I Miss You Ramblings

Are we there yet?   Are we at midpoint?

I’m watching IMY quite engaged, actually.  Thoughts, I have them: [All pics fr baidubars; big thanks to original posters!]

  • https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/ee57e31190ef76c680e298c39d16fdfaae5.jpghttps://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/f186da26cffc1e171033e7d74a90f603728.jpghttps://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/838293ef76094b36a6f34c0ba3cc7cd98c1-1.jpgWhen exactly should I cave in and hit buy on that darn certain phone with a pen thingy? When it is next to YC’s face?  When YEH is doodling on it?  When YSH is finally allowed to be properly scheming as pertained by the scene and not just him failing at adult-smolder?  I have an irking YEH will sport one matching her lipcolor by 16 or 20 and maybe it’ll be dark purple with glitters and bloodred spat all over.  Dilemma dilemma.
  •  While YC is shouty or doing investigative work, I went on pinterest to my own investigation to find that exact Zoe(I’m hearing Jolie tbvh) lipstick shade.  And it’s everywhere in Show (and at the Mall).  Fuchsia Fuchsia everywhere:https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/b893efc4b74543a919b59a241e178a82b80.jpg
  • (it could be MAC Gladiola)
  • I could walk around my neighborhood Korean grocery sporting my take on YEH lips with a yellow umbrella in tow and count how many heads will approach me humming ‘Ttuk ttuk ttuk…’and we can squee our ZOMGs.  I can also repeat exercise in a Chinese grocery and betcha more heads will turn surreptitiously, the other way, coz they’ll think  they r seeing a ghost, buying JinHua hams, if I’m holding the yellow umbrella opened indoors for no particular reason.
  • It’s never too late to call the trend.   It is ep8 and we can possibly get a YC forcing a smooch and big slap on his face exactly this moment.  Why not.  But we didn’t.  Oh well, we’ll all kiss under the mistletoe (call me a prophet but there can so be kiss scene inserted in 3 wks, ep13, guys) or ring in 2013 IF WE SURVIVE (And IMY gets extension) in that shade of lipstick and surrounded by fuchsia poinsettias .  I like any fuchsia more than the years of death by pale peptobismol overdose pink.
  • How much did that greycoat peeps pay to have both MCW and YEH wearing it in some cap-able scenes? And did they pay the EXACT same amt for the PPL?  OR MCW>YEH?  ORRR YEH>>>>>MCW?  Is YEH pissed MCW got first dips?  Oohhh I wanna know!  *but hey….why isn’t Zoe wearing her own stuff?!*
  • https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/2b2e422309f7905242de27d60cf3d7ca79c.jpgAngora turtleneck for a ball is so clever, Chunface.  YEH/Zoe the FashionDesigner will so cast a gentler glare your way factoring in your imminent itch.
  • Plus this is so your ticket to get the hell out with the perfect exit strategy!!!!!!  I know for a fact ep9 will start with 5 mins of sparks-a-flying smoldering orgy of boogeyman-boy-girl-chunface-chauffeur crazy eyesexing going on, and one can’t be involved in any kind of orgy with own bloody meanie daddy, not even in a kdrama, and never have anything to do with someone in that bowtie (I insert this exact cap because of CuteChauffeur obviously, to be obvious):https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/35f97f7f9e2f0708805978e6e924b899a80.jpg
  • https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/e6c86ed12f2eb9388f732914d5628535e4d.jpgGoddiggity, so for lips to brave the frigid and sleepless grueling live shoot ie no time for balming, you really need to be the ripe old age of 19 (I wanna spatter on the lipbalm everytime YEH and YC r on screen).  Those are perfect puckers on YSH, and at times they r of similar coloring to YEH’s fuchsia purple.  And I kinda want them to smooch first and heck that (or heck yeah?!) Kdrama rule of who kiss girl first gets girl,  just to see how YSH lush perfect lips will work this color.
  • PYC can use a manicure.  And this can so be written into a scene where Richbabysis go the (Incestuous)’Mom’-In-Law brownnosing route,  treating them a spa day(nikkid PYC) for the token PrettyWoman in reverse transformation on zero fashion sense HJW (I honestly thought YooChun gained a bit of tummy, but it was heating pads lolz) and another heart-tugging Mom-Son (+babysis) scene.  Of course there will be running into Zoe getting her manicure and Mom+Zoe get identical glittered ring finger polish because they are Mom and Daughter and it’ll be Coincidence #6002.  I’ll get my Mom-‘Son'(inlaw)-Daughter-Babysis scene which will seriously make me draw hearts (bonus if Babysis made Cute Chauffeur be another set of pretty eyes while PYC is being the walking mannequin he is, strutting/selling an obscene amt of outfits in shortest time).  *I’m dead serious in wanting this, no joke*  Bring along SheCan’tJustBeCleaningLady ahjumma as well, she can’t be up to nefarious schemes, right?! Right?!?!?!

