One-armed Fangirl

One perfectly functioning hand with 5 fingers and lots of down time at (one) hand, still I can’t enjoy full flowing body and soul experience of blogging mindless silly SPAZZ when I am leaking mindlesssillySPAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ out of my pores.


1. Flight.  DENZEL elevates a somewhat annoyingly bloated movie, nothing short of a miracle.  He maybe the only actor who has NeVER disappoints me with his perf alone.

2. Cold War.  Plot is shockingly st forward.  Slick and decent and well done all around but nothing spectacular if not for Aaron and Tony Leung KaFai.  Slightly underwhelmed by Eddie, coming off too obvious next to the SOOO GOOD Tony Leung.  Aaron still overacts a tad in passing but when it’s a key scene, he’s ON!  He’s been delivering solidly ever improving performances for decade+ now.  This is Andy’s second outing after A Simple Life when I can let out a relief he’s not reverted back to full of his royal pain in the behind Andy-ness in a cameo.

3.  It Started with A Kiss.  Rewatching for the 4th? time. Still doing the trick. This is the only TWfluff with earnest poured into every nook doing sth good and cute with an excess of heart. The only TWdrama I suddenly crave a rainy bored night.  It has flaws and warts and I know now Joe can’t really act and Ariel is able to suck. But ISWAK brings me back to a happy place prior.  It’s my TWdrama chicken soup for the shoujoheart.

4. Les Mis. It’s trying wayyy too hard and emotionally disconnecting for me.  I thought Wolverine was swarmy.

5. Girls.  The characters are annoying, unlikeable, doing random schtick almost for the sake to be funny, being ridiculously brute and brash, forcing me to take the Show as cool and current or heck with it just because they are unapologetically doing silliest random things partaking in ‘REAL’ 20sthness of N.Fking Y.C.  YET I feel this is what the generation EntitledMEMEMEMEMEEEEEE is realistically about AND it’s the funniest bladder challenging loling hilarious SHIZ, even when I’m consciously bugged and annoyed and offended, I’m still roaring in lolz to tears the same moment.  Never boring.


GRANDMASTER.  I CANT.  IT is FLAWLESS.   Lemme just gush, a minor tangent, as a young girl I was oddly in love with a movie Once Upon A Time in America without the capacity nor command of language to judge the sexist bigotry and the (censored out) gratuitous rape/violence/nudity but the music and the visual of romanticized, heightened world of prohibition 1920s bygone NYC, gangsters, Robert de Niro’s Noodles, their world, sticks.  The feelings evoked by how little I can process is as every bit real and vivid till this day and just a piece of music used in Grandmaster, double hitting me.

As if I’m not speechless in uptaking every frame of Grandmaster as a museum quality piece of art like an oil life still from 1930s China, this is the music the artist of movie geniuses Mr WKW picks for a climatic wordless scene towards the end.  (Is WKW paying homage to his Angkor Wat scene?)  Not complaining.

I retain a memory of almost every frame, every line from the movie, in awe.  I remember the exp at a Michelin 3star restaurant, not the type of food pushing all my comfort squealing buttons, yet I can’t deny every single element is mastery new to me, every bite is a taste of years of striving for nothing but perfection distilled.  Grandmaster is worth every minute WKW and Tony Leung spent on it.  It’s absolutely not entertainment.  If In The Mood For Love was WKW lush artsy ode capturing the aching beauty of the loss of almost love, of a simple unrequited romance btn a man and a woman, of a 1960s HK, a stopover for all the old postwar migrating birds without feet, hopelessly wanting to take root but never meant to be.  This is his other bookend piece of a grander lovely aria to all the opulent mastery of the art of tradition, the tradition of Wuxia passed down and honored by generations heightened to its epicness and urgency at Manguo, at post WW2.  With a change of era, a passage of time, it’s no more.  It is of the no turning back inbtw of the Old and New China, of the breathing people, masters stuck in the transition, where regrets have the most derelict of human beauty, creating the New, imprinting the death of the Old.  Can’t be more sated.  ZhangZiYi is finally honed to perfection in WKW’s lens.  SHK is directed (and immaculately lit) to perfection.  Every single cast member is sharp, but Tony is truly the master of effortless in the indulgence of WKW.  Perfection, perfection. PERFECTION.


