Posters of ALL C period dramas in 2013

ALL forty-three (!) of them as of now.   I feel like I need a dose of Dune’s Melange and some lying down nursing my headache just seeing these mostly sosoooooooooo fug it’s Craptastic in the highest order posters or doodles by chimps on mushrooms.

See for yourself:

Let me be so super shallow and judge them on the posters alone, because I honestly can’t tell from the faces who’s who and even if I can tell, I don’t care for most of the leads anyway.  imo the truly decent ones of the bunch done with some thought is YueFei, NuXiang, SuiTangYanYi and DaiMoYau.  Mulan and ChuHan are decent, but nth terribly exciting when the dramas are better to deserve any boring posters.  And the rest, HAHAHA some of them r giving me a few new wrinkles fr bawling.

And I dare anyone to check out even half of these, I’m watching ChuHan and Mulan with a certain expectation of true quality.  NuXiang will possibly be a period guilty pleasure for the pretties. SuiTangYanYi maybe a black horse I enjoy despite the suckage.   YueFei is dripping with camp and swarmy I think I’ll be more annoyed than entertained.


11 thoughts on “Posters of ALL C period dramas in 2013

  1. Sigh…why is the c-drama industry like this? 😦 Then again, even for movies that have a lot of $ pumped in, there’s no effort made in trying to have a good story.

    1. There may be 4 or 5 out of the bunch that r decent to good, lazy posters or not. (ChuHan, MuLan, the both SuiTang?, YueFei??) but the rest r guaranteed stinky, A 10% or less is what they r aiming at for true quality because they don’t need to, half of these will make good returns, some even in the foreign market because periods just sell better. *LE SIGH* But then most of us have time for 3, 4 periods max a year anyway. Some very shrewd math there maybe.

      1. Ahaha yeah, they don’t give a shit ’cause they know people will need to get their period drama fix anyway but it’s still sad. Also, I was a creepin’ on your profile and you like Candy Candy? It’s the Japanese anime+ manga right? Because omg if it is.

        1. Oh Lord, please stop me coz I’ll be totally a rambling idiot that u’ll hold the opinion my brain is made of pink marshmallow.

          Yes a diehard CandyCandy fangirl since diaper days!!!!! I’ve told Koala me and my kindergarten bffs held our own funeral for Anthony in our sandbox the day after that most traumatizing episode. I read the manga later in 5th grade/ end of elementary school using up a chunk of my allowance to buy the manga (I still have them w/ me) It still holds the most fluffy impt place in my shoujo heart nth can touch!

          Please tell me u r also a CandyCandy fan (even not half as cray) and u understand!!!!

  2. The Sui Tan Yan Yi poster reminds me of the 3K2010 poster.
    Mulan and DMY caught me attention the best, though I may never watch any of them..

    What about the worse poster out of the already fugly bunch? HAHA XD
    I vote for Qing Cheng Xue and the Raymond Lam/Ye Xuan one..

    1. DMY is the biggest surprise out of the lot being bunched to be slated 2013…. it failed passing the censors multiple times and no words on it greenlit.

      ARGH. Tricky trick question. Most of them have characters actively putting up faces they r drowning in a cesspool or smelled sth funky! And the CLX one even has a hero giving us a hand gesture to stay FAR away!!!!!

      But yes, the Qing Cheng Xue one looks like a HK B horror flick vcd cover fr the 90s.
      Raymond looks exactly opposite of happy and alive next to YeXuan while she looks like the crossdressing bff of Stephen Chow: Yu Fa

      I also think the Nicky/Wallace one is very lazy, albeit nowhere near fug. What is ‘the First ever Body Switching/changing Cdrama?!?!’ Y is Nicky in the usual period garb and Wallace in a Last year’s Pirate’s of Caribbean costume fr Walmart?

  3. harro mookie. saw de same post on tianya and laffed my ass off

    did you see the post on 60+ collection of upcoming idol dramas (non ancient setting)? omg that one has like…so much more unreliable (不靠谱) dramas

    yuefei tbh looks like only legit production here. damouyao is getting so much sentiments because of various incorrect historical facts that im just…tired of all the controversy it’s causing.

    1. Oh yes, isn’t that modern drama list so much WRONG?!?! ^^ Ohwells, it’s not like I dun wanna see the BuBu gang tog, but any list stating there is a BBJX2 immediately discredits itself

      Personally I think the best guaranteed quality out of the batch is ChuHan. Chen DaoMing is past the stage to be in duds and it has GXX as a follow up to his SUPERB 3 Kingdoms. My problem with YueFei is it is screaming idolification of the greatest patriot and HXM LURVES to OTT giving him a perpetual pervie smirk to the point of unintentional hilarity to me and that will be quite sacrilegious.

    1. I think it’s my favorite too! But too bad it’s at a standstill with the censors. I think the production has to change the names of the historical figures attached or else it’ll never see the daylight.

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