Eye candies

This is a day of giving thanks and absolute gluttony, so why not go the deep end and serve up some pretty hotties as well?  *excuses excuses*

We are down to 2 weeks?!  WOW.  How did we collectively do it?!?!   For one, a dearie has been posting daily gorgeous pics of binnie, at times 10/day and giving my heart palpitations for several seconds each post.  I’ve finished rewatching MNIKSS, while it’s still lovely, I had an ‘out of body’ experience this watch, remembering fondly how each memorable scene affected me, almost like looking back at a photoalbum reminiscing.  I’m so glad to see how much JRW has grown as an actress watching her in King of Dramas as well, because her HeeJin was sooooo insufferably fakecute absolutely grating on my nerves this time around when I didn’t have a problem with her prior.  I do cringe more often this time at Binnie’s acting (and Suna’s) back then.  I’m rewatching FOL next.   I have to.

And yes, lest you forget, we still LURVE you, gorgeous!

I think Fri is the last episode of YH being his cute, funny, witty self in Namibia:

‘So, then…we failed at our task today.’

Awwww, it’s ok sweetie!  The big spotty cat did not like ur rendition of Soft Kitty but we DO.   *huggzz*  *that face is too cute for a 30 yo*

‘Don’t you think if I sat on a broom I can fly?!’

Sure, I still rem that on-going joke of your aspiration to be Hermione Yuan

I can’t.   I  have to hunt down the person taking the pic (I bet is his roomie/BFF) and knock him down and take his place instead.   So obviously, he’s again comparing cute with his poodle and acknowledges doggie is cooler than his own derpy self.

Never change, you two.

Ladies (and gents) after the years of diligent cyberstalking, we officially have a nikkid sel-ca fr le Derp.   And do not ask why this is not pointing lower, why it is so blurry/artistic, why he’s so full of himself to layer his gorgeous face on the side on top of his toplessness, it’s skin, so we’d better take it.  tbh I was expecting this sooner and with an equally naked HG superimposed and still I won’t be a bit surprised.

Otherwise, in case you are wondering, he’s his same old, flirting incessantly with his writer/designer hyung, a DUDE on weibo (or being flirted at), dragging ‘the men around him’ (his words) through the bromance sludge.  This time around it’s the usual HuGe and Prince4 Nicky.  And also making intelligent snarky stabs I can’t comprehend telling me I am illiterate in chinese.

He’s also being the attentive student/fanboy to Simon Yam on the set of Devil’s Right Hand, which a fan manip is quickly spawned with HG at the corner being jealous, shouting, ‘HE’S MINEEEE!’

And also, he’s giving his fans ideas for PS.   His adorable fans PS him a cute guidedog and his costar YingEr a guiding stick after he jabbed this is so blind leading blind.

One of the setbacks now that Nice Guy/Innocent man is done, I do not have my dose of cutie Sang Yeob on my screen which triggers me laughing myself silly at the ilicdd gifs.  That is I do not have constant flashbacks of the bromance that ends all bromances, and that’s wrong, world:

I vote for them, either one of them to be constantly on my screen, so I have an excuse to play back their ILICDD yummy bits.  That/or a constant stream of SJK perfection.

I think there is some backside bromantic games going on btn PD Lai (of the much talked about DemiWTFandSemiARGH2013 fame) and Yumama (Swordsparakeets/NOT!SmilingProudWanderer) .  PD Lai has been entertaining us with character stills sooo creatively craptastic it’s making Yumama’s wuxia trollery looking like the freaking second coming of Buddha happening in wuxialand.  I have a feeling we’ve seen nth yet.

Joe Chen is SOOOO GORGEOUS in candy colored period garb to my surprise.  She has never been as truly womanly attractively beautiful to me.  Seriously, she’ll so be a spot on Ren YingYing, setting sail the HMS LHCRYY.

I said nth will make me watch this.  I. Lied.  DO YOU SEE HOW #@$%^#*&^%&@$& GORGEOUS CHENXIAO IS?!?!?!??!?!  Because I have never seen anything male or female as out of this world manga-ish yummilicious in a wuxia.  I’m so bemused Yumama, how can you NOT see a DongFongBuBai perfection in this?!  Or are you the cunning witch you usu are, since we’re going full on cursing in cursive on your writing (or lack there of), you are giving us near perfect building blocks to create our own SPW adventure with our own plotting, satisfying us with the likes of casting characters to our own liking and you can just laze around, cause more silly shenanigans and flop them all over the screen in mindless wirefu?!  I’ll so be hatewatching this and it’s guaranteed every frame so amusing I can’t tear my eyes off.  I have no fear at all this will be remotely canon  so I’m spare my ugly rants on how so very wrong EVERY FREAKEN THING IS SO NOT SPW!!  I have an active imagination and all the heavy lifting is provided so conveniently with all the perfect alternate casting and AU everything served on the plate as is.  I think this is the case, so I thank you YuMama.  This is, again sth never imaginable.  You said this will be in 3D, I’ll say 4D, because I’m so ready to get my hands dirty piecing things tog to numb myself and watching every fanvids of shipper heaven of ALL the possible BoyBoy CPs.

