Three C movie Must-watch

They are not out yet, but I’ve fangirled them (one of them) for years.

一代宗师 The Grandmaster’s ‘final’ trailer is out and it looks soooo insanely amazing.  If u ever liked anything WKW/Tony Leung, you can’t help but be curious what they can come up with slaving 10 years over.  I’ve just watched a rare recent TVB interview of Tony, he confirmed the rumor he’s fought a few Wing Chun moves with Stephen Chow (who claimed he’s learned kung fu) at dinner, being so immersed in the character.

These two will fight a bloody battle at the box office, both out the last week of November in CN.   My bet is on 温故1942 Return 1942 blasting box office records, it’s Feng XiaoGang and he’s the King of C box office last decade.  Chen DaoMing is not gonna hurt, not at all.  The competition is 王的盛宴 Lu Chuan’s Last Supper, sth I’ve been begging and pleading to spend an hour or 2 salivating over its every screen for last year and a half.

First frames, we saw an aging maniac as in Liu Bang (Liu Ye), achingly reaching for the severed head of his beloved General Han Xin (*sobbzz* myChangChen) and a most gorgeous and commanding Xiang Yu (Daniel Wu) ever.  It takes my breath away.

I’m not a fan of Feng XiaoGang, his movies are generally good but miss that unpredictable kapoosh after one audience pleasing/manipulative calculation after another.  This movie just skid past the censors yesterday to get a final greenlight for its Nov 29th premiere because of a taboo leaf of history.  Hmmm.  The netizens are fast to jump at wanting to see a retold of an even more controversial Great famine of 1960.

It looks hauntingly heartbreaking, there are 5 short trailers out, each asking a simple, poignant and weighted question:

Q: How many people died in HeNan?

Q: Dad, what does it mean to ‘flee’?

Q: Pulitzer prize or Japanese war prisoner?

Q:  To starve the refugees or the soldiers?

Q:  Did the Lord know about the hell that’s going on here?

6 thoughts on “Three C movie Must-watch

    1. I’ll always and forever be looking forward to a WKW the most, no matter what! ^^ I’m actually most excited what he’ll shape SHK into, I’m expecting nth less fr him.

      But Last Supper should be a very intriguing take on the history as we know or not know of it.

  1. i dun know about the The Last Supper! It looks kinda depressing – i think i will skip this one 😦
    Sorry it does not really float my boat…

    But but but WKW… yes i must say it looks awesome… DO you know if it will be shown in any cinema in Northern CA? me hubby and his family lurve him (they originated from HK :))
    Thanks Ms M!

    1. When I first saw Last Supper’s trailer, I was screaming ‘HORRORMOVIE!!!!’ I’m a wimp, but with the story being a bit ‘detachable’ set at the end of Qing 2500 yrs ago and knowing the demise of the characters, I should be able to sit through it?! I hope?!

      TGM must be the lushest, most glorious cinematography in a trailer of a kung fu movie we’ll ever set eyes on. WKW, I’m already bowing at your feet. I hope we’ll get to see it early 2013? It has a company holding its US rights. I’m pretty sure we’ll get to see it our side of the pond, just a matter of when!

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