‘I watched your dreams’

Said Fassy/David/TPTB:

[fr tumblr]

But not really.  I’ve seen a whole lot of HongShi in my days and years,  having my jaw dropped every freaken time and I can’t dream this up.  I was sure I’ve seen it all (unless if they really decide to publicly re-do some LoCH scenes as themselves).

[this is obviously a HongShi picspam.]

Either they have a team of tiny, PR genius, wicked elves working inside ShiShi’s goddessy flowy dresses (the CP instigator in me can’t help but notice the statistics of the frequency of womanly billowing goddess dresses whenever SS is alongside YH) giving point to point direction of each minute gesture.  Or it is one of the 234065472 ideas what Loverboy stores up in his fascinating head, say while he’s ‘sitting on the table’…… as the ladies working with him r piling on his makeup or interviewing  *coughflirting/fangirlcrushingcough* him.  Elle lady reporter interviewed him in a tiny room with one chair and one table.  The sweetest darling he is,  offered the chair to the lady and he, the star, squat on the table while poking fun at the situation coz sitting on the table is a slang for bargirls doing their business of…escorting.   Btw the official Elle editors collectively are gushing on weibo how they are all flailed by his killer gorgeous charm (their words), r all beyond smitten to the point they r converted to his fangirls squeeing like shameless loonies publicly and showing off the pics with him on weibo.   We are talking about writers, editors, editor in chief, Elle’s official blogger, publicists……no victim spared, all slayed to incoherent gooey messes .

I’ll bet the latter.

I have ONE thing I need explained to me in the simplest terms.  One very logical, obvious, blatant observation we had to be blind to not see.  First, lets spam those pics you’ve all seen all over the place since Fri, shall we?


YH: Oh…you guys r still ogling?

MC’s face is saying: 1. ‘Get a Room!’  2. ‘Opps I didn’t get an ordination cert.’ 3.  ‘OK next line is nobrainer: Now you can kiss the bride’

SS: Want…? The mike and my hand and my sweetest smile only on you?

Hey, get out of the way of our holding sweet hands.

YH: *grab in vain x1* *grab in vain x2* SS:*Here penlady, pen*  YH: *GRAB* *yay!!!*  *oh …uh…pen.*

Thanks for coming.  Drink and be married….cough cough merry.

Alright, alright.  Shush it.  We are getting a room. 

So, question:  Is there more than 3 seconds on stage AND backstage when they are not 10-fingers entwined holding hands? And as in grabbity hands, is it because: I can’t live or walk or talk or smile or sign or write my name without youuuuuuuuuuu~?  But seriously What prompted a guy and a girl to hold sweet hands ALL THE TIME as if their lives are depended on it?!

I’ve thought very hard trying to remember myself walking down some red church carpeted aisle for my wedding.  I didn’t grin as madly nor did the two of us held hands half as long.

You two bebes should have told me, I would’ve framed this as a wedding gift, you know?!

So Loverboy, you’ve been signing siggies for years now.  Do you need to be THIS sweet looking?  It’s not yet that certificate you know?!

‘But hey mookie, are you insinuating YH is signing every piece of autograph so sweet as if he’s signing his marriage licence? OR that tiny piece of paper is possibly the certificate?  it’s not the first day u r cuckoo and certainly not the last!’ You may snerk.

Why yes, my friend.  Bonus point for knowing me well.  But can you guess who else r cuckoos like me? Elle magazine biggies, Mango TV’s honcho, many official weibos.  So yeah, cuckoos FTW!

From the ladies working at Elle:

The pics were posted by the official weibo of Elle, with the caption:  I can’t stop but post another 2 pics of LSS and YH because: 1. eyes. 2. hands. No explanation necessary. *<3 muak~*!

It was promptly retweeted by many of the Elle lady editors, reporters…the likes squeeing the same chant of  aren’t they obvious?! kekeke…no words nec…

Then from the HS shipper MangoTV’s Mr.Ho (he’s the creative director):

waxing poetic:  不期待,不假设,不强求。顺其自然,若是注定发生,必会如你所愿

No expectations, no speculations, no postulation.  Let it be, que sera sera.  If it’s meant to happen, it will, like your dreams.

