I also need help with IMY15

Nothing much is gonna be on my wavelength is it, writer-shhi?!?!?!  BUT gosh did I crack my tummy loling under 5 min.

Where we left off in 14, shouldn’t the white elephant be what the why did H attack with his precious cane drawing blood on HJW?!?!!!?!  Instead, no Q asked, Z gasps at the sight of blood and go fetch a firstaid kit without EVEN questioning why H attacked them with metallic weapondry.  H is REALLY begging for it when he’s eying the sparkling G.Note in bleeding hand and we get a tiring imma gonna lay hands on ur object of a woman 10 ft away.   And yeah H flings cane on ground to be obvious he’s manipulative and trolling you HJW, yet what comes out of your mouth of all words?!?!!  ‘Lee So Yeon’.  Hey, give us a verb, LSY….run? hide? call some useful competent cops? cry some more?  kiss me? kiss us?  lets 3some? pick up the cane and beat my other hand?  How about the lovely adage LSY…. I LOVE YOUUU~~~~~!

And please enlighten me why on earth is Z/SY sooooo traumatized to the point of catatonia on the mention of Z or SY?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  She was gonna nurse that bleeding hand but screw that, she is going to mope in a thin sweater and two lucky black stars on tummy and make more frozen teardrops by the bucket roaming the streets.  And yeah, HJW, you go and pose some more fake machismo against the boy in a tigger sweater and say that line with as much stated gravitas as you want and let that shaken damsel wanders off to her frozen crying death.  You luck out she doesn’t disappear and die on you again, but you ARE in a Kmelo and luck is never on your side sillycutie.

But really H, goodness gracious, I’m not sure if the writer is also sensing how horribly YSH is doing on top of his miscast because now his lines are bizarrely obvious: he’s stating to HJW, same monotonous delivery he’s going to get craycray IF HJW is inching towards his Z. Erm, you had a fresh lobotomy and didn’t get the memo fr last ep?  And I lost my marbles roflmao when he’s limping towards his Z, shouting (ok YSH’s take on shouting which is…not cooing babytalk!??!) Don’t go, I can’t chase/catch you!  Oh Hally, we have EYES if your limping is more consistent and you cane is LYING in the middle of the room like a CORPSE.   Again, why the freak is HJW still posing as it all transpire??!?!?!!

^ so I barely make it to 5 min mark.  I can’t.  *but I saw some caps of babysis and I’m morbidly curious!  argh.  morbidly whatever should stay morbid!!!!*

4 thoughts on “I also need help with IMY15

  1. I don’t even know what you would react if you made to through the end coz…
    I am dying of loling just w this.
    I think writer is really doing a bad job on Harry and I dont know why people praise the depth of this character so much. Ok, is he supposed to be smart and calculating? somehow I don’t see the smart part coz his lines are stupid and he got pwned every time by HJW’s lines. All I can see is that he sat on the sofa in the whole episode (and PD job is zooming in, zooming out, adding sound effect, adding music, filming the left, filming the right…) planning and ordering people, first using cheap shot to attempt to make HJW look bad, than begging (threatening) Zoe to say, than at the end, sobbing on the floor and hugging a woman’s legs and using cheap shot again to provoke HJW. I mean come on.
    And the revenge plan is set out way too funny lol it is super silly lol i just cant.
    I don’t get the first part either. HJW, what does “LSY” mean? “LSY, back off” or sth. If u mean back off then just hit the heck out of him. And then the *touching* scene on the street, please, all I see, HJW’s miserable life is so damn miserable. I try to understand LSY in the whole series and i somewhat came to finally kinda be ok with her after she is slowly coming back to LSY and being stronger but damn the last part of this ep, girlm just eat more ok. In the whole drama, she is just so weak, it is fine, i get writer wants to make the character that way. But really. Is human supposed to be physically strong sometimes while danger is coming, or while being pushed to the corner, or at least sometimes, anytime. I mean she obviously suspect Harry’s mom was behind everything 14 years ago and that Harry knows everything and lie to him, yet she still could not break out from his “hug” not one damn second, not even looked like she was trying because from the back, i am sure HJW could not see her even jerking her body.
    I mean after watching the ep, I think if writer really wants to make HJW suffer to the greatest and kill him at the end, I will give the damn poor boy, either u leave everything now, or u go to Han River and jump lol/

