New Hyun Bin

MyBinnie is home!!!!!! (duh)  Not my home (DUH) but he’s safe and sound and already things are buzzing.   Or has it ever stopped buzzing?  I feel like binnie is like Tongseng, everyone wants a bite.

There are a few very likely rumors of his first project post MS, all exciting, none of them looks crappy by any chance.  Any day now, any day.  In the meantime a coffee endorsement is confirmed, he promised FM in China for a change next year.  If I have dips, anything Son YeJin is planning on doing next, or Miss Son, anything HBinnie signs on you just say yes, pronto.   I’ve heard from EVERYWHERE we want him to be on Running Man.  MTE!!! Like Minds!!

Reportedly he greeted 15 buses of fans at a pitstop on his way back to Seoul.  And just last night, he’s sent truckload of canned coffee and heatpads w/ his gorgeous face and the Space logo on it as his little personal thank you gifts for all their troubles.  I’ve been grinning ear to ear watching my weibo dash revisiting the SeGa locations, eg Lotte Mall,  and the elevator in 15, re-acting the scene.  LOLZ

He also treated his whole new management/company to a party, Shin MinAh is said to be there.

His fanclub the Space has new digs and so many gorgeous unseen pics.  That is after a whole day of droolzing over a million new binnie pics in uniform.  IT IS NOT A COMPLAINT OF ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!!  We can trust it’ll be buzzing with new announcements of his upcoming projects VERY SOON.  Come on honchos,  this grown man,  exMarine is a sobbing mess all emo quivering he wanna act SOOO BAD.

Take my advice, just LET HIM.

I’m pretty sure wherever your vicinity referenced from mine, you would be able to hear a continuous squeal since yesterday, it’s mine and it must’ve traveled many times around the globe and beyond.


12 thoughts on “New Hyun Bin

  1. Welcome back Binnie 🙂

    I just want to say, is your plate too full yet?!? Am I the only fan who is not happy with his overwhelming popularity, and the only one dreading the potential fallout from all this over-exposure?

    People must have collective memory lost, because not too long ago, before all the SG craziness began, his dramas weren’t that popular. His movies were not a big draw in the theaters. His pay per episode was probably in the mid-high range, nothing like the amount some top stars get. His acting, though filled with some fine moments, was still a tad uneven. Somehow, Secret Garden’s popularity, followed by all the media hype over his enlistment in the marines, followed by the success of Late Autumn in China has snowballed into something much larger than himself and everyone now wants a piece of that “something”.

    While I’m happy that he doesn’t have to worry about a lack of offers, I also worry about the overwhelming pressure he must be facing. Obligations to meet, like promotions for SG in Japan that’s been waiting patiently for him. Too many people to please. Too much expectations to meet. I worry if he’ll be able to make a good decision for his first comeback drama/movie. Of course there will be plenty of people around to give him “advice” which could be a good or a bad thing.

    Anyways, for Binnie, I hope he will not let this current popularity tie up his hands and that he has some breathing room to grow as an actor in spite of all the hype. I’m glad to have him back!

    1. ISn’t it about time though, for him to hit it THIS big? There are very few more acclaimed actors as mass popular (haha or as good looking) as he is, and bigger over-exposed idols are less seriously talented than him (I’ll name names the likes of LMH and JGS) I have given it a lot of thought and I can’t think of one as balanced as him in every department and more deserving of his insane popularity and acclaim tbh. He’s hit a very sweet spot at his career he’s been working hard at, and now he’s reaping the rewards.

