Now I Am Seriously Offended

WHAT THE FUK IS THAT IMY 14?!?!?!!? * I’m sorry the following is written in 5 min under the influence of intense rage and so much swearing I can’t hear my inner rant monster, so this will be super grammatically challenged and UGLY.  Do not read if you are a protected YSH( or YEH) fan preferring your pretty glass castles of fandom*

Very cute, PYC, not helping.  And geeeezzzz you are truly the silliest skill-less detective ever.   And I notice your cute CP outfit with your detective sidekick and  yeah your OTP scenes with YEH are cute and fluffy and both of you are smiling like pups, out of the context she’s now earned a new title of a Rape and DV Victim! *BTW, I do not like bloody red scarfs around necks of OTP like premonition of death by bleeding necks in a KMELO!!! Call me a craycray* Your scenes with SY’s Mom are still lovely (even though you guys are practically talking nonsense).  Come on, SAMSUCK Peeps gimme a break, am I gonna believe a detective is using his GalaxyPoop to snap pics of evidence?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a high tolerance of manipulated shit in Kmelo as in I don’t watch it.  First of all, it’s at the very bottom of poop I enjoy, I’ve never EVER cried from the bottom of my heart because of what’s stupid misery transpired on screen btn the lovelorn OTPs (loling my ass off out of the unintentional lolz, Sure~!  That’s usu why I watch the rare Kmelo on my list.)
So while I’m annoyed by the unrealistic treatment of rape victim here, I’ve never expected anything more than ‘gratuitous angst’ even before it aired, nor am I expecting quality, BUT in 14, I’ve flipped my desk.

Peeps who fussed over PYC/HJW being annoying and all wristgrabbing Zoe and be ‘forceful’ and ‘physical’ to her , I expect you all to unleash rant monsters so menacing it’ll crash the interwebs or sth.  Wristgrab is nothing compared to double wristgrabs, repeatedly forcing failed kisses on a rape victim you have been ‘nurturing and caring’ for 14 years to that lovely romantic violin of melodrama AND slamming said wrist on a railing and not even be remorseful enough to throw yourself off said railing and DIES.  Rape victim saying she’ll endure if this is once only and walks, and the aggressor DARES to tell her to come to him and hollers her to STOP LEAVING!  I’ve been clear Harry gives me the heebie jeebies from the get go, even with a failing miserably at  faking adult brooding child with the face of YSH.   I did not see anything functioning, any true warmth and concern in Harry+Zoe, but dependency and manipulation by the truckloads, that’s all the ‘sparks’ that is flying and a lot of fans blindly take it as chemistry, or hotness. *shrug*  And apparently that whole awfulness is just to make a bruise out of Zoe’s hand so there will be later OTP bonding and both aggressor and Victim will forget it has ever happened and so should we.  OH YEA?!?!

BUT with the character construct of Harry, for him to flung Zoe and be physical at her, is #@$%#^&*(^*$!#^#%&$^*&%@$^!#%  And follow it up the next scene they are tog as if it’s just how he can’t handle the frustration and with a happy meal and a talk of lovelies on care and concern and MOM to make right a wrong.  AGAIN, writer, they have been cohabiting 14 years, and IF this is the first time he’s ever flipping frustrated at a fiancee who won’t even kiss him, color me intrigued-NOT!

I had given up on show for a long while, I have always just set out to watch YooChun’s cut to see how much he’s improved and he has.  YEH is still just doing an acceptable job, the crying scenes have her crying, in blankness like any pretty faucets in my home, I do not see anything beyond she’s asked to do in physicality, not any fiber of conviction and abandon.   She knows she’s in an idol melo, and she’s just giving what it deserves, which is fine by her fans, but I am not one of them.

I seriously hope this is the last of IMY rants, because I sincerely is trying to talk some sense to myself to stop the self-torturing.  I am beyond convinced the writer has no sensitivity chip AT ALL and will keep piling this on now that she’s out of shit to happen btn Harry+Zoe.   Harry+Zoe scenes are sooooooooooo aggravating to watch all along for me on the lack of chemistry, the synergic horribleness of both YEH’s +YSH’s acting and now the all around where the WTFery is this going anyway.

And on a shallow note, YEH’s new fried perm is FUG, her face is liveless and black circles are down to her checks, bloated and lips are chapped and no spunk AGAIN.  Makeup person, do sth.