I’m not saying Wallace is not pretty, but he’s soooooooooooooooooooooo not LHC, so not.  From the trailer, his LHC is worse in wuxia than a Wei Xiaobo and got stabbed and hurt right and left, flailing and bleeding like a damsel supreme without any defense, no wuxia hero manly aura. AT ALL.   He looks like a pretty blushing bride next to our sex addict rapist Daoist monk Tian (Han Dong):

And fangirls are advance shipping this:

I’ve learned with the years of Cdramawatching with puppetmasters like YuZheng and PD Lai around, there’s always a first I can never imagine in a thousand years, as I can’t believe there will be a day I’m watching a revision of this story to properly ship Lin PingZhi and Yue LingShan, but I guess they are the only BG ship left and they are adorbs (before rocks and …losing body parts… hit them):

I have never seen a Chen Xiao drama, so if he has half the talent as he has in looks in Swordsman, I can be his fangirl, np.  He’s slated to be the next Yang Guo.  YuZheng is already spinning his usual silly ugly fanwars at weibo throwing out the bone of who is most suitable a XLN against CX’s Yang Guo.  My vote is Tong LiYa.  XLN is 6 yrs older than YG afterall, and YaYa is truly beautiful enough and just old enough next to CX.

And a Duke of Mount Deer in pre-production with rights sold and so forth, if YZ is also involved, CX will make a fun and watchable Wei XiaoBo:

But I have to say it for the nth time, there will be no better YangGuo nor Wei XiaoBo in looks, age, talent, everything than my Loverboy:

12 thoughts on “Eye candies

  1. 2 weeks!!! Oh, my! I still vividely remember the day Uri Binnie left for the army… The fan girls, his tears and his deep bow ( on his knees no less!) to his fans!!! Cannot believe it’s over !!!
    Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Isn’t it….weird?! When I look at the calender, I can see his discharge date! it seems not as long ago he’s left yet seems like forever as well!

      I don’t think he can get away fr his hordes of fans waiting for him getting out of his barrack and we’re sure to be able to see him soon, it’s cute he seems overwhelmed by happy and genuinely excited to see his fans and not as shy.

  2. I dunno who Chen Xiao is, but he totally stole this POST! He’s so delicious looking, hot and cute, manly and feminine at the same time, how a man be this so?! Please let me know if his acting is good or if he’s worth just ogling at, I may just go YT on this guy.

    And guess what, I’ve just passed the ILICDD 80th ep mark! Yipee yayayayaa ~~ Hyun Woo is really a heart stealer the slow brewing way, and I still love Sang Yeob as Sang Yeob (Jun Ha did nothing much in NG)! <333

    1. He’s the new obsession by the C netizens, out of all the silly and absurd of Swordsman he’s the thing getting all the rave. Poor (vapid) WallaceH.

      OH SQUEEEEE!!! SangYeob is still SY in NG hahaha, I can’t help but wanna squeeze his cheeks in NG. Both of the cuties (like the rest of the CDD gang) will become more endearing as it goes. ^^ ENJOY!

    1. Is this the first time we’re squeeing over the same GORG boy?!?!?! XD

      This is Swordsman which should be out shortly in 2013. It’s based on one of the most famous wuxia novel ever, so it’ll be a big freaken deal to Cdramaland then. Even if you don’t usu like wuxia, this maybe quite your thing because I’m pretty sure it’ll get as close to slash as any C period would.

      1. It seems that this lineup of remakes are aiming towards girl audience. I’m giving Moon Blade my nth chance to finish it. I have to say that my endurance for it was much higher than for Nicky’s White Hair Maiden. That one I only did 30 mins and I ran for my life. I’m looking forward to Yumama’s Swordsman. If it can entertain as much as LOCH than it’s good enough for me. The stills looks pretty enough compared to DGSD which really has me worrying.

        1. I don’t think Nicky is a decent producer nor have the eye for quality. He almost turned down BBJX, which imo may as well be his best role ever in Cdramaland.

          I actually think LoCH has heart, it is decent even if it’s a fanfic script. Yumama? No freaken way. But I’m so shallow and I’m now watch it for CX and CX only, I kinda hate myself for it already.

          DGSD is absolutely hopeless in any form of good entertainment prospect, but I think we’ll all watch it because of the novelty it’ll be the most horrible trainwreck in wuxialand we’ve never EVER seen before.

          1. haha yes. dgsd will be entertaining to watch what will come out from it. i really cant believe they want to make ah zhu and ah zi played by same actress. that makes the parents very blind. seems like Jin Yong is turning a blind eye to some of these recent ones.

            1. Me and Koala have a very sound theory: JY is full-on senile and trying to grab all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he can. His rewrites of his classics, his own doing, are all batshitcrazy.

              The other thing though is, I don’t think there’s any hope of a decent adapt of his masterpieces in this current climate of the last decade+, when artistry is so on a downward spiral and Cmovies and Cdramas are nothing but money making juggernauts first, an artform second if we’re lucky. His writing is eternally there to be read, let the sillytwats make their money, it’ll be so remote from the source material nth is touching it, whoever is mistaking these PoSs have anything to really do with him is not worthy of appreciation his works anyway.

  3. YH most fascinating character for me remains Yelu Xie. Boy just oozed charisma, badassery, the way he acted this bad monghol general with pretty eyes just impressed me in YWOYC !

    1. I still rewatch his YeluXie bits on utube, v often hahaha! I think I have a decent moral compass, and even when I think a bad guy is hot, I’ve seldom loved them like his YLX.

      His eyes are still gorgeous, but he’s a bit more ‘uncle-ish’ now haha hitting the big 3-0. I’m not having too high an expectation for his Cmoderns out in 2013, we’ll see.

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