      His dramas not being that popular nor successful after MNIKSS prior to SeGa (and he’s still not that big a draw at the box office in theaters, both Manchu and Come Rain, Come Shine have very miserable attendance in Kr) has really nth much to do with him being shaky, I so disagree to use SG as a defining point of his acting. QueenSnoreduck, MoonSun, or even Boys Over Flowers did terrifically in the ratings dept in recent memory but they were far fr success in my books if judging on the acting performances. The collective memory loss is more on why not many fans (you included haha) sang enough praises for his work in Friends Our Legend, that is his piece of work that shut the critic in me forever. I would never call him tad uneven, because I do not judge a piece of work due to popularity, he’s easily the best thing out of everything he’s done, pieces of crap included. I just have not heard of much naysaying of him being the culpit of sth failing. He owned his every role, less the booboo in Millionaire’s First Love, but other than that blip I think he’s honestly good to terrific since forever, he’s the best thing out of 2004 Ireland, for example, and his costars were all decent, promising actors but collectively got lost in that way too ambitious tedious pretentious drama.

      And I think he deserves his big break with SeGa, that is NOT a perfectly written script nor a marvelous characterization per design of writer Kim, very far from it to earn its accolades as a drama alone. I can’t see even Jang Hyuk making the nutcase KimJooWon remotely palatable. Given the material he is the true star of that vehicle (I find HJW never as wallflower vapid as she was in SeGa) and he did a job I can’t critique, even though I am disgusted with many things (99% writing).

      I have a RL bff who is a film critic, so her opinions on films and dramas have a bit more wt on me. SeGa is the first drama she’s seen HB in and she knows nothing of him, not even watching much if any Kdrama, but she gushed about him nonstop over a lunchdate to my huge shock (she has no idea I’m a fan, still). She shared exactly my view the drama itself is really not in the caliber of good but he truly is an amazing actor, and that’s based on SeGa alone. I’ve nonchalantly dropped FOL saying that’s his best job to date. I’m waiting for her opinion on it

      Ever since FOL I’m not a tad worried about him at all. He’s shown me such an convincing burst of passion and gravitas, he said it himself he’s never felt this insatiable fire in him to act until FOL and as modest as he usu is, he did say that is the best acting he’s done and he’s confident others will hold that opinion as well. And he followed it super shrewdly with sth absolutely catered for mass popularity and got what he planned on. Note that he’s never said JW is his best performance, he profusely thanked everyone for loving it as much, and thanked the production what not, but nth about true quality or drama nor acting. I adore that keen critical eye on himself and the restrained self-awareness in him, that is what will take him further. He’s set himself the perfect stage to go even farther and he’s never been as hungry, as poised and as ready to show us an even better HB, to shut all doubters for good.

      I honestly do not see him overwhelmed by pressure at all, I think being shot to a supestardom solely because of MNIKSS back in the days when he’s truly green and young prepped him better than anyone else to deal with it. You could say his popularity after MNIKSS undeserving or a fluke, but not anymore after SeGa (and even more so after FOL imho). I felt every bit of confidence and he’s never been so sure of himself as he was right after FOL, yet his good old humbleness and humility in his home-coming speech and everything he said personally to his fans Dec 6th is still very much present.

      1. Wow long reply =) Maybe I didn’t explain myself clear enough. In no way am I correlating the popularity (or lack thereof) of his work before SG to his acting. Also, calling his acting a tad uneven is not meant to be dismissive. Its because I like him a lot that I want to see him to do better and grow even more as an actor. Maybe I’m just a hard to please fan.

        I may not have mentioned FOL specifically, but I also think it’s one of his best performances. Part of the reason why I’m annoyed at all the hype over SG is precisely that it is hogging all the attention (for all the wrong reasons), while his work in something like FOL gets neglected. I once saw someone comment on Baidu that Hyun Bin should stick to roles like MNIKSS and SG because he is best at pleasing the audience as a well dressed rich smart ass. To me, that’s as insulting as saying that he can’t act and should just sit there and look pretty. While I do think he did a fine job in SG with the material he was given, I also question the motives of all these people wanting a piece of him now. Are they hoping to replicate the success of SG? Are they betting on him to pull in the ratings again or to create another craze? I do hope that he is being offered hundreds of scripts because of his acting abilities but did that happen after Friend aired to luke-warm ratings? Friend didn’t get so much as a mention at the awards right? even though it deserves it more than SG. I guess I’m trying to say that while I don’t begrudge him getting all the attention, I do wish it was based more purely on acting than marketability. Its the fact that he’s so marketable right now that makes me a little uneasy…but I like to worry by nature and I’m just one fan out of many =) so not a bit deal.

