Hyun Bin is BACCCKKKKKK~~~!

A sticky post of live pics for my SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES

AHHHHHHHHHH~~~! OMG  :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)

There is no better personification of sparkling gorgeousness, 현.빈.  If there is, I’ve not seen it.

2000+fans and counting

His eyes r very red….very emotional.

OMGGGG :~~~~)

Sorry for the obvious visual of a super flailing sobbing and lolzing crazy fangirl last hour posting pics and touching and kissing my screen.


5 thoughts on “Hyun Bin is BACCCKKKKKK~~~!

  1. Wah, so many pictures, so many ppl. I know I’ll get all the goodies on a timely manner from you:) If I am in Korea, I’ll also go & welcome binnie back, haha….Oh tears of joy, too happy that he is going to film some good dramas & films for us:P

    1. You’re so welcome sweetie! ^^

      haha and I don’t care if I break wordpress or sth, I’ll just keep posting every single pic of him to my heart’s desire!!!!! XDDDDDDD

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