You Exist in My Song

It was a mother of storms last night, so loud it’s impossible to sleep.  I ended up live streaming MAMA longer than I wanna, it’s in HK afterall.

And sorry in advance if I’m offending, I was cranky being so tired but can’t sleep wee hours in the morning, I somehow heard some boyband (SHINee?) singing some Mirotic!?  <-my eyes and ears were halfshut and memory is failing me.

It was a cringeworthy show throughout, I know they are all popular big names and I ❤ BigBang (even though I don’t care for their latest songs) but more than half of them can’t sing in tune and gyrating is NOT dancing!!!  And where’s the Performance and Showmanship?!  I guess it’s just too many thinly veiled pant-less crotches I don’t care to see.  I don’t get what EpicHigh was doing paying homage to the Batman Villains coz I’m just too traumatized to be reminded of Heath, and that was after Leslie was so horribly milked and it still hurts a dickens and I have not accepted his passing yet.  I can’t, not even SJK.  And out of nowhere I miss DBSK so much and I’m not even a Cassie:

And I was quite bored most of the show so I ended up playing this fav of mine in repeat: Wanting Qu’s You Exist In My Song.

Then I bumped into this lovely fanvid:

Gahhh, RTP is so not a good drama but the OTP is as close to rainbows and unicorns for me last year and I think YooChun really did a heart-felt job playing a naive, fish out of water little Princey there, and very convincingly.  This is my fav character of HJM.  And because of personal reasons, the OTP and that little flawed drama healed me a bit when I was down, like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a horrible, dreary night of cold, pouring rain.

The lyrics:

Without any precaution,
and without a trace of apprehension,
you appeared in my world as you did,
bringing me a pleasant surprise,
that I couldn’t resist.
But like this,
without me knowing,
you quietly disappeared,
from my world,
without a word,
leaving behind only my memories.
You exist,
deep in my mind,
in my dreams, in my heart, and in my song.
You exist,
deep in my mind,
in my dreams, in my heart, and in my song.
Still remember us once walking, side by side together past that bustling alley.
Even though we were strangers, just passing by each other, we still felt each other.
One look,
one beat of the heart,
one unexpected delight.
It’s like-
a dream, that was destined.
The world is so big, why did we meet?
Could it have been chance?
Could it have been destiny?
You exist,
deep in my mind,
in my dreams,
in my heart,
and in my song.

8 thoughts on “You Exist in My Song

  1. Haha, didn’t take you for a kpop fan in any propensity. But then you have this admiration for Yoochun so I should have guessed! You know, it’s weird, unlike others, I first discovered him in dramas (SKK Scandal) and only then did I realize he is part of this super mega popular band DBSK, whose song Mirotic I liked and found off the charts hot. That was me two years ago, I knew about Kpop and drooled over it on occasion but there was never enough interest to actually find out who is who…too many bands, too overwhelming (I know more songs/bands now because I take kpop dance classes which is harmless fun but yeah still don’t know many names, aside from obvious like Huyna, Minho and whatnot. Embarrassing story, I went to Big Bang concert a month ago and while I adore them to death I was still not sure who is who between Seungri and Daesung…bad bad fan)

    I assume you were a fan of Yoochun before he started acting? Was he your bias in DBSK?

    1. Seriously my discovery of PYC is also exactly urs: SKKS, then realized he’s Micky YooChun of DBSK which I had a few songs I like in my ipod. All I know about DBSK then pre-SKKS was there r 5 of them and they can sing and dance. That’s it.
      But since SKKS crazy days where he caught my eye, I went on sth called utube hahaha and imo DBSK is still the best out of them boybands in terms of enough goodness in singing/dancing/looks and many DBSK songs r seriously awesome. Insa is the best thing out of Millionaire First Love and it was a movie with Mybinnie. XD I can’t say the same with any other band, maybe BB, but they r more a band than a ‘glossier’ package that is a boyband.

  2. Mookie, for some reason I can’t comment on your last I Miss You entry so I shall do it here.

    You make such excellent points about ep 8, things I didn’t even think about it. The fact that Zoe is trying to erase her SY identity because she considers it shameful…The unhealthy relationship between Henry with him just watching her do it and insisting on the whole marriage thing when she is clearly not comfortable with it. I do not like the two of them together at all…He comes off as a silent psycho manipulator, who is with her only because she is the only woman he has ever known, She is also unhealthily attached to him because she is not capable of forming relationships with other people. Messed up thing is, I didn’t enjoy her interactions with Jung Woo either in this episode. I don’t know what happened but I went from loving this drama, to straight out hating it and all the people in it by episode 8. I can’t rationally explain my change of heart…just a forceful touch of Jung Woo here, his show of obsession there, Zoe playing with his feelings, Henry’s silent psychotic stares…and that’s it. I’m done. I don’t want to have anything to do with the machinations perpetrated by these characters, let alone try to understand them or sympathize with them.