        As you said, he does seems quite level-headed about these things. In one of the interviews before MS, I think he mentions that he is enjoying all the popularity right now but that it doesn’t belong to him. There was also an interview while SG was airing where they tell him how much his acting has improved and he basically says yeah I’ve gotten more awards this year, which I thought at the time was a pretty clever answer because not only did he avoid having to affirm or deny, he was kind of making a comment about the nature of these awards themselves, but without offending anyone.

        As far as pressure, I wasn’t just talking about the pressure of being popular. Didn’t he say in the past that he’s overburdened by his nice-guy image? The way the media has made him into some kind of role model for entering the marines is =(…he’s said on more than one occasion that he chose the marines because he likes the physical training aspect of it and that he doesn’t consider it a sacrifice because it was already the latest possible moment for him to serve his MS, but it seems that everyone would rather believe in a self-sacrificing role model… I also sincerely hope he sheds his Sega image ASAP, though most likely that won’t happen anytime soon with all the promotion he has to do. I hope it won’t be like Kim Sun Ah, where up to this day, people still remember her as Samsoon. I swear, if I have to see another news clip of Binnie with “That Man” chirping up in the background….

        1. His SEGA image won’t go away anytime soon – he has the Japanese market to please. After 2 years and they still want it. -sigh-

          And ‘That Man’ won’t go away either, just these past few days major station (KBS, SBS) did a segment on his return, let me tell ya, ‘That Man’ is playing on and on and on.

          1. Nothing wrong with that. Of course that song is absolutely an earworm that won’t go away, but SeGa is slated to air on a major TV network soon in Jp, and I read from speculations of CN fans it seems like it’s TBS(? I can rem it wrong) which is HUGE and it is holding out the broadcast after his MS exactly to bargain for his promo rounds, fanmeets etc. I doubt there is ONE Japanese Kdrama fan who hasn’t seen SeGa already, but still a major network is doing such a strange thing for a 2 yr old drama. SeGa has legs and just let it run its course.

            I mean, come binnie’s next project, we may all have a next phenom! I’ve never been as hopeful, because look at all the searches today, it’s about his HAIR, when peeps r doing a hairwatch as in when his hair will grow out SO he can enter work, that is bizarre! Never seen a homecoming with this level of hoopla.

            I’m still weirded out they r re-running Ireland. It’s quite dated by now and they r headlining it as HB’s Ireland but he’s only a guy2. Poor Kim Min Joon.

  2. agree. anything with Son Ye Jin will be perfect. she hasn’t made a drama in a while so if he’s to make a drama comeback. let it be with her.

    his speech at the discharge ceremony was so sincere and humble. and when I read he stopped at the rest stop to greet the fans, my adoration for him rise up to 101%. seriously, how generous is this guy.

    would love to see him on ‘running man’, ‘knee drop guru’, or ‘healing camp’. we want to hear his military stories. there must be a lot of funny tidbits to share.

    1. She hasn’t been in a drama for a while and most importantly not in one that’s good enough for her talent for even longer. I can’t think of anything too exciting after Alone in Love. They can do a movie together, I’m soooo flexible when it comes to these 2. ^^

      Not just I think they are a perfect match in every dept, esp talent-wise, the cameo she did in SeGa will make this very cute.

  3. Mookie tell me a bit about Friend Our Legend! It completely slipped my radar (and most English speaking kdrama fandom) so I kind of assumed it was nothing spectacular. But it’s on your favorite’s list so I’m very curious about it now! Is it a friendship/coming of age story or melodrama or a romance? I have no idea!

