One, Two, Three: I Live in Cheong Dam Dong 3

I had never thought stooges are my type.  But I had not seen a masterpiece in the form of a daily sitcom with 3-digit # of episodes, then.  And Rule of Threes totally ROCKS.

I paused at the very first scene saying hihi to two of my favorite stooges:

To make ends meet, HJ is having a sit down with her two paying renters, either rent is increased to 300,000 won/month or …

HyeJa: Three men, one room.   Ok?

BoHee quickly tears down the For Rent ad at the door with faces of SH and WH squarely in the middle.  Faces scaring off children and renters, BH jabs ruthlessly at the two.

Hurt, SH tells BH softly, FYI his parents are school teachers and he’s very loved by sisters growing up.

Snafu is about right describing jobless JiEun and her making ends meet.  1. Applying for an entry job requires too many certs and statements.  2. Her credit card statement is due.  3.  Mom HJ is also at her door reminding joblessness does not exempt one from paying allowance.

She can only polish her quilted Khanel back to new in white gloves…and oddly I think of Okuribito

A guy is circling every ‘For Rent’ ad.  We meet Choi Moo Sung, 42, a cosmetic surgeon, 3rd year  ‘goose dad’ (earning his keep in Korea while his family is in US ,for the sake of the children’s education).

A prospective renter is at Manhwabang.  BH turns on her charms, stoking… all manhwas are free and he’s very handsome.  The renter is pleased, esp the reasonable 200,000 won rent, until he sees SH and WH munching on their fishshaped bungeoppang.  He’s scared off running before they take another bite.

Dr. MooSung, OTOH, is scaring off his landlady with his Jack Torrance resemblance (just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more cute).

There is a long line even for returns at Khanel counter.  JiEun’s mood goes down another notch when her white sneaker is stepped on.  And, there’s a suited dude cutting line. JE has enough of it, she hollers.

The dude is none other than Rich Catch, a line skipping VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIP.  Their 3rd exchange, and 3rd time is a charm, maybe?

SY chirps: ‘Oh, hello!  We meet again.’

The salesperson asks politely if she’s here for a return.  JE takes it as a wink she is one of Them, but she’s reminded of her place in line instead.  JE burps out her face-saving line, ‘I bought the limited edition!’  Rich Catch feels the second-hand embarrassment but approaches her to buy it as a gift for someone he knows. He’ll pay in full…blablabla.  JE snaps and leaves, her investment leather baby for some random person he knows?  No freaken way.

And SangYeob makes his interest in piqued face which I so wanna pinch:

At the Morning Club, PinkLady got a call of good news from her son, he got into Harvard, just like his dad.  Other Richladies list their children’s and husband’s top school alma mater one by one.  As HJ is trying to get the heck out, Doorman Professsor is there blocking the exit.

I studied in….Tokyo.  –Todai?!

Yeah…for a while. Then Beijing.  –Beida?

For…a year. Then way way…there!  –Where?


JE can’t get Rich Catch buying it for just a friend.  As she’s scoffing out loud.  Jobless Possibly Hobo is guffawing at his (smut: it’s mosaic’d) manhwa.  At the back, JE sees her CV! She turns into a puffy fish staring down at J.P.Hobo.

Thought bubbles:

Wanna read first?  (JE grabs)

Heh. Quite  a character!

JE yells at samchonWH for drawing his crap on her CV.  SH must be doing some TaiChi (or so I thought)

WH, ‘Next pose.  A shoujo.’ HAHAHA and SH does this:

HJ is hanging clothes and pissed at herself picking damn Brazil. ‘Why Brazil?!?! Why?’  She can’t calmly go to Morning Club anymore.

‘Pfft! Pfft! PFFT!’  Three ‘don’t care’s for them Morning Clubbers from HJ.

JE is putting her Khanel on ebay, she writes fancifully she’s selling because she just got the exact bag as gift.

Another hopeful renter, a nudging sms fr BH to ‘smile!’ but still we see a scared to near death guy almost running for his life after seeing this:


Doc is at his second try, glasses on.  And when glasses off, another no go even after he insists he’s a doctor, a nice guy, with family overseas to support and will give her free lipo.  Lolz

Morning Club ppl asks HJ’s attendance for an event.  She tells them she will be MIA for a long while, but when she’s told her black notebook is left at the Club, HJ immediately is free to attend anything asap.

JE is annoyed no one has any interest in her Khanel limited edition, until there’s a ‘click’ and a buyer is buying, no question asked.  JE asks where to meet up right away.

HJ gets her little black book.  A very familiar guffawing is heard inside the Morning Club. HJ flashes back a faded image of a HS girl’s back.  The roaring laughter is from a Red Coat lady just back from Brazil.

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil, what coincidence!  However, Red Coat asks what HJ is doing in Brazil.

HJ is nothing but a great mind thinking on her feet (with the most infectious smile).  Brazil is famous for…samba, football, all prone to injuries in need of surgeries, plastic surgery.  They are filthy rich, with a football field under surgeon Hubs name and a resort under Hers.  Kim Hye Ja Resorts to be exact.  It’s exactly when RedCoatLady recognizes her.  They were/are old/new neighbors.

JiEun SMS the buyer her exact location.  In no time, a Black tinted Benz pulls over, JE is trying to peek into the tinted window as the driver rolls it down.  OMO!  Why him!?