(I am actively praying for him to stop his cutest entertaining ways of being himself and gimme a break) Last few days he’s been busy……

  • coining a phrase: 人为食亡 ask for more (lit. Man dies of food while ask(ing) for more, much more perfect cadence in his chinglish), spazzing as a foodie.
  • Spotted on flight to Elephant Mt fr Beijing the same gushing of so much moreZOMGhandsome than on tele.  Off starting the Hua Xu Yin drama.  Show is officially beyond can’t ever suck now no matter how uncanon coz KC said JiangXin’s OTP is YH not him (they’ll prob be 宋凝 and 沈岸) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I loveeee their arc and already perfect fanart is out! I ❤ the HXY fandom more than the book itself.
  • Also, the most heartbreakingly underrated supertalented acclaimed stage actor hotUncle Tse Kwan Ho (think of a better looking HK OhManSeok) is on board.  He’s been in so many sorry duds wasting a decade+ of his precious time and talent he deserves to be in sth decent PRONTO TPTB.  MAKE IT WORK.  The most rabid and talented HXY fandom has ALREADY projected YH in the role a year ago:
  •  ie YH’s wrapped up his cameo for Det Dee.  He and Ray Ma and their costar actress buddy have been busy also being 3 stooges on set, docu-ing it on weibo.
  • He keeps weiboing silly karaokes. WHY SO PRECIOUS?!  Also showing off his talent as being a photog for Ray Ma in some poorly lit dorm rm:

  • Or snapping his dog Meowmeow:

  • Being dreamy in interviews:

  • he said he’s going to think up meaningful gifts paying back his loving fans.  ALSO HE IS OPENING A BOOK STORE SELLING BOOKS HE REC’D ANY DAY NOW AND HE WILL HANG OUT THERE WITH HIS FRIENDS!!!! <is this THE meaningful gift?!  He has the awesome-est taste in books, honest.
  • Appearing in magazines.  TONNES of magazines in Feb alone.  So can I assume his numerous finished projects will see the daylight?  Esp Mulan on AnHui cable now he and his leading lady there r slated to perform at their year end extravaganza. I love this set with his other leading lady Wang LuoDan the most, again one of his assets is he can always bring the best chemistry out of the lady in his arms.  This is the most girly and pretty I’ve ever seen of Miss Wang. (I mean I’ll look !@$!^@^#%#! finer if I can koala him as well, duhhhh!):

  • You’d better busy yourself some more, come kiss and magically mend my crappy hand!

  • GAH

  • Why are you two still being SO shippery?!  !

*R: SS talking about qualities in guys she likes.  L: YH talking about qualities ‘he opines’ essential in a guy.  And of course being HongShi, it’s word for word for word.*

8. BINNNNNNNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Some greetings for SamSung internal enjoyment. Sharing is caring and I’ll buy all the Smart Galaxies you are dumping out.  A fangirl pact!  So his first showing is in CF and J magazine.  Not surprised.  Rest up and choose sth I like as long as it takes!!!!!

*I stared and stared and stared and droolz.*

9. HATED the trailer of PD Zhao Wei’s 致我们终将逝去的青春 (So Young) on the music alone.  Y the theatrics?!?!?!

It’s horridly cast, even though I can pick out every scene st from bk, all I see is stale kitsch, no hint of the magic sparks of Youth.

24 thoughts on “One-armed Fangirl

  1. Your Grandmasters write-up/rave. OMG. OMG. I want. I want. I’m literally gasping for air. WKW is back! And just how much have we felt his absence?
    You’re saying there’s an Angkor Wat-like scene? Approached in the same lush, heady fashion? [THUD!]

    I’m still reeling from just how MUCH Song Hye-kyo has transformed in the last year or so. Now I’m actually excited about watching her perform, as though she’s one of those breakthrough rookies you strangely root for. And now it’s as though the pieces have fit together — could it be that it was WKW who transformed her?
    Either way – I’m watching, and Tony Leung!!

    1. This WHOLE movie is opulent. Manguo OPULENT. Slickest most gorgeous action sequences I’ll rewatch 1000x and still dunno how it’s humanly possible, Gilted lush mansion, kungfu masters dedicating their whole life and lineage to the craft and nth less. WKW said there is a 4 hr Dir Cut. That I WANTTTTTTT!!!!!! because somehow this feel too….succinct for a WKW. I rem every single frame and scene Tony is in, ZZY is in, and yet it seems like snapshots of short snippets of their lives which are sooo much larger than the time allotted. Fans of say Kyo or ChangChen, if they are watching the movie for them specifically, they are in 3 or 2 scenes, mins. Very memorable minutes as every frame is.

