2013 Loverboy Style

I’ve been a cyberstalking fangirl of Loverboy long enough to know he will definitely be causing guffawing cheers at weibo comes any big day.  2013.1.1 is not gonna sneak by without him ringing in the new year with the top tweets of the day there.

And only my kind of wittiest silliest derpy idols will come up with a blatant patpatpat on himself coining ‘2013 stands for 爱你十三’ (Ai Ni 13 ie Love you~ 13)and on new year’s day, all the billions of Cnetizens on weibosphere wishing a happy 2013 and all the blessings, he got it, as all indirect lovelies directing at him.  MUAHAHAHA  He went further ensuring us with all the out-pour of love he got won’t get to his head too much, he’ll internalize it and reflect on how to be nonchalance, keeping himself grounded, or so he says.

I’m sure he’ll never EVER change. And WHO wants him to?!?!?! <333

He also starts the year doing a cameo in HengDian, he’s the reigning Little Prince of Heng Dian, afterall.

He had only himself to blame of tweeting a bts pic of his own snow boots, matching perfectly to the color scheme of the phoenix-dragon embroidered fancy costume, instead of his pretty face.   Even gloating that some (royal) aura/charisma can be nurtured.  With this clue,  his fangirls are toying with him he must be playing the lady empress Wu ZeTian, cause our little red flower is sooo suitable to be a Girl1.

So he pouted with his reply a few days ago:  For the ‘friends’ who deduced I’m playing Wu ZeTian from hints and hearsay here and there, while Your Highness here is cursing you, your instant noodles will only have soup base in the packaging, and T.o.M. will fall squarely the day you have a date with your Love on the magpie bridge, yet still, I am commending y’all on your expansive knowledge on the field of history, biology, ergonomics…etc.  Seriously. *Because really, how did he manage to take that sel-ca? He must first spreads his legs, flops one up that table, readjusts his costume for decency, and he is obviously so proud of his brand new snowboots matchymatchy color with his robe to tweet it…etcetcetc. And only a great historical beauty such as Empress Wu has the obsessive eye for details to fuss over it all.*

This is the tweet to which his homie/roomie in Beijing snuffs out YH has experienced the similar curse of his own medicine ‘cup noodles with no spork included’ way back when.  And Loverboy has to jab himself some more that was an occurrence on SEVERAL occasions.

MUAHAHAHA!  Oh Loverboy, keep it up, as you’ve claimed this year is yours,  you have the responsibility of splitting our sides at your expense!

This is a brief synopsis on Young Detective Dee **spoilers alert**:

Young Detective Dee is a 40-episode period (jointly produced by TVB and another production company).  The first case will involve young Dee solving the case of a murder, an assassin is present at the examination hall he’s sitting for a civil servant entrance exam.  The assassin is a girl cross-dressing as one of the scholars, she slips out in the chaos.  Empress Wu commands Dee to be in charge of the investigation, the assassination scheme is meticulous and very well thought out.  He gets a position at a detective and meets his first love ChuYun.  However she regards him as a younger brother.  She is later engaged to a government honcho’s son Wang, who dies on their wedding night.  She meets Dee again.  Although they have feelings for each other, she is too devastated to start anything with Dee.  Further investigation reveals her dead husband-to-be is murdered.   More murders follow, a few members of the Wang family all die of suspicious, peculiar circumstances.  Dee and CY’s feelings for each other deepens, adding further intrigue to the mystery….

Hmmm, if they focus more on the cases and less on frothy romance, this may be decent, cause TVB can at least do fast-paced detective dramas, logic holes and all.  And Bosco is swooon as a smartass detective!

