Muakkkkkk 么么哒

I had to baidu AND douban what 么么哒 (mo mo da)  truly means, it seems like it is a CN equivalent to muakkkkkk~?! if we r being PG.  Thanks to my impish Loverboy who feigns innocently curious asking the weibosphere if expression 么么打 means kiss, kiss then spank.  He already has a couple prankish spins on the slang (erm 摸摸大/mo mo dai ‘touchtouchbig’, 么么啪啪啪 ‘muakmuakunfunfunf’ are not PG13) .  And WHO can’t tell he’s just asking for virtual smooches and slaps and being devilishly flirty with his fangirls?  Of course that tweet makes it to a top tweet of the day, easy.

The flirting started by a cross-dressing 10 towards 8 and 13 of course prompted follow-up replies by the gang.  Loverboy can’t stop his itchy fingers to poke at 10, 8 (and Mrs 10 in RL JiangXin) all in one scoop:

YH:  Looking at the pics, this is exactly Bro8’s type.  Wishing you both the conjugal bliss of the most harmonious coupling (like the lute and psaltery and the touching of flapping wings of birds in sync).  I like the type of Consort Hua (Jiang Xin, ie RL girlfriend of Prince10) way more, Br010, you should know~!

To which KC replies:  Bro10 knows you, you know me! HAHAHA!

Rumor is filming of ‘BBJX2’ will commence in March, Nicky has said yes to reporter last night. (and I predict Loverboy will follow suit if that is the case cause March is quite perfect timing.  His HuaXuYin shoot is projected to wrap up by then, the big condition being IFFFFFF he’s ever even offered a script.  This is exactly an incidence when I wish TR’s Ladyb8tch will truly stick to her true color and be petty and obnoxious in ‘grudge-bearing’ and not even ask him back so I can be spared the eyesore and the world would be spared from my exhaustive rants and deskflippings.)

Two weeks into 2013,   I’ve lost count on how many times Loverboy has made the TopTweet by his most trololoing smartassery:

*sighhh*  *I’m asking myself why ahjummamoi needs to know all these things because of fangirling Loverboy, seriously*

So….Loverboy is nicked ‘Lao O’, which is literally ‘Old Yuan’ as O is a circle and Yuan is homophonic to circle.  He’s attaching this pic to prove his face is now so pudgy and his eyes are as wide and round as they can get, totally befitting his nick.  BUT for the slash-loving fandom out there, 0 and 1 are….2 designations of the preference of ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ of the relationship in a slash CP.  And here Loverboy is making sth not known to every single fangirl in the whole world this much more obvious:  his nick is literally Old Circle, not Old Zero (Lao 0/Ling), which is the ‘bottom’ guy.  Argh.

This is exactly the kind of tweet prince14, the prince of SLASH loves, not that he’s ever missed a beat in teasing Loverboy.

LGX: Oh it’s not 0~?  Then I’ve mistaken you last few years.

Vice versa, YH is NOT one to pass on any chance teasing his little bro:  No worries, Ling(0) Geng Xin, all that matters is we did not mistaken you.

And here, we have the taste of the next few months of FUN, ie the only good thing coming out of some ‘BBJX2’ shit TR is capable of conjured up: the weibo bromances.  But who really needs an half-assed thrown tog sequel when they r already doing it?!!?  Le sigh.


4 thoughts on “Muakkkkkk 么么哒

    1. I just do not trust TR to come up with a decent script and a non-lame production the cast deserves, because if they can bring tog the cast, that’s enough for a hit and it’s a money making venture anyway. LadyBoss will spin every ugly drama and noise she can out of it if things do not go her way. For their sake, I hope most of them will just be cameoing and leave the junk to some TR signed artists to be stuck with.

      1. Just checked this morning, not a lot of cameos to name so far and TH says she has no input either. The whole ‘sequel’ thing is annoying, when you can actually see it has nothing to do with the original >.<

        I'm late, but I'm starting to see the ugly side of Ladyboss. I'm pretty sure SS will be working non-stop, with her 50 ep drama, this BS sequel, including promotional events. I guess with the popularity and success comes a lot crap to deal with, LGX being a prime example of when things go awry with management. I hope he manages to escape with something of a career. It's sad to know your favourite artists are actually working slave hours and have no real choice.

        1. *sighhhhhh* I’ve witnessed and fumed over LB’s shenanigans for years now, she’s nth but a load of crap, nth out of her mouth is trustworthy, just the fact of she keeps swearing to have the whole cast back but Loverboy (and KC) snuffing her out they didn’t even get a script NOR a proper invite is so disgraceful to them and disheartening. Lest she forgets, the success of BuBu is firstly a true to TH’s novel script and the actors doing their part, now we have almost none of that.

          SS is already getting the best and all of TR’s resources, look at TR’s ‘discarded’ golden egg laying hen HG, just the fact with his fame and all he’s still stuck with horrible embarrassing crap such as that Duke of Mount Duke RPG turd and XYJ. I’m pretty sure LGX has planB or else he won’t be so rash to piss off LB, it is a fact whatever talent and charm he has will be wasted if he’s stuck with TR, look at YH, he’s the most promising and talented of all the TR babies actually when he started out doing wonderfully in CCTV proper historical and now he’s wasted almost squarely a decade of his precious time.

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