Or Bloody brilliant!  Stealing M’s choice of word. MY paltry attempt hoping grabbing anything fr M/Mommy = 007 knocking at my door.

This maybe my fav Bond movie. I need to rewatch From Russia with Love, to objectively weigh in but I can honestly say Mr. Craig is my favorite Bond (sorry Sir Thomas Sean Connery I still LOVE you~~!).  Those marvelously gorgeous perfectly fitted TomFord suits in action….*breathe* I have a hard time pondering whether I want on or off (I think on, and off, then back on… and off…) and he’s soooooooo ooozing cool machismo under his kinda common man surface, who can still sorta blend in the tube like a secret agent Bond should perfectly be…until u catch a snatch of those crystal baby blue eyes and that bubbling vulnerability of his forever present manpain just under the veneer (not to skip the fact Javier was touching a lot of Craig in one delicious scene and we can tell he’s lovely and tender to the touch, hard muscles appearing and all…*yes, you are not alone with ur dirty thoughts to state the most obvious* and still packages with ALL the chiseled edges and hotscars *puddddlinggggg*

But what I love about the movie is how it’s back to the good old basic funrides I had going to every Bond movie as a family event, knowing the formula even as a tot, and it is giving me so much nostalgia yet it is a perfect revamp.  There is a deft hand, a clever control in the opulent excess, still fondly there but it’s cut to a delicious size.  I actually had a ball with the in your face 60s chinkified Macau, the dragon ladies with bowl cuts and slanted eyes.  I did enjoy the kitschy wink of the Orient full of sanpans, sky lanterns and komono dragons because it was a familiar set piece we can all wink at, proceeded by the yang of the slick neoned dazzling Shanghai.  I miss my daddy so bad and wish I can see it with him instead of just gushing about an antique car on skype after seeing the DB5 *but then I have the visual of putting a hand on his mouth to shush him from gushing embarrassingly nonstop over a gunk of 50 yo machinery like the geek he is.  Our genes…not the best stock.*

Javier is one of my triumvirate of most memorable villains along with Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal and Heath’s Joker.

There can not be a better marriage in the ship of ooQ than this.


But best of all it’s a focused and balanced story,  every piece in place, with the larger action picture in full octane mashing perfectly with intimate personal stories of the characters we’ve spent jolly good old 50 years with. From Craig, to Lady Dench, to Bardem, to Whishaw to Fiennes to the cameo by Finney, all my senses are soo saturated and dancing in these true blings of the franchise, amazingballs performance all around (not so much the Bond girls, I find Eve too fangirly eager… unless we are counting M, which I’ll vote for as the BEST SILVERY FOXY BOND LADY EVER…but my girlgut is telling me maybe it’s also a witty design by Mendes/Writers to move forward a bit in all the molded 60s sexism?!)

Go. Watch.

[Credits: All pics fr tumblr]

ETA: awcrap!  Totally having a filmhangover, this is sucha timesink if u have watched SkyFall: 50 best scenes


11 thoughts on “Skyfall

  1. Oh my wow, that is one gorgeous shot (the one with M an Bond!). I said earlier I was never a fan of Bond, that because I’ve never seen any Bond other than Pierce Brosnan. I guess I need to revisit the old days with Dad, he’s still transfixed in the old Sean Connery days.. hehehe..

      1. I just did Casino Royale (but MO that film made Bond out to be bit of a rash 007 and foolish guy in love), liked what I saw of Craig. DL-ing Quantum of Solace now hehe..

        1. CR is quite true to the book (which is said to be the first and best of Fleming and the only one I’ve read). I guess Bond was not as jaded and shut off fr human emotions completely pre-VesperLynd and who is not a fool in the fall, but post trauma became the ‘perfect’ superspy Q quoted describing as ‘a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War.’ He’s a product of his time.

          I like Bond as a guilty pleasure, but SkyFall is honestly a movie that I take away much more than the glitz and action to my surprise.

          1. Ahhh, I thought so too, then it makes sense, the 1st book! No wonder I was like, my impression of Bond was that he didn’t really care about anything else (even the women didn’t affect him much)..then I get it. Thanks!

            I’ve been hearing so much good stuff about Skyfall, totally in the likes of yours as well, Javier awesome and Craig’s hotbodinsuit haha.. I think I’m gonna take away things from this film?

            Are there any plans for a next 007?

            1. It really did stick to the franchise enough yet bring it to a whole new lvl of relevance to our current Dangerous world.

              It is the jawdropping acting of the ensemble cast that elevates the material which is good already.

              Officially they r saying it’s in 4 years, BUT it’s mighty long in this day and age. Craig is signed on for another 2, he can do it as long as he wants if up to me, but if he’s sick of it, haha my vote is not hard to guess Fassy.

  2. OMG did u see that Yuan Hong might be in Zhang Ji Zhong’s new drama? With Tong Li Ya as white snake. I loved Liu Two’s version so much but this one might be a more massive production scale. I’m more interested about this than Li Mansion given the genre.

    1. I thought it was a fluke and ZJZ has denied it? Everything is looking at though it’s the unknown actress’ (rumored to be green snake) ploy for some explosure, any explosure.

      I’m not a fan of the legend, esp the guy whom I thought is a flipping wimp. BUT I’ll take any YH+Yaya anything coz I think they r really compatible on screen both in looks and talent.

      1. The remake for the drama is a fluke or YH&TLY’s casting?

        Ya…..I don’t really like that guy and it’s a sad ending. In honesty, the monk is a more interesting character.

        1. Both. The reporters jump on ZJZ’s back at once asking him if he’s working on a White Snake adapt and he said he has no desire at all…and later the reporters said it’s most probably the scheming of that unknown actress randomly naming bigger names (like TLY and YH…though hahaha the redbeans r pleasantly surprised he has the name recognition to be used) to make news out of nth.

  3. @chancy Sweetie, I doublechecked since I discarded it right away after the swarm of news reporting ZJZ/AngieZhao *most ‘liked’ White Snake* denying anything to do it but seeing Koala just posting it a wk later as if it’s confirmed had me factchecking and see if my memory is fogged. But when I just googled ZJZ and WhiteSnake, it’s still floods of it’s a silly rumor. So.

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