What’s up with the BBJX brotherhood?

Smart lads and still ever so tightknit, rather than waiting for whatever TR is up to with the much rattled BBJX2, the princes and RX are off doing their collabs and being as lovely and awesome bromancing each other on weibo. I sincerely hope this brotherhood will last till we are all in nursing homes.

Prince 8 and Prince 13 are confirmed to be united in 华胥引, it’ll be filming in Elephant Mt Studios January.  *SQUEEEEE*  I know I’ve been yelping about Loverboy no end but I’m beyond excited and I never am this early with a Cdrama.  Not just these 2 hotties got my votes for best performances out of the princes in BuBu on top of being in my manrem,  华胥引 is soooo rabidly loved by so many of my RL friends and fam I’m literally finishing up my other silly pleasures and making time to delve into the deep end.   I’ve read from the get go of the rumor of the leaked synopsis of each ep a while back.  Spoilerphobe me haven’t really taken a look, esp on sth I’m much anticipating, but word is it’s a travesty of the source material, I doubt a drama which has not even started shooting be sticking to the guns on some synopsis already leaked out.  Nonetheless, I’m betting on KC really, he seems to be most astute on picking his projects post BuBu, of a certain quality and not wasting his feathers now he’s finally made it (and can’t afford to waste time on too many duds).  To add on my excitement, out of all the rumored actresses, I got someone I adore so very much atvm, it is truly beyond my dream.   Normally I stay away from casting rumors and such because there is always sth aggravating me,  I get some, I lose some.  I can save my torrents of vitriol till the end product is out, but I have Jiang Xin here.  OMGOMGOMGOMG!!  I’m in a disbelief with KCxYH already, I can’t wait for the synergy of their awesome, it’s hard to come by actors these days who have enough talent AND more rare to have the genuine passion to work hard at challenging himself.  Now I have Jiang Xin, who is absolutely the most perfect package I’ve seen in Cdramaland for years if not the last decade!  If this is a dream, I’m not waking up.  Seriously.

And the fun has already begun!  We have KC and YH confirmed and rumors running amok on the lucky lucky actress working with them.  Prince 10 (RL bf of JX)  went on and recommended ‘himself’ who can be such a pretty pretty girl with pics to prove:

lolzzzz  to which JX pouts at him, ‘we are from the same root, why the inner fighting!?’

For all we know, Prince 10 has collaborated with Nicky and Han Dong after BBJX, he’s especially close to Prince 9 Han Dong, who is causing his own lovely storms in fandom with his solid acting and pretty pretty stature, appearing as scene-stealing characters in work after work after work.  Mark my words, he’ll be the only watchable thing in both Swordsman (out in Feb5) and DemiGodsSemiDevils.  HD is filming DGSD in Elephant Mountain currently, hopefully he’ll still be there when Loverboy arrives!

KKB must have an eye for pretty, looking at HanDong so lovingly.  I think proper OTP chemistry in DGSD is hopeless *coughfuglyactressesclothesetcetcetccough*, lets bet on the bromance front.  He’s the only pretty thing around in all honesty:

A few days ago, when Loverboy tweeted his very first bts pic of his face fr the set of Young Det.  Dee as ’emperor…’, it so happens HD also tweeted a few moments later with the message: ‘ I’ll serve and fight for you my entire life!’  Of course it’s in the context of his current Qing Yumama PoS , but how apropos!

The drama Prince 9 and 10 worked together was #1 in cable during its broadcast, it looks inane but mindless fun.  To congrat his bros, YH sent them a patpatpat tweet, reminding them of some inside joke/promise of skinny dipping and treating him dinner if the ratings is #1.  Prince 10 Ye ZuXin made a wordplay on ‘#1 in rating’ @ Han Dong, impling Prince 9 is the queen of ratings.   Han Dong is a prankster himself, he jokes back he is the rating king himself and the rating queen in Ye.

This is what Prince 9 tweeted 13 for his birthday….yup, it’s a topless pic of himself!

Han Dong may be the ‘Venomous Snake 9’ in BuBu, but in real life he is a boisterous sweetheart.  Lest we forget, he’s also the poor Li Gan in Da Mo Yau (IF it’s ever gonna be aired) with ShiShi (and the other Loverboy’s long time bromantic lover Eddie):

He also tweeted Annie Liu, wishing her happy birthday with the only pic they took together, so pretty!