      I think SHK has improved in recent years as in I’ve seen her for the first time with a desire and a drive to better herself, as if she’s had enough of mediocre, that’s a start. I’ve thought she’s always been a good vessel, being quite directable, but working with sweet but super vapid PDs such as Pyo ends up with performances that r the essence of vapid voids. It’s very smart move of her to pick provoking, great PDs to work with and sponge it up, I’m not going to credit her in Grandmaster at all, I’m afraid, because it’s a WKW, a standin at the corner of the parlor is perfection and straight out of the printed ads of perfumes of the time. One can tell every frame she appears in maybe is the only one cut of months of grueling takes WKW deemed fine enough and the actor (exc the one and only TL) will not have any idea of the why and how.

  2. Thanks dearie for the write up about TGM, didn’t expect it could come so soon. Is it so good? really can’t wait. Happy to hear Kyo was convincing in tgm for your eyes too hehe.

    1. It’s the CN leaked version, I wished I could wait for the Canto orig. but I JUST CANT.

      haha if u ever doubt if WKW is any good, you may never like anything he does, this incl. ;P

      I never for a moment have the thought Kyo would not be convincing because she’s working under the helm of WKW, if she’s not up to his par, she’ll be cut entirely off on the editing room floor, simple. That’s how he rolls. 🙂 I’ll have to watch her in the upcoming WriterNoh drama, with a lesser PD, it’ll truly show if she has finally got it.

      1. I understand what you mean with lesser PD, will wait to watch the movie later, i see there are youtube links without sub out there, but i want to wait for sub…Anyhow i still her credit for “A reason to live” and it was her best performance so far for me and i am confident that she can pull off for her role in her upcoming drama.

  3. I knew you couldn’t contain it, it’s something you do best, one armed/finger or not LOL

    1. Denzel can do no wrong, like you he’s never done wrong in my eyes. But I always feel he’s been typecast, his characters are almost always the same.. you know the confident arrogant type, the type you don’t wanna mess with, you get what I mean. I have Flight on DVD, must check out.

    2. Cold War can I say is Aaron’s show?! I loved his performance in there.

    3. Les Mis was a treat for me performance wise, thought the actors did really well, esp Anne. But I didn’t buy story too much, felt some parts were too disjointed. Maybe it should have been shorter or longer. And Russel oh Russel ILUBU, but the singing? Eeps.

    4.Grandmaster – when can I watch?!! ARH. I’ve never seen a WKW film in full (I know, this is travesty to my drama/movie watching experience), ITMOL bored me the first time I watched it, 2nd time I tried and didn’t get into it still. Perhaps a few yrs down now I can appreciate. Cannot wait for it to blow my mind.

    5. Loverboy, as usual, takes up 1/2 of your space LOL I saw his recent bday tweet to Ruby Lin. Can I say it’s the most creative ever?! Your boy is a hoot.

    6. So Young – the trailer IS very MEH.

    1. I cant resist a Denzel movie, my feels for him is close to what I have for Sean Lau. Have u seen Training Days? imo that’s the perf that he blew my mind. This is also a role not unlike Panther for Sean, on surface this is the typical Denzel onventional confident typeA strutting hero but it’s so not.

      Yes Cold War is Aaron’s show but Tony Leung is imo doing an even finer in control job than Aaron. Leung Ka Fai looks skeevy and slimy in the pornstarch and the bald head but his character comes through beneath the deceiving surface with his intricately expressive eyes. I am floored by his scenes with Eddie, E’s char is more showy and quite st forward to play tbh, but he plays it so superficially, doesn’t hold a candle drawing my attention when he’s with Tony.

      But Les Mis should not be just about characters or perf. It is missing the point. The musical and the book itself are so much more immersing as such an epic story should. I do love Russell Crowe’s perf the best.

      I don’t know what to say because ITMOL is so overwhelming my senses and boring is the last word I can think of. BUT WKW is not for everyone, that’s for sure, either you like him and care for the world he paints and would love to live there forever and ever or not because he’s not going to serve up plots and twists but just refined distilled characters and the best acting job I’ve EVER seen fr Tony, Maggie, everyone involved. imo GM is exactly the vein of ITMOL, I’ve heard peep saying it has the most mass appeal of any WKW but I disagree, this is even so much more suffocating controlled and nuances and artsy and explosive like never before.

