The most honest opinion on Twilight

Fr Rob. Pat. Himself.  Color me IMPRESSED!

I admit I developed a tiny crush on him based on these few minutes alone and the fact at the very dusty corners of my cold black heart, he’ll forever be Cedric, who was a handsome boy before any of this funny looking business exists. (Fact is R.P. ‘s face has morphed into sth weird, this can’t be any definition of a good looking trademark, the perpetual smirk and he has a terrific explanation for what’s going on. *patpatpat*)

Good job Rob, and taking your advice, every word, not gonna watch one second more of anything Twilight.

5 thoughts on “The most honest opinion on Twilight

  1. OMG, when he said SKII face packs, I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD! hahaha..

    I actually think he’s kinda HOT (maybe it’s the British accent). But I think he looks way better outside/normal than being Edward, the series really uglified him and made him speak like a stone. I like him being him more..

    I dunno I’ve always had a good impression of him despite being him playing the oh-so-divine worshipped Edward for years, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. And especially after Kirsten’s indiscretion, I’m like this guy either really loves the girl or he really loves the girl.

    *clicks and watches again*

    1. I think if I met him and he spills all these witty stuff in his head I’ll find him hot as well, but it’s just my peeve I don’t deal with squinchy eyes, because I’ll start doing it or be bothered by the obvious stinky stuff bothering him to cause the face, or is sth fishy going on in his head and so forth.

      I did watch all his other stuff outside of Twilight, decent but not impressive enough.

      He’s stupid in love, or he’s stupid, you don’t go back to the skunk.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I knew he didn’t like doing this film series but never knew he was so open about it consistently. What a hoot!
    Ah Cedric. Yes, that is the Robert Pattinson that I would like to remember.

    1. lolz I read everywhere almost everyone attached to the franchise snerked at it to no end. It is truly invincible and didn’t matter at all, nth can stink it up as in stopping Twihards. The only thing I’m seriously curious is if the hardcore fans really truly love Stewart’s Bella though, or is it like by association because GodRob lurves her so on and off screen.

      1. Ugh. Bella. It’s hard to like even the character of Bella so I’m sure that fans’ love of Stewart’s Bella completely hangs on GodRob. GodRob–> ROFLMAO.

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