Still on the BuBuJingXin Gang

A decent BBJX2 is now officially hopeless, but nothing is stopping the handsome princes to just go about their business and be chummy and CUTE.

This is the vid of a TW interview he did as a special guest at 严艺丹 new CD BeiJing presscon in mid December last year, when he joked his hair is styled after the building behind.

Things he said:

  1. He’s afraid of heights, not as brave and suave as Prince 13
  2. But like 13, he’s very laid back, if he gets stuck in traffic he’ll go take the subway instead.  And BJ’s subway is NOT for the faint of heart with any phobia of crowds and death by stampede.
  3. As for why he’s so gorgeous in period, debuting at the age of 21 as a young Emperor KangXi.  He’s quite humble in saying it’s because TR has very good production value with its forte in periods, so with the help of the gorgeous costumes, people have the impression he looks good in period and keep offering him period roles, he’s not sure if it’s good luck or a vicious cycle.  It’s just that we haven’t seen him much in modern dramas. ‘Or maybe I just look ancient’, he said, half-jokingly.
  4. Reporter asks him if he thinks he has ‘peach blossom luck’, which for us normal folks will bring good fortune in romances and relationships.  It can be extended to artists enjoying popularity with the audience.  He asks back rhetorically ‘what do you think?!’  The reporter and caption says ‘Of course’. But *sighhhh* we all know he’s so terribly underrated.
  5. And of course it segues into whether LSS is his ‘peach blossom luck’.  This is the first time he’s stated it as ‘point-blank’ they have nothing going on and there won’t be any chance of a blossoming of romance because they have played lovers for so many times.  He said, ‘if I felt there is any chance to develop a relationship with this girl, I would have acted on it already.  IF there is no electricity snapping in the first outing, there won’t be any subsequently……We are nothing but pure platonic besties.  We are bros!’
  6. He’s closest to Nicky and ShiShi in the drama but the whole BBJX gang have a weishin (for groupchat) where they all still are very close and will chat there often.
  7. They are all pranksters.  The biggest prank he did on the set was on Nicky, his last day on the set.  YH has asked his assistant and his driver to buy 10 pounds of flour, the whole crew pretend to be business as usual but actually all had flour in hand, ready.  As ‘cut!’ was uttered for Nicky’s last scene, they all bombed Nicky with flour. ‘It’s karma because of all the bad deeds he(Nicky) did!’

Yan YiDan is a good friend of Loverboy, and fans of BBJX should know she’s the talented singer-songwriter penning (and singing) many lovely songs in the BuBu OST, here she is singing 流恋 ( theme song of Nicky’s Bride with White Hair) and 三寸天堂 (Three Inches of Heaven) with Nicky at an 2013 new year event:

As much as Zhen Huan Zuan>>>> BBJX, the songs of BuBu are absolutely more terrific and addictive, I get all emotional just hearing the songs.

And last but not least, YES!

Oh my sillyprettycuties!   They were both at some awards thingy in SH, or basically there because they are gorgeous.  And look how cute they are taking pics of each other with their place cards all properly arranged.  Kevin replied, ‘Cool!  Have fun you two! ^^’  To which the little bro 13 pouts he was in too much a rush and didn’t get to eat anything much other than 2 sips of wine!  And 9 replied he’ll be waiting for them in Elephant Mountain *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* with all the food and wine for them to enjoy!

So sooo precious!

16 thoughts on “Still on the BuBuJingXin Gang

    1. Yeah, who needs a lousily scripted whatever to gather them hotties tog? Not me. I hope Eddie will go visit them in Elephant Mt (I rem he’s busy with his family resto business in WuHan or sth)

        1. I like YYD and this must be my fav song of hers. I didn’t know she’s branching into acting till seeing her name in the BreadFruit Tree with Bosco. Can’t wait to see if she’s any good, I hope she is.

          1. omg…. i’ve been kinda avoiding BBJX, letting it settle as a “fond memory”… it killed my insides so badly from all the pain when i watched it that i shiver from the memory lol so yeah that song totally got me emotional all over again

            I’m surprised that you view Zhen Huan Zhuan as a piece THAT much better than BBJX. I have yet to watch it… cuz i found the costuming and make up of Zhen Huan Zhuan very overwhelming (especially when SJ is all decked out as the queen ^^;;) i will agree though that some of the color-matching is exquisite.