17 thoughts on “Now I Am Seriously Offended

  1. I think Jung Woo’s intuition is telling him Harry was connected to her wrist injury
    I think that’s why he threatened Harry (albeit in a veiled way), and called SY, stopped by the shop, and went home with Harry. He just doesn’t have any proof yet. I think his little move with cane will set the alarm bells ringing in Jung Woo’s head.
    I can’t believe some people still think Harry’s frustrations (and his mode of expressing them) are semi-legit. O.O

    Its not strange at all to me that she is not attracted to someone who she has “mothered” for the last 14 years. I think they’ve been there for each other through the tough times (even though it was such an unhealthy relationship to begin with) and I don’t think SY “owes” harry anything more than that.

    Judging from the next episodes preview my gut is telling me Harry cracks completely and SY’s gonna leave him
    I find Harry’s actions even more disgusting because he’s in a position of power over her. He knows she’s emotionally dependent on him. He treats her like a pet, not a partner.
    This begs the question: Would the old Zoe (who thought everybody had abandoned her and she had no one but Harry) have succumbed to his unwanted advances out of “guilt”/insecurity. Even the possibility of it makes me shudder.
    I’m just glad Zoe was able to tell him to back off and told him she’d leave him. (how i wish she didn’t come back.)


    p.s Fried perm was necessary because we’re getting closer to jung woo lying dead/almost dead in a warehouse sequence

    I know you’re not feeling YSH’s acting in this drama but i was feeling Harry’s anger.

    1. (Sweetie, I’ve made the correction, hope you don’t mind. HAHA and your nick always make me wanna go make myself a sandwich)

      I tried to not think too much into many things in IMY, but now you have brought up a point that has been irking: IF JW has a hunch, however minute, Harry is the cause of Zoe’s totally bruised wrist, and he’s still caught up on proof and whatnots when it’s SY and she is again the victim of violence, I have no words on how moronically unbearable HJW is. Because who cares about guilty until proven IF it’s SY, whom fr his own pov, he’s wronged, abandoned, and sworn never to EVER EVER EVVVEEERRR let hurt under his guard every day in his prayers last 14 years, like EVER?!?! I’d rather he not think it’s possible for H to hurt Z physically in any shape or form (as we all were assuming as well). BUT then the most disgusting thing is writer is using this plot point as a means to an end showing the progression of H’s anger, thinking 1. it’s not a big freaken deal when it IS A BIG DISGUSTING FKING DEAL 2. it is actually glorified into some sort of twisted obsessive gesture out of caring about Z too much to lose her, all that load of stinky abuse-apologist baloney.

      I get YSH’s portrayal of H’s anger, but his character should be some competent cool beans, successful on his own right, calculating, manipulative mastermind so even the anger should always be there gauged, and be bubbling in diff degree of intensity, constantly, under the surface, not let out then be gone as if nth transpired then go on with a teasing scoff or 2 and a chuckle, throwing in a totally stagnant, most monotonous ‘I love you, Zoe.’ Where is the fire of what transpired last night?! lobotomies much?!?! YSH is approaching his character strictly from scene to scene and delivering as confined as the scene is required, precipitating one note emotion on the surface but nth more cohesive. I can’t let it slide as his character is poorly constructed because HJW, Zoe are not written with any brilliance to brag about. I need layers, I need anger on top of the true love and care he has for Zoe or whatever feelings he has towards her, on top of a boy who is missing and avenging for his Mom, so spiteful of the Big Bad Wolf wanting to slay him every breathing second of his life last 14+ years. I need complexes, I need conflicted emotions on top of messy conflicted feelings, NONE. I see H being the exact same silently brooding in his tower with his smoldering eyes of intense, but when YSH has to do other things such as fire and anguish against another animate object such as Z/YEH, he is Awkward like a 15 yo not even sure where to put his hand on the cupboard behind, where his head should posit if he REALLY has to kiss the ladylips and so on, ie trying but failing.

      1. By proof i simply meant proof in Jung Woo’s mind. If Jung Woo believes it he’ll act on it. All Jung Woo knows is that Harry made her cry. You’re right; if Jung Woo believes Harry caused the wrist injury and he didn’t act on it he is an idiot. So i take my previous assessment back.
        Plus Jung Woo “crazy rabbit” is supposed to be impulsive to the extreme. Knowing and not acting on it would not be consistent with his character.

