The Butt of Jokes

Seriously I wasn’t going to make this a 24/7 Yuan Hong blog, but he is just sooooo distractingly entertaining to fangirl.  Every other day on weibo there’s a YH spaazzzing party going on ruining my life…It’s cutting into my drama time I swear and I’m sadly not having much at all (made 2 bday cakes last few days, one for my DH no less).   OT:  I haven’t watched NG17, 18 and have been hiding in a semi-hole to not get spoiled, nor have ANY ideas of how @#$^&^$#awesome they were other than myTlist complaining MaRu has no socks/hates socks A LOT.  I have no problem with that, coz unlike them, I have seen a min of Full House.  My theory in the odd sanssocks, considering every frame looks frigid and deliciously devoid of any human warmth fig. + lit. in NG, is the shoe sponsors r crankypantsbitches, they won’t allow any piece of product placement within 3 inches of those precious leather objects of theirs.  Anyhow I LOVE NG, LOVELOVELOVE, but I know I’ll be so imbued and impossible to function wanting 19, 20 asap I’d rather exhaust my willpower and watch it in one go.

But yeah, back to Loverboy, who again made himself the subject of a few news article just on his weiboing alone.  And even if you did not look down at my screencap below *what are you?!* and can’t read a word of Chinese, it’s really not hard to guess the gist of what’s going on:

And making the news rounds…*LE SIGH*

So yes, the Derp walked around town in Beijing most of the day with his pants in such condition.  That’s not enough to make our day, coz we’re not living in Beijing.  Being the sweetheart he is esp to his rabid cult fandom, he posted this pic for the WORLD to see, asking for our honest opinion what to do.  This quickly went viral, retweeted by now 11000+ times, with many remarks, other than the roflmaobbq variety, we have a lot of ‘WHO ON EARTH took this pic?’ ‘Y not get rid of the said sadpants entirely from body now that it’s defunct?’ even a ‘Where’s the….VPL?’ and a whole giggly gang of slashy fangirls from HuGe’s official fansite advising him to ask HG what EXACTLY there is to do.

And he followed up this viral tweet with a backstory:  After he found out he’s been generously showing the world his perky butt under his white panties, he started walking close to the walls, hoping no one can find out, and when he entered the elevator, the nice sweet noona behind him nudged him some kind encouraging words, ‘It’s alright, can’t really tell looking at it…’  And the fact this is a self-portrait, he said, and his butt is not really perky and it’s not intentionally perky, and he asked us to imagine of the posturing of his body to take this photo to ‘understand’.  A FREAKEN SEL-CA!! *hopefully not in the elevator with that noona, coz as cute as he is, ripped pants or not, it takes a out of this world worldly weary woman to witness a guy shooting his own butt in ripped pants and white undies and not have her eyeballs weirded off sockets*
On top of all this hilarious entertainment he’s providing the weibosphere, his Namibia travelogue is the most entertaining lol TV I’ve watched last wk, ie including ALL the election related jokesters and everything on Fox news.

This is from last week:

He’s visiting a village and to compete in a challenge to blend in, he has the braid his hair the tribe’s style…the boys have their braids to the back, the girls to the front.  Yup.  He must be very in touch with his feminine side.  So he lost and had to clean the cow shed.  Not hard to guess even the herd is poking fun and have no respect for him at all and from their cow faces, you have as close as smirks.

This is from this week:


‘I have no intention to run, I’ll have a good chat with it’

*sighhhhh the prettiest and cutest kind*  How (more) Cute can you be?!?!?!?

Watch the ep here

7 thoughts on “The Butt of Jokes

  1. I saw the weibo, this man’s got guts, and has plenty to go even further I think haha. Your loverboy’s one of a kind! LMAO~~

    1. I thought for a second I should be perfused with secondhand embarrassment but the ‘victim’ himself is obviously doing fine and gloating in the lovely attention to his behind he’s getting.

      The thing that really amazes me is how well-received and everyone thinks he’s as cute as a button when it’s truly a 30 yo dude airing his undies to the world. I’m surprised there’s no trolls jabbing him of being an attentionwhore or whatnots.

  2. HA! Your boy isn’t just cute but seems to be hilarious as hell too. 😀

    I haven’t watched NG since ep 14, it’s on hold among couple other dramas I’m waiting to finish so I can then binge on the misery, LOL! This autumn/winter season has been a bit heavey on the angst front….

    1. He is a bigger twitter sensation than an actor, so underrated :/

      NG is much better in one big binge of pain, methink. It is subtle and intense and complicated and nuanced, demanding my full attention. And I find myself needing sth like a ‘warm-up’ at the beginning of every episode, to flop myself squarely into their miserable world of doom, or else I’ll be doing myself a disservice missing out on the delicious angst alongside the characters with it being so remote fr any of us in real life.

  3. i’m a fan of your Loverboy posts, if i wanna something abt Loverboy, u’r blog is the first place i step in my feet to look for the news 😀
    i’m curious abt this Travelogue show, is this some kind of regular show he’s been co-host or something?? and is it broadcasted by local tv station ?? i’m been a newbie for following him, so i dun really know abt this show.. i really want to watch it 🙂 thank you.

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