The Sheep and the Goats

Oh well, how am I not surprised by now (and super grateful) of my prayers being answered, in hordes.  Thank you thank you TPTB!

I’m not shy to shout out to the world I love all my hotties playing a cop for my fancy, better yet evil twisted baddies in uniform.

Here is Loverboy being ridiculously hot for his role in Devil’s Right Hand:

In a few hours, 8sth pm Beijing time, his Namibia Travelogue will air.  He’s SOOOOOOOOOO hot and adorbs in the teaser

He’ll also make two appearances tonight, one is strutting around for some photography exhibit event, another with HuGe(?).  There’s so much Loverboy everything going on these days I can’t keep up.

ETA:  fansnaps already out:

And he took his little fangirl’s camera and played with it to no end, taking sel-cas of himself <_<:

I’m not sure if Bogoshipta (I Miss You) will keep me awake, I’ve read somewhere *spoiler!* YSH’s dad is YC’s Officer Han’s grandpa?  Or YSH’s Mom said to YC’s Dad, ‘ I had bore a child for your dad.’  Argh.  I’ll probably have multiple causes for a headache with this beast, yet can’t deny YC looks manliest than ever as the good cop/noble idiot?  But the ever so meticulous Cassies are noticing the usually righthander is holding gun in the left ‘sinister’ hand….hmmm.  Should we read more into it?

Or I can always hope it’s so craptastic it’s funny as hell?  I’m sure we’ll miss a giggly Chunface.

My anticipation for  Cold War, widely raved as the best HK thriller of last decade is so out of hand, thanks to you Eddie:

Age is doing him a LOT of good.  Sth new in his bag of charms: machismo.

I’ve been trying very hard to shy away from any spoilers, but my hunch from his stills is he’s moley.

And of course, I am still praying, fingers and toes perpetually crossed and will be singing nth but Hallelujahs if MyBinnie will pick an evil cop role for his much anticipated post MS project:

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