Me being annoying and silly aside, I am tagging along because I am a tiny bit curious where we’re heading.  At this point I do not see either pairing working out romantically, happy ending and all.  Yes, I know I’m watching a melodrama, but there is also not the usual doom of death by speeding trucks running them over.   Imo, it should be more than enough for JW now that SY is found, focus the work on mending her relationship with Mom and JW should move on, even though everything is pointing he’s still harboring a madlove/unhealthy obsession over SY.  Sometimes letting go really is a form of loving, too.  But I know this is not where we’re heading for sure.  AT least keep the first love reminiscing in the tiniest of doses and start a-fresh (whatever that means).  They were 15. I know it’s a Kdrama thing romanticizing first puppy love, but here?!  I’m not even sure what they had is love, it’s more than that, so lets leave some sanctity to it.  Even the mention of puppy is prompting cringing and pain my end.  I wince in heartpain by association just seeing a flashback.  I think PYC is very good in this ‘big reveal (huh)’scene:




I’m very peeved by SY/Zoe’s uptake of a new identity, ‘wishing SY dead‘.   There is nothing wrong, nth condemnable with SY, never ever.  Not by association to a ‘murderer’ father, and absolutely not as a victim of kidnapping, rape and abandonment (and deceit on Harry’s part to be fair).  Why does she have to ‘die’ and be gone with the wind?   It’s re-victimizing herself all over again and again and again and Zoe is disgusted with anything to do with SY, as if ‘SY’ is filth and dirt.  And for Harry to observe, stay an aloof bystander and condone all of this, and almost is glad SY is ‘forgotten’, well hid, covered up in very dusty dark corners of Zoe’s psyche for 14 years is so rubbing me the wrong way.  It is as if he’s agreeing the past SY is better dead and buried (along with the fact he killed SY’s stepdad by sodacan!!!)  and let him have his zombie trophy wife Zoe.

This also echos back to the always recurring theme of Kdrama I am most pissy about: treating dying off/suicide as a coda for a new movement, a fresh start at the other end, a means to an end.  That’s why I always feel the most horrible for and affected by the parents and family and friends of Kdrama heroes and heroines if they r not batshitcrazyevil.  I don’t think I have it in me to watch Mom in any more pain. Argh.


PYC and YEH have crackling chemistry, but it’s not exactly the simple sexy lets go make some angry babies kind.  It’s charged with palpable tension of past demons I’m not sure they can ever overcome yet they are aware of nothing but each other’s presence, sth is zapping in the air when they are sharing space. I think it’s shockingly very honest a dynamic portrayed.  How many of us really connect like time has never transpired with our very first crush if we met them 14 years later? Let alone the horror these 2 shared? Lets step it down a lot, how many of us reconnect with our old friends at highschool reunions instantaneously if we haven’t seen them since forever?  It’s not a sure bet.  Armed with that thought, I can’t critique too much on how I find PYC awkward in scenes with YEH in 8 (no more shouty YooChun, please) when he’s so working fine with everyone else.  No amount of imagining can his JW truly predict every detail seeing SY again, a different, antagonizing SY, in front of his eyes 14 years later who was toying with his emotions, flirting with him, smiling at him, telling him to sit closer, touching his hands, asking him out on a date at a very romantic venue, asking him to be her only ‘secret friend’, poking at his obviously still bleeding emotional scabs.   He’s normally a mess already when it comes to any mention of SY, I would be so surprised if he is calm and collected enough to know moment by moment exactly what he should or shouldn’t do or say, how to be sensitive to her comfort zone because part is JW is feeding SY back her medicine, not in the vengeful way she did in ep7, but he’s just going along according to everything she’s flung on the table, putting in his genuine feelings towards her and all his wants and conceit in his wishful thinking of going on a date with her, till they meet again.  I don’t need a JW+SY endgame, far from it.   There is a saying: 等待太久得来的东西,多半已经不是当初自己想要的样子 (When you finally obtain the object you have been waiting too long for,  it is usually so remote from the thing you initially wanted).


