Why can’t fangirling be a respectable, decently paying job as in every uncontrollable squee I make, ka’ching!?

I’m sooo proud of myself. I paused my NG watch at ep4, because there is a miracle and I suddenly am in possession of Self!Control! *can last an hour, I hope or 30 min* *STILL a tremendous amount of control if 10*

2.  Sweet dreams are made of these:

A  non-spoilery (trust me) gif of ILICDD.  I still randomly watch some ILICDD like the air I have to breathe.  Like the 3 ppl who’ve watched ILICDD and are watching NG, I still want to pinch SY’s face very bad no matter how much NG we watched *g*.  I thought the battle btn SJK and LSY’s cutest cheeks, SJK will be more tempting with his softer than a baby’s butt skin…but SJK is also a much more scarily good actor, so whatever he wants me to see him as, treat him as, I’m his slave. SY…..hahaha no chance cutiepie!  You are doing decent, just not the same planet of awesome as SJK.  (noona still loves you *pinchpinchpinchpinchpinch*)

SY: We can’t kiss no more!

JE: :O WHYYYYY???????!?!?!

SY: We are step-siblings of the same father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, do we get any of this in Nice Guy?  DONT TELL ME!  *WANTTT!  IT would be DELISHHHH*

I am probably delusional, but SJK has some resemblance with MyBinnie, esp when they are in their most glorious manpain. .  Apparently I’m not alone: there’s a baidu discussion thread on the topic.
Speaking of MyBinnie this is his Day 600(or 601?)  in enlistment.  Kim NamJoo recently mentioned him and his hyungs being hungry pigs after drinking too much at their house and she had to cook them kimchi fried rice.  They’ll all gather around the bowl like starved puppies:

This is a few wks old, some lady politician visiting Binnie’s battalion:

There is nth new: any lady lucky enough to take a picture with him will be all grabby hands silly grinning like this is the happiest day of her life.

But he’s caught pouting, not too happy and staring at sth intently on the table….what can it be?


Argh. You are salivating for THIS, mybinnie?  I am quite sure before we get to see any post-army hot abs in 5 wks,  the glutton would’ve stuffed himself a spare tire first thing out. <_<

Loverboy has signed on as Guy 1 for the CCTV drama Lee’s Mansion which is just one word diff (the surname) from one of  my fav Cdrama Qiao’s Mansion.  It is a turn of the century story of a prominent family in the business savvy NW.  He’ll have FIVE wives, one of them British (Caucasian).  A lot of details are out on the synopsis and character descriptions already, but I have the brain power to just ……SQUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

ChaeRim is the Girl1, but there won’t be romance btn them *phew*, seems like she’s playing a lady married into the family.  Guy1, CCTV (ie opposite of brain-numbing PoS variety), turn of century smoking hotness.  Let me pinch myself some more.

Loverboy will make an appearance for an ELLE magazine event in hours.  ShiShi is also attending.  One guess what is install? Yes we’ll get our HongShi fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And Yup, the shameless flirt has again shamelessly asked SS some question that should be asked in the privacy of the two of them in a locked room during her weibochat with her fans just now: her thoughts on her actor partner tonight.  (It is confirmed fr Emma, YH’s manager, HongShi will walk the red carpet together)

And to that SS promptly reply:

YH: What do you think of the actor you are collaborating tonight?

LSS: Please let me see him, his ‘ecstatic’ side! (the Chinese idiom she uses is: so happy my heart sings like flowers in bloom) Come!  Look at the camera~!

*And even if you know no word of chinese, the fans retweeted with exclamation of AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSS and OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSS!!*  I can never see the words Hong Shi and not immediately scream out loud get a Room! or GET MARRIED!

HuGe is playing a cop in his modern drama 7+3 with Mavis Fan.  It is airing these few days:

You are welcome.

And I’ll be keeping an eye on another hottie cop in a drama as well:

I am not holding out hope for quality at all, I just wish I can keep my eyerolling in check to savor the hotness of YC.  And I need a prayer a day I wont be too turned off by YEH and YSH (both are not in my roster of actors with true talent, my other list of overrated (I don’t get it)?  Sure.)


Usually we have hot ladies strutting around these car shows.  Now we have HXM, this marks a leap of advancement for mankind.

Kevin Cheng suffered a quite severe eye injury on the set of Ip Man the drama yesterday, he insisted on finishing the shoot and has flown back to HK for treatment.  *sobbb* Speedy recovery KC!

Drama is looking GOOD!

Name the hotties:

I’ve never thought they are facetwins but they clearly are!  [L is YH; R is Eddie.]   For Chinese, they are said to have the auspicious couple’s face, only destined for happily married couple.
This is random, but OMFG!

I’m not the biggest fan of Natalie, but there’s no skill whatsoever to do rolling in the hay with Fassy.  I, not an actor,  can do it in sleep.  Let me show you.

I thought he’s going to do this:

Can I be a settee?  There’s nth wrong with me.

