Counting the lolz: I Live In Cheong Dam Dong 2

Ep2 started…spooky!  But I ended up having a muscle memory of how much I laughed till I almost peed my pants.

I jumped seeing Black Raincoat Man in shadows.  I’m telling my super wimpy self not to scream again if he pulls out a knife,  or if he’s naked underneath.  Instead he pulls out 2 manhwa volumes. lolz

HyeJa is on pins and needles when he asks about the original manhwabang owner with the big mole.  Flashback says big mole Oppa wants a vacay, asking HyeJa to look after the manhwabang while he’s gone.  He’s gone fishing on a quiet, little island, the island ravaged by the typhoon and the shipwreck.

Raincoat Man keeps asking HyeJa the specifics of Big Mole Owner (HJ’s DukGu Oppa)…just to get away from paying the dues.   LOLz

Putting her sparkling new Khanel into her hotel locker most meticulously, JiEun still nicked it.  She’s robbed of her promotion to chef by another sous chef with the network, who’s of the same age but lower in seniority.  We saw JiEun hollering ‘B*TCH!’ at her face, but that’s just a thought bubble.    She’s a doormat, jobless and new chef rubbed it in suggesting a farewell dinner in JE’s name later that night.

*ahhhhh that lovely background music~*

HyeJa:  Typhoon is gone, the leaves have all shed.  Winter is here.  My family has settled in CheongDam Dong.  I’m in the Morning Club.  Everyone is working hard…… Oops, what time is it?

HyeJa is picking out her outfit.  Opposite of her brother WooHyun’s advice, either one will be meh for Morning Club.  Saying WH’s taste is average is an insult on average, jabs his roomie SangHoon.   lolz

BoHee, in one of her best outfits, covered her eyes so tight, bumping into walls and things, making her grand entrance into the kitchen…looking for her surprise.

SangHoon to BoHee: It’s your birthday?

WooHyun (without missing a beat): Happy Birthday~~! lalala

*SLAP* on WH’s head.

‘You can’t even remember your Sis’ birthday!?!’ cries BH.


No one remembers what BH Special Day it is.  And…

…her most precious belongings, her photos, all left behind during the move, or else she wouldn’t be able to fit in the cab.

The JE ‘farewell’ dinner is actually newly promoted meanie’s celebration party (of course).  And the attendees are all the same specie of meangirls + JiEun, a very protective of her Khanel bag like it’s her newborn JE.   After a bathroom break, her leather baby is in grave danger surrounded by the meanies, JE has to rescue it from the mean pit, so she went under table, socks off, her toes to the rescue…and FLOP!  There she laid, perfect spot for eavesdropping what else but meanies saying mean things about her! (I did lolz at JE’s toe maneuver).

At the bus stop, JE is making some desperate call, faking she wants to switch things up a little at work even though the hotel is doing everything to keep her….instead of being laid off.  When it rains, it pours.  JE is lame even at lying.  She’s even hollered at roughing up an expensive piece of equipment, the bus, by driver.  All she can do is lightly banging her hand on the window to let off some steam.

Aunt is keeping shop and watching an old movie starring a very young freshfaced BoHee.  Her only movie shooting her to instant stardom.  There was this man amongst her admirers…in no time she became a chaebol’s wife. Happiness is short-lived.   He remarried a rich woman.  After a short ‘detour’ she’s back to square one.  Sweet memories, she has to keep them.

TV is filled with headlines of a chaebol’s success in world domination of sorts.  Next we see emptied beer cans everywhere.

And BH passed out on a sofa discarded by the dumpster, she’s never been able to finish watching his news.

SH and WH see BH and this being a regular happening, they squat nearby, freezing till there are less passerby to carry BH home. WH takes the extra care to cover his sister’s face with his coat.  She’s a celebrity, afterall.

Not feeling particularly good about herself, even the mannequins look more like CDDnites than Oh Ji Eun, she jabbed.   *Awwww*:(  Picking herself up a little with a hwaiting for a fresh start, she immediately bumps into another pedestrian and her sorry sorry is more knee-jerk than SuJu.  She hates herself for that, letting an ‘ARGHHH!!’ to which she apologizes profusely some more.   (I did lol but my heart aches a bit too for our poor girl)

BH wakes up in the corridor, shivering.  HJ tells her she left BH sleeping there in fear of her throwing up, soiling the bedding.  Dry cleaning is expensive.  lolz

BH whines when JH grabs her arm as if helping her up, instead she just wants the shoe BH is sitting on. lolz
And now we know why BH is moody, it was her 30th anniversary entering showbiz.  HJ helps her out of her nice outfit…

…to wear it herself to the Morning Club.   LOLZ

And I can’t help but grin like  a craycray whenever HJ’s widegrin is on.  LOLZ  This time she is grinning about how spiffy she looks in BH’s outfit.  THERE IS EVEN HER OWN ACCOMPANYING SPARKLINGPINK SHOUJO PETALS!!!!  LOLZ

Alas, it’s not her petals but of a lady in pink HJ spent the next few minutes fanahjumma-ing how that lady ages so gorgeously.  ‘Even her wrinkles, are Beau-ti-ful!’ inner spazzing our HJ. lolz  (It didn’t escape me all the lines can be straight out of girlslash)

JE is brushing up her CV.   She might as well be a delinquent, that’s better than graduating 4.0 at a third rate college.  She can always find lesser jobs, or lesser men. BUT why should she settle?  She’s as good as Them!