He visited Nicky on his set with 14. In a tweet, Nicky the big bro hollers for 10, 13 even his ‘rival’ 8  and of course his OTP RX to visit him as well!  Hoping they can all work together in a project in the future! How precious!  Lin GengXin is rumored to be leaving TR for greener pastures with the biggest C management HuaYi Brothers in a few months, he is romancing Ruby Lin at the moment in Drama GoGoGo, but Ruby is now on set for Young Detective Dee and from fan report just shot an intimate scene with Loverboy last night (fr a redbeanie on set, it seems to be a kiss, but as their heads are closing in, Loverboy halts it saying it’s not how they kissed last time and Ruby has to move her head back and NG…lolz when I think most guys will just smooch first and NG later)

But Prince 9 and 10 are of the Prince8 Gang, they visited KC on his set too:

Our RuoXi is venturing into movieland lately, she is filming a modern romance at the helm of PD Ip, the same PD directing Ad Mania and is chummy with YH.  The HongShi shippers are already flexing their muscles nudging lady PD to invent a cameo or what not for Loverboy, there is no way he won’t slurp it up.  I think the movie is shooting at Elephant Mt or that vicinity?  He will be conveniently there ANYWAY!!!

LSS on the set, looking mightily like her Zhang Xiao from BBJX:

TangRen has officially filed the paperwork for greenlighting ‘BBJX2’ , it has a cheesy title of Bu Bu Jing Qing (Startling Steps in Love?).  It is a modern drama:

Zhang Xiao is a southerner, who moved to Beijing working as an OL, with dreams of romance and a stable job.  By coincidence, she gets a job at a dot.com conglomerate ‘zhen tian’ (Thunderous Sky).  Like all newbies, she’s bullied and stepped on, the saving grace is her boss Yin Zheng likes her, as she gets the hang of it, she and Yin Zheng develops mutual feelings for each other, just when a gentle, considerate guy  Kang XiHang steps into Zhang’s world. Yin Zheng, Kang XiHang both are fore-runners next in line inheriting the firm.  Zhang is twirled into the eye of the corporate battles.  After twists and turns, Zhang finally realizes where her heart is at, and bravely chooses to spend her future with her true love.

Argh.  Can it be more mediocre and cliched?!

19 thoughts on “What’s up with the BBJX brotherhood?

  1. ahh mookie thak you for the news, i sincerely hope you would promise me that you’ll always gonna posts updates everything abt Loverboy, because literally you’re my only source with language this fangirl fathom to get my Loverboy doses fulfills 😀 keep healthy ne 🙂

    1. Yeah, I know, but the biz is not entirely everything to your picking, you know? that is just one drama and it’s still a league above anything say Nicky has been in and that was right post BuBu, did he shoot it prior to BB? And he’s just broken into the C market then, I don’t think he has much a say as opposed to now, at least he said out loud what he’s set his heart to do and those are decent. At least he didn’t go around shamelessly saying it’s terrific, must-watch, and now that he’s really hit it big and have some muscle to pick and choose he’s been doing very solid dramas (and his words he’s turned down many higher paid ones). It’s too naive to stay absolutely away fr Cdrama turds unless he doesn’t wanna work when 90% of the stuff out there are unwatchable, right?!

      1. Anyway, I’m soooo excited about Kevin-YH-Jiang Xin collaboration that it doesn’t matter if the drama is good or crap. I’ll just watch to swoooon! 😀

        What’s the plotline like? Will Jiang Xin be paired with both Kevin and YH? I just think Jiang Xin is so much prettier, not to mention a far better actress, than Ying’er. She’s been terribly under-rated for so long.

        1. Oh you love Jiang Xin too? 😀 She is truly drop dead gorgeous and have the talent stealing EVERY scene she’s in. I rem she caught my eye in the 2003 DGSD. *sigh* compare to the one coming out soonish, that one is worthy alone on the sheer beauty of faces, no eye sore at all. There really is no one comparable to her atm. FINALLY, I don’t have to be nice and just accept we have a new ‘standard’ of beautiful nowadays.

          OH please don’t be Crap! Please PLease PLEASE!