    1. Oh SWEETIE!! I’m jumping and dancing around just because your interest is piqued!!!
      Friendship is its mainmainmain motif, you can feel Busan with ur senses almost, there is a sprinkling of romance, but it’s absolutely not for any romantic OTP shipping. And the great acting all around! You’ll be surprised coz the evil sister in Rooftop Prince gave such a lovely layered performance here and she’s just one of the ensemble cast. It is not for the faint of heart, not the scary kind, but I curled up in my bed and cry and cry and cry near the end.

      Dahee wrote a most beautiful review of it:

  4. @pugz

    *hugz* I totally see where u are coming from, I hope I don’t sound too accusatory, but I always let my mouth/fingers run wayy faster than my brain, nth can be done. XD

    First off, I don’t think binnie sets his mind to be just another humongous Hallyu star, if so he wouldn’t be on his trajectory post MNIKSS. He’s just another good face with talent all these years, and he’s not honed his craft, imo chemistry was only present when his costar brought their A game, he’s no magic touch to turn everything sizzling. SeGa is not a fluke, w/o his epiphany, if I may, with FOL, he won’t be ascertained he can elevate JooWon to this level of massive popularity, but I think when he gets the script, at least the first 3, 4 eps, he knew what exactly he’s doing, playing an even more psychotic, abrasive, spiteful character that would draw EVERY comparison to his Samshik and made JooWon an even better job in the 2. It’s both alluring his Samshik fanbase to a new improved HB, also gaining new one with his JW who’s missed the MNIKSS phenom. He’s also bargaining every bit of his popularity earned by SeGa to do stuff he truly wants to do and now able to, coz he’s equivalent to a super rare bluefin tuna now. Nobody cares if he’s gonna make their thing a next SeGa, but the hype and noise itself will sell things, make them $$$, and that in essence IS the next SeGa. If the Crap just make a fraction of what SeGa generates, that’ll put them in the black. That is why it doesn’t matter how horrible a flop any kpop star is attached to as long as it’s making $.

    If we are at the period of post MNIKSS, which is sorta a mirror of what is going on atm, I would be totally having every single one of your worries and thoughts. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    BUT it is exactly because of how his career is shaping, or I should say how he is making one shrewd choice after another that I’m so beyond convinced this is some brilliant management work at play AND he’s making some excellent, wise, strategic choices with his career in mind instead of just lucking out. There’s opportunity falling on your lap, then there is chance in a lifetime you have been prepping yourself forever, seize and make the best ham out of it.

    Lets go back to post MNIKSS, he had said it repeatedly he has been offered scripts repeating SamShik ad nauseum, but he didn’t waver a tiny bit, he totally disappeared on the face of the earth if not for MFL and SQ, still that TV break was nearly as long as his MS. He has nth to show except for Ireland. He has no skillset but to repeat his exact rendition if doing a Samshik V.02. it’s not till SeGa when we see a SamShik at a glance but if we really dissect it, JW is so not SS. SS goes from an arse to likeable, very typical cold prince trajectory where he has a few explosive memorable scenes, lovely chemistry with SunA and a lovely written script and a director with HEART. All in all every piece of puzzle clicked and it is still a phenom, a seminal classic. SeGa is a shrewd calculated successful business venture through and through, element by element, what I LOVED most about what binnie did with his JooWon was he didn’t make him palatable nor likeable at all, the audience fell under his spell and stuck all these lovely adjectives to his JooWon but the character itself is so remote in being audience pleasing at the bottom of things, he didn’t even have to resort to making JW likeable, he just did not make a misstep scene after scene in SeGa, every comical scene is perfect,even the hamming is for the maximum entertaining effect. He managed to make a 2D character swish-swashed through an essentially nonsensical script yet making JW alive and believable, so dazzling with the moment in the scene many forgot to rem sensibility and logic, his psycho stalker annoying bastard cuckoo or whatnot is someone we can’t take our eyes off, he’s sweeping everyone off their feet with an infatuation of the visual of HB, convincing us everything his JW is doing, acting, saying is genuine when even the character itself is not. It is NOT as easy a job as just being HB the handsome prince in shining armor, his JW is gaunt and weird, the lunacy really did not change much throughout, he didn’t transform or grow to an upholding model of a human specimen. No one can stick through the entirety of SeGa without an admiration of how well a job he’s done, no matter how skeptical we r of the material itself. If he could hold out and did projects he thought will stretch his repertoire and hone his craft more than anything else when he was a newbie and MNIKSS was solely what he’s riding on, he wouldn’t be as dumb as to cave in now and typecast himself. But more brilliantly I think he has a way to make every JooWon/Samshik he may choose to do in the future really different under the surface if we choose to dissect, yet still pleasing the shallow fans. Moreover, he doesn’t need to repeat a SeGa massive populace hit for a long while, he has the insurance brought on by FOL. FOL may not be a mass pleasing hit, but the industry took notice or else he wont have the deals with Manchu and Come Rain, Come Shine. Imo, he’s extremely ambitious, very careerminded like never before after FOL, and he’s so on attack mode to get his piece of cake, gets what he wants and more important he wants big things now for a change, not just trying and feeling things out. He’s arrived and he’s self-assured he can do it for once. He’s added confidence and aggressiveness to his ammunition.