    1. GAWDDDD, we officially have proof writer has lost his/her marbles. Seriously that hitting of Z is the design to ‘progress’ to offing her if she’s leaving, and that is following WHAT logic now?!?! It is one thing for HJW and SY mutually obsessed with each other, their first love, we got 4 eps of well laid bricks there, but we have nth of H+Z other than we’re told they have been tog 14 years, during which H has been plotting the revenge behind Z’s back. I thought I was to assume H’s highest priority is to avenge his Mom and his own misery but now it seems operation Z dead or alive overrides that as well.

      And wordwordwordwordword on YSH and the director’s treatment of him this ep. We have him just sitting there supposedly brooding or simpering and every thing else is trying to inject some whatever feelings to the scene, every angles are tried, dramatic music crescendo’ed but seriously what he’s asked to do is what is simply stated on the character description: go dark. Show a tiny bit of progression and effort at least. His effort is so miserably paltry we have him sitting there doing nth but a blank face as you said and just ordering his minion around and one moment he’s ordering the cute chauffeur minion to off her if necessary and BAM! suddenly the next he’s begging and sobbing and pleading like bambi losing Mom (which he sooo should have done last ep after he slung her across the room and she left, not at this very moment when Z is back to talk business and to surface the revenge plot and to do some shoddy detective work her own on Death by sodacan Daddy) it’s as if YSH remembers his job is to emote somewhat, so he haphazardly inserts high strung emotions so clunky my jaws are dropped on floor in horror how terribly clueless he seems in the acting department. It’s such an half-assed job still because I demand we should know if this is purely an acting job on H to just keep Z his pet from HJW? Or is he genuinely can not part with her? Or is he having nefarious ideas with her to keep her close and not spoiling sport his evil plans? It can even be a mixture of all, but there is nothing expressed deeper than all the physicality of the grabby and sobbing. He might as well be pining a table leg because there is no pinging back and forth with YEH at all.

      I do not feel too miserable for HJW though this ep, I think it’s such horrible directing as well when the actors are asked to just give headshots of tearing faucet personifications instead of reacting to everything happening in the scene with any fluidity and hence realness. Many things are happening on screen so bizarrely fabricated as if each gesture, each line, each tear is done in its own vacuum, with no relation to anything else. When H is told to emote, Z/YEH is almost told to be a mannequin of a prop. Take that scene of cane dropping and the 2 knights fighting over the damsel, the music is all dramatic to the nines but NTH is actually said nor done nor reacted with any fluency. And YEH is so horrible in that beating HJW’s heart leading to more leaky faucets and hugging, gosh she can not cry with any depth of emotions at all, everything is precipitating on the surface, the screaming the sobbing but it’s one emotion follow by the other when it should be an absolutely glorified outburst, she’s outacted by PYC, who should only be in pain by association of witnessing her anguish in that scene so ridiculously the camera gave PYC’s HJW so much more closeups than YEH, that’s saying too much.

      I really can’t process much of the plot, it’s soo above my head nonsensical and silly. Everything is as simple as is to us, yet for everyone in the drama, it’s so BIG MYSTERY to be solved somehow.

  2. LOL! I can’t believe you are still watching this!

    I had the worst kind of feeling about IMY from the get go and then all the recaps just made me give it as wide a berth as possible. Overdone melo is so not my thing and I also have an allergy to most things gratuitous. I’m seriously boggled at how people find all that excessive misery so compelling. It’s so calculating and fake. IDK but when it comes to FEELINGS, less is definitely more. I don’t need to be whammed, constantly in the most overblown manner with that stuff. I get it with less posturing, thank you.

    1. So true. It’s the same with me as well. I feel so much more with understated nuances than constant fauceting, overdone and forcefed. I teared up a bit in the very early episodes because the acting is just jawdropping amazing, now the writing is down the drains, so is most of the acting. *sigh* but it is the only drama readily avail on my tele and I’m so short on free time. Somehow my other current airings are off the grid.

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