Yet another Loverboy project starting at the end of the month!!!  This one I’m mightily excited IF all is true.  This is an adaptation of 华胥引 (With Love, Your Majesty) by 唐七公子 *Honestly this is the VERY next novel on my to read list.  I’m urged by so many friends and family to read it, my anticipation is mightily high!* It has the hugest passionate C fandom I’ve witnessed,  The amount of fanvids out of dreamcasting is INSANE.  I’ve seen hour-long fanmade episodes floating around. It’s a sweeping epic and many rabid fans of the novel are already crying and begging to never adapt and thus tarnish their love.  Since I’ve not knelt over its awesome yet, I am super excited Elephant Mountain Studio is leaking out Kevin Cheng and Loverboy will be the leads, the heroine has a few hopefuls, JiangXin (OMG 华妃<33333) is one of them, but it probably will be YingEr *ergh, seriously I really do not get how and why so many borderline talentless mediocre ok to superplasticfug looking starlet is getting ALL the juicy roles, YingEr is not the most horrible offender, but YuanShanShan is so incredulously revolting the more I see her*.  But I do not care who is the heroine tbh.  I do not care if KC or Loverboy is a suitable casting for whatever roles they are playing because just the thought of them leading a drama is causing fancy fireworks in my head.  They are two of my absolute favorites, and in one drama and that is after Bosco x Loverboy.  WOW, am I a lucky fangirl or not in 2013?!?!

ETA:  goshhhhh…he’s not done with surprises yet.  He’s also lent some lovely thoughts in a book ZUINK魑魅魍魉 by the popular writer for CN youngsters 郭敬明 Guo JingMing of Little Time’s fame.  It is a compilation of Q&As on supernatural folklore, famous folks sharing their views on ghosts, demons and spirits in Chinese legends.

*YH starred in two works with themes on the supernatural:  Chinese Paladin 3 and Strange Stories from A Chinese Studio

Q:  What is your most memorable story on the supernatural?  Which being is your favorite?  If a production company asks you to act as one, what character in Chinese folklore do you want to be the most?  And why?

A:  Many of the most classic, most elemental, most traditional literature delved into folklore.  In the Four Great Classics, Journey to the West needs no more mention, but even more realistic works such as Red Chambers and Water Margins start off with a roll in the supernatural.  Firstly, it is in our nature to be fascinated by the unknown; secondly, these masterpieces of literature all enjoy a large scope of audience (hence its influence is powerful); thirdly the best of literature usually involves a perusal between human nature and spirituality.  I, myself, adore the magical realism in Latin American literature and medieval European myths and legends.

In Chinese legends, Sun Wukong, NeZha, these anarchists are very alluring, but what I want to challenge myself most is to be Zhu BaJie (Pig of eight inihibitions) because he’s cute, because I love comedy, because that is what I call a challenge.

Seriously Cdrama sugardaddies and sugarmamas, DO STH!!!  Just throw him a script as the fat piggy in Journey to the West, I know him well, he’s actually just begging to be in a drama entirely topless flaunting his belly.  *LE SIGH*

16 thoughts on “2013 Loverboy Style

  1. Back mookie?! With style like Loverboy haha, weibo would be NO FUN without him hehe.. Happy New Year chinggu!

    1. HUGZZZZ Chingu!!! Happy 2013!!! ^^ And cheers to another year of drama fun for you and me!!!!!!!

      Gosh you get Grandmasters soon?!?!?! I’ve read nth but the most intense rapturous RAVES, with peeps screaming it’s the best film of 2013 no contest! OMGOMGOMG!!!

  2. Definitely agreeing with you there – 2013 is shaping up to be an AWESOME year for Cdrama! I’m keeping an eye out for Detective Dee for sure, what with my love of detective stories and the brilliant cast.

    I’ve never heard of 华胥引 but I’m all behind seeing Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong together as leads. They’d be totally awesome together (if BBJX was any indication).

    1. I rewatched a few eps of BBJX with family recently, while my irking is I loved the acting of Kevin and YH most, I thought it’s because I was not a fan of Kevin till ghetto justice so he is actually the biggest pleasant surprise for me fr BuBu, and I’m blatantly a YH biased fangirl, but really this is past the fervor and these 2 were truly a slight league above the rest of the awesome leads.

      And hahaha I’m mostly looking forward to the synergy of derpiness exploding in weibo once this starts shooting. Both of them are such delights as cute sillytwats in RL!

      For Bosco, I am also anticipating his Women on the Breadfruit Tree. If they stick closely to the book, even with elaborations and fillers, it should be decent.

