Desire: I Live in Cheong Dam Dong 6

I love laughing till I’m rolling on the floor crying.  There are a few scenes in this episode doing this to me, punch after punch, wasting no scene, nor time.

We jump into the episode with HJ going deeper to the dark side of a lying liar who lies, lying to the Richladies JE is at Piace helping out a friend while on her way opening her own restaurant.  JE throws HJ an understanding smile, looking like an angel to HJ, yet HJ feels every bit of the awfulness, especially when she has to fake no appetite since she’s broke, downing a black coffee as lunch, missing her homely stew and rice.

Jobless Bum cutiepie is late today, WH notices.  Bum tells WH he’s busy and he goes on bullying a highschooler out of his seat like a Sheldon.  It’s his seat…to nap.

The highschooler asks him shouldn’t he be reading?  If not, why comes to a manhwabang? Bum jabs back he is asking questions instead of reading himself.

The ball of lies rolls bigger, HJ then jumps into a random convertible driven by a foreigner when asks where is her car and driver by the Richladies.   The owner is infuriated threatening to call to police, but HJ stays in his car as her old schoolmate gawks.

After the nap, Bum steps to a corner and starts singing and writing furiously on a manhwa.  WH is fascinated, is Bum a musician? Why is he here all the time (my biggest question as well!) instead of writing music?  He tells Bum to not worry soiling the manhwa, encouraging him to write on.  WH nods as Bum tells him he is a bum here because he wants to write only when inspiration strikes.

*AHHHHHHHhhh, the fanboyness in WH’s eyes!*

At Piace, SY is discussing in his Mom’s place the dinner she’s hosting for the ambassadors’ wives.  JE is having the thought he’s more disarming the more she is hearing about him when he flashes her this smile:

BH lost her role as a Madam and is fussing with the PD, her face has Madam written all over it!  But she doesn’t have the…… breasts:

HJ hollers at BH  to quiet it down, breaking her brain working on some masterpiece, it seems.  MS and WH are snacking on steamed buns, MS tells WH his sister’s buns are so good he should pay for them.  WH jokes the buns can use a plastic surgeon, exactly when BH walks in.

She asks MS about breast augmentations.  MS explains the soft kind is more natural but takes longer settling in needing constant massaging.  The textured, stiffer kind takes no time adapting and less easy to burst. BH asks if he’ll give her a discount at his clinic, MS promises her 30, no 40% off!

This is what HJ is brainstorming over…like a novelist she has to piece together the story she has to lie through her teeth:  The foreigner has been with them as a driver since they were aboard.  His real name Michael is too common in US, so she calls him Kim.   He’s fired now after making her walk to the car yesterday, she’s given him the car as severance and she’ll get herself a new one.  Pinklady is being helpful offering to go along with her shopping for a new car.   At the car dealer, screaming ‘I’ll be damned’ inside, HJ makes up she has caustrophobia (on top of being nuts, in and out of hospitals) hence the convertible.  But the dealership has convertibles, with airscarf so warm it’s fine to drive in winter. *I have no idea how faking having a car, and a driver segues into convertibles leading to clautrophobia and transformer car talks, but it’s roflmao brilliant!*

This is HJ’s demonstration on how specifically she wants the doors of the convertible to open, in a certain 3D zig-zaggy way…like a transformer on drugs. XD

There is a steak sauce at a Fancy Hotel SY’s Mom wants Noona Chef to replicate.   She can’t leave the restaurant unmanned, so JE has the ‘chore’ of tasting with SY to find out the recipe.  Noona chef notices her cute outfit as she leaves early.

SY is sorry JE has to leave early.  He’ll pick up some flowers…JE is in cloud nine, saying he doesn’t have to buy her flowers.  But SY is heading to the flower shop for the centerpiece instead.

I’ve lost count, is this the 4th hole JE wanna digs and hides from embarrassment in front of SY?

Old Classmate gets an urgent call Mdm Choi is hurt by her driver’s reckless driving, off they go visit her.  She realizes HJ must be very uncomfortable in her non-convertible.  HJ fakes gravely ill till she’s off the car, now she’s left on her own devices.

MS is meeting a new patient for breast augmentation.  Alas, it is BH!

He scrambles trying to arrange for his colleague to consult BH instead, BH wants nothing of that, she wants her C cup and her 40% discount MS promised earlier to get the roles she’s been losing.  MS can’t avert his eyes when she flashes him her goods to be tweaked.  Awkward! OMG!