          Gosh I finally have time to marathon 甄嬛传 entirely, I’ve checked out a few eps and while it’s a big fat like, I have no time till now. So very awesome. At last we have an antithesis to that Yumama ‘Qing’ Fug that doesn’t feel like a stinky neon highlighters spilled on plastic vomit.

          She is, what is sad about Cdramaland is for some reason, talentless swarmy actresses with faces so not suitable for closeups are everywhere and getting ALL the lead roles. I lasted a few eps only with plenty of ff with that HanDong YSS Hawick Yumama poop. Honestly I had a nightmare that night after, YSS’ face gives me scary chills, literally like painted skin the eternal taut glare and all the facial features she can’t move or chunks of visible plastic in her lip area whenever she’s saying ANYTHING…Damn! I have never seriously watch anything by her, but there won’t be a next. I’m not even hate watching Swordsman, I’m a wimp with a weak weak heart.

    1. Oh yesyes, they have been so lovingly cute on weibo since forever (I did put it right, Prince 10 is her RL bf, right? haha I thought I type wrong *still living life as a jetlagged zombie*)

  2. According to the book, JX & KC are a pair. I can’t remember reading any other male who likes JX in the book but this could change in the drama. Hey mookie which role is YH playing? Heehee, pls get me his drama name as you know my chinese is very poor:)

    Huh, prince 14 can leave TR? I though he sold himself into slavery for 10 yrs or something like that. Did you watch GoGoGo? I am thinking of watching when the whole drama is out.

    Arrrgh, why the plot for Bu Bu Jing Qing sounds so boring & tired? Haha, after reading so many chinese novels, I think I can come up with better storyline:P Actually TR should adapt some of Xin Yi Wu’s novel plots as most of them are rather interesting & fresh. Even if the copyrights have been sold to someone else, still can copy here & there like what Yu mama did, lol.

    1. I have no idea, I lurked in baidu tieba and the redbeans are weeping he maybe 君玮 (Jun Wei?) ? 容垣 (Yung Tan?)? 容询 (Yung Xuan?)? I dun even know how horribly unsavory the role is, nor the characters *I haven’t started the book haha so no spoiling me!*, I just know they are saying they won’t watch it if so. I’m didn’t really follow the drama adapt news closely till suddenly KC and YH are confirmed and I’m a horrible spoilerphobe for sth I’m really looking forward to, My intent is to dive in just knowing there is KC+YH+JX, that’s magical fireworks for me already. I’m not greedy I’m not even reading the synopsis or anything (hahaha I’m squeeing so madly being soooo ecstatic I can’t really function!!)

      1. Ahahaha, ok ok , I won’t spoil you or else you’ll banned me fr you blog:P But don’t come to shusheng bar bcos we love to post spoilers, lol. Anyway you can drop by to vent bcos u might need to once u start HXY:) I won’t say those roles are unsavory but not meaty enough for your loverboy. I suspect they gonna beef up the role or maybe create a new one for him. Who do u love more? YH right? So hopefully his role will be something more interesting to showcase his charm & skill, heehee.

        1. I hope! I do not feel too hot about his new management after TangRen, I do not know why his stuff r either cooling on the shelves with no air date or he’s doing bit jobs and cameoing. But at least he needs a change than wasting more of his time in TR doing the same old forever idol fanfics/ RPG turds and as guy 2, 3, 4, 5 at that.

          I think KC can rock a character that is a bit skivvy, but if the character is very young and purely heroic, he will be a super miscast. BUT I’ll still watch how he can apporach it, at least I don’t think he’s hopeless. We’ll see!

    2. I checked out an ep of GoGoGo, Jiro’s nose is too stuck-on fug for me to stand :X, so sad. I think it’s okish nth special TWdrama fare nth really piqued my interest to stick with it. LGX is much more suitable for modern drama though, charming, his lisp is worst in period diction. I don’t think his face is refine enough to be period handsome.

      Rumor is HuaYi brother’s honcho LOVES him and will pay out his contract so he can sign on another slavery contract under HuaYi. Rumor. But I think it’s possible coz LGX is a side character in Detective Dee Movie sequel which is another popcorn extravaganza that will be mass popular no matter the quality. That is a HY franchise (I think?) and TR has no muscle to pull sth this caliber.