They go to a cafe for the transection.

RichCatch: JiEun-sshi?  Nice name.

JE: Eh?  [The transfer from Mr. Lee SangYeob’s account is complete.]

*OMO this ep is aired Dec 7th exactly a year ago!*

SangYeob thanks JiEun, JE tries to play down the big deal the bag is to her but she makes a different excuse as her ad.  Embarrassed, she watches as SY takes the bag out of its dust bag like it is grocery instead of JE’s white glove treatment.  ‘Not because I don’t trust JE-sshi.’ SY says politely.  To JE, her status symbol baby is carelessly handled and she passive aggressively emphasizes this is a Gift for her BIRTHDAY. And off she dashes out of the cafe, just to walk back in shame for the cell she left behind.

SH continues his modeling for WH’s manhwa when a new renter is coming.  WH insists SH ‘The (only) Scary Face’ should hide in the closet.  Renter screams his ‘Ahjumma! Ahjumma!’ one look at WH’s face.  They do a switcheroo for the next prospect…nope, SH ‘smiling face’ is also screaming ‘Ahjumma!Ahjumma!’ scary.  WH chuckles at SH, stepping out of the closet, the double dose has the renter fainting off the bottom of my screen!

Meanwhile Doctor is also pulling the same ‘smiling’ trick but branded as our third ‘scary face’ as well.

The 5 CDBB boys are making ONE ramyun to fill their 5 tummies.  Not working, their Manager Jo arrives at the nick of time to sacrifice his body so their growing ones are not stunted by evil ramyun.  And he goes on a tangent why starving and angst is beneficial to their budding career.  Real tears are precious in idoldramas.

Back at the Morning Club little reunion, HJ is again trying to flee when RedCoat asks if her husband is fired in AnSan, she heard from a mutual friend.

HJ: That’s my 1st husband.

And the husband who has a failed fried chicken business?

HJ: Do you think I’m only married twice?

My third marriage didn’t last long… I’m single.  And there was…cholera.

The richladies go awwwwwwwwwww as our HJ looks like she’s hit with a sudden bout of stomach flu.  Later at home, she needs a lie down, afterall she has sent off 3 husbands in one day.

Doc MS is at the manhwabang, his last ‘For Rent’ in the CDD zipcode.  He quickly stuffs 170,000 won into BH’s hands and she pockets it as fast, 30,000 less than the original.  It’s done deal, both ends, no turning back.  That’s exactly what MS is doing, not turning his back toward his 2 new roomies SH and WH.

JE is beating the crap out of her stuffed marmot/ pika(chu) ), whining for a Khanel gifting Oppa.  She sees the Khanel certificate, so delighted she has an excuse to text Mr. Lee SangYeob to meet again.

But, he doesn’t text back.

After a lie down, HJ gets a call from a real estate agent, finally there’s a buyer after 3 months.  ‘The place is not for sale!’  The agent asks who she is, what’s her relationship with DukGu……

and there HJ gets herself husband #4.  *And thrice, I can’t stop clicking ep4, then ep5…*

12 thoughts on “One, Two, Three: I Live in Cheong Dam Dong 3

  1. Love love love the 3 stooges, I think they may be my fav bromance EVER! And I have not reached the BIG BROMANCE btwn SY and HW yet!

    1. I honestly love them all. Every single characters, ALL. I think in the early episodes I can’t stand Mgr Jo, and I was so sure of myself I’ll feel the least attachment with him, but again, I can’t be more wrong!

  2. As far as bromance is concerned, you can’t beat the double deals we have with the three stooges and SY-HW – simply the best and cutest!

    Don’t even get me started on Manager Jo. My good lord, just how they manage to cast a singer to play this unique role shall forever be a mystery to me. Once the real plot around him started, I practically was glued to watch each of his facial movement, body language and his embarassment-cum-self pity-cum self-satisfaction cum smile look never fails to entertain me but make me feel for him at the same time.

    How I love thee all!

    1. Really this drama is sooooo much more awesome in rewatch, as if the first time is not magical alreeady, all these little touches I missed during the first run is unbelievable.

      Haha and I go and wreck MrX’s year end pole a bit voting for my sentimental favorites, even after struggling and trying mightily to be objective.

      Are you watching Can We Get Married Chingu? It’s one of the best romcom/slice of life in years. No warts, just pure awesome.

  3. Why does your every ILiCDD post make me feel warm and fuzzy? ;P I honestly love every single character too, which is a 1st.

    1. Me too. These are all, every single one of them my favorite characters of the year or longer. And they do not make it fantastical, they feel so real. They will be like our family forever. 🙂

      1. It is SUCH a pity that most peeps are deprived of ILiCDD because there are no Eng subs.

        I just watched a few epis from 138 onwards and cackled like a crazy person all through. The ‘panty’ incident… LOL! X 100. HJ’s face at the end and then she ditches WH at the grave. HW/SY ‘epic’ fight getting forever derailed by outside forces, finally ending in dog poo. Those two…. luff them! SY not getting his emo-moment because of BR. Plus all the cute and candid moments that made me go ‘aaawwww…’

        I think I’ll start from the beginning once I’m done.

          1. That’s the beauty of a drama that just keeps getting better and better. A very rare beast indeed, especially as ILiCDD is so long.

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