Nice Guy

Had a few friends over watching the game (baseball) and it ended earlier than expected.   While I went on vacay, my sweet hubs set up some black box thingy and I can now stream everything under the sun on my kinda old TVscreen.   And there’s NG, engsubbed ep1.  My friends who don’t really watch much of anything on the tube can watch along as well.  Seems fun, and harmless.

I’ve meant to watch NG even when I was out of town and kismet or whatever, sth is always in the works to keep me away from it.   It all makes sense now.   I need to pray a thank you to TPTB.

COZ WB FLAILING IDIOT MEEEEE!!!!   And I can’t possibly be a flailing idiot and function when I’m actually a zombie last wks can I?  *tytyty RL for fatefully keeping SJK from me, NOT!* I think I’ve been screaming OMGOMGOMG, really physically fanning self and running circles around room (I don’t recall, so I will deny it all) .  I’m holding some tea that’s getting cold my friend made me ‘to calm me down’ and we have paused NG because I guess it’s hard to watch anything busy rolling eyes at a so-called friend who is actually a crazy woman, they just find out.

Gosh SJK, gosh my cutiepie I wanna pinch your cheeks EVERY freaking second.  WHY SO GOOD? As much as I tried to hide from everything NG, I totally get the raves of how ridiculous good he is.  I miss you so so much, it’s been too long, my hot puppy, there’s always a void here btn my outstretched arms for you to cuddle and for me to….huhhuhhuhhh.

And he’s so much improved from the last time I saw him as young Sejong (dun get me wrong, he was magnificant already and the best thing there if you ask me who watched his cut only of the drama i have no interest in whatsoever).  There is a landmine of cliches, but he’s convincing in every twitch and line he has to present.  And I’m super unspoiled, I’m also sold his character is flesh and blood real, everything we’re told or seeing, I’m buying it… getting the vibe there’s a hidden short-fuse somewhere in MaRu, one little more push and he may snap to a ruthless and everything be damned dark dark thing even if he has tried so very hard at everything he can all his life to make the best of his situation for others around him.

I’m surprised how much I wanna jump him.  The softer than baby porcelain skin, his red pouty lips his pretty round eyes…are all like the usual description for a romance novel damsel,  but it fit to a tee how pretty he is on my screen.  However, once he’s entered that hotel room, once he’s 10 ft from PSY (who is also killing it, I love her! )  I can smell hot blood vaporizing like it is a sauna, air is sucked out of that room and my lungs when the scene has nth calling for any of it.  Is it my hormones out of whack?!?!?! It’s still the same soft flawless skin with the cute cheeks, the naturally hotpink lips and those puppy eyes but intensely MANLY and SMEXY…..gosh I need to lie down, and I won’t be surprised the people around me will throw a tub of ice at me just to shush it.  On top of the #$@$&*$&%@#%!#$$&@ hotness and perfection of SJK, has Ahjusshi Jo Sung Ha ever been hotter?!?!  I was droolzing at him more in the earliest scenes, those he’s sharing with the hot damn that is SJK.

Oh, and don’t spoil, am I too far flipped and lost all my marbles to get this maybe my dream What Happend in Bali 2012 redux with more talented and better prettier actor I don’t even know I fantasize and want but I DO NOW!??!?!

*I’m only at  20~ min mark and I haven’t even seen MCY yet. I’ve heard good things about her. SQUUUUEEEEEEEEE*

11 thoughts on “Nice Guy

  1. LOL! I DID wonder how long it would take for you to fall under the spell of NG. Not long it seems… ;P

    NG is definitely my ‘darling, darling’ drama atm. It’s just…. totally capslocky, in fact so much so that I have no words….. so I’m not even trying. 14 episodes in and it’s STILL delivering! SJK is mesmerising and both PSY and MCW are damned good too.

    I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers like the proverbial plague as I don’t want anything to mess with the experience of watching each new epi. I even patiently wait for subs so I’m able to get more out of it. Now I’m of course afraid it’ll go off the rails in the last stretch as per the usual k-drama way.

    1. I’m 4 eps in now. And I’m stopping coz I have the steely will of self-control *pat self*.


      He’s so knocking my socks off (when I’ve always loved him the most in his gen), when did he get another couple lvls of awesome?!?!??! he’s sucha talented darling to begin with but this is GIVE HIM ALL THE AWARDS!!!! perf (honest, he impressed me the most amongst the hot boys in SKKS even though it seems I’m a rabid YooChun fangirl and YAI just exploded. Said it then.)

      And there is a new whiff of very hot and delish and bothersome predation whenever he’s in the vicinity of the 2 ladies. I can’t be imagining things but there are some scenes, some lines out of smutty shoujo/romance novel he’s delivered SO VERY RIDICULOUSLY PUUURRRRFFEECCTT!! I’m at the point I know if he later on is a rapist or a murderer of children, or both…I’ll still jump him. I want my morals BACK!

      *sorry for the caps. I have my own shrieky voice w/ me since starting my NG watch*

      1. SJK is awesome, he’s hitting it so far out of the ballpark it’s in the next county… or summat. Yeah, I laways thought he has plenty of potential, even when he was ittybitty in the 1st roles I saw him in and his trajectory has been so steady and upwards mobile. Imho he IS the best of that gen. and I’ve got the feeling he hasn’t even hit anywhere near the peak yet. He (or his agent) has also been very good at picking his projects. *is proud of the boy*

        I’ve never been very good at expressing my feels about what I love to watch but NG is making it to a totally new level of incoherence. I’m glad there are other peeps more wothy… like X, Mousie or cairiere writing about it.

