Catching up

I’m having some minor health woes last month and will be getting it fixed this week.  CAN’T WAIT!  I had very limited use of my hand for a while (so I have to put a hold to capping ILICDD) and will completely not be able to type a thing post-op till it’s healed.  In the mean time, I’ll be watching plenty of dramas (hopefully), but I won’t be able to spazzarant on them here :/.  So, please be kind to me TPTB, only lemme pick good sating gems and nothing causing squeals of RAGE! and hurling of desks.

I hated everything I’ve touched in the currently airing 2013 Kdramas, either the dramas r mehhh, or the actors r fehhhh (to me).  It’s time to take a serious break.  Even though it is equipped with an actor I like (Kim JiHoon), Flower Boy Neighbor is boring me to tears and I find the Cute! very tedious and fake, it aggravates me the more I watch.  It’s not bad, but somehow it manages to annoy me disproportionally much.  What is Wrong with me?!

  1. Final 6 eps of CWGM.  This is my Kdrama therapy.  I have rewinded many scenes to reread subs because I hate to miss a word.  It’s that good.  I’m savoring it like the most precious last few morsels of bittersweet chocolate at the pace of half an ep of CWGM to:  2 fking silliest eps of IMY and let me just rant it, how can it fug PYC so ridiculously much?!?! +a scene of scarily swarmy fugly PSY + a weepy KSW (how can u not improve a LICK fr ur swarmy StH ways?!?!  H.O.W.?!?!?!?!?!?!?) I wanna hit his face and I can’t but I need to + some wailing of WHY I can’t stand FBN even when KJH is nommy and PSH is quite good and KJH’s sidekick is cute too and the Japanese guy? is also quite cute and it’s not like I just learnt YSY is an energizer plastic bunny of utmost OTTcracktasticity and it’s SHOUJO!  STILL, I can’t stand its boring.
  2. Last half of Legal High.  This woman is self-prescribing herself some Masato slapstick hilarity.  This so does the trick to massage the knots out of my brain.
  3. Yae no Sakura : an ep.  That’s all it takes. SOLD!  Ayase is ready to take her seat in serious leading ladydom.  I can’t be happier to cheer on our Hotaru.
  4. Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi and?/or? Saikou no Rikon (and I MUST finish Soredemo, Ikite Yuku).  Can a girl overdose with too much Eita goodness?!
  5. Shotenin Michiru no Mi no Uebanashi  or  Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho just because MrX tweeted it’s decent.  I normally can’t stand Erika.  Nor Aya.  We’ll see.
  6. 隋唐演义 Sui Tang Yan Yi/Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties:  I’m pinching myself in shock watching the first episode without wandering off somewhere safe for my eyes.   This is surprisingly watchable, fast-paced and a decent (if quite campy and gaudy) rendition of the Qing historical epic novel (on the Sui and Tang dynasties) by Chu Ren Huo.  The novel proper is much less known Internationally, but it’s as well-read as the Romance for the 3 Kingdoms as bedtime stories for generations of Chinese kids.  At least this drama is not aiming high and almighty like GuoXiXi’s ChuHan only to drown in its own glorified pretentiousness.   Many gorgeous men, eg Yan Kuan!! But this also marks my Nth hardest attempt to see ANYTHING charming about Zhang Han (why are there so many SSH equivalents ‘acting’?!?!), there is sth very skivvy about his eyes and he’s sooooo tragically talentless an actor to compensate the misgivings of his looks:  his Luo Cheng, one of the ‘superheros in the novel is coming across like a big pervie baddie.  Major travesty and eyesore! The ladies are all very genuinely pretty though, really what’s going on, kitschyplasticfugfaces-loving Cdramaland?!!  All of a sudden, you’ve got yourself some much needed shallow taste!  Bai Bing has never been more gorgeous, and geez, she’s serious about acting now.  Surprise, surprise!  But my biggest draw is the lovely who’s who of the cameos and they are given decent characterization to be awesome in the ensemble.  Jiang Wu (the little bro of the much more famous thespian/director Jiang Wen) is such a delight, especially cute when it’s a scene he’s sharing with his Mommy played by the always amazing Siqin Gao Wa. Not saying it does not have warts, but this has heart.  That’s enough for me to watch a Cdrama these days or just forgetaboutit.  I have hopes this will be half as good as Water Margins.

