Now watching (Finally!)

Finally.  I was scaring myself having no urge or I should say no patience to watch anything.  I’m still in shock what is tickling my fancy to watch this though…surely I have way better quality fresher stuff screaming at me and the fact I haven’t seriously started a drama in gosh…2 months?! should make me crazily hungry for something, anything.

Even the place it’s from is quite down there on my drama-list.  I can’t make sense of myself.

It’s Die Sterntaler, TW’s reboot of Hoshi no Kinka (1995) *Gosh it felt much more ancient than ’95 tbh*

If you were once a dramanoob, crazy about HnK like me, I can’t talk to you if you are not TeamTakumi4ever.  I don’t care if 99% of you reading this post is cringing at me, my track record is clear as crystal: if they r hot like a Yutaka/YuanHong, I have none of what humans call morals/standards/principles.

I was going to give DS the 10 min judgmental feel-out, I love the works of quirky dodolook online and she plays a supporting role, thinking I won’t last 5 and I can cross sth out of my too curious for my own sanity list of crap.  There’s no MyEternalLoveYutaka, in his place we have a model turn actor I don’t find hot (nor talented) and he looks 36 instead of 26,  so that alone is turning me off majorly.

Then I don’t care for the actress, I’ve seen her before here and there and her mouth bothered me to the point of quitting when she’s speaking lines. (Hey, I’m shallow, you know)  She’s so conveniently cast here!!!!!

Then there’s Rhydian Vaughn.  I know nothing about him, rather I can’t rem a thing about him except his surname is very rare: 鳳 ie Phoenix in Chinese.  I had to think hard what he’s doing in Monga:

And melo-ren’ai is SOOOO not my thing.  I can’t remember truly loving one.  I don’t like the original HnK enough to rewatch, not once, not even for Yutaka alone scenes.

I should’ve known better.

With all these mehh stacking against it, someone silly like me will just lap it up like it is a wounded sick puppy.  But puppy is PRETTY.   A lot of ep1 and ep2 was shot in Hokkaiko, so it’s just a never-ending pretty snowglobe on my screen.  The artistic direction is romantic yet still minimal, more the style expected from a classic Jdorama ren’ai than a saturated cottoncandy color explosion pretty TWdrama.  I can stand cliches done right, even very tired almost laughable ones at play here, when I find the OTP magical.  It is surprisingly nuanced and understated…as in the predictable story is not punctuated by music cues on top of being obvious hammering every note, it just goes down smooth.  It’s not gonna be anything innovative, but a good old school melo-ren’ai drama without loud buggy warts is harder to find than a prince after kissing frogs.

Can you see the OTP’s lovely chemistry already in the gifs?  It’s more organic and squeeworthy in drama.

source and thx to: JC’s blog

And Mr. Phoenix is The revelation of Show.  I find him good looking enough but not to the point I’m the usual spazzing panting idiot.  He’s 24, but he is convincing as a 30 yo Doc, he’s the most natural of the love polygon so far.  I thought his very Eurasian looks will be distracting, but his screen presence is mellow and reassured here.  Good surprise.

I missed GF*BF when it’s showing in the theater *pout* WHY on earth am I missing sth with my TW girlcrush Gwei LunMei,  always hot Joseph Chang and now Rhydian?!?!?!  I’m hitting myself VERY VERY hard now.

I’ve finished 2 eps, I’m still hanging on for the ride but not sure for how long cause the story will get makjang/vomitblood and I’ll be puking all over it quite soon.   One thing for sure, I’ll keep an eye out for promising Rhydian from now on.

5 thoughts on “Now watching (Finally!)

  1. This looks pretty! Ive seen rhydian before… Where did i see him!? And that girl… i know her… she’s from… iswak? don’t like her though… but it looks pretty… You’re tempting me to watch this!

    1. I have only seen him in Monga, he seems like a newbie right? I watched maybe 2 TWdramas in entirety most a year.

      YEs, she’s from ISWAK playing the little sister of Tiffany Hsu, ZH was her tutor she fangirled for a while. She’s in quite a lot of movies with a number of noms. I saw her last in a 侯孝賢 movie. She’s not bad actually, but her mouth bugs me.

      Argh! I suddenly have an urge to rewatch ISWAK!!!!

      1. Ah, he was that handsome guy in Monga!?! I remember now. Was he in Love too??? Gosh i wanna watch GF*BF so bad… of course for Joseph! Yeah her mouth bugs me… I saw some trailer of a movie with her and lan zheng long and i’m like, this girl… I haven’t seen her in a long while. Me too. I think i will rewatch Iswak soon. Hahah the jokes and comedic elements it has… Never gets old:)

        1. Rhydian had a very short cameo in LOVE… he’s one of Ethan’s character’s friends in that one scene that was basically just a cameo scene for the Monga actors, haha.

          Now that you mention it, there is something a little off about the lead girl’s mouth… but I rather like her in this — she has a sort of understated cuteness that’s quite refreshing to see in an idol drama. Ngl, though, my main focus in this is definitely Rhydian. xD

          1. I like her in this too to my surprise. She’s actually not a bad actress to begin with.

            I’ve just discovered the charms and talent of Rhydian. Did he hold his own aga
            inst Joseph in GF*BF? (if you’ve seen it)

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