Catch Him If You Can

*sighhh* Although my SH trip is marvelous….why can’t it be a month later!?

Yuan Hong is in SH shooting a cameo for a movie:  Devil’s Right Hand.   A Rich Taitai is dead and there is a killer at large type of thriller.  It has no hope of being decent in my books because Wong Jing is a talentless clownish hustler.  I’m not sure if he’s playing a killer, I think not coz he’s not mentioned at all…my guess is maybe he’s playing the boytoy of the said dead Taitai?! lolz  *ETA: oh news out today, he’s one of the headliner, only after Simon Yam! O_O So our YH will be the lil’ red devil?  I really don’t care about the ladies Vivian Hsu and Ying Er (YH’s OTP, it seems.  I do like her short hair). Wang GuangLi is the director (I know nth about), but I think the scenes btn Simon and Loverboy will be delicious enough.  And YH mentioned in the article he’ll bring along a ‘buddy’ to make a cameo in SH….ooohhhhhh if he asks his bff, it’ll be too obvious, are we, Lil’ Red?*

At the start of shoot ceremony:

On the set:

So If you are near his alma mater Shanghai Film Academy,  he’s seen visiting his favorite little digs there nomnomnoming like the foodie he is looking like a typical college kid.  My only comfort is I’ve tried the breakfast chinese burrito thingy he’s so fond of even if it’s not from the same store he frequented.

Fan snaps:

I’ve not seen these before:


His HuGe also did a set of photos I don’t particularly care for by the same photog.  It’s trying too hard to be derelict,  all that’s coming to my mind is I want to stuff HG a dozen sandwiches while hurrying him to the ER, but the HG fans lovelovelove it and think it’s his hottest yet:

And while Loverboy is in SH, it is a sure bet he’ll hang out at Fount resto whenever he can.   So gogo go, stalkers!!

If SH is not on your traveling plans, how about the rural Shan Xi Li’s Mansion?  It’s a historical monument.  From the official weibo of Li’s Mansion, production has begun and will last till May 2013.

The compound was built 200+ years ago during Qing dynasty.  It has an East meets West style to it.  The lordship Li ZhiYong (the real figure YH’s character is based on) studied in Britain (and hence the British wife, who started many schools in the neighborhood).  The Li’s family is renowned for their philanthropy and patriotism, with their abiding loyalty to the New China during the civil war.

As with all C dramas, the storyline and synopsis is already out, it has to pass the censors in order to begin production:

*spoilers alert*

Synopsis: The year is 1918,  Li ShengYang is homeward bound with his wife McClaren and son.  The Li’s family is busy setting up the congee stand providing meals for the needy.  This is a year of a devastating drought, hungry refugees flock to the village. Li’s wife starts orphanages and schools for the orphans, her actions in perfect harmony with Li’s family’s principle of philanthropy first and foremost, she’s then welcomed into the family.  Li is occupied with repairing the reservoirs while he and his Mom have to outwit the rival Mi family, spreading caustic hearsay on the Li’s family.  McClaren doesn’t get along with Li’s second wife JianTai (who insisted on lowering herself into servitude for the family after not able to bear Li a child).   The Lis made their first bucket of gold in the textile industry.  Li, with the lofty goal of rescuing the country from dire poverty, wants to revamp and expand the business by acquiring expensive textile machinery without the consent of Matron Li.  Parents are pissed, and when it rains it pours…Dad Li passes on due to the arguments.  Son2 of Mi’s family comes up with an evil scheme: hire some ruffians to kidnap Li.  Li Mom rescued her son with her own hands. McClaren falls ill, at her deathbed, she asks JianTai to take care of her children.  In 1937, the civil war breaks out, Li family dedicated their fortune and business to help their country’s causes.

From wiki of the real Mr. Li:

He married his first wife, the daughter of a high official at 19 through arrangements of the families. She died after catching a cold not even 100  days with child.  He met his second wife during his travels shortly after, they fell in love and was happily married for years. However, his second wife didn’t bear him any offspring, she can’t live with the disgrace to the family and reduced herself to servant, ‘divorcing’ Li, sworn spinsterhood for life.  Li was devastated, he put all his energy on his studies.

