Bosco, Ray Ma, Ruby Lin AND YUAN HONG

ALL in one period drama, and Loverboy is already looking ridiculously gorgeous, he’s born to be in every and ALL periods.

Seriously who rocks the combo of period robes and froufrou embroidery and a down jacket fashioned into a harmonious capelet like him?!

He’ll be the wimpy Tang ’emperor’ Li Zhi  *coughpuppettrophyhusbandcough* to Empress Wu ZeTian (word is a cameo by Ruby).   It is officially a cameoing, but the red beans have already done the calculation since this is a story on the young detective Dee, who is an official not till emperor Li Zhi’s son’s rule,  ie Loverboy’s character should be alive through out this drama at least.  The drama is produced by Ruby’s production company (?) so we can expect an obscene amount of pretty (but nth else of the brain variety).  So yeah, we’ll be getting the long hummed coupling of Ruby and Loverboy in a period (he was in talks for Scheming of a Beauty but rumor was Kb*tch wouldn’t release him and instead he did that lame Clothing the World ‘lead’.  Ruby was seen dining with him back then, and said out loud she wanted him to be in her first venture at being a producer boss: Qing Shi Huang Fei.  That crashed with the filming of BBJX.  QSHF was as dumb as a MarySue rock, but gosh was it an insane congregation of Gorg even without YH: Yan Kuan and Wallace Huo as leads, Tony Yang (me droolzing since Crystal Boys), Zheng Kai, Mao ZiJun are all up and coming hotties even if acting chops are not honed.

Bosco is playing the lead role of young Detective Dee of 少年神探狄仁杰, he’s my TVB bias (even though I watch a very dismal number of TVB last few years).  This production actually looks decent on the superficial. Ray Ma TianYu (<3) will be guy2 Detective’s sidekick.  Goodness, so I’m already loving 3 guys in this, and this is particularly rare in a C period.  Good omen for the new year perhaps?!  The leading lady is officially Qi Wei, she will be the sister of Ray’s character.  I actually like her enough, just never her characters and haven’t been able to tolerate anything she’s in.  But I can’t fault her, her forte is C idol moderns, that’s why. Loverboy will be ‘moving soy sauce’ ie cameo-ing, but it’s enough to get the weibosphere buzzing (*sigh* can we just properly watch any one of his completed dramas NOW! ATVM! FOR ONCE! instead of just screaming and spazzing over some bts pics of him on the set?!).

STILL, I’m quite excited with his pairing with Ruby, they are both my aesthetics of period pretty.  Then there’s the guaranteed buzzing of bromance in any scenes he’s sharing with Bosco and/or Ray. I can totally see him rocking unintentional chemistry with Qi Wei or any decent actresses (or actors…heh) in the cast.

Look, Bosco and YH are already doning very CPish down jackets, one is shocking pink on the outside and black in the lining, the other vice versa.  kekeke

Quality-wise, lets not kid ourselves, this look the usual ‘middle-fare’ ie SUPER MEHH Cperiod turd.  Gorgeous, but aggravatingly ho-hum.  It’ll be acted fine, production value will be good, BUT they will choose to waste everything on the shrillest silliest of scripts.  Guaranteed to nuke brain cells, mostly a waste of time other than sprouting gorgeous fanvids or possible slash (who r we kidding, we are ALL excited because of the 3some of Bosco/YuanHong/MaTianYu).  As the trend with C dramaland in particular, there will be FOUR Detective Dee whatever dramas in production in 2013: 少年狄仁杰,少年神探狄仁杰,通天狄仁杰,狄公奇案.  If it’s not because of this concentration of my pretties, I won’t even be watching any one of these.

So now YH has dips in being gorgeous in 6 dynasties, spanning thousands of years:  Northern Wei (Mulan), Tang (the emperor here), Song (Yang Kang), Yuan (Ye LuXie), Ming (General Lin), Qing (gosh sooo many most gorgeous Qing scholar, princes and emperors he’s gifted us already!).  Red beans are speculating this cameoing is paving way for the lead role in the next Ruby period production.

