi Cheng has similarities to LJ or HS?

          1. Chi Cheng is a shameless flirt, but I have a feeling that could be a facade and inside he’s pretty dark. I love it so far. Very entertained with the dialogues. The main girl is very smart and likes to play it safe and Chi Cheng comes into her life like a storm.

            1. <_< Can I be pre-dead and a goner before I even start the book? CC seems like MYdream. tbh I like all the guys in her books, exc a few token baddies, but I don't rabidly fangirl them like I've seen for HS *really, when I read fangirls saying HS is their fav XYW guy and their own dreamboat coz he's so 'swoony a lover' I kinda wanna puke, even though I find him with irresistible charming qualities, I don't want the whole package myself.*

              I've never thought anyone of Miss Xin's characters dumb to begin with. They are aware of the irrational mistakes they are making, but too often, we can't help it being human.

          2. I abt 2/3 into Mirage & so far not much action or emotion. You might feel a bit dry if you don’t enjoy Chi Cheng & the female lead’s interactions or cat & mouse game. So far, I feel maybe your YH is more CC than anyone, heehee….CC is more humourous than LJ and more calculative/calm/cool than HS. So far I like CC the best but I might be bias bcos the guy reader in the audiobook is very swoon worthy, haha…Btw, XYW has a cat so I think that is why the female lead in Mirage has such strong attachment to that cat:) Hey mookie, Mirage is a good therapy if you are still not over Let Me Look at U yet.

            1. I think this maybe my kind of thing though…I can savor dialogues and the buildup, edge of seat exciting turns have never been my absolute must-have in this genre.

              I hate you (and love you…) >< My gripe with LJ is how he seems a bit too calm and cold. and there's a bratty child in HS who can never handle any bumps in life. Now I know I can't fight the urge to stay up tonite reading this asap.

              1. Haha Peanut is a drug dealer. I didn’t intend to start reading this book that fast, but she just kept flaunting this book.

                1. Haha, sharing is caring. Of course u and raini have to ship ni ao chi cheng together with me. Oh mookie, I need therapy. Mirage is not as sad as let me look at u but I miss my Chi cheng. I will be in Taiwan tomorrow so feel so much closer to him, lol. Actually I feel he is the most likable male lead in author xin book. On second though he is joint lead with that guy in So you are still here but I think he is too good to be true, a bit unrealistic. Cc feels more humane.

    2. I’m sure I was smiling like a looney. I find it more light hearted and romantic version of Our Eventually Lost Youth (with differences of course) and more heart tugging than Trap. Bonus is that it’s pretty short.

      1. Ok, I am downloading the audiobook now & keep my fingers cross that a cute guy will be sitting next to me in the plane, lol.

    1. Did you watch the short webdrama this cap is from? He’s YUMMMM and for some reason (ie I iz delusional) him in specs in that white shirt is reminding me of SamShik in that flashback scene with HeeJin and now I can totally see Roy as Samshik IF they ever make an MNIKSS TW version.

      1. No i didn’t! What is the web drama called!?!? Yes he is YUMMMM. Basically, he looks good in every way. I really need to continue Miss rose. Because i saw a teaser pic of a kiss from Roy 🙂

        1. It’s 夏日之詩. Old stuff, but I’ve never seen it b4.

          I actually think Roy is more super pretty pre-OfficeGirl…when he’s more fragile and not as oozing confidence

          1. Agree. Last i saw him before Miss rose was the show with LZL and Joe Chen, he looked really fragile and nice there. Like the guy that would always protect the girl he love those kind of role, and i was rolling in a puddle of goo, seeing him there. Okay, off to watch that now!:)

  3. @peanuts

    Do you watch Kdrama at all? Listen. Go watch Nice Guy. GOSH. The protagonist have experiences, traits and feels so similar to our poor (and my fav MissXin heroine) JN!!!! I swear.

    It’s never occured to me before when I’m so absorbed in a book, in particularly one character and a drama bearing no connection at all is fleshing out the emotions of said book character and making be reliving the writhing suffocating pain while reading again..just many more folds intense because now I have another story, another character (or 2, or 3) to cherish and sympathize….and in turn making my drama watch so much more intriguing….and echoing back, multiplying the feels the book that still has me in its grabs.

    I’m holding my Mirage read until the end of the drama, this sharpest intense angst is too fascinating to not drown completelyin.

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