      Kevin’s IpMan drama is sth I’m paying close attention to, everything is pointing at quality and he’s said the role is his most challenging and fulfilling yet! Can’t WAIT!

      1. Absolutely Nicky Wu’s and Kevin Cheng’s acting were a cut above the rest. They were AMAZING and OMG the tension in every one of their scenes is incredible, especially when they were planning each other’s demise while exchanging pleasantries with each other, keeping the guise of being peaceful brothers and all, while manipulating and plotting at each turn. Delicious.

        Oooh I hadn’t known about Woman on the Breadfruit Tree, but after hearing it from you I went and Googled it and it sounds pretty interesting! I’m glad to see some familiar actors like Tang Yan (she’s so cute haha). Bosco always looks dashing in modern dramas and he’s such a good actor, he can pull off many different roles.

        KC and Yuan Hong reuniting will be awesome and I’m grinning already just thinking it! I also look forward to KC’s Ip Man drama. Thanks for informing me about it, I’m definitely keeping an eye out for that one! 😀

        1. For some reason Nicky’s perf in BB is good but didn’t wow me, maybe coz I’ve always liked his acting enough, I just felt he didn’t elevate the character from the book, and his nuances are not as precise, YongZheng should be even better at hiding his every emotion, Nicky played him slightly too superficially readable and without enough inner workings of the character, and compared to KC, whom I had timely warmed up after GJ, he outshone Nicky’s acting imo. There are many touches he filled in the character on top of the novel, that fiery scene is the most devastating and explosive of acting perfection and still the most memorable scene in BBJX for me. It’s just me being nitpicky, I honestly like to love all their perf in BuBu.

          I like Tang Yan too, have a soft spot for her and from CP3 of all things! She needs to do sth meatier and solidly good and stop wasting her time. I have hope for Breadfruit Tree since the source material is seminal.

    1. Hi KIM!!! Happy New Year to you and fam!! 😀

      Gosh I’ve heard nth but insane ridiculous raves about Grandmasters, at least fr critics and friends I trust their opinions on to the extent it’s the best WKW to date. It’s not if my anticipation is not completely craycray prior already! ARGHHHhH I even called my neighborhood big theater (which is steadily showing Asian movies lately) to ask about it, and I will do it again and again till I hear sth I like! please show in my woods like NOWWWW.

      1. haha, really dear? I know you are a fan of WKR and Tony, and i have read quite good reviews for TGM too, all the praisings..can’t really wait and i think their hard work certainly paid off..read quite good reviews on Kyo’s part as well.

        1. I’ve heard WKW cut off ALL the scenes of SongJia, and ChangZhen has no memorable scenes, everything he’s distilled down to the 2+ hours after literally YEARS of hardwork must be perfection to his eyes.

          I’m not even scared of my expectation being so high no more, and am enjoying every bit of the anticipation! *SQUEEEEEE*

  3. Happy New Year, mookie dear:) 华胥引 is my fav Tang 7 book so I was very excited when I heard fr Chancy that it will be filmed. I cried buckets when I was listening to that book, sob sob….But later, Chancy told me they gonna change a large part of the story. Arrrrgh, I hate it when screen adapters tamper with an otherwise good book. What made BBJX such a good drama is that it stayed true to the book except the ending. Anyway, if KC or YH or both will be in the drama I’ll give this drama a look. Huh, as far as I can see there is only 1 lead in the book, how come got 2 leads? Otherwise, I won’t bother. Hopefuly no YingEr or YSS as I am allergic to them:( Btw you are such a slow reader but fast watcher, lol.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Peanuts! *hugzzzzz*

      OMGOMG There you go again sweetie, you persuasive you! we have similar cry buttons. I hope I can start it tmr, but I’m jetlaggin crazy and still nursing a cold. BUT then should I just read it like after so not to vex myself too much and no way I’m missing a KCxYHxJiangXin (confirmed! gosh I happydanced for a while!) drama cause from everything I’ve heard too at weibo, the fans of the book r unanimously sooo pissed off by the rumored leaked script and yeah, there is only one lead guy, not 2. And the heroine is 17 years old?! JX can’t be 17 though she’s drop dead gorgeous, such marvelous captivating screen presence and beefy acting chops to boot! So I’m detaching myself this is most possibly NOT!华胥引 but a pretty solid drama with THREE super awesome biases of mine.