So I’m watching along with not much engagement with the plot, storytelling, characters, acting, social commentary, who should be with whom and what? and why?!??!  Because I realize all the attachment is unnecessary.  The main goal is not creating a watchable drama, not saying this is not watchable because it is, it has elements done well enough we can pick and choose:

This is from last episode, but it’s sooooo PYC to do his cutest derpy thing sticking his hand into Noona EunHye’s sleeve.  And also, is this the very first girl-boy wristgrab?!:





I genuinely love and enjoy every scene of the hotchpotch family of Mom+JW+Aunt-facedSis+RichBabySis(+possiblySY). And it’s not because PYC is giving us endless Chunface, but it sure is not hurting anything.  At all:

https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/b97147166d224f4af65513fb09f790529a2.jpg https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/3e70e2cd7b899e518d5d5afc42a7d933ca9.jpg

https://i0.wp.com/i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a640/mookiehyun1/9b6572c6a7efce1bb41bab22af51f3deb58.jpgHaha at times  it’s still a bit too much Micky, take the scene with RichBabysis, there’s too much flirting, edging on sleaze YooChun!

I think overall the 3Y darlings are doing better, esp YEH and YSH.   Nth is waking my rant monster up, but it’s ALL beside the point.   They are mainly selling brandname commodities…merchandize/star charisma/the comfort habit of standard Kmelodrama’s heightened romance and we’re buying, one thing or the other or all, very satisfied customers.  Even the participants are winners here, YooChun showcases he is steadily improving, he is trying his hearts out, ie he has a place in the acting business whether you are his fan or not.  It is his savvy in knowing he still needs a lot of proving done because of his mega-idolbaggage that he’s picked sth out of his abilities and put in the hard work to compensate his greeness but it is a success on his part because he really did give off some beautiful relatable scenes nonetheless.  YEH is at last given some scenes and lines she can at least act and she is doing a better and better job at it, it’s almost like she’s slowly defrosting and waking up she’s not just asked to be a vacant vase modeling clothes nor a pair of walking kissable lips here.

YSH is fine when he has nothing to do with romancing Zoe.  It’s beyond absurd if fiancee is so repulsed by a kiss and he’s fine with it, as if it’s the understanding she’s not comfy with skinship whatsoever…… if that’s the case, why reaching in for the kiss at all?  If he’s testing the waters, he should be leaning in the kiss with some level of anticipation she MAY reciprocate, and yet she is repulsed by it, shouldn’t there be a hint of disappointment on Harry’s face instead of that same old YSH smile?   And how about the whole marrying business?! The boy does break my heart in the scene remembering his Mom and sharp-eyed baidu fans noticed the newspaper clippings of rapist murder on the wall of his vault, and obviously he’s the killer planting damning evidence on JW/Mom etc.



The sad child still in pain missing, mourning his Mommy.  I think YSH can process that facet of his character, while I think he himself is as befuddled as us in what is the deal with Harry+Zoe.


It’s one thing for the abused, lonely kid not even hitting puberty to hold onto a companion like it’s his only lifeline, but after the ordeal, they seem to be living in a semblance of material luxury and comfort for years.   I can perfectly understand the pining for revenge on his part, it’s a kdrama, but why all the hiding of truths from Zoe?  I don’t see his catering/compromising to every Zoe’s need as understanding and allowing her the freedom as an equal partner.   She needs help and intervention all 14 years, you do not just cross your hands and let a damaged child stay frightened and broken, you do not rob her of ALL means other than her total dependency on you, to pull herself up on her feet again as whole and live life as normal as can be as the person she was and is with her loved ones involved in her life.

I’m not a fan of the drama, nor the characters, yet I’m not pushed to hatewatch it.  I’m hanging on by a thread and I may give it another ep or 2.  I need things to progress and heal and get past the whole childhood trauma (before rocks fall on them, of course per Kmelo rule) and not trap them in their teenager cocoons any longer.