The Missing You Kiss

Wow….that’s kinda longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

JW: SY-ah

SY:  I like JW.  I really do.  JW, and you?


SY: JW-ya!  HJW! What will you be doing during the day of the first snow?

JW: See you.  You are my only Friend.  LSY.

All the while STILL kissing.

And in this silly post of mine.  I’m apparently the prophet: (call me a prophet but there can so be kiss scene inserted in 3 wks, ep13, guys)

7 thoughts on “The Missing You Kiss

  1. I wonder how far this drama will go
    This i just the beginning

    😮 how can it be too long mookie?

    and i’d like to hear your next prediction too.

    1. The kiss is lovely, I think. I’m not too offended by it because I don’t think the drama sets out to deal with rape victim and the aftermath with any commendable regard anyway. And since I’ve never seen anything romantic going on btn Harry and Zoe (and I think we are to assume this is Zoe’s first real kiss?!), I’ll take this as some ‘healing’ for SY. It’s about time and I’ll take anything at this point. It WILL be tacky though if they move as fast as use that little bed there, I’m worried cause it’s framed so squarely in the middle of this.

      This is all I’ve seen of 13, I’m not sure I will watch the whole ep. can’t even rem if I’ve seen 12…haha or what happened in 12 other than SY mopey and tearing nonstop at a corner? and some JW investigative work and not too good at that.

      1. don’t worry they don’t go that far, It would be super tacky and offensive too.

        TBH 12 was the worst episode. I can’t remember what happened in 12 either.

        1. I’m watching 13. And PYC is seriously doing a fine job. I can make ‘sense’ out of SY’s ordeal as she actually did not blame nor hate JW as much without Harry’s coaxing AND even with that, she is trying to hate JW to cope but deep down she’s actually holding onto her love for him because that is THAT precious and sweet, even with the ‘betrayal’, it didn’t rob that from her, it didn’t taint that pure innocent love they had still, although she’s hid it all along, and that’s what has actually been keeping her going. Not that superficial co-existence with Harry that’s holding her up. Something like that.



    I’m no prude but as I’m watching it, I realize my hands automatically flew to cover my eyes. Why? I certainly have no idea. LOL.

    I just love how his lips are tentatively seeking hers at first, coaxing, and gradually deepening the kiss. *flails* Does Yoo Chun like that IRL??? OMG, if yes I’ll gladly take my queue alongside his fangirls and wait for doomsday to be kissed like that. Hihi.

    And WHOA. Just how were you able to predict that when all the while this drama didn’t even hint on any romantic scenes between the OTP, I’m seriously not holding out on hope that we would get to see some smooches until the very end. 😉

    1. IDR?! Seriously.

      I dare not rewatch cause even I blush and wanna avert my eyes and just let these 2 kids have their room. it felt intimate and tender and passionate all at once like what 14 years of UST bottled up should be. That can be split into 20 Kdrama kisses easily. EASILY.

      LOLZ I think YC is a flirty sleaze (the best and cutest kind) in RL, maybe he’s really going all out doomsday and all at YEH’s lips. Who can blame him and vice versa YEH?!

      HAHA but I’ve watched enough kmelodramas I guess. IF they don’t kiss till the end, maybe we’ll get a manufactured HE, but since it’s happening in 13, IMY doesn’t look like it will end well. We’ll have an ep or so of sweet times then asternoids meteroids and whole milky way will FALL on these 3 poor babies!

  3. Rating flopped, and the reason is coz of election day, but i think the real reason is that ep 12 is way toooooooo boring TT TT

    I admit, i have dirty mind watching that kiss ><

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