      I need to amend that slow sporadic reading habit, seriously. T___T I need no distraction and be alone when reading so it’s hard to have fam and friends around the hols, dramawatching is easier coz I can do other stuff with it as bkgd noise if I choose to, but reading is an exercise I need to actively work my eyeballs on haha. Too bad my mandarin comprehensive is so embarrassing I can only get 60% with contemporaries w audiobooks, let alone a period setting.

      1. 华胥引 is Chancy’s fav book. She is the one who sold me the book, haha…I got misled by her thinking it is a fluffy & funny book like 3W3L10PB. I think anyone who read it also will feel sad so pls prepare your box of tissue:( Some gave up bcos it is too depressing like Tong Hua’s novels.

        Wow, you reading a book sound very stressful to me, lol. I listen to the audiobook like a bedtime story & whenever I am taking public transport which is daily:P It is very relaxing as I can rest my eyes. I speak Cantonese at home & received no formal education in Mandarin so I can’t even read Chinese:( If I can handle audiobook so can you. You can give it a try as it is rather entertaining as the reader’s voice is rather good.

        I digged out more info on the drama adaptation. Ha, if what read abt the drama storyline is true then it changed the very essence of the book. It makes the drama sound like a tired palace drama where they fight for the throne. If such is the case, like you I can only watch it by separating it from the book but not an adaptation. If not, I’ll tear my hair out, lol.

        Moreover I found out KC is gonna act as Mu Yan the lead. I was hoping YH will get to play MY & KC gonna guess star in one of the sub story. I don’t know the extent of your love for KC but I’ll say I watched nearly all of KC’s TVB dramas but I’ve never liked KC as an actor. BBJX also can’t change my mind on him. I admit he is a handsome man but I really do not like his acting. I read some comments in baidu that they are fine with YH in the cast but not KC & JX bcos the fans think they are too old. Yes, Ah Fu the heroine is only 17 yo so they are over age:( I don’t know who is JX but I google for her pics & she looks good enough so I’ll give her a chance to woo me. I won’t be too harsh on them till I watch the drama. Then I gonna write 10 things I hate abt this drama compared to the book, lol.

        1. I’m most swept by emotions when reading, not against audiobook, but for sth so affecting I want to experience it first hand with no extraneous influence and I find connecting with words the purest, and what if I come across words I’m not sure in mandarin?! I cant sleep well with guessing an author’s original, I tried out a Xin YiWu audiobook and ended up needing to check the text anyway and it’s more time-consuming.

          I have an irking 华胥引 the book is too epic to adapt to a decent drama with a budget anyways, I’m not too purist with age and JX is my current fav of C actress not just on looks but serious acting chops (FINALLY!). She was in recently working in a drama where she has to be the young version of the character at 16?! Not saying it’s absolutely convincing but her talent can make it up enough. I still have a hard time accepting YSS is 25! With all the excessive and crappy PS she did making her into a painted skin personified, ‘ageless’ in a sense it’s easily aging her to anything fr 30-mid40s. It’s a give or take, I’d rather a drama have people with acting I can connect with rather than look/age appropriate as long as they r not scarymovielooking (again YSS) coz I think the craft itself is a make-belief and when it’s good, I can buy whatever the actor is selling.

          We have different taste in acting we can connect with! XD I prefer things wayyy more subtle and internalized than the norm where I can interpret the thought behind and I was such a rabid anti of KC actually before GJ. Prince8 is not likeable but he’s the most complex and intriguing of the princes in the drama when I don’t even find it so in the novel proper, thus I’m crediting it for his effort.

  4. Dear Mookie, may I call you that? I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading what you’ve written. Your description and analysis of people , situations and emotions are all very interesting, amusing at times and enlightening. Thank you.

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