18 thoughts on “Bosco, Ray Ma, Ruby Lin AND YUAN HONG

    1. I have never heard of this drama either, but Detective Dee was a legendary detective in Tang dynasty. There were quite a few ok-ish dramas made throughout the years. There was a movie starring Andy Lau et al (stay away from it) not long ago.

      Lolz, he has a rounder more ajusshi face now, but still, that is one proper period handsome face!

  1. HAPPY 2013! 🙂

    Wow, thanks for the news! Here’s something I definitely look forward to: I love Bosco, Ma Tianyu, Yuan Hong and Ruby. Just looking at the awesome cast list and the overflowing pretty is enough to pique my interest! I loved QSHF (mainly because I love the leads and their chemistry with each other and the costumes, etc. were beautiful). I love detective stories and Tang dynasty period dramas, so I hope this will turn out well!

    Fine choice of Yuan Hong as the emperor – he looks so regal in period costume that even if they try to make him look like a beggar he’ll come off looking like a prince… Ruby has a similar regal air about her too, which is probably why she’s so good in all the princess/empress/noble lady roles. Bosco and Ma Tianyu will be awesome as the detectives 🙂

    1. Btw, did they ever confirm if there was gonna be a BBJX2? I remember rumors floating around sometime last year but then I didn’t hear anything more about it since…

      1. If you ask me, the probability of a BBJX2 happening is close to NIL, NADA, NONE.

        TR’s Kboss is so full of baloney and how she’s running TR now is all a matter of cashflow (or lack there of it). I do not blame the demise of TR on her solely, it was also a very devastating tragedy with HuGe’s accident during LoCH08 that cause a big dent in their financial and they have since then not able to recoup to their good old days when their production are truly decent and cute, even if not CCTV proper historical caliber.

        BBJX is awesome because of a very good story based on a good shoujo novel, and a lot of good luck the actors bring in their A games or for some the best perf of their career, the production value and everything else really do not stand up to closer scrutiny. It made TR quite a lot of $$$ so in order to keep investor keen, she’ll keep bringing it up to lure in $$$. IF it ever is gonna happen, it may have LSS and LGX for sure, maybe prince 9, 10 but no way can they afford half of what Nicky and KC are asking now, plus KC is pretty serious with his career, it’s not easy for him to finally get where he’s at now and he’s been picking a great balance of variety, some mass fare, but his Ip Man drama should be one we can anticipate because I’ve seen a recent interview of him and he said he has a new insight now, he’s not young anymore, he is stable financially his family is provided for and in no way he’s going to do sth that is not of a completely new challenge to him and Ip Man, this kind of more meaty, serious role is what interesting him. I also read it as the chance of him reprising a modern Prince8 is slim, coz I really am very skeptical on tjhe quality of a TR ‘invented’ *coughcfanficcough* modern drama script.

        1. While I’d like to see a BBJX2, I’m also realistically expect it not to happen, especially with the lack of source novel (ie. solid script) and with the leading actors all busy doing other projects. From what I hear, Nicky Wu and KC are very expensive to hire and I doubt TR has the money to hire them. Hu Ge’s accident was very tragic and it’s very sad to see it affect TR’s finances (but I’ll always think well of TR sticking with Hu Ge and helping him through the hard times), and with Cdrama being more competitive now than before, TR really has to work hard to become top of the game. BBJX was a great move, with a hit novel as the source and excellent cast – together they were sure to bring in a solid fan base and it really helped to rake in $$$. Unfortunately, the TR dramas that came after BBJX didn’t reach that level again (Xuanyuan Sword was pretty bad), and I’ve no idea how their Da Mo Yao adaptation will go…

          KC is really hitting his stride now and it’s good to see him expanding his repertoire apart from all the roles he used to have at TVB. BBJX did wonders for his (and Nicky’s) careers and I hope the Ip Man series will be good! KC and Nicky have maturity and acting experience that makes them really wonderful to watch. My mom and I were already familiar with KC from TVB series, but mom in particular loves Nicky Wu, which is the main reason why she was so eager to see BBJX in the first place.