        1. I think what is so attractive for reals about him is he is clearly so savvy and truly smart beyond his years and so assured with what he’s doing. I can totally see him, say, kiss Na Moon Hee without abandonment and I’ll be convinced he loves her romantically. I rem there are tiny noise of doubts whether his sweet babyface can do dark and angsty manpain. I know he can, but it’s just beyond my imagination how GOOOD with at times just a twitch of his eyelids…it’s visually conveying to me his sweet innocent eyes got dark blinders on that instant and the DarkMaRu is on. He has not made a wrong footing in his career thus far, and I don’t believe it’s pure luck.

          1. Just finished eps 13-14 a little while ago and I’m at awe of the boy. How the heck does he convey so much with just little movement from his eyes or a tiny, telling shift of his body? I’m buying everything he’s selling. He’s so young, where does pull all that from?! I mean, there are plenty of actors who have been at it for years never getting enywhere near SJK’s level.

            MCY has been kinda awesome as well. She was heartbreaking in these epis. Those two are well matched I’d say.

            You mentioned Maru’s friend and his sis in the other post. They were pretty much useless filler in the early episodes but I think that even they have a place of sorts in the story now.

  2. Oh, u r such a bad influence, lol. I m at chapter ten now but I do not feel jn vibe in the lead. She is rich but jn is poor. She is more aggressive and impulsive whereas jn is passive and indifferent. Anyhow I m enjoying the drama as the guy is more complex than hs but not funny at all, heehee….

    1. No I dun mean Girl1, I mean MaRu! He’s so giving me the JN vibes. I do not see JN as passive and indifferent, but she voided herself as to not actively feel the pain and let her past haunt her…like a defense mechanism.

      But I think the devastating betrayal and stabs by the one who should be loving you the most is parallel btn MR and JN. JN has more time to be jaded, and is spared the trauma of not mutually loving HS, but the trauma of her prison years was so much worst, whereas MR was spared, so to speak, during his jail time allowed to hold onto the hope, yet to find it out later and progressively dragged down even more…esp now he saw himself in Girl1…what he’s doing to her will be what’s done onto himself and he can’t bear it but at the same time can’t stop it.

      IT’s not exactly the same story-wise but the doom and the miasma of fate dealing them the worst hand ever and how their hopelessness seeing no end at the tunnel and how I’m so drawn to and affected by their doom is as haunting!

  3. Oh, icic. Haha, I never though mr as jn but now u mentioned it, I think I can see shade of jn in him especially his Red lip:) yes, Ng feels rather melancholy like let me look at u. I suspect the drama will have sad ending, even worse than author xin’S book. It is addictive and Maru is so swoon worthy. Oh where can I find him in Korea, lol? Although the drama is good, maybe bos I was reAding subtitles and got distracted, I find the book more poignant and heart felt. I should wait for the mandarin dubbed version.

    FYI, I m listening to mirAge again as I find it rather difficult to get out of the book. I hope nice guy will have an ending that is satisfactory and I do not need therapy. Oh if kbs is not extending it I shall be watching the ending live in Korea without subtitles unless it is on kbs world. Need to ask my fren if I get to see Maru in person, lol. I cannot read Chinese so have not tracked down Roy yet but I saw him on tv selling quaker oat, haha…btw have u seen binnie or yuan hong in person b4?

    1. So much ENVY!!!! Have lots of fun in Korea!!!! ^^

      I’ve seen Binnie in Berlin, I didn’t really go out of my way to. I’m not really too keen on meeting him in RL, because as a fan, how much will I get to know him with such a superficial encounter, language barrier and his shyness and all? Nothing much, other than he’s very tall and shuai. And I hate having an impression or opinion of him that is so visual and visceral as in REAL that I can’t shake because he’s such a private person, I honestly don’t know much about him and I don’t need to, besides, subconsicously it must lends itself on how I perceive him in subsequent roles.

      I’ve not met YH, but he’s on the top of my list of people I truly wanna meet and befriend because he just seems so approachable on weibo. I feel like I know too much of the real him anyway and he’s open and up for treating fans like friends. I fangirl him more as a true person than his acting chops.

      In a way I’m more devastated reading Look too, because we have such a clear access into JN’s being. Things are more grey and muddled in NG imo, because it’s more despairing when MR is betrayed by the One, who is the whole world to him. And even with the sacrifice he’s been living on the hope she’s always there for him, just a matter of time, so the trauma hits him worst and in one debilitating blow, In JN’s case it’s one bruise after another beat up all her life till in her pov, her flickering hopes are all squashed and she lost the will to fight almost, she just have to accept fate, accept history always haunting her like the spirit of WY she clings on for her dear life…yet we know as a bystander IF she can find it in her to start anew somehow, she is not completely hopeless her integrity is still intact. Whereas for MaRu, he’s committed what’s done onto him to the last person on earth he wanna hurt.. and the guilt on top of his unmended wounds is squeezing every ounce of life out of him, he sees himself as a walking dead, a vacuum without feelings whereas JN still has it in her to find a new normal.

      I just love this quote in drama v v much:

      ‘One day, a woman walked into my life. I hurt her deeply with the harshest words possible. I pushed her away as much as I could. But, she still came back to me. She is so much like me; I look at myself often when I look at her. She has the physical wounds that I have. The tears that fill my brain are flowing through her heart as well. I gave her those wounds. I made her cry. I should not have met her. I should not have allowed her to come into the life of a guy like me.’

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