    And I applaud the most brilliant choice of him doing SeGa right after FOL, FOL may be neglected in awards, but bear in mind it is MBC, ie Massive BullCrap which lost every shred of its reputation yrs ago by giving split Daesangs to KMM and SSH. It’s more making a big ass of themselves than making any judgment on FOL’s quality. I rem vividly as much as I love Uhmforce, he’s spectacularly forgettable in QSnoreduck, but he got an acting award for it, while binnie didn’t even get a mention. BUT it’s for the better, because their awards were such farce by then, not getting pats on back actually meant u were not some bloated overrated bullcrap. It’s also such a relief to this day coz I can rest assured binnie won’t work with MBC in the near future (hopefully never) imo it is the worst of Kr TV station right now, they r just a bunch of the most disgusting scummy thugs running the station. I hope the station dies off the planet shortly. And with such a massive International hit such as SeGa, at least there will be some interest in checking out FOL, which is so not for everyone. Without SeGa, it would’ve been long forgotten, no chatter anymore and only watched by a few of us.

    So yeah, he knew he did his best in FOL, and industry peeps must have made note. BUT without a massive hit such as SeGa, he has no marketability other than just another Hallyu star for J obasans. With SeGa, SamSung wanna adopt him as their real chaebol son, I supposed. But more importantly he got his power to pick and choose because of his new-found marketability. BOTH Manchu and Come Rain Come Shine are nice works imo. I’m not sure how much it’s calculation, I think it’s more luck that Manchu stars TangWei with a strangely large following and a rare reputation of quality work amongst C actress. Even if C audience can escape the wrath of SeGa, there is also ManChu to swoop up another chunk. Come Rain, Come Shine is indie fare but quite well done, his role can’t be as remote fr SeGa as this, even I am convinced his character there is mousy and unattractively timid and passive. I like it and I think it has some interesting quiet commentary of marriage and relationship going on and he held his own against ISJ.

    That was almost 2 years ago, fresh off the rage of SeGa, now the public and the industry is even more hungry for a piece of HB, the Kr TV stations marathoned MNIKSS before his homecoming, SeGa the other day, then WW is on rerun, now IRELAND. If MBC is not ran by asswipes FOL should be marathoned on repeat. he has truly posited himself where he can do whatever the hell he wants. Say with something like CRCS, he can now will it to a bigger platform. And even with a flop or two, he’ll still be worthy on his RL image alone.

    *phew* Sorry, as I said, I’m superlong-winded. I need an editing chip STAT! ^^

    1. Mookie, I do see your point…my thoughts were more along the lines of the glass is half empty, so I’m glad there is someone to to balance it out =)

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