And grand finale indeed:

11 thoughts on “Magpieing

  1. O….K…. That was too much hotness to digest at one go. I think my brain just fried from all the visual splendor… which is why I don’t have anything intelligent to say. Good thing I’m just about to leave work and no brainpower needed for the rest of the day. XD

  2. Lol, I love the randomness of this post.
    Mookie, do you know what happened to Mr. X’s subs of ILCDD? It was going so smoothly and fast and now his subs page disappeared 😦
    Yay, you are watching Nice Guy! No rants yet aside from SJK swooning fits? I find SJK very very attractive in this, but he’s not giving me a hormonal reaction the way some other actors do…like Joo Won and Lee Min Ho. We have a different taste in men, I suppose 🙂 did you mention that SJK was the only reason you watched SKK Scandal? That was pretty much me too. He was so charming and beautiful and I definitely would consider him one of the best and most attractive Korean actors right now but I don’t think he played a role yet that would actually make me weak in the knees.
    I really am enjoying everyone’s performance and surreal beauty in NG including Moon Chae Won who became my darling after The Princess Man (have you seen it?) The only thing that’s been ruining the perfect symphony of gorgeousness in the drama is Kwang Soo who I heard being called spot on “unfortunate looking”. They should at least make him grow a mustache 😦

    1. All I know is his original weebly got…terminated and it’s gone forever. So sad.
      Do you follow his new blog? It’s still insanely terrific, but no subs (I think the honchos must not be happy about it…)

      I have tiny rants but they are all swept aside by how ridiculously hot I find SJK XDDD. I mean like that fallen bike rock climbing to get barbie scene, I did chuckle when he was dangling and supposedly very dire life and death situation and instead of just grabbing the bag and go, he opens it like he’s at the supermarket and just takes the doll !!! LOLZ

      And that PSY kiss scene by the front gate. Come on, why so obvious?!

      I don’t care for the KwangSoo/babysis scenes. I think it’s ep 3? 4? where there is one way too long I don’t know what it is for scene btn them that had me ffing. They r too odd for me to ship, maybe I’m too shallow, but they just don’t gel for me. I’m not sure if he’ll be better with facial hair coz even clean-shaven, they r a bit tween+pervieahjusshi already.

      BUT OTP IS #$@#%*^&%$!%#$%*%&!!!!! Gosh every one of their scenes and lines are straight out of some yummy josei manga! And I think part of why I’m flailing soo hard for SJK here is he looks so manga-rish pretty (not the too much PS variety) and this drama lets him stretch it. And this is makjang cracky, so everything goes. I’m not sure y but their scenes have me thinking he may just kiss her socks off and make-out the next moment.

  3. Yes, this is a great random post. Thanks, Mookie!

    Mr X’s site apparently got taken off following the action of online site Dxxxxxxxxy, what a shame!

    I don’t know when I will move on from ILCDD – have been re-watching it all the time. Watched a couple other dramas like Repy Me 1997 but I think I’m forever ruined by the magic and perfection of ILCDD. The gif you posted cracks me up every single time – how funny and creative can it go! I just wish there’d be more love around for this drama as I’m dying to know the creative team behind this drama.

    By the way, is Qiao’s Mansion any good? I chanced upon one episode last year and got really intriqued. It was the episode when the guy refused to consummate with the ‘arranged’ wife – seems a quality drama.

    1. I swear I’m never parting w/ ILICDD. I can’t see an end to it and I don’t want to. It’s truly deserving my eternal love. I rem when I started it, it’s not yet summer…and I picked up my crazy watermelon + ramyun diet and now it’s almost rainy wintry weather.

      Oh!!! That’s also the scene that got me hooked and ordered the DVD and marathoned it in a wk! It is a MUST SEE! I would rec it even if you are going to see ONE C drama. I saw it right after Chinese Style Divorce (w/ Chen Dao Ming) and was rabidly falling in love with Chen then. I’m a monotonous fangirl haha I love them one after the other. QM was showing on my local channel and I had no interest in it at all, Chen JianBin was not my good looking type and how interesting can a story on a merchant and his mansion be? It is crazy good, acting, writing, directing. And story is surprisingly fast-paced! I’ve passed by DVD along my entire family and the Love rate is 100%! 😀

      OH! I didn’t know!!! I don’t like D@$%&^$#%%$y to begin with (can’t even rem what is bugging me) but this will do it!

  4. hehe actually hu ge isn’t playing a cop in the one opposite mavis fan, the cop is just a random cameo in one of the other mini movies ):*sad about lack of cop!HG* he is like so involved in refresh haha main in 2, cameo character in 2 and scriptwriter of 1. saw pictures of yuan hong at the elle event, so hotttt!!!!

  5. Evil enabler of all sorts, arrrrhhh!

    SJK is YUM, but SY just killed it there, pinchy cheeks!

    My fav has to be the settee guys, oh settee guys!

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