Oh My Addiction(s)!

See that ‘watching’ list on the right?  That’s a big fat lie.  It’s a distant dream of sorta watching HALF and I can’t even make it.  But I did watch 3 on that list last few days.

I picked up Ooku Tanjou~ off that list full of awesome to try another ep maybe because it looks potentially sth I loathe I can kick it off the curb?  Maybe because I’m listening to DEEPNESS and it’s my new earworm so I might as well watch the drama this song is the ending credit and get a explosion of the earworm and move on with my life with perfect hearing?  But no, my expectation is dashed.  It’s soooo my thing.  I ended up marathoning 8 eps.

The music!  Gosh!!!!!

I haven’t watched a J historical for a long while, so count my eyes and ears virginal.  Has it always been THIS terrific??!?!!  It’s absolutely befitting the mood and content, it even DECRESCENDO AND CRESCENDO exactly pitchperfectly in tune with the climatic!!!! I’m converted on the bkgd music p0rn alone.  I’ve not even squealed at the unlikely but so insanely #$%#@^#@@&# chemistry btn Masato and Tabe.   Are these the hottest J historical scenes EVER or the hottest scene in a dorama this year?!?! [gifs fr Masato baidubar and tumblr, TYTYTY OP!]

I AM a pervie, so please don’t read if you are not 18+:  those tender fingers intertwining, touching and stroking, and stoking.  The tongues, the urgency and hands all over the place (yes, she touches his nip) is tender and REAL, every minute gesture is screaming to me this is true love, that is how every real couple make-out.

There is real clothes-tearing heat portrayed so tastefully controlled, and done so passionately within its confines.  It is TBS, a historical of all things! I seldom do OTP shipping but here I’m speechless and slayed a thousand ways.  *I looped this certain bedding/kissing scene totally blushing and panting*  I’ve read the manga, and even though Masato-sama is 2 decades too old, and he is hamming (I think, deliberately) and his always present constipated smile is mostly comical yet STILL I’m concluding this is a marvelous acting job.  He just sprinkles these absolutely perfect scenes when it matters.   Tabe just proves herself again she’s the thespian of her generation.

Since we all have to wait for 10/Finale and we need distractions to keep our sanity.  I went ahead and watched 2 more eps of CWGM, eps 4, 5.

Why did I stop at 3?  Because I love 3 but there are minor annoyances: I find the mothers wayy too ridiculous in their first meeting for the dramatics instead of keeping it real so I snapped myself out of it.  I fear I will hate it and I don’t want to hate ANY PD Kim stuff, ever.  He’s my most trustworthy PD responsible for MNIKSS and QSS on my fav list.  He officially can never ever do any wrong nor suck, EVER.  So why am I such a stupid woman to doubt him!?

I lovelovelove 4, 5.  Gone are the minor glib I had, like magic, after a scene or 2 the mothers are back to realistic, even though I wanna shake both of them some senses.   The drama and I just clicked and I fell in madlove.  The dialogues are so firing all cylinders. And I can always trust PD Kim lovely touches on his use of music (though his frequent use of MNIKSS OST is…a bit weirding me out, and it is slightly out of place because MNIKSS uses that piece of music in its slapstick, here it’s much more slice of life, I’d rather it left out (or since I’m spoiled by Ooku~Tanjou~’s awesome, a decrescendo in many scenes will be nice, mood still present, but scene is not completely stolen by the familiarity of the music, it snapped me out of scene and I’m seeing the peeps spitting out those lovely lines as random MNIKSS characters).

The conflicts are so real, it’s frightening really, esp some are hitting way too close to home for comfort.  I’m going to watch nothing but CWGM till I’m all whiny for new episodes, which is very very soon.

OK I’ll be watching nth but CWGM and KoD.  I’m still very much entertained by KoD, it’s not aiming at masterful, but it is entertaining.  Even though the plot can be very predictable, and the conflicts are resolved in 10 minutes, and the writing can’t be called brilliant…… I am oddly not  peeved at all.  I’m at the point I can’t separate SiWon and Zoolander in my head.  When he’s on my screen, I just instantaneously lol for no plausible reason, I’ve tried to hold it in, but still it’s a muahahaha out loud, his every scene.  KMM is still his awesome self, but I want more fr him tbh.  JRW is lovely, I can’t believe I can find her this endearing right after an MNIKSS rewatch.  Oh JiEun is ok too, imo, not gonna win any awards but at least I’m not see the ILICDD JE, so a slightly better job than SangYeob in NG already.

Then there’s the strangest of the bunch CDDA.  I’m not sure yet, but I’m shocking myself how much I love ep4.  I still don’t think PSH can ever ever act, he is moving his face like it’s some vampirish playdoh but it’s doing nothing to connect with me.  I’m warming up to his character a tiny little bit though it’s still very pirated SeGa JooWon.  I don’t think the editing is good, nor is the directing.  What is piquing my interest is all the little twists on the Cinderella mashing with Alice in Wonderland story.  MGY is, as expected of her national treasure status, AWESOME.  But Kim Ji Suk is surprising me how assured he is as his character and it’s no longer his usual OTT yet boring douche and So Yi Hyun’s girl 2 is…my biggest shock.  Are we going for a girl1 girl2 pairing/crushing? Am I going to wanna be bff with her character like never before for a romcom girl2?  It looks like it.  I’m very curious where they are taking the good Cinderella turn dark and Prince charming falling for a wholesome apple that maybe rotting, I’m not exactly in love with the drama…I may never cause I’m super allergic to PSH still.  But I want ep5 like NOW so I can properly make up my mind.


12 thoughts on “Oh My Addiction(s)!