            Still it’s hard to digest the idea that there may be a palace drama topping BBJX by that much… but then again, i would need to look again at what exactly BBJX was as a drama… in order to compare apples to apples =P To me, the hallmark of BBJX was in its poetic prose, imagery, the tragedy that hollow your insides. It poses the frightening question of how reliable can intelligence and logic be as your best defense and protection for basic things like love and friends. It embodies a sense of helplessness. You get so sucked into Zhang Xiao’s Ruoxi that you’re desperate for her to make it through in one piece, and you end up wishing for all the princes (except for prince 8) to find their happiness (well… of course… their real historical personality was probably not so appetizing) It was a unique time-traveling drama in terms of how much+well the time traveler immerses in the time period (she actually considers the gravity of her actions on history), etc…. great i’ve slipped into a BBJX rant.

            I don’t know when i might get around to start Zhen Huan Zhuan considering its length and potential to suck up all my time. I’m curious as to how much I’d enjoy it if I can’t find a character that I would cast my hopes on =P

            1. Love your thoughts and your love for BBJX. In rewatch, my fervor during the live watch dissipated. The production value is just not top-notch. There are the kitschy computer graphics, and the lighting and cinematography are quite cringeworthy at times. It’s done with great effort and TangRen put in its all, but a shabby patch of backyard can not pass as Mongolia. It’s a unique genre done well: it’s mostly a time-traveling shoujo piece more than realistic meaty palace intrigue, it ripped our hearts out heavily on the romance front but we know this is a very fluffed-up shoujo-fied take on the history, which is fine, but with a taste of what I deemed how people in true Qing imperial court should behave and what the speeches should be in Zhen Huan, it really confirms my impression BBJX is like a very well-done shoujo manga drama adapt. Whereas ZHZ solidly delve into the psyche of people of that era.

              ZHZ is not really big on shipping nor characters you will root for, actually it’s the opposite of that, you most probably ended up hating yet can’t help but be sympathetic for every single one of them (except a few truly nice souls…but most probably their demise are….tragic). It does send chills down my back what deep end one has to be dragged through to survive and emerge the ‘winner’ in that day and age. And why it’s getting such a big uproar in popularity is how a lot of viewers can extrapolate the cutthroat of veiled backstabbing in the corporate world these days.

              1. wow~~ thanks for the explanation on ZHZ =] it’s cementing the drama on my to-watch list hahaha

                Yeah, BBJX is pretty shoujo, but special in its story for the intelligence vs. circumstances factor (shivers) and well placed puzzle pieces for the grand picture. I’m excited though, for a more faithful attempt to look into Qing royalty psyche =] (BBJX didn’t blow all of that off like Palace Jade or watnot hahaha that was painful, but it obviously it was romanticized) honestly… it’s pretty crazy/ironic when you remember how little girls want to be princesses marrying handsome princes and living with riches… when palaces are the last place on earth a girl with a sound head on her shoulders would want to find herself in =x

  1. Loverboy is really gorgeous!!!!! Thank you for translating the interview to English. YH is so funny, he compares his hair style to the building behind him. LOL. You are my source of updates about YH. Thanks again.

    1. npnp! ^^

      He’s such a smart funny cookie too, that’s what makes him most charming. I can’t wait for him leaking loveydovey pics of him and KC when the filming of their drama starts!!!

  2. Re: Hartofseeker

    Sweetie, hope you are still around here! ^^

    It’s a Western/modern convention though for little girls dreaming to be a princess. There was never the preaching of princess marrying a prince and live happily ever after in Chinese folklore, it’s more fairies and supernatural beings getting a chance to lead a normal nonhappening life and that in the Confucius wisdom is considered the most desirable, because come to think of it, the history of the Middle Kingdom has been brutal to females, most famous princesses with their legacy lauded in history books are mostly married off patriotically in arranged marriage, sacrificing any ‘selfish’ happiness in the name of the country and lest not forget filial piety, no deviation is allowed for that, that’s why it’s deep rooted in folklore doomed lovers can only find happiness in afterlife. I bet living in the thick of their times, even of the royal stock, it’s nothing dreamy to marry an emperor when he has a harem of 3000 and the marriage is always arranged and political. not that they have consciousness of the existence of the romantic notion of ‘love’ to begin with.

    The brilliance of ZHZ is the novel itself is not based in Qing dynasty, it’s in a madeup world of yesteryears, but the writers made it work in a fictional universe parallel to that of the Qing YongZheng’s reign. They painstakingly worked on every noticeable details to make the world alive to our eyes while being true enough to the source material. BBJX is very loyal to a well written novella but in many ways it’s like it’s reading too literally like the book when an adaptation CAN aim for a reinterpretation yet still leave the essence intact.

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