  7. Girls S2:  I finished the entire S1 this wkend, last stretch of which is around children and this is a super NSFW show, one which you’ll lost yourself into until little children ask what you are laughing at and you wanna freaken hide your ipad in your skirt, a show that should be watched with only very very close peeps, the laughing fits are scary to hear it myself.  I marathoned it while I made vichyssoise first time and it’s not too shabby if I could say so myself, sticking with a JuliaChild’s recipe to a tee.  I should go buy some lottery ticket on that pure good luck alone.  I dunno why watching Girls make me very hungry, maybe cause of Brooklyn and NYC AND Michigan! I crave me some foodp0rn/comfort food.  I ate a whole cookie sheet of homemade (I didn’t make them and that’s why they are SO YUM!!!) buffalo wings, all sorts of multicolored dips I can stick my whatever chips into.  I’m officially sick of beer, ie I’ve watched too much american football and fake-cheering for my sorta hometeam when I don’t really care either way.  All I care is I want to get into the mind of the Mommy when the headcoach brothers will headbutt come Superbowl.

8 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Good luck with your hand op. Hope everything goes well.

    True, k-drama pickings have been pretty slim recently. I’m only seriously watching ‘School 2013’, which is nothing earth shattering but still ok because I like most of the youn’uns in their roles and I’m kinda invested in the characters. Plus ‘Cheer Up Mr Kim’, though it’s starting to get draggy in places and I tend to ff through anything to do with Gun Wook+family and Ji Young (what a wet blanket!!)+family. I can’t stand any of ’em. FBN…. hmmmm… I don’t think it’s exactly boring but there’s certainly something vital missing. Might end up in the discarded pile at some point.

    Did you watch Sirius, the 4-parter Drama Special?

    I’ve watched the first 2 epis of ‘Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de’ and so far I like it.

    Now that I’m a student again I’ve got less free time than I used to. Homework, you know and loads of catching up to do as the course actually started last year. 🙂

    1. Thanks chingu! 😀 Op is tmr and I’m a wimp, but it should be a relief.

      Oh! How is school treating you? I have eternal respect for you. It is so hard for me to pick up the books with all the distractions in ‘life’ as a reluctant adult.

      I checked out 5 eps of Mr Kim and lost interest when MrX said it’s watchable but nowhere near ILICDD masterpiece-y. There’s no going back to just good enough!

      So you like Sirius?

      1. I’m actually enjoying my studies, even if there are couple of subjects I’ve no interst in but have to pass in order to get my degree. Don’t know if you remember but I’ve got no job atm… Hopefully this will help in getting employed somewhere along the way.

        I don’t think there will ever be a daily as good as ILiCDD. That one truly set the bar high

        The 1st ep of Sirius was very promising. Directing, writing and acting all quite solid. I’m waiting till all of the epis are out and then watch the rest. I’ve got the feeling Sirius is one of those dramas where I’d go nuts if I had to wait for the next ep – too angsty, LOL!

        1. I do remember, and it is always a forward momentum. It’s great you are making the best out of your break to equip yourself with something extra, it will always end up a winwin! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

          Thanks for the timely headsup on Sirius! This looks up my alley esp with 4 eps and it’s now just DONE! (and I hope the general feeling is it’s good till the end?!)

  2. Ohh. Hope your hand mends quickly.
    And looking forward to your ILiCDD recaps. ^^

    Mahoro AND Saikou no Rikon are too precious to be missed. SnR has the same writer and director team from Soredemo though the two shows couldn’t be more far apart in genre.

    No such thing as too much Eita yumminess — I say watch all three. Hehe.

    Also glad someone else shares my disdain for KSW and Toda Erika. Haha!

    1. Thank you for your well wishes Supah!

      So both r equally preciously awesome?!?!?!? I’m not sure if my brain can handle jumping fr a character to another in 2 live dramas. haha what did the Eita fandom do to deserve this treat?!

      My opinion of Soredemo is it’s clearly a good show but I’m dreading the doom and angst, just not in the mood of gloom then. And then I totally forget about it. Shame on me.

      I never ever get the appeal of KSW. Not in looks, not in talent. There are just so many more attractive and better at acting working actors in Korea alone.

      I only genuinely liked Toda in ONE drama: Nobuta, then she keeps acting as if she’s screaming to me from the screen ‘LOOK at meeeeee! I’m ACTINGGGGG~!’ and I can’t look away somehow. It’s quite a tiring trauma.

        1. Eita’s fandom certainly isn’t complaining.
          Watch either of his two new shows – they’re definitely NOT gloomy. In fact watch SnR first and bank Mahoro for later. Only because SnR seems to be more readily available.
          Would love to know what you think of its ending credits sequence, lolol!

          Timescout: KSW = Kwon Sang-woo.

          And I agree Sirius is pretty badass.

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