8 thoughts on “I Miss You Ramblings

  1. It works chinggu, perfectly fine. Glad it’s back because I’m sure I was annoyed that I didn’t get to spampost your MY ramblings post earlier on…;)

    Sad to say MY is slowly losing me, dunno why I found Ep 7/8 to have lost its hook on me. I didn’t see much improvement from Hairy Boresome, YEH’s makeup bugs me (distracting me from even the least appreciation of her acting effort, I cannot connect with Zoe at all, regardless of how much she’s been thru – mainly cos I keep looking at her PINKISH LIPS), and last but not least, the overload of Chunfaces are starting to rub me the wrong way, and there are bouts of OTT on his part which I cannot overlook. But amongst all, writing is not moving or engaging me AT ALL 😦 which I’m really sad for because writer’s previous work made me tearwreck. I really wanted to like this… but….

    Hopefully the next eps will pick up or else it’ll be another kthxbye for me.

    1. Ah Chingu, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Sweatheart you! (Had it ever happen before to your Bloggie?)

      I was never that enamored with MY to begin with, the acting of the younglings was all there is going for me. I MUST watch CYHMH to see the deal with Writer because this is not stoking me. It’s like she driving to a point but completely clueless as to how and ALWAYS make the wrong decision as a writer(imo). I can get the poetic of him holding onto her and not letting go coz he let her go, but seriously it’s sooo ill-conceived.

      I have never been too impressed with YSH’s acting, he’s no YJG, he is close to the best thing in Queen SnoreDuck but that’s really not saying much in my book. He’s at least not horrible in doing age appropriate stuff for his real age in 8.

      My take is they r all quite not getting their characters, IT would make more sense if YEH and YSH oozing warm real engaged couplish chemistry, truly happily living their lives putting it all behind for the most of the 14 years, but that is opposite from what I’m seeing the moment they appear. And nth is as boring and silly as Revenge, and worst yet if Zoe is a chess piece. You got your inheritance, the best revenge is to live life to the fullest and sashay in front of ‘Bro’, not copying his silly coifs. It’s a horrifying rape, but time can heal, if not she should not be able to function at all as an adult with a profession, I just can’t fathom someone letting that fester for all these years, it is not a repressible memory and it stayed stagnantly as traumatizing as if she has been living in a time capsule. Same with JW, living with the horrible guilt and be a mess is understandable, but no human being can live without making a closure of the ordeal, and deal with it or compartmentalized it so it’s not as devastatingly irrational as they r acting. They are all like regressed back to their 15 yos, we might as well have the young cast doing their scenes all over again.

      I don’t think Chunface can make a lot of sense out of what his character is doing, he can do better in simpler scenes, and working with the veterans truly can teach him sth in the craft, ie not YEH/YSH. and *sigh* 9 have one he said it’s his favorite thus far and it’s with Mom. I’m weak and can’t help but watch it.

  2. You are funny. 😀

    But I think Harry will kill JW to get back to JW’s dad, SY will block with her body, JW will kill Harry out of rage and he’ll kill himself. This have deaths written all over it.

    1. Lolz so very possible. (but gosh, why am I loling at deaths of the 3 babies ALL AT ONCE?!)

      While we’re at it, I don’t think it’s beneath the writer if she ran out of plots to pull out EvilDad is the true murderer of the crime SY’s dad was falsely accused of and he raped Mom and SY is actually JW’s half sister. Never say never.

  3. I think HJW is a bit cheeky and thickface so that is why the actor inserts those in. As someone who doesn’t really know him, i honestly think it is the character who is like that.
    And I have to disagree with someone here. I think ep 7/8 is definitely slower paced, but ep 8 is fine, esp after watching with sub. There are some good lines here and there. The acting is not too bad for me I guess, Eunhye does improve. Yuchun does his character justice despite having some green parts here and there but HJW is pretty complicated, miserable and messed up character who writer has no mercy on. YSH, well YSH, I will blame it on too little screentime of him and the weak written for the character. As for YJG and KSH i think they did very well because they are great, but it slightly has to do with the less complicated characters and more time for filming. They filmed 4 eps in almost 2 months, when the main casts are doing 2 for 1 week.
    Maybe it is just me, but i find the same weaknesses in writer’s previous works. All his works have some certain charms for some certain people though, same as IMY, It may work for some and not work for others so I can see where the different opinions come from.
    Anyway it has just been 8 eps so i guess i will see what is coming up next,

