Idol or Idiot

If you have some minimal fluency in Chinese and is a rabid fandom butterfly, is enough for you to brush up the language, go through the hassle of getting on the weibosphere, and I can guarantee on my head you will laugh your heads off and turn yourself into crazy laughing hyenas.  And yes, the weibo is so lovingly titled ‘idol or idiot’ ie it’s the fight for the bragging right of : My Idol is The Loveliest Idiot.

This weibo acct is operating like a tumblr where the rabidest fangirls, those who love their idols so much they can not stop snerking at them, send in their entries of what utter idiocy (C netizens call it ‘2B’ness, which is a vulgar but cute slang for the state of being fking moronic) their biases are capable of.   Most are C stars, but it’s so not limited to that I’ve seen a mention of Ewan OBIWAN Mcgregor (Back in the day, he had a boner in a top of King Cross sex scene with Christian Bale, and he’s so immersed and busy with his ‘enjoyable business’ he had no idea the camera was off and the lighting guys were gathering their equipment and calling it a good night and he’s still…humping.  And he wonders why CB has not talked to him since.  AND the fangirl entering the entry attached a clip!


THAT makes me laughed till I cried for a whole minute+.  Everyday, every other entry or so, I had myself literally, let me repeat, literally rolling on the floor crying and hugging my hurting tummy, tumbling around laughing my ass off.

It is like a ridiculous slice of hilarity haven, we all have a bias or three we love to bits BUT there are moments we can’t scream our spazz on their awesome for fear of being judged we are the exact idiots like them.  Other than HBinnie, I frankly think my type is exactly that, because what else can explain the frequency of their mentions on this weibo feed?!?!?!!? Fassy, JGL…all have quite a few mentions.  Even Liu Ye, who is of the fame of yet another Liu Bang lately in Last Supper, whom I have fond feelings of always but never really truly follow and watch his everything is the cutest riot at weibo, he knows not how to twitlonger at weibo and his fangirls tell him to write it on a piece of A4 size paper and snap a pic of it and post, that’s how, AND he really did that.  How moronically cute is THAT?!?!?

And of course my beloved Loverboy is one of the super regulars of the thread, so is his BrOTP HG, both of them have (multiple) daily mentions from anon fans just pasting their infamous weibo tweets such as the ripped pants, or that time while he was ‘in deep thoughts in the lavatory’ <- his words, he used mouthwash as face cleanser, and just now there is the one he made fun of Ooku~Tanjou~ and a back to back mention of him trying to be clever and biting his own arse:  he tries to be a smartass with a popular saying ‘let my surname be in front of your name’, by saying ‘let my surname and you give rise to a clan!’ but then was the timely airing of the movie Rise of the Apes…and Loverboy’s surname Yuan is the root word for…ape.   Today also marks the day when there is one mention of KC that harks back all the fondest memories of the sweetest bromances in an ensemble cast EVER.

*excuse me while I go hide in a sound proof room and LOLLLLLLLLFOREVER!!!*

This entry is sent in by a  KC fangirl:  My idol is very good at sports, he’s addicted to tennis, he’s never been beaten at TVB.  But all aside, please pay attention at him, on the court, while playing tennis, these two pictures are decades apart, his outfits…the exact place the white towels are situated, STILL.

To which Prince 14 Lin Geng Xin promptly jabs: this is a sanitary napkin?! *O. M. G.*

To which KC is quick to chide back, ‘Have you seen such a big one?!’

TO WHICH the official weibo of Whisper (a J brand of sanitary napkins) informs them there is a new item out that is truly that big a piece:

*Do you need a minute!??!?! Coz I do, I need 10 XDDDDD*

But the BuBu gang has been ‘loitering’ the thread, a fangirl mentioned her idol was happily watching a BuBu fanvid on 狐狸精’foxy demon’ (the term for foxy lady breaking up lovers and marriages…usually) and it’s till the end when the idol realized he was the ‘foxy demon’ in question, and to be more lol pathetic, he had even given birth to a love child (of Prince 4).  And the idol in question is none other than our 13/YH.  Yup, and the fangirls dug out the vid in question for evidence:

And he’s the true inventor of the horse dance, that serious smizing bow at the end kicks PSY off his Gangnam curb:

He can also be a gif illustrating a CN urban dictionary entry of 顶个鸟用 (carry a bird on your head, which means no fking use):

Poor thing, he seldom travels and off he goes to Africa to be harassed by a pelican.  But then he also coos ‘soft kitty, warm kitty’ to a gnarling leopard 5 ft away.

PYC also makes several mention, because even a casual fangirl knows what silliness he’s capable of:

And isn’t this the most pretty back? Maybe of a model modelling for the latest Vogue CN in front of a derelict food stall?!?!  No, this is RL.  This is the back side courtesy of the pretty that is ZaiZai, he was shooting in China, which is rare for him, and the crew bought a very popular breakfast street food, a chinese burrito (I HAD SOME!!! AND IT IS SUPER YUMMMM!) for everyone except him (because they thought he’s TWnese and won’t like it), so he poutingly went and bought himself one in his costume and this pose.

I hope you all will laugh till the New year!  XDDDDD

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