I need help in Chinese

I’ve read this exchange between Loverboy and his BrOTP Hu Ge too many times by now and I’m still confused (not that I have not been loling nonstop like the rest of the RedWhite fandom).  Hu Ge is having a webchat with his fangirls in promotion for one of the cable year end shows, one of them tells HG although secret marriages are in vogue right now, please do not keep it from the fandom, even if HG picks a pig, as long as he loves it, they will accept.  *lolz sooo cute*  To which HG replies: You think I’ll pick a pig?  Do you think I’m THAT DESPERATE?!?!  *RAGGEEEEEE* ARGHHHHHHH!!!  HG has already lured the obvious attention of Loverboy earlier with a reply where a fan asked why he isn’t bringing his ‘little red flower/YH’ along to the event.  HG says he is afraid the precious little red flower will be picked off by others.  * to be perfectly serious, YH’s house needs two rooms, one for him and SS to get, the other for HG+YH * But instead of doing the obvious of replying that tweet, YH replies here with: 你要真找头猪。。。虽然这不科学,但我也认了.  (If you are really getting a pig…even though it’s not scientifically plausible, I’ll admit it.)

So here, what did YH just admit?  That he’s a pig and so as to announce to the world he’s Mrs. HG?  Or did he get all jealous over the general regard HG will possibly pick a pig if he’s desperate enough instead of easily saying sth like, ‘Oh but I have YH, why would I pick a pig, myfangirl?!?!’   My chinese, it’s failing me.  XD

On an even more delightful and serious note, Loverboy is making the news for an appearance of a production company’s event announcing new upcoming dramas.  EVERY drama on that rosters are looking like decent to awesome stuff,  esp 平凡的世界 (a must-read family saga, social commentary of the rural northwest, the struggles of individuals against the Big Leap, of a farming village vs the wheels of industrialization/socialism).  It is also the production behind both 致我們終將逝去的青春 To Our Youth That Is Fading Away movie and drama and it’s announcing the drama is in production!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O M G Please gimme my PERFECT Lin GeGe with YH in the drama!!!  To make me merrier, the event also has Tong LiYa (ie my C actress face-crush) promoting her upcoming drama.  She may be too classically pretty and not spunky enough for Zheng Wei, but she’ll be perfect for 阮莞.

So pretty!

*That totally reminds me I’ve been neglecting my CN reads….. that’s what N Yr resolutions are for!!!  Add oil!*

7 thoughts on “I need help in Chinese

  1. I’m not positive i think 但我也认了 can mean that I agree or I recognize it kinda like to give blessings but more neutral acceptance… But I could be completely off… >.<

    1. yeah, but wouldn’t it be clearer to use 但我也接受了? haha I dunno YH is notorious a notty ahjusshi with his play with words. I’ll take it as I’m fangirling a pig. LOL

  2. about news you posted, is that means that loverboy has an upcoming drama project?? with Tong Liya as his costar?? i’m confused, since i’m not fluently in english, let alone chinese :(( , but if that happens then i’ll be a very happy fangirl for him 🙂 thank you for the explanation…

    1. The fans are speculating! I mean it’s a press conference of sorts for that production company announcing a handful of their upcoming projects, Tong Yali is there promoting her drama, so the part if she’s going to costar with him is not clear, but YH can’t be there just to eat. Logically he should be attached to one of the upcomings and To Our Youth is causing quite an exciting stir. The projects all look quite promising and better than the usual fare tbh, so I’m excited if he’s in any of them, which he must be.

      He has so many dramas waiting to be aired hopefully we’ll see most of it in 2013!

  3. oh i seen in spcnet, that Loverboy going to filming a movie/drama called The Young Detective Dee, do you hear about that?? is it a new project or it is a long one that i don’t recall him doing it?? thank you… oh and happy new year for you

    1. Happy New Year to you~! ^^
      Yes, he is cameoing as the emperor Li Ji in Young Detective Dee, The lead guys are Bosco Wong and Ray Ma and his character is very wimpy, other than looking pretty, I’m quite sure it’s nth to spazz/ write about,

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