      LadyBoss is RETARDED (no offense to the disabled) and in my honest opinion she is illiterate tbh.. *sigh* Nicky has confirmed he has got some form of a script and is in negotiation and talks, but most probably the orig cast other than LSS will just make a cameo, milk the fandom a bit and call it a day at most.

      1. Eeee, I hope they don’t lend their names to something so elementary. I know they’ve a debt of gratitude to pay but pls do it in some other ways. I am not a die hard rabid fan whoI’ll watch anything dish out by my favs. If it is just there to milk me then I won’t be part of the circus. After reading so many wonderful chinese novels, I fail to understand why most cdramas are so lame & unattractive? They are spoilt for choices with so many good storylines & writings. All they need to do is adapt a book to the screen. Is it so hard to do that well? On the other hand, I am very impressed by the MVs done on those books. In future, let the fans adapt the books to the screen:P

        1. I do not mind them cameoing tbvh. That way I won’t be tempted to even watch the drama proper. I’d rather this BBJQ be loathsome as all TR original scripts of last few years and they just show up for a bit of gratitude, a little smooch on the hand that fed them. I hope Nicky won’t be soft and nice enough to take up the shoddy deal, because IF that’s the case I bet YH will join in whatever soysauce character TR shove his way *sigh*. I think KC has been quite frank in all his direct and indirect hints he has no time for this silliness.

  3. I have watched around 14 to 15 eps of 後宮甄嬛傳 and so far I really love Jiang Xin the best!! I was like, wow this pretty can surely act!! XD

    1. Isn’t this AWESOME?!

      I mean I babbled on my expectation on all the Qing dramas in production around the same time way back when and we had expected every step of the way 甄嬛傳 be the best of the three (the other 2 Goong, BBJX) BuBu is actually better than I thought, I thought it would be Clothing the World boring crap. BUT compared to 甄嬛傳, one is quality and finesse of a fine proper drama the other is HS shoujo fluff done right.

      I can’t stop watching. I’m not done yet, only at 30s. ep30 is sooooooo da bomb!!!!!!!!! It’s with the entire cast and all the lovely delicate touches, from how their eyes look up in the ever gentile way of life back then to all every intricate details. I have no complaint of ALL the acting for once. If I had to nitpick, Chen JianBin, my CaoCao ahjusshi crush is actually overshadowed by ALL the ladies easily. And gosh even for the shallow me, first the costumes are better than BuBu, the adornment and headpieces are SPARKINGLY GORG!!! (even if they are all wrong for early Qing) and makeup, lighting, it’s like truly straight from a painting of the time, soooo pleasant for my eyes for once!!!! Then even more so for my heart’s content Prince 17 is dashing!

  4. Hey, hey can u still open your eyes, haha? I read that your good pal mrs koala is also reading HXY. I can’t believe she hasn’t read this popular book but better late then never, heehee. So happy that she likes it & may translate it. She is really fast, already finished the 2nd sub-story. I feel the sub-stories are tragic than the main one. Where are you?

    Mrs Koala also doesn’t think KC is suitable to be MY but will give him the benefit of doubt. Thus, I’ll open my mind & watch him in the context of the drama. So, now you read the character your loverboy is playing? I quite like Jun Wei as he is so cute & funny. I am sure YH would have no problem bringing him alive:P Looking fwd to him outshinning KC but I also like MY, lol.

    Oh, I m here to supply you with some tissues & my shoulder, lol. Actually the book is not that sad bcos sometime it is also very funny. I relistened to some of my fav parts last night & it still feel as good as b4. Tang 7 can reduce me to tears with 1 sentence sob sob then make me laugh at the same sentence, haha…

    1. I didn’t get far in HXY, was beat off on a strenuous snowshoeing trip the wkend… I just read 2 chapters to get a very initial taste of Tang 7 whom I’ve never read *I know I know* (so I got the OTP as Su the prince and Ye the princess of the fallen country Wei, that’s about it.)

      I won’t dive into it yet (I’m on ep 50s of 甄嬛传) , I’m planning on giving it my undiluted attention once I’m done. It’s epic awesomeness deserves my undiluted attention at least.

      I’m already putting the HuaXu threnody on loop and been listening to it on my drive.

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