To an Auspicious 2013

2013 in mandarin is homophonic to 愛你一生 ‘ai ni yi sheng’, ie Loving you for life.  And today is 2013.1.4.  愛你一生一世, Loving you for life and ever more.  It is a very auspicious day for weddings and love declarations.

I had a breathtaking trip for the new year and hope it’s been as lovely for you (even though I’m so not looking forward to redeye 15 hr last leg)!   To a better 2013! All I want is for a little squee a day, everyday in 2013.

Dedicating this to all romantics:

It’s Yundi (Li Yundi), the famous Chopin interpreter, playing Nocturne no. 13 to ring in 2013 at his year end concert.  IF you can’t stand Chopin, nor Li Yundi (what are you?) skip to 5min mark and stay with it.

What do you see and hear?!?!!?!?!??????????????????????????

LeeHom and YunDi’s bromance has been open to the public for last few months.  The ‘National CP’ has swept the blogosphere and a dedicated fangirl have compiled 7000+ characters of their love story from interviews and their own words into the best romantic novel I’ve read lately here . Gosh all I can conjure up is when the classical pianist falls in love and performs a love declaration, it’s one of the bestest kind.   He can abandon his piano playing and SINGS *being under the weather, and no singer himself* at the end of his proper recital and SINGS LeeHom’s 落葉歸根, to the slideshow of memorable moments in LYD’s life…yup the picture commemorating the duet he sang with LeeHom is up there with one of the 18 yo him winning the prestigious first prize of the Intl Chopin Piano Competition.  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! There are rose petals, heartshaped ones on the screens and real ones cascading down.  IF they are leaves, at least it’s matching the lyrics but ROSE!  PETALS!!  Live accounts from fans present at the concert is utter, sheer shock and screams and ZOMG!!!  A guy in the audience shouts, ‘Zai! Yi! Chi! (Be Together!)’  Can this be more PERFECT?!?!  All the slashfic writers of the pair, no matter how awesome you are (and you fangirls are always awesome), you can all go take a rest for the year, pour yourselves drinks, sit back, relax and enjoy the Show.

A manga to the words of  远离家乡 不甚唏嘘 幻化成秋夜 (Far away from home, sighs…dissipating into the deep autumn night)
而我却像 落叶归根 坠在你心间 (And I’m like a falling leaf returning to the roots, sinking in your heart)

I’m lost for words how romantic it all is and I do not care if it is real or not because the flooding of emotions in my heart is as true as it gets!  It’s the norm to have guys selling bromance for promotion’s sake nowadays but for stars of their own right as huge as Wong Lee Hom (even though he’s never wow’d me over to flailing) and a renowned classical pianist the caliber of Li Wun Di (his concert is still the best and most memorable hours of my life), I do not think they need that kind of noise.  This is my new hope for love and happiness in YYland, I choose to ignore leehom’s blunt denial at weibo yesterday causing a hailstorm on the rose petal parade and the hashtag of #Don’tCryYundi

Cheers to 2013!

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