    1. I think it’s very unlikely for HJW to be cheeky and thickface in front of SY though. imo how Zoe/SY behaved in 7 is absurd for her character (I don’t think she has the mind to be as calm and collected to toy with HJW’s emotions as raw and emotional as her character was in e6) But since that’s the reference point HJW has, I’m not as offended like most with his behavior in 8 because he’s basically feeding her her own medicine in a non-vengeful way. She wristgrabbed him forcing a phone number on his palm in 7, so I’m ok being very aware I’m watching a Kmelo, to have him holding down her hand esp when I know the intention of writer is to make it a symbolic gesture of him making a stance of not letting go of her anymore. I think it’s crude and clunky, that notion, but I don’t see SY as offended and traumatized with it as most of the audience’s interpretations as well.

      I think YEH is slightly better in 8, but I can’t cut her a lot of slack. There were a few scenes earlier when she’s outdid by PYC who is the greenest baby of the three and this is clearly way out of his league. Obviously I’m very disappointed with YSH’s performance, I think he should have the ability to make the best of his scenes, well written or not his character and he’s shockingly subpar till a sparsely few scenes in 8…and from the looks of the party scene at end of 8, he’s again doing that same exact OTT ineffective smolder/smize he’s been carrying along whenever Harry needs to angst and brood and scheme.

      The writer has put in some thought to write some memorable lines, BUT those lines add up to characterizations not to my liking. Any deeper convo between Harry and Zoe was that of a Stockholm syndrome sufferer and her captor. I am aware of the design this is intended to portray their dependency and deep understanding of each other, the 14 year Sweet Companionship. Either the actors are delivering it not effectively or it’s just a poor construct, I don’t feel any warmth and their 14 year relationship is a scam to my eyeswhile I think writer wants me to feel genuinely for Harry+Zoe in order to make the imminent separation of them when endgame is SY+HJW be full of ANGST and all the reasons for Harry to go psycho guy2. However, what I’m seeing is he’s already there, there’s no development to go along the journey with.

      1. IA on your point of view on the inconsistency of Zoe/LSY as a character. I think that also reflects on how some viewers can’t relate and sympathize with her. Compared to the reaction on how harsh HJW is toward her, the one against her action toward him is stronger. I think the transition from ep 6 to ep 8 for the character’s behavior is pretty absurd. However, I hope writer spends more time in the later eps to writer her character properly.
        Is it just me or I don’t think writer wants to make the relationship of Zoey-Harry a 14 year deep understanding one? Harry is emotionally manipulating her and she is so annoyingly dependent on him. To me, it is a unhealthy kind of relationship with sugar coated on the surface. Or maybe it doesn’t work for me only because I have seen many people hyping up for their chemistry and this relationship.
        I think it is hard for a baby face like YSH to play a role that is so much older than him. It is either his acting or the miscasting. I guess I am more for the later because I don’t want to be critical on this kid.

        1. I do think when we met Harry+Zoe we were supposed to see them as OTP, I didn’t phrase it well, not deep understanding as knowing each other inside out but have a comfortable routine with each other resembling a couple of 14 years. And I get the intention is to slowly peel their relationship from the perfection of the outward appearances layer by layer to reveal the dysfunction. It is crucial to establish that in order for Zoe to make any sense, but the pacing is all befuddled. We’re seeing the development of the characters why before it’s intended. Those scenes of Zoe feeling his presence in the midst of her crew at her hectic fashion show and how she’s missing him almost to the point of frantic.

          I know he’s a baby, and I’m like beating a puppy every time I say sth harsh on the boy. 😦 I bet without the presence and awesomeness of YJG I’ll be less harsh, but I felt YJG is manlier than YSH. YSH’s peeps should stop pushing him this hard. He’s not ready, I’m ruthless and can’t be too lenient when he’s supposed to be doing a job here. :/ He’s disppointed me in Arang then this. So. I think it’s both a horrible miscast and his acting.

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