Monday Pretty (and not so pretty) post

Things I truly want to write about:

1. ILICDD: but then it’s mostly squees and I can’t stop myself from clicking another ep to begin with, and on top of that, control my inclination to gush with spoilers when this is one show that every detail is so precious and must be experienced firsthand.

2. FOL:   It’s D-2 KoreanTime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are down to counting down hours tmr!!!!!!!!!  It is one that truly gets better with rewatch, so dense and immersing a drama experience, and it’s just so well done with effort and thought behind every frame.  I still lost it so very early on, as in had to break and curl up in a ball crying when DongSoo’s dad is weeping about his dead son, his every word is like a stab to himself and to me, when we are also fresh on the visual of it happening on DS’ body.  TT___TT I think this is partly responsible (bulk is it’s written by a Kmelo fiend monkey no offense to monkey) of me not able to enjoy any of the contrived melodramatic in IMY.  In FOL I see a young DongSoo, being snuffed of hope every time there is a glimmer, and yet I see him at least trying to soldier on,  this tender, old soul in a young boy’s body.   I’m talking about a lonely, withdrawn young boy, not dealt a lucky card in life at all.

3. My 2012 favs.  I have so many or I should say I rabidly insanely love the precious few like no other year, my head is exploding in the happy.

But of course I go do sth not even remotely related instead.  *I do blame it on IMY being sooooooooooooo FUG.  Lets not kid ourselves, obviously YSH’s party do is ShinChan going to his prom.*

C netizens voted on the best (and worst) glossy magazine covers on their newsstands in 2012.   How can shallowme look away, may I ask?!

Lets start at the top 3 of the fugliest, the list has 10, but that’s all I can tolerate when in supershallow mode:

Number 3 from the bottom:  Jolin doing a CN Minaj   Are those new lips?!  I haven’t seriously stared at her face for a while now and this is not pleasant.  She’s always been known for her midas touch turning everything designer brand name into trashyblings.

Bottom #2: Zhang YuZhi.  Think positive?! lolzzz  Miss Zhang is widely considered one of the most promisingly package eying the It Girl throne in her peers.   I think she’s a clotheshorse diva in RL and must’ve pissed off every single person on that magazine crew because another cover of her gorgeousness is listed in the top10 as well.

Voted fugliest of them all:  Yao Chen.  There is a myriads of reason working against Ms Yao (or for, publicity is publicity).  She’s the reigning queen of most followers on weibo, that’s influential, and esp her starpower has shot up to International caliber for unbeknownst reason.   Flip side of coin, she’s also as widely jabbed at as being pretentious and full of it.  The body w/ the ps is smashing tbh, but the head is of a manly transvestite (C netizen words, not mine, though it expresses my sentiments perfectly).   It takes a unique breed to look opposite of sex in that getup and booblage.

Now the PRETTY!!!!  And I agree with C netizen’s Good TASTE:

#10 Liu YuFei.  This must also be my favorite photo of the pretty girl, it’s the surprise factor of who knew she has this in her!?!?!  She’s stuck in being the forever virginal pretty baby like Brooke Shields back in the day and I’m afraid she’ll be stuck in the same career dead end as guys are not willing to let go of the pretty innocent pure as first snow fairy they’ve put on their pedestal and she’s not that good an actress to break out of it no matter how hard she’s trying.   She should bottle and use this on screen.

#9 Gao YuanYuan.  That gorgeous smile!!!! Her face has no bad angle, and she never takes a not pretty photo EVER, not even when she’s stepping out of a crazytaxi in a typhoon.   But I agree with the C netizen, as perfect as her face is,  she’s not got that flare for historical/wuxia, but is perfect for fluffy pretty contemporaries.  Too bad there is seldom decent scripts in that genre.   Go the CN Audrey Hepburn route, I’d rather her than Yang Mi.

#8.  This is Miss Zhang YuZhi again.  Yes, scroll up and rub your eyes.   There’s something very in-your-face invading your space beautiful about her, not the gentile kind at all.

#7 Zhou Xun.  The fashionista, the muse, the forever ingenue, the chameleon, the Actress.  She sells a story as effortlessly as it gets.  All in one pic and every pic of her.

#6 Liu Wen is the most popular hot model atm.  I like her and this is so not easy a pose to pull off as she’s making it look like.  I’m not saying anything the world didn’t know already.

#5 Hihi my Tang Wei!!!  Just that hair alone *WANT*

#4 C netizen is all unanimously acknowledging this is boring and nothing to write home about but many voted this anyway because that is just how freaking big deal popular Huang Fking XiaoMing and Zhao Wei are.

#3 Zhao Xun  Second placing and nobody in their right mind is contesting.

#2 Fan BingBing.  @$##&*#*^&%@$^%#^$&^*&%^$!%@%^#T&$&*#&@^ Yes Fuchsia can be ROCKED LIKE THIS!!! I have a hard time deciding if this is my fav or the #1.  It’s HARD, because….

#1 It’s Fan BingBing.   Yup #1 and #2.   This can so be dragonlady prostitute with syphilis voulez-vous coucher avec moi gaudy with the bold mardigras fakelooking jade and the clashing rickshaw red hairpieces and that green fan on head, but she looks breathtaking, dripping with womanly sex appeal yet there is sth pure and innocent about it, we’re talking the leeching feline phermones off her pores, Liz Taylor-esque presence that is FBB.

2 thoughts on “Monday Pretty (and not so pretty) post

  1. Oh my Tang Wei’s hairrrr! GORGEOUS FLIRTATIOUS! <33

    My fav is Zhou Xun's, spot on that she just tells with her eyes. A story or whatever.

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