I have made it through Nice Guy 19

Right at the nick of time!!!

What a sinfully delicious ride of frustratingly refrained clinical angst!  All the characters r flawed and dug their own cesspool/grave they r or will be in. I’m feeling the most for JH tbh because she still is true to her selfish bitch self through it all and it’s glorious to watch.  She’s most realistic and stern in her set of twisted life’s principles yet her vulnerability is palpable and I can see it through her every action where the shiz is coming from.  She must be my favorite Girl2Witch of all time.  She’s not boringly predictable, just I can read her like an opened trashy romance.  PSY is doing the job of her career (where she’s been amazingly improving to wow me in every outing I’ve seen her already).  It’s a treat to watch all her careful, pitch-perfect yet seemingly effortless touches on a woman in panic, a hair from losing her mind and everything.  It’s like watching her on an acting tight-rope, faking she’s about to fall every step yet we can still see the lady is so surefooted in it all along.  I can’t help but care for what’s next for JH may it be dying to watch her Big Fall.  And to note, I was totally snerking at how hopelessly horrible she was in My Girl!

Don’t get me wrong, I do care for MaRu and EunGi, and I want them to be happy, but they have never ever flipped over to the OHCRAP!HECKITALLL!  It’s all yearning and eye-romancing and longing and ESPing,  when I need them to let their true feelings get the better of them and put all the poetic waxing of voiceovers to Anger sex.  It can really do wonders in their frustrating and desperate demise (I suspect.  case in point: WHIB).  In a way I do see MaRu being the same MaRu still.  I think back fondly on the straight-laced, too eager for his own good, wet behind ears intern when we first met him, aeons ago.  He’s always been operating on the manual of doing the right thing clueless as to even the possibility it might negatively impact others…and that’s why he’s made his mistakes in life and still is continuing the vicious cycle, at ep19.  His stubborn ignorance is like his religion in approaching anything under the supposedly brilliant schemer.   He is still seeing the world as snippets of clear-cut black or white.  Do a wrong, correct it, pay for the sin the simplest way and all will be amended as adequate penance. Innocence will be reinstated, the ticking clock will be turned back.

What makes EunGi the brittle prickly softie she is stuck in being, is herself.  I LOVE MCW’s improvement before my eyes as the episodes progress (whereas SJK, as perfect I think he is acting his socks off, literally (there are close-ups of his sockless ankles in deep autumn brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Seoul, I’ll extrapolate this is the trendiest sexiest male body part to be exposed after chest, so reverse Victorian erotica).  His character is almost put into a limbo (or maybe it’s the hint of MR suffering from debilitating depression?) last few eps since that rocking my world HOWDIDYOUDOTHATFACE?!?! end scene of 14 )  And now that the never as mesmerizing fog of Amnesia is lifted, EG really needs to step up in her brain-game department. What is she intending to do exactly with the marrying MR?  I’m not the brightest bulb nor the most attentive drama watcher, all I’m getting is her idea behind was to ruin her life so it ruins MR grand scheme of atonement through her well-being?!?!?!??! So his guilt will metastasize and angst him to death?!  I dunno, it’s too convoluted to make sense as avenging the death of one’s daddy which MR didn’t kill + the toying with your love prior (but he’s obviously no longer committing the crime of loving JH and u know it deep down, come on) and girlfriend, seriously revenge is a Bitch that bites back on your behind.   And lets put on some better thinking caps:  you know, even not by judgment and just your biased gut MaRu is not a not-nice guy.  He sets out to hurt u to avenge the wrong did to him by JH and look how devastatingly deplorable he is now and it must be paining you somewhat…and you still wanna jump into the same hot fire?!   You look sickly, albeit most gorgeously sickly (You should start ur own BBcream line of MorbidGlowTM) and opposite of happy.  You’ve already told MaRu you’ve lost your mind(not the amnesia kind no more) in still loving him and can’t get him out of your head (which I’ve peeked in early episodes and it has fangirly shoujo romantic goodness waiting to be tapped and put to better use)….so why bother giving JH the witch and her yucky murderous entourage all the attention and energy?  I mean yes, gather the evidence, jail the murderers, be your Sherlock/Joan Watson, but you can still forgive and cuddle ur MaRu at the end of the day when cold bed is calling.  Coz by now the charade is stale, you know it’s as close to love that hollowed out many times pretty shell of a human being named MaRu is capable of expressing when he wants you at arm’s reach to stab him whenever you feel like it (hopefully while smooching) for the rest of both of your lives! (kinky!alert)

But silliness aside, I will be underwhelmed to see MR+EG happily ever after (or I should put it, matching tonally with drama, and giving MR the wish he’s been screaming: DIE happily thus be ‘together’ ever after) as endgame.  I don’t really see writer built them a solid enough foundation to brave it all, not from MaRu’s side.  He’s not awaken fr his saint/martyr complex.  He still sees all the wrongs he had done to be ultimately out of sacrificing for the good of his loved ones.  There’s too much weighty guilt mixed with soul-searching righteousness at play 24/7 in his head.  Where is the abandon of control in falling?  I see him diligently caring for EG, thinking about her above himself (but then ‘oneself’ is worth less than cockroach poo for MR), putting every of his action under a psychoanalysis and balancing the good for EG vs the bad from his pov.  But is love consisting of such a lot of conscientious synapsing?!  I hear him talking lofty dreams over with EJ: go away with me, spend the rest of your life with me…but why? how? Why not a simple I LOVE YOU?  I wish EG just one-up him for once and say, ‘m’kay, lets hit the road!’  I can see MaRu in his stoned inner-turmoil-hell-I’m-in-Dante’s-inferno face, sitting there, doing nth but stare some frosty beams out and keeping ALL the glorious emotions and feels to himself.