  1. LOL i love all the gifs from Ooku (while dl-ing Ep 9). Seriously when I was watching that episode my mom stormed into my room as she was curious about what I was wataching and it’s like…..dead air. LOL. That episode should be watched alone and alone. Have you seen the trailer for the Ooku movie? Masato sent me shivers since he is a totally different person in that movie. I’m dying to see him and Kanno Miho in that movie.

    Yay finally someone having the same opinion on CDDA with me… I guess I like all the performances from all the leads except PSH… I kept thinking about Dokko Jin as I watched him so I’m really not connected to his character. I love how the relationship between girl 1 and girl 2 evolves, totally shipping them now LOL

    1. O gosh 9….. *here is my hand*

      Argh!!! I need that movie so ridiculously bad! Hopefully it’ll be up somewhere soon. I’m tempted to watch Atsuhime.

      I used to be ok with PSH, but somehow his hit roles r all bizarrely swarmy/creepy for me. On paper, I know I should be swoony about his character’s attraction towards MGY already, but I’m more preoccupied with rolling my eyes in ‘WTH is he doing with his face now??!’ I don’t see chemistry btn him and MGY, when she’s having ample with everyone else! I can’t help but think about poor Chun Jyung Myung, it would be awesome if he’s cast here and can work with MGY and give me my dreamship instead of Cinderella Unni.

  2. I think my current drama-list is even longer than yours and I’m at a loss where to stash all of them for the time being as I sure as hell can’t watch ’em all. Sigh. So, basically I’m just following Horse Doctor (k-drama does The Waltons but it’s oddly soothing, LOL!), Cheer Up Mr Kim, which I rather love even if it’s nothing new or mindblowing. Just your garden variety heartwarming family drama with no makjang (so far anyway) and King of Dramas. And of course still ILiCDD a few epis at a time. Hmmm… do I see a theme here? I guess I got angsted out in the past few months.

    CWGM is on the waiting queue and I’m planning on getting to it once I have a moment. Whenever that may be. I also have yet to sample Alice as I’ve been oddly hesitant to watch it. I have this feeling it may not be my cup of tea. Romcoms as a whole don’t appeal to me much, I tend to get royally bored with them. I’m not a biggest fan of PSH either.

    I’m SO behind with Ooku… have to remedy that asap as I really liked what I’ve seen thus far (up to ep5.. ish? OK – I fail as a dedicated drama fan…)

  3. mookiesan! you just make sakai masato one of my favorite japan actor..my god…he’so hot!now i m just watching legal high and he was excellent there as well.. i might as well will watch ooku for the second time when it is finish airing..cant wait for 10th episode to come!

    1. Hi5! He’s such a beautiful joy to watch, ALWAYS~! I have not watched a drama with him that he is not enjoyable! ^^
      I love Ooku 10, yes I cried, but the ending scene is soooooooo gorgeous and cute and gosh! I hope they continue the story!

  4. hi5 too!!!i just finished ooku episode 10 and as u said i cried a bucket!!this story is so good and gorgeous! i love it so much..but i am confused with the trailer movie at the end of it..do you know what it is about?

    1. If there’s Kanno Miho in it, I’m guessing you saw the trailer of the movie Ooku out Dec 22. It is the next manga book or so of Ooku, it’s based on the story of the daughter of Iemitsu and Gyokuei who is in concession after the babygirl shogun at the end of Ooku ep10 died, Miho’s the lady shogun and Masato happens to be another beautiful man in her Ooku resembling Arikoto. I don’t think the story is as good as Ooku~Tanjou, but I love Miho and I can’t wait to see her chemistry with Masato.

  5. ooo..thank you for your explanation..we’ll see the movie.. i will watch anything sakai makoto in..mookie you need to watch legal high!!the story is really good,the script, the acting are all top notch..plus it was really funny!totally recomended!

    1. I’ve seen 2 eps of Legal High when it airs, but somehow I got so cramped with other stuff I didn’t finish it! BUT I AM watching it. He’s soooo hilarious I can’t take my eyes off him. <33333

      1. yeay!!!glad i found someone who addicted to legal high with me…if they add more romantic scenes with aragaki yui..it will be more awesome right..could you do a review of it!!it will be totally fun to read!\(^0^)/

        1. OMG I watched LH2 last night and I’m loving it to bits!!!!! MASATO and GAKKI is sooooooooo cute! They are all very adorable! It is just so amazing to see how masterfully control Masato is with his OTT/hamming, making the best use for the zany!

          I love the ‘unresolved whatever tension’ between Masato and Gakki here, it’s not even sexual for me, but there is sth buzzing, the best kind. We’ve watched enough Jdorama to know there won’t be much of romantic interludes in this genre. I’m sure the most is they hold hands for some extraneous circumstances and a bit of awareness of each other and that’s about it.

          Gosh, I have even less time on hand lately than ever, with vacay and all! I’m not sure if I can finish LH anytime soon to spazz about it. BTW have you watched Joker? Any good? HAHA I’m keeping a shortlist of Masato Must-Sees, checked out an ep and rem it as too dark.

          1. yippe!! i felt the same way when i watch it!!they are so cute!!the character of masato and gakki that are constantly fight add more flavour to this drama!! i really hope that they will make a special episode for legal high..

            i watched joker for about 2 episode.. the story seems good with a fast story line but the series are to serious for me..i will definitely watch it later as i am now more favor with comedy genre…i looking forward to watch more of masato work after legal high..masato seems to act more in a serious genre.. im crawling for for his comedy work!..hope you can watch LH 9th episode *spoiler* he give an awesome speech in there!

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