He studied textiles in Glascow, paying for his own tuition and stayed at an inn, where he met his future wife, the innkeeper’s 17 year old daughter.  WW1 broke out and he fled with his young family back home to ShanXi.  Mrs. Li  is passionate with charity and she pours herself into starting schools and teaching English to every member of the extended Li family. She bore Li 5 children, but died young at 28.  Li’s second wife took the children under her care, but she also passed on a few years after.

Li family’s vast fortune and business evaporated during the turbulent civil war years.   He dipped his hands into politics, dedicating himself in starting schools in his district.   He’s taken back the control of many of his schools and their adjacent properties when his business failed, and stayed afloat through the rent generated, donating 50% to the government for infrastructure and education.

He married his 4th wife the same year his second wife died.  She handled the household, rearing his children with McClaren.  She died in the 40s.  After that he married his 5th wife till his death at 86 in 1965, the year before the cultural revolution.

CCTV dramas do not sound terribly interesting, but it’s always a solidly good show.  *I’m a tad  worried of all the British English that needs to be spoken, esp fr Loverboy…lolzzzz*  I’m terribly excited about the director and scriptwriter, they are well-respected in the field for years/decades.  The downside is we have no idea when this will be out.  Just praying it won’t be like the fate of YH’s first CCTV leading role (Prince’s Education), didn’t see the daylight till 2+ years after wrapped.  I doubt though, coz this is clearly a very fancy PPL where the drama utself is a big agency for advertising Li’s Mansion, pumping it up to be a tourist destination. **ETA: Production of Li’s Mansion has regrettably confirmed YH has officially decline the offer because of conflicts of schedule**

If traveling to China is not in your stars, how about Namibia?   His travelogue to the country will air every Fri starting 11/2

If we do not have the patience and can tolerate lighter sillier fluff:

Fall in Love with You Again will have its first official teaser out early Nov.  He’s playing a rich boy Yu ChuHao who wants nth to do with the family business empire, but is  working in advertising instead.  Young, dashing, confident, rebellious, considerate and kind, he’s the ideal lover for the ladies.  After meeting Li MingYu, his love life has new sparks.  -fr drama’s weibo.

Ad mania will be premiering on the web in November.  He’s again playing an ad man, very hot at that and will be forcefully smooched by the ladies.  I’ve seen 2 eps when it’s first showing for some reason, just 2 eps.  He’s gorgeous in it and can tell already he has sparks with the ladies and Raymond Lam.

Love Trouble (typical TWdrama fare) will probably be out early next year, some day June.

Mulan is all done, and it could be out anytime, maybe early 2013.  This is the one out of his upcomings that has the real potential to be kickass good.  I CAN’T WAIT!!

But you know,  the best show loverboy puts up is his weibo.   It’s worth learning chinese for this alone.  This is from him yesterday, I would advice you to finish eating first.


YH:  Lets share the most cutting sick joke, most venomous but not losing an ounce of humor, you’ve heard.  I’ll put one out, ‘Your fart is so fetid, if we mix a roux in it, it’ll be shxt!’

My precious!!!!!!!  Don’t ever change!  I love you stinky joke and all!


6 thoughts on “Catch Him If You Can

  1. Too bad he can’t take up Li’s Courtyard. My guess it’s scheduling conflict with Devil’s Right Hand? It’s his first movie role isn’t it?

    1. Li’s Courtyard’s peeps said on weibo YH can only free up 2 months for the filming and he has obligation to do promos for his upcoming dramas and there r quite a lot of them. The good thing is, it’s hinting on he’s other better things lined up.

      Yes Devil’s Rt Hand is his first movie! ^^ So happy for him, I’m not asking it to be truly good, all that matters is it’s a start!

    1. I’m fine w/ him in a role as a shady cop, not a complaint at all. It’s just that this is guaranteed crap, but it won’t hurt him one bit. Exposure is exposure, he’s posed to be lvling up now as opposed to his TR days of being the 10 thousand yr soy sauce dude (who is very pretty and can act for the rest of ’em)

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