Her motivational speech to herself is interrupted by a grumpy patron not having a working cashier.  Aunt is zoned out like a mannequin.  JE moves her to the side, facing a VERY CUTE regular.  The young and too handsome fella who doesn’t belong in a manhwabang this hour of the day and therefore must be a hobo.  (squeeing, HW is just sooo darn cute reacting to a zoned out BH.)

  To avoid her unsettling zombie stares, he put sunglasses on her.  lolz That little grin he does after, patting himself on his clever. *FLAIL*

HJ continues her shameless ahjumma-crushing on pink lady.

The whiff of her lovely scent from her delicate scarf, carelessly resting on the armrest, is like heaven to her olfactory.  She closes one nostrils with her fingers to intensify the sweet fragrance. Ahhh-arghh!

HJ has a serious case of kimchi hands!  LOLZZZ  And she’s chewing gum to soften it so that she can use it on her hands, like playdoh to get rid of the kimchi-ness!! LOLZZZZ

Aghast, her fingers now smell like minted kimchi!  LOLZZZZ

Back at the manhwabang, we can see genetics at work.  JE has the same beer habit as her aunt.  In her slight drunken stupor, in marched 3 black suited weirdos, taking their coats off showing horribly DIY heart tees, putting on color-coordinated headbands of red, white and yellow.  Baseball bat in hand, JE’s ready to confront the byuntaes (pervs) as BH comes down accusing her of drinking all the iced water.

**CONFETTI** !!! Fan slogan and all, the 3 fan-derps of Kim BoHee put on a show for their goddess in shock.  LOLZ

In 9.999s (less actually) BH transforms into PinkLady, not unlike a SailorMoon (Creamy Mami is more apropos, but that is so age-showing I’ll be the only living thing knowing the reference).

JE has to settle with hugging her baseball bat to feel less shabby, even Aunt BH has three devoted fanderps.  And so timely, The young and too handsome fella who doesn’t belong in a manhwabang this hour of the day and therefore must be a hobo person cut into her space, paying for the 3 manhwas he’s read. Instead of charging him 6600 won, buzzed JE gives him 66oo won in change (charging him 3400 only). The cutest possible hobo gives her back the difference, to which JE thinks even jobless hobo is giving her…

tips..? Thinking with braincells swimming happily in alcohol, tips is going straight to liquor store for more beer.  Drunk is as drunk does, she stuffed the 2 cans of beer as instant boobjob, thinking of the Boobie and Rich Catch. LOLZZZZ esp when JE is smiling and gloating as if she’s Einstein, inventor of painless breast augmentation (but wouldn’t it freeze ur own chest off?  It’s Winter, in Korea!)

It is this scene that gave me my first roflmaobbq moment I had to pause and clean up my laptop from the tea I squirted, because this has to be the exact moment when Boobie and Rich Catch walk by and Rich Catch is staring at her lumpy weird new chest. Not the stealing glances kind, but STARING and furrowing his brows and eyes not leaving her as JE proudly sticks out her new cans (lolz) as she struts past them. Somehow Sang Yeob’s face is reminding me of PikaChu, and he’s the only guy on earth that stare at boobs so blatantly and I still want to pinch his cheeks forever.

And OOPSIEEEE!!!!!! LOLZZZFOREVER.  Seriously I went through a phase where I giggle like a pavlovian dog at any popping of beer cans.

And the scene just has to get more perfect by the add on of  ‘Jobless Possibly Hobo’ picking up JE’s spillage, and a perfectly timed clinking of cans. A silent, ‘Thank you very much!’ said a thousand words of ‘OTP!’  JE walks herself out of the spilled situation, while JPH pings in his thought bubble he can’t drink.  GAHHH  Rich Catch suddenly craves beer instead of red wine.  And we do not get the subliminal beer=JE, red wine=Boobie. lolz

At BH’s fanmeet, her fan red-derp shows her a super rare vinyl copy of her work.  It was from her late #1 fan, the chairman of her fanclub F4.  He died yesterday, that’s why they did not show up. (I’m such a horrible person but I’m loling, and someone died *sob* *lol*)

BH then serenades her hit song to her dead #1 fan.  Look outside the window, look outside the window…

Near the kitchen window, HJ is working on her poem for Morning Club, titled:

A Different Fragrance

  A pleasant scent radiates from her body,

like the sweet nectar of a peach just ripe.

What we ate, will always linger.….

ie a love poem dedicated to PinkLady ahjumma (If this is not love, I don’t know what is!) lolz

…I can smell my own body…

…I need a bath.


11 thoughts on “Counting the lolz: I Live In Cheong Dam Dong 2

    1. Oh YAY!! Haha so happy (for you) you r trying this out.
      I think it’s at a certain scene in 5 that caught me off guard as to this is sth much deeper than I was giving it credit for.

  1. Dear Heart! Just reading this had me grinning like a loony. Nothing and I mean NOTHING makes me feel as good as watching ILiCDD. Even without subs and with my wonky Korean it’s better than most things I’ve watched in recent years. Sigh.

    1. MTE! MTE!!!!


      And this is such a potent pick-me-upper like nothing else. I was just droolzing at a folder full of 3 stooges pix, rem every scene and loling my behind off.

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