Let Me

I’m annoyingly greedy.  Miss Xin YiWu’s editor just weibo’d the movie adapt of Let Me Look at You is a go, and fangirls r screaming for YH to be cast as HS.

Please TPTB,  let this happen, I will make a personal sacrifice as in Binnie can hide till 2013 away from my droozling and take a rest and shy from any spotlight for wks or months as he pleases if You just let me have this.  I want nothing more than this very thing.



And there  are numerous screams of TangWei as JN.  ie my dreamiest dream cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me lie down and sniff some breathing salts.

12 thoughts on “Let Me

  1. Hey, I told u already the drama will be adapted and filmed next yr. according to baidu, jn role has been finalised but no news on hs and wy yet. Do not know the girl but u can read my comments in shushengbar. I hope they follow the book closely. If yh is hs, u will be ecstatic, heehee..

    1. But these rumors can never be trusted much till finalized. At least I won’t count on it till even producers officially make a statemt….coz YH was used twice already in the span of a few days to make some noise for the Li’s Mansion production (he’s not signed on as Guy1 at all and now they picked a horrid lead), and the White Snake adapt rumored to be by ZJZ but absolutely false.

      So….seems like u r not too happy if they cast YH huh?

      The drama adapt’s JN is an unknown, I’ve read on it at weibo already, she looks run of the mill, and I have no basis whatsoever she can carry it out, my heart sank a bit more when the producer who weibo’d they r beginning work on the movie adapt yesterday said they have ‘higher standard’ for the leads here (as opposed to the drama). It looked like some crappy C modern drama to boost up the unknown actress’ portfolio.

      So yeah, YH is most possibly in talks for a lead for To Our Youth’s lead according to his diehards as well since the Li’s Mansion production team said he turned it down due to conflict in his schedule. I’m relieved actually, I do not care for ChaeRim.

      1. I m ok with yh, not a super fan like u, lol. I m ok with anyone who has the appearance and skill for the roles. All the copyrights for xin yi Wu novels have been sold so they will eventually be turned into dramas but the extend they gonna follow the books is unknown. I do not mind if they edit a bit to adapt them onto the screen but will boycott the drama if the essence of the story is lost or a horrible actor is casted. Hopefully your lover boy get to star in one of the better book. I feel cc In mirage mirrors yh personality the most. Then hs and lastly Lj. Actually the guy in original also suitable for yh but that character is not flawed enough so cannot showcase his versatile acting skills.

        1. omgggggg! really Mirage also? I totally see Shi Shi as Zhao Xun Xun. Just give me a charming boyish handsome shamelessly flirty Chi Cheng and I’m satisfied. 25 YH can play that, but I dunno I never pictured YH as CC, After reading I actually pictured Lin Geng Xin image with a YH personality haha. Maybe it’s because of Ruo Xi and 14th’s chemistry in BBJX where he seems like her younger brother. I will swoon like crazy in front of the TV if that book gets made into drama.

          I don’t think they will do much edits to Modern dramas since there isn’t much SAFTA issues to deal with right? I do want to watch Let Me considering I just can’t finish reading it. I think I’m more likely to be able to go back and finish reading Our Eventually Lost Youth. Mookie, does Lin Jing seem very bland compared to Han Shu? Weird comparison, but if he is it’d be like taking a bite off of a slightly seasoned steak and than they bring up a tasty-ly seasoned steak and you no longer want to go back and have a second bite of that slightly seasoned steak that tasted very good awhile ago.

          1. I’m not a fan of LGX’s acting even in BBJX because his line reading is horrible as in he clearly has a lisp and his mouth is moving distractingly weird. I’ll need to see more of him in contemporary before I can root for him in any adapts of books I like.

            I do get what you mean, but for me, I don’t think LJ is bland vs HS as exciting/swoonworthy like the rest of the LetMe fandom. I find LJ harder to flesh out by an actor because he doesn’t wear everything on his sleeves, there’s a lot of emotions bubbling within, where he contained it with a steely self-control most of the time, whereas HS acts impulsively before a rounded thought of everyone involved. I find all his wooing, because I can’t shake the fact it’s more out of self-serving/repent, I’m not as wowed (I’m just never a fan of aggressive pursuit by a guy when the girl wants nth to do with him). It leaves less impact on me even though he’s genuine because it’s more out of an irrational impulsive, an ignorant urge without much mature sensibility. But then, of course if he’s not as childishly stubborn and self-centered, we won’t have a story to progress and the ending as a result.

        2. @Peanuts

          So you truly do not have an actor you want more than anyone else?!?! ^^

          I’m a bit worried with LetMe in particular because of the Big ‘R’, twice at that, if they wanna nitpick they sure can demand it cut off. There are several plot points quite taboo for the C censors. Moreover, when I see the long trailer of Woman on the Bread Tree by Amy Cheung SiuHan and how tonally it’s night and day from the book with so much tired shenanigans put it to fill up the plot, it’s nth like the feel of the novel when I read it (so very long ago)

          1. They can always hint that it happened. At least the first r. I think the audience would get that han shu took advantage of her when she was drunk. The second one i didn’t get to yet.

            1. But then it’s still touchy with the taking advantage out of ‘love’ and he’s the hero…ie without a justification of the crime. It’s greyish for me, but I can totally see the censors regarding it as romanticizing.

          2. I do not have a clear fav but I do not want to get my hope too high as the more u expect the more disappointed u will feel. But I do have an allergic list. I do not fancy Vaness,ken Zhu, Peter Ho, mickey he, Moses chan and Ron Ng for various reasons so if they are in, most probably I will not watch. Even with modern drama and not bcos of censorship many screen or script writer like to edit the story till beyond recognition. Lin geng xin is too young and raw for my liking. I do not think he can lead a drama but if he is really casted I will give him a chance to wow me with his acting.

            I like hs more than Lj inspite of what he did to jn. I find him more flaws and loveable. Lj is too cool, calculative and ambitious. He is someone with hidden depth which scare me, haha….

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