          1. I am eating my words. TR just sent in the synopsis for the Censors to get a greenlight. It looks sooo meh usual MarySue in the corporate world though. No names are attached. I’m sure ShiShi will reprise the role but what is BB2 without the princes?!?!?! It is every bit just a scam to make some money off the BBJX name and no heart and soul of the original at all.

            Wind is DMY will never see the daylight IF they do not majorly rewrite the ending concerning the historical hero HXB. And I think from the accounting pov, TR was betting on DMY to make some $, for funds for BB2, that is NOT happening so they can call it whatever they want but I’m not buying.

            Nicky has regressed back to his usual Cdrama pickings though after BBJX. I am going harsh to say it’s more the role being charismatic and irresistible more than I can credit him (I have a shortlist of Cactors I can see playing Prince4 convincingly) because he’s followed BB with a slew of horrible dramas in which he’s also horrible in them. :/

            1. I was just about to ask you what’s happening with DMY. I heard that it’s finished filming but so far there hasn’t been any air date set.

              I heard that Nicky is in this detective period drama with Wallace Huo? I haven’t seen much about it yet though…


      Long time indeed! Happy 2013 to you too! ^^

      I didn’t get too far into QSHF (because of the script….) but it is one of the most gorgeous, I’m talking about truly beautiful faces (lets say the opposite of YuZheng’s kind of aesthetics). haha what are the odds of finding ALL the leads to my liking both with enough acting talent and my kind of gorgeous like the case here?! NEVER!

      I think the weak link maybe Qi Wei, she has carved her niche as the token feisty citygirl in her Cmoderns and imo her features are not made for periods (same token as Ady An), but I was never annoyed by her acting even in absolute C idol crap. Finger crossed!

      And gosh I love those period detective show growing up, I think I’ve watched every reinvention of Justice Bao, and I’m saying even the very horrible recent ones. Yes, the cases may not be the best laid out but somehow seeing justice always served and cases solved neatly has a manga-fantastic feel-goodness to it. I hope this will be sth along the line of the 1993 Justice Bao (not sure if u r old enough to even heard of it with Kenny Ho ;)).

      Frankly YH looks too regal and dashing as emperor LiZhi, whom in all accounts was a wimpy useless piece of stale prince-meat. We are not going for historical accuracy here not really a complaint, as they r bring out the pretty and letting us enjoy it! 😀

      1. *HUGS* Thanks! (I hadn’t been online for a while since I was recovering from surgery, but first thing I do back online is check your blog for updates hehehe *grin*)

        Oooh I’ll be honest, I sat down and watched maybe 15 episodes of QSHF and then sort of multi-tasked through the rest. The cast was strong and the prettiness kept me going (haha). Ruby really has a good eye for aesthetics and choosing male leads – Yan Kuan and Wallace together, how awesome is that? The general (Han Min?) and Liancheng’s brother (the cult leader/assassin dude) are quite dashing too… 🙂

        The only series I saw of Qi Wei is that Unbeatable series with Hu Ge and Tang Yan. I actually thought Qi Wei outshone Tang Yan in that series because she played the strong career woman type so well. She has a great modern look about her, which may work against her in a period drama … you know how some actors have a modern look about them that when they act in period dramas it just looks like they’re playing dress up instead of becoming the character they’re playing (like Eddie Peng who’s a good actor but looks a bit out of place in period dramas)? Same deal with Ady An, who looks good and can act, but when I saw her in All Men Are Brothers, she was good as Li Shishi but she gave me modern instead of historical vibes…

        Oh yes, never can period detective stories be discussed without the classic Justice Bao! My mom is a huge fan of Bao and has watched every version with 金超群 and Kenny Ho in it, starting from the 1993 version. I was only a little kid when that version aired, so I only have vague memories of it (ie. the theme song by George Lam) and mostly from what mom likes to tell me about *grin*. Mom likes to re-watch Bao series every now and then so I do catch snippets of it. The cast of that series is truly wonderful, from Bao to Gongsun to 展昭, and later on 錦毛鼠 (most awesome thief ever).