I somehow see MR+JH working.  At that emotional bench scene, I’m reminded MaRu is often capable of letting himself go without missing a beat and emotions runneth over when he’s with JH.  Yes JH had done some appalling crimes (most of which I’ve shamefully forgotten and forgiven, her scummy wavelength just registers with me, I get what filth is spinning out of her pretty head, what can I say?!) but he of all people is still the giving her a sweet bargain after another and way-outs and all’s-forgottens again and again. It’s not love, but lets not joke ourselves, is MR capable of what we call love?!?!  He can’t even take a flight to go places as he promised with EG tbh, his head will literally implode.  He is encouraging the use of kitchen knives, almost putting them in hands of peeps who want him off, ALL THE TIME, providing clear instruction of hows and when and again, he has a brain that is truly a ticking bloody time bomb.  Their history and how they know each other inside out the best, they are as equally irrevocably damaged and I would argue with as sullied hands whether the intention is innocent or sinister.  Most importantly, they can cut the crap of pretense and be scarily honest with each other and get to the bottom of things.  Honesty by way of functional communication is crucial in a practical relationship.  *OK, my gutter mind is also telling me their sex is nastier/hotter/glorious*

So what will send me Bravo-ing Writer Lee (I’ll skip the warts and forgotten plots aplenty) is if MaRu is mentally compromised by his hematoma/aneurysm/head time-bomb , be it coma/amnesia/psychosis…which will be the last straw making EG losing all her marbles.  JoonHa stays in coma, or out of it and have an active play in Chairman’s crimes got leaked, company went poof, badcreepymurderersecretary went to jail for life, JH got some time herself, but out a remorsed woman, caretaker of everyone in coma/lunacy/jail.  That is all of them living in an avici/hell of no return/無間地獄. End scene: ChoKo and JaeGil honeymooning in Bali, sunset, that palm tree (I just HAVE to).    Fin.

I’m pretty sure none of the above is making sense, I really just let my head and fingers run loose.  XD

6 thoughts on “I have made it through Nice Guy 19

  1. sorry… i apparently accidentally posted this comment at your other post… but… gah!:

    hahahaha that’s the last few episodes of NG for me…. utter confusion… but considering how much stuff the writer hides in her writing throughout NG, i’ll have to watch NG ep 20 subbed, take some time to mull and digest 19-20… before i can comment on it’s ending and story in general @___@

    if you can, please delete the other comment (on your no-regrets post)

    1. NP sweetie! Done. I was gonna ask if you want me to anyway.

      I actually watched NG all along with a serenity and calm very uncharacteristic of me. I’ve finished 20 over lunch now, and I have thought. A few of them.

  2. but you still love it? in a calm serene way? that is indeed strange~ haha but glad to know that you still loved it. I’ve typed myself out on soompi up to ep 18… but i need to hold off until after my crazy weekend to work out 19 and 20 for myself… before that, i totally welcome wise insights from you all~~~

    1. I do! I love it not in my usual flailing rabid way but more appreciative as a piece of well thought-out drama. I have no big complaints of any sorts and for once we have our yummy cliches and don’t have to be apologetic on how consciously moronic/irrational sth we’re loving is. I love that it provokes a different take on love, the memory of love and its impact on me. It does have a powerful statement on how searing intangible emotions can be against all the callousness, jadedness and even the extreme of amnesia.

      On the downside, I think it’s a feeling shared by a lot of NG viewers I feel distant from the characters, I know them, I feel for them, but they didn’t creep under my skin and won’t be sitting there haunting me. I’ll remember NG for great directing, great acting, thoughtful writing within the confines of its genre, great cinematography, but maybe not the characters and the story.

  3. huh~~ interesting~ i actually found the characters to be a strong point in the writing… maybe just because they were created to be so complex =P and i like figuring out complex characters hahaha or i try to… these characters were formed to be a certain way and they stuck with it… helping us explore the themes of guilt, desires, choices, and consequences from such choices that may be more than we can handle…

    1. I do love the characterizations and I do love how firmly writer stuck within their confines and be cohesive, esp for JH. However there are some minor gribbles from me in EG ( I have a feeling SJK played MaRu so masterfully a perfection I didn’t pick up a tonne of the telling nuances he put in, illustrating the precise psyche of his character. That’s what a rewatch is for later) I feel like the tipping point for EG, through ALL her trauma (I do think she’s the worst victim of the lot to least fault of herself plus least equiped from the rattling) her woes are taken care of, almost shoved aside too neatly at the 11th hour. Yes, we know she’s wavering in her stance to push MR away fr her life, and it is plausible sth as huge as MR dying will do it for a lot of people, but for EG, at her mental state and still raw from all the trauma and deceit piled on her, and an ‘I don’t know why’ from MR is all it takes? And if she is just too overwhelmed and let her emotions take over, what happened after the kiss, where she just hail a taxi and go home is not sitting well with me. But again, what most memorable for me, is still the hopeful ending where the characters literally put behind their past and what happened prior is truly like a pastlife that doesn’t matter amymore. I won’t call it happy coz what my impression is firmly MR lost part of his memory and this is his second chance, the ‘next’ lifetime.

      And all the themes can be distilled to the simplest and most complicated of it all: Love, it is the root of ‘evil’ yet we’re defenseless to its power on how it’ll dictate our life and the choices we make and even its power in redemption and giving hope.

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