        1. So true, yes our HW the crazy rabbit will go use H’s cane on H first. I haven’t seen anything 15 related, but if both SY and JW got manhandled by H’s cane it would be hilarity in the extreme!!! And seriously it looks like some cane with super magical power already, knocking off an all powerful/useful Galaxy blingbling phone and TWO grown adults in one swipe, or maybe H has been practising serious kung fu moves on the cane and it’s his secret killer weapon all along for Revenge. XD

  2. But I mean Harry is a psycho right? A psycho is a psycho anw u cant actually explain their behavior. One minute they are all crazy and creepy, the another one, they sob and plead for forgiveness. It always happens to people whose mental is unstable like Harry.
    Like when he hit HJW, i mean there is always another way to stop JW, but he was not in the right mind so he did the stupidest thing. He acted like a bipolar crazy bastard in the whole episode. And you know in reality, it happens for real in the family with abusive husband. They beat the hell out of their wives at night, and the next morning they all act nice for forgiveness.
    YSH’s acting aside, he is using too much make-up that annoys the heck out of me. However, I think YSH is improving, at least I can see the unstable shaky disgusting side of Harry. U know Samsung Galaxy has really good resolution for their camera, and it is product replacement hahaha. HJW is actually not bad as a detective in this episode.
    I am watching for HJW and to see if they kill off HJW at the end. I like PYC’s acting in this drama, as well as his character, i think the character is pretty consistent and charming.

    1. I’d rather he sobs and pleads for forgiveness but he didn’t in 14, when I think it’s beyond disgusting. I felt the pain of YEH’s twig-like wrist hitting that metal railing with a pang, and if H really is in love with the woman no way he’ll let the psychoness and his rage get the better of him to not even CARE if she’s in pain because of him, and he didn’t even ask later, when her wrists is all made up to be bruised up like a ham hock.

      Besides, I do not get H is physically abusive ever to Z all 14 years because we met Z still as fragile and unhealed of her past trauma to the extreme of not comfortable of any physical intimacy as if not a day has passed, nor psycho/unstable to the point he’s not functioning and thus flipping, he’s perfectly normal and plotting all other moments in the episode, that’s why my fault is mostly on the writer being horrible, trivializing such a grave matter as DV, and that is after trivializing RAPE.

      The thing with HJW’s detective work is he’s suddenly like a mentalist a moment when the plot needs to move along briskly to some climax, but otherwise he’s slow and dumb. That murder mystery investigation at the hospital was so craptastically lolz-inducing esp when he’s told by some skivvy doc that patient has just moved out of a locked room and he just let it slide like that. And all those messing around touching of evidence moving that coat and him being the only one who should not be on the case but the only one shown doing anything, freely moving around. The taking phone pix as if he’s a tourist is too much. I do agree YC is great even when the writing sux, and he’s getting more at ease, more controlled, with no visibly awkward scene this ep especially.

      1. In the hospital, he told the doctor to bring him the handwritten record of the patient then we have no idea what happened next. Something may actually happen but we don’t know. Like in the scene Zoe came to Harry’s room and Harry banged the door , they cut it right there also. What did they do in the room that Harry needed to close the door?
        I agree, the hand touching is really annoying me, the funny thing is he tried to take the pic without leaving the fingerprint but touched everything else with his bare hands lolz. Well HJW knows he is not allow to solve many cases in the drama already, but he always got in somehow, he just went for it no matter what. I agree writer indeed did a bad job in detective part. She only invested when it is needed for the story development.
        On Harry, I think he did sob and plead in previous eps, remember the one in which Zoe drank soju w HJW? or the one in which he sobbed and cling to her like a little kid after she got home in ep 12??? Throughout 14 years, Harry thought he perfectly manipulated Zoe and turned her into someone he wanted her to be, he felt no threat. The only threat is HJW, and in those 14 years, of coz there was no HJW anywhere near them. HJW is in the picture, everything changed. In the beginning, he started to feel threatened, to freak out, to feel insecured so he tried to hang on her as much as he could but now he knows for sure it is unpreventable. As Zoe is the only one in his life, whether he loves her or not, loosing her can really drive him insane. So that is how psycho Harry is revealed. I do think the writer, again, made a very confusing transition in this part, maybe coz she planned out 24 instead of 20 eps in the beginning?

        1. Yes, he sobbed and pleaded for her as a little boy in need of his bigger sis/ sole kin in his life, but he did not show a lick of remorse in throwing Z to the ground, not even a blink and that is in part saying he’s so manipulative nth he is doing is genuine, he’s just putting on a show to get what he wants to possess but I blame it on YSH not able to convey any layers to it all, he shouldn’t just be pleading like a little child, we should be able to see conniving menace all along, not rearing its ugly head whenever like an afterthought.

          GAWD, tbh it felt dreadfully paced as is, I don’t rem anything of note (exc Galaxynote) since 12 other than a bit of OTP fluffy forward movement.