**NOTE:  I just wanna get it out although I’m a serious and silly HongShi shipper as in it bring me an uncontainable joy seeing them together in public, I would never ever force upon nor demand HongShi nor anyone else to be RL couple, not even in my dreams, all I want is for them to find happiness wherever it lies.  This is just for YY ie my fun and madgrinning.  So if HongShi give me this copious amount of loveydoveys as whatever relationship they are in, friends, coworkers, closeted lovers, Mr and Mrs…. I ogle, I drop my jaw, I give them nonstop OMG faces but after spazzing, they get on their lives, and me my own.  **


12 thoughts on “‘I watched your dreams’

  1. ive been waiting for your post since my friend shared the HONGSHI photos on twitter. I love love them and i dont care if in RL theyre dating or not..all i know is that theyre giving me best fanservice EVAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  2. They make me feel delusional each time. U just squeal and squeal. Its almost like he’s afraid he’ll lose her in a sea of ppl. Lol at the weibo message about the word handsome isn’t enough to describe him. I usually like actors for their roles, but Yuan Hong is mainly for his off screen personality.

    1. You’ve said it, it’s not like we have a choice but be delusional, I can keep rubbing my eyes but the hundreds of pics snapped by fans and reporters alike is undeniable.

      Objectively YH is not the shuai-est guy in C dramaland, but aside fr looks, he has the dreamiest package I’ve ever seen. He is just this nicest sweetheart to everyone alike, it’s almost customary now after he’s worked with someone in the industry, we’ll come across some gushing of how super nice and dreamy he is to work with. He’s just a bit (or a lot) extra attentive when it comes to SS.

      I can rationalize all that intertwining handholding as SS is wearing stilts-like heels, but then SS is a ballerina, and these heels have been in vogue for a while now and she’s been wearing them to every occasion, I’ve just never seen a partner taking care of her so diligently. And she never ever look as happy inside and out with anyone else. I bet even for a couple who’s been dating/married, oh 5, 6 years (keke since LoCH filming…) it is not a given for the guy to be THIS beyond imaginably sweet, every single time, every minute of it. And there really is no point to put up an act now…the chance of them playing a couple on screen is less than none, they have no projects lining up collaborating, they r not even under the same management. They are just showing us how 2 best of friends can be genuinely happy and lovely attending a work event that is not terribly exciting otherwise.

      1. I do prefer his looks over more conventionally “shuai” actors like HXM, Hu Ge, Wallace Huo, etc. There’s always much more character in “beautifully flawed” than “beautifully chiselled”…to me, that is, heheh! E.g. I swoon over Eddie Peng onscreen much more than Hu Ge onscreen. But no offense, I do like watching eye candy like Hu Ge, but YH and Eddie Peng just have more appeal to me. They are just more…well, off-the-beaten track hunks.

        1. lolz none of those mentioned on your ‘shuai’ list r on mine. If I have to name, I can only name Leslie Cheung. And ‘beautifully chiselled’ has me connoting PS, ie the ‘new’ standard of pretty nowadays. I want nth of that tarnish.

          There’s always a difference btn what is asthetic perfection and attractiveness,and whatever rocks your boat.
          I got bored by eyecandy with no talent/screen presence too easily….and too many of those conventionally pleasing do not have the talent to carry themselves on screen as opposed to taking a pretty picture or appearing in a brief endorsement just showing their faces,

  3. i feel like tearing up w/ your long response on how these two are. I dont wanna go delusional but im allowing myself that because these two are practically glowing whenever theyre together.

    1. I feel like helplessly without a choice otherwise but ogle and be gobsmacked by these 2. Just sth I’ve never seen before, and each of their outings remind me fresh again how precious they are.

  4. WOW!!!hongshi holding hands all night and these picture make me smile all the way down to the last photo..the photo which YH grab LSS hand after signing the wall make me shriek!i totally wish the wall is their marriage form and they signing it together!haha

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