SY asks JE to hold the bouquet because it’s weird for a guy to hold it in public.  With the beautiful bouquet in hand, and SY opening the door for her to get in his fancy car, JE is the envy of all the girls passing by.

While entering the elevator the other ladies just so happen to be taking, Old Schoolmate is concerned of HJ’s caustrophobia again,  she can’t ride along now.  HJ finally breaks down sobbing while climbing the flights of stairs to the 19th floor.  And it is heart-tugging moments like this, when I haven’t even stopped the loling that gets to my guts.  She starts out innocently wanting to fulfill a dream of  writing poems, never out to be spitting out nothing but lies.

BH and MS stay awkward bumping into each other at home:

Over dinner, SY orders the steak for her, extra sauce and wine to her liking.  He’s skipping the wine himself, having to drive the lady home.   When she is not absolutely sure of the make up of the sauce, SY asks her to taste his, it would be sweet if he’s feeding her food between lovers but this is strictly for business, as SY gets more disarming by the minute, JE is also more sure he’s so out of her league to even dream about.

This is the song cutie Bum is singing (Snail by W&Whale) at the manhwabang.  This version is by Tei

The lyrics are along the line:

when the road back home is too winded, it can get too weary.

Falling asleep on the bed right away, waking up all alone...

The singing cutie scene is made more cute by the 2 fanboy ahjusshis at the right:

Gosh! SO CUTE!!!

That night when HJ is taking the crowded bus home, her legs so sore she can barely stand, passing by the car dealership, there is more than a world in between.  As much as her desire to assimilate in CDD, she doesn’t belong to the world they live in at all.

JE asks to keep the bouquet, as the only tangible to grasp onto of the ‘date’ in her dreams, but also a physical reminder she would be foolish to dream on.  JE tells SY she still has some errands to run before heading home to the shabby manhwabang.  I’ve got to admire a practical level-headed girl when I see one, even in the vicinity of a desirable dreamboat, she can snap herself back to reality WHILE dreaming on.

Yup, still AWKWARD!

SH brings home some freshly steamed buns, one each for them.  As usual, they take the tension out at poor SH, accusing him of being inappropriate with all the touching soft bun talk.  MS tells BH after all the years as a plastic surgeon, he is desensitized and they all look like a blur, hers too.  BH eases up.

WH tells JE his exciting discovery of genius, showing her the music Bum wrote earlier, which may worth as much as Beethoven’s manuscript if he gets famous. There Bum is at it again, jumping to his corner, something is hitting him.   WH is piqued what inspiration is coming out of Bum this time.  Bum gets back to his seat as the highschooler moans. It is fart that came out, Bum should’ve waited till it’s all out before walking back, this is too close for comfort whines poor highschooler.  Bum shushes the poor kid, this is not the first time ‘inspiration’ hits anyway, but nice sense of smell kiddo!

JE must be hanging onto her thought her samchonWH has a peculiar definition of ‘genius’ which is some farting bum who doodled on her Mom’s manhwa, as she walks up to her room.  We ends the episode with a coda at HJ’s room.  BH gets a good beating from her big sis for flashing her breasts to MS, ohhh, but BH asks HJ to keep hitting, harder!  Her chests seems to pump up with each slap! *MUAHAHAHAHA even a veteran LBH is seen cracking up with the beating, but the awesomest KHJ manages to keep a straight face through out!*

We know more about the mysterious Bum for the first time.  He’s engaging in chats at LAST!  As cute and harmless as his looks lead us on, he FARTS, and he can be an ass to a boy.  Samchon WH is so adorable with his child-like awe of talent, bonding with Bum over the rush by an inspiration, from an artist to another artist.

9 thoughts on “Desire: I Live in Cheong Dam Dong 6

  1. wow – thanks for the wonderful work – Much appreciated. Now I know the details of the conversations I’ve been missing out on. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hye Ja and the foreigner – DAEBAK!!

    Now that I’m way past those episode, did not realise that so many days/eps have passed, their hairstyles have changed! But one thing never changes, the awesomeness of each and every single character! <333

    1. <33333 We are so used to foreigners being used for no reason in Kdrama just to give off the pretense we are watching some big deal Korean elite in their environs. Here the guy is at least given lines in a scene that is hilarious and I wanna hug HJ at the same time!

      Did SY's hair change? haha when I saw him in NG, he's still spotting such a similar hairdo…

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