I Miss You 13? 14?

(I’m sucha perv)

I’ve completely checked out of IMY the drama because of the WTF writing (plus YEH is regressed to a tearing zombie and YSH is such a miscast all my not much left remaining goodwill of him is gone)  BUT I’m nothing but a very shallow person when it comes to my kind of pretty boy *SPOILER!*  smooching and saying things like to hell with your fiance, forget about tomorrow, lets have one night, tonight and…

[all gifs fr weibo;  DC PYC Gal;  thanks to OP!]

Yes I see a tiny bed there, but pretty sure they won’t get to it even with those lines said, but at least we r moving somewhere a guy and a girl will do no matter how damaged.  So yeah, I’ve stuck with this for oh 7, 8 eps, might as well gimme some satisfaction.  And don’t talk to me about the (in)sensitivity behind wrist grabbing and the making sense, I don’t freaken care, afterall what do you think you have been watching huh?!?

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