    Lol, Yoochun’s furry turtleneck is possibly the worst thing he could’ve worn anywhere. I don’t know whats going on with Chun in this drama in general….he is not looking so good. I mean, there is this with him oozing confidence and sex from every pore and then there is…the furry turtleneck? Ugh.

    1. O what’s wrong with wordpress then? For a split second I thought I was pissing too many peeps off but still it was hit a crazy # of times since I posted and no one dare holler back at me!!?! XDDD

      I did think 3 and 4 were very solid episodes, great mood piece, even if manipulative and piling on the horror excessively or not. But then this is clear fr ep1 still a formularic Kmelo so proper characterization and storytelling will always be shoved aside for more OTP angst, the more the better. I still like everyone in the ad hoc family unit HJW is now in, but that’s nth to really watch a drama for.

      I’m rubbed the wrong way as well with HJW’s treatment of Zoe in 8, but then this is so standard Kdrama device by now forceful wrist/hand.shoulder grabs = machismo and love so strong, so I dunno if I should even bother being bugged anymore.

      O MY GOSH. Don’t do that to me. I made a silly post out of it @ lj: That exact YC cut of Wrong Number was what I looped like a lunatic after SKKS, and doing me in, and when he’s seriously hot and bothering in his smexy to my eyes. haha good that since then he’s more entertaining as a derp, but yeah he is so chunfacefugly here, which works for his HJW actually coz a tormented cop not really having any happy time half his life shouldn’t look like that Wrong Number hot thing, and I’ve heard Chunface was suffering fr cold/asthma and was bloated coz of meds?! Anyhow, this is not any serious acting showcase like NiceGuy, so we demand the prettier the merrier for the fangirls.

      1. Yeah, I know its pretty much standard grabbing but in light of what happened to SY the writer should have more sensitivity to those kind of things. But I guess I Miss You has 0 self-awareness.

        Cold and asthma? Poor guy. I mean, I kind of get his choice of wardrobe, he totally looks like a cop…but those turlenecks make him look even more bloated.

        Btw, if you watch the cuts of other DBSK members in that video none of them are exuding as much sexiness even though I generally tend to find Junsu sexier and Jaejoong prettier. I think from that video alone you can tell Yoochun has some acting chops…They tell him be sexy and he does it so GOOD. If you watch Junsu, he is trying way too hard…

        1. I’m irked by it, but then imo, he’s almost as traumatized by the rape as her, so I’m with the league of 6002 fans (though I’ve to admit I’m so full of evilsnark towards the boy myself to not judge…) JW’s very last muscle memory of her is when he lost the grasp of her hand….and he didn’t forcefully DRAG her anywhere with the grab, it’s holding her put at that fancy resto table and she quickly gave him a good o’ slap on the face (I’m so watching this intently to notice hands and so forth), and she’s the one doing the grabbing last ep… I’m not saying he should but since he’s one royal mess himself I just don’t think the character has the sensitivity chip working. THAT and so agreeing with you the writing has no self-awareness AT ALL,we r all looking too much into it already, it’s just simply there for the purpose of grand old ‘romantic’ gesture of owning ur wimmen.

          PYC should quit smoking if he is not killing himself :/ Seriously. This show’s aesthetics is soooo not mine, what he’s wearing is Miami Vice in Korea. Some of YEH clothes r trendy, but that blue sweaterdress with weird hips protrusion is an abomination. Her lounging clothes makes her looks like the nanny/housemaid.

          You are sooo speaking my mind, that’s exactly what’s going through my head as well because I’ve also watched ALL those bts whatever vids of any 2 DBSK boys selling bromance by the truckload and PYC is usually an annoying derp with his diva moments with all the strangest hairdos. Hilarious to watch, but when he’s on stage, and in that vid, when he switch it on, he’s aplomb and oozing sex. That’s where I see his potential, and for some reason, even when he’s green and not really hitting the mark a lot of the times, there r moments, fleeting seconds in his dramas, every single one of the them thus far, connecting with me, and flailing me

  3. That was EXO singing and I don’t think they were even singing live. SHINee is getting pretty good at the live singing boy band thing but seriously DBSK is/was the best at it. The’y actually sang songs had a substantial melody to it- songs you sing notes in, not “talk” your way through. Thanks for sharing the fanvid and lyrics. I love her voice.

    1. *Sweetie I hope u r not an EXO fan then*
      O__O and it’s not even live?! it’s truly not…good.
      I don’t usu watch much of Kpop anything, but things really make a nosedive since. I just don’t find anything eyecatching and memorable, no lyrics, no tunes, nth is sticking whereas even though I’m not a hardcore DBSK fan and can never be, I can’t take my eyes off them even when I’m watching their perf in passing (and they were in EVERYTHING back then, I rem even Baeksang or any drama awards show)

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