        YH will always be a dashing regal prince/young emperor in my book, no matter how they try to dress him as. I’m with you there about historical accuracy, but since I love watching YH grace my TV screen, even if they cast him as a wimpy emperor he will still do no wrong in my book (OK I admit it, I’m kinda biased)…

        1. Are you all better now sweetie? TCTC and speedy recovery! haha I hope this silly fangirly spazzing of mine at least give you a few chuckles. XD

          Yan Kuan is soooo scene stealingly gorgeous in All Men are Brothers and that WTH cameo in Schemes of Beauty. He should pick better projects though, I’ve heard his 2 new dramas airing now are both sooo craptastically entertaining to hatewatch. I totally agree with your opinion on Ruby and haha I have her taste in Gorgeousmanboys! She is now my go-to honcho for shallow!

          Unbeatable is soo mindnumbing story-wise but I also think she did a decent job with what she’s working with. I’ve seen a few more of her TangYan Cidolmoderns collab, all a waste of time, but she is not the prob. I think as long as she’s playing a strong girl in period instead of a great classical pretty, like the case in Det. Dee looks like, she’s a solid actress. Same goes with Ady An, I keep associating the two!

          haha I’m beginning to think our Moms will get along fine too! My mom feeds on these simple uplifting stories of justice being served, I fangirled Kenny’s 展昭, that cast is truly awesome and the production is so wholesome it’s hard to find these days, now we have to sieve for a thing or two, usu a gorg guy for me haha, to flail and suck up to the rest of the meh.

          MTE on YH, somehow, even playing conflicted baddies he’s still regal haha and I’m shallow, his face really is so suitable and manly for periods, whereas many younger actors eg Zhang Han are too flowerboys and modern looking without the acting to compensate.

          1. Thank you for your well wishes and I’m feeling much better now! This makes me happy because my relatives invited us over for Chinese New Year and together with my parents, they filled the tables with so much food! I was so happy to have my appetite back and can enjoy all their hard work! 😀

            LOL I was mostly admiring Yan Kuan in All Men Are Brothers (hehe scene stealingly gorgeous indeed!) and also in Qing Shi Huang Fei. I heard that he has an upcoming series (Sui Tang Ying Xiong?) where he’s supposed to be a famous general in the Tang dynasty? Has it been aired yet? Is it similar to All Men Are Brothers? I heard that many of the cast members are the same?

            I totally agree! Our moms will get along very well! They have similar tastes! 🙂 I’m a sucker for all the “justice being served” stories too. My mom and I bond over our shared love of detective/mystery stories hahaha

            I need to see more of Yuan Hong in period dramas. He’s a great actor and my goodness, his beautiful features and regal bearing makes him born for period roles! I miss seeing him on my TV screen (LOL)

      2. Btw did I mention that my mother and I finally got around to watching 桃姐 and our love for Deanie Yip just went supernova, beyond our already great love for her acting brilliance even before 桃姐. She deserves every award she gets, that amazing lady!

        1. Isn’t 桃姐 such an awesome earnest movie with SO MUCH HEART!!! I can feel every frame is there because of the dedication to the film, to the storytelling, opposite of empty bling. It seems like nothing much is going on but it touches me so immensely. I can’t watch it with my Mom, it’s hitting too close to home and I’ll get too devastatingly emotional.

          Deanie is such a feisty legend, they do not make a star like her anymore. She can be Glam to the nines in her latest press con for her concert in Mar (WANT SO BAD IT HURTS!). Her dictionary has not halfassery, she gives everything she touches her absolute all.

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