          I feel it’s the combination of lousy characterization and poor acting because H is as typical psycho obsessive guy2 with a vengeance as we’ve seen, as dependable a staple in Kmelo as the ever flowing tearducts. Other than our guts telling us H+Z is all facade, there really is no prior incidence of him being physical with her all 14 years, I mean I cringed at fans wanting H+Z to just go back to Paris and live ‘happily ever after’, but the fact there are watchers of the same drama holding that opinion is failing on writer’s part. Besides, we are deliberately shown they are not intimate in a sleep together very early on. She may appear a Harry’s Stepford Wife, but she also had respect fr H concerning boundaries of intimacy, or so I thought. If he has the tendency to hit Z and not care except whether he can keep her as a possession, it’s hard an act for someone mentally imbalanced to put up with all the while. Sure he’s grooming her to be exactly the pet to his specifics and it must be hard to part with a favorite toy but his Mom is alive now and he has the revenge to focus his scheming on all along, I honestly could not see him not able to live without Z in his life. I used to think it would be more complicated but logical if he is planning to use Z as a chess piece to manip HJW into a certain dysfunction all along and hit Evil Daddy that angle as well, which makes sense if he is so vengeful setting up seemingly elaborating schemes. In that case, he clearly is not regarding Zoe as a life partner of any capacity and I guess once we take any kind of love out of the equation, he would care less about Z, but that’s not exactly what we’re shown in drama.

          And just no, I hate to give aggressor any external stimulus on hitting a rape victim. I tolerated HJW wristgrabs because at least it had a lame significance from their childhood before shit hit fan and he hasn’t spent any time with her all 14 years and he has lapses of irrational impulses. Even though I don’t feel it’s true love H is feeling towards Z all along, there should be a bond and genuine care for her well-being to a degree through the years to ensure laying hand and flinging Z around is the last thing H is ever capable to do to Z.

          We know he has darker plans, and all along we can pick up clues in his vault he’s behind the murder, not simply the cleaning ahjumma, but being a cold calculated killer in the name of revenge is not the same as a blanket condition of psychosis explaining all actions.

          1. I sincerely hope u can survive through ep 15. I want to read ur comment on that one.
            After watching that ep, I really think everyone needs to give HJW a break. lol Ep 15 must be named The Miserable Life of Han Jung Woo

            1. Argh, why are you doing this to me?!?!?! Luring me back in with HJW?! I do care about him and actually a few more of the supporting characters but I’ve completely lost my patience with H+Z.

              *ok I’ll go watch*

      2. No offense but even on the pics you posted here YC’ acting leaves to be desired. What are these awkwardly cheesy expressions ? What does he wants to express ?
        And people really think YEH “acts” in this show ? She needs some acting lessons girl. She may be a “star” yes but an actress ?

        1. Those are just some passing gifs of no significance to the narrative, he’s living in limbo, time stood still since he’s 14/15 and he’s always this cheezily silly with his colleagues as some comic relief to the gang. I’m fine with it coz it’s cute and harmless, there needs no deeper expression of artistry in every fleeting moment, esp not in sth as mindblowingly moronic as this script.
          I think YEH is cruising along and at times unimaginably horrible, but still YSH takes the crappy cake in really clueless in sth really not too complicated, I guess the boy has not seen a Kmelo in his 19 years young.

  3. I don’t follow the show but I cam across this and was LOL’ing in absolute glee at your outburst.

    “And on a shallow note, YEH’s new fried perm is FUG,”

    Seen stills, and this was quite the highlight for me. Classic.

    1. So you’ve dropped it earlier on?! I’m going wake up now both of you YEH! and YSH! How can both of you be so bloody zombied out or awful! (and I’m not holding back my tongue all along)

      Seriously I can only blame so much on bad writing and a silly writer because the worst written scenes are the cop work and PYC and the rest of the supporting cast are still holding their own.

      1. Had to, I’m not one to waste tears but my god the amount I did on those two kids was ridiculous; then again they were really really really selling it. Both KHS and YJG.

        I can’t really say much about the adult leads bc I haven’t seen them but judging by your comments (which are admittedly quite the LOL) I’m not so sure they’re selling it.

  4. Some shows fall into “I’m just reading people’s comments about it, but I won’t watch it” category… This one sounds really, really bad. But for some reason I keep peeking at people’s posts about it then talking to the screen “seriously, writer’s going with that?”

    1. Writer is selling cheap disgusting fabricated angst and piling it on, but peeps are buying it. I’ve never seen a
      ‘classic’ kmelo ever attempt logic. The writer must be thinking as long as the tearducts are occupied, vision is blurred and our minds will be clouded.

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