      As I’ve said Loverboy needs to stop being a hoot and a half EVERY FReAkEn WAKiNg minute! XD

      1. @mookie — ”GM is exactly the vein of ITMOL, I’ve heard peep saying it has the most mass appeal of any WKW but I disagree, this is even so much more suffocating controlled and nuances and artsy and explosive like never before.”

        Eeeek. I’m having palpitations still!

        Nah, I won’t be watching for SHK, I’m anticipating seeing how well she does but I’m in for the whole package — it’s WKW!
        You’re right her true trial will be whether she can continue to do so well with a PD like Kim Kyu-tae.*shudder* Sorry, I really don’t like his approach and what he did to Padam Padam.

        @ripgal: I agree with mookie that WKW’s films are not for everyone — but omgosh, ITMFL boring? Nevaaah! It’s like one of my all-time faves. Although for me, Days of Being Wild/In The Mood for Love/2046 are one whole piece (in that order too). It’s actually a trilogy, the continuation of one story. Whenever I do a rewatch I have to watch all three. Hehe.
        If you’re willing to rewatch it, definitely start from Days of Being Wild. <3333

        1. Haha, if my memory doesn’t fail me, I did zone out watching it. But then I haven’t seen any WKW films prior to actually understand his auteur direction. Have heard of plenty of raves but never got around to watching his stuff.. I think I should sand must start now. I hope there are still links out there for me to DL, old stuff never come easy sighs.

          1. OHHHHHH!!!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!

            Actually if u feel like it start with As Tears Go By and ChungKing Express WKW has not honed his style but he’s flaunted a taste here and there, adhering more to the conventional frame of narration (esp ATGB, a perf of AndyLau I still genuinely like)

            The test the waters w/ Days of Being Wild, it has the greatest balance of WKW’s style in mood indulging and enough storytelling, because from then on, he’s so not interesting in TELLING the audience anything but giving us visuals and mood to FEEL. He’s an impressionist auteur, if I can put it that simply.

        2. You know how he does it every time, he builds up the mood with EVERY skill and EVERY element he has at his dispense most masterfully then give you a little tap of a scene that is one gesture, a look, a few words and BAM! there flows a floodgate of emotions and stories unspoken but illustrated. It’s like every freaken interaction of the characters here in GM, it’s one of those cinematic GOLD you wish u can get one in a movie and call it a day, but no, relentless.

          As much I hate the stupid and what an offensive disgrace of dubbing over TL’s line reading which is such an integral part of his performance as everything else, I’ve rewatched it and it really dampens not a lot because I’m just that cray cray and can fill it all in with Tony’s voice reading his lips alone. There are not a lot of lines to begin with.

          SHK does extremely well, clearly she’s handpicked by WKW for her gorgeous soft femininity, her own aura befits the character to almost a tee, but can you recall one performance that is not exactly befitting what WKW wants in a WKW? I may say Michelle Reis and Leon Lai in Fallen Angel, but consider how a piece of hopeless pretty wood she is throughout her career, she didn’t stick out in the movie tbh. That is the WKW I least care about along with Blueberry Night.

          Ahhhhh, *hi5* I’ve done the exact same watch several times!!! I’ve thrown in an Overture of As Tears Go By at times. When I miss Chunking Express, I have also watched it w/ Fallen Angel even when I do not care much about FA.

          Happy Together though, it’s secular in its perfection and gosh… LESLIE T___T

          1. Ack, you say it so well, mookie.

            ”he builds up the mood with EVERY skill and EVERY element he has at his dispense most masterfully then give you a little tap of a scene that is one gesture, a look, a few words and BAM! there flows a floodgate of emotions and stories unspoken but illustrated.”

            Yes, yes, like the ‘tap’ at the very end of 2046 and suddenly everything falls together beautifully to form the grand reveal. Everything is explained, the overarching theme and all the scattered details become visible but it wreaks devastation on your emotions in the process.
            I loved As Tears go By too, and Andy Lau in it. Same goes for Chungking Express. Fallen Angels could have worked for me, but there was one gratuitous scene that ruined the whole experience for me. Otherwise I loved the overall dark theme and Takeshi Kaneshiro’s continuation of his Chungking story. Expired canned pineapple – come on? That’s bizarre and cute at the same time.
            Yeah, Blueberry Nights wasn’t even a WKW. ‘Nuff said.

            And Leslie. TT__TT
            I’ll always treasure his deplorable yet beautifully poetic DOBW role.

            1. I have decided, tho I may be decades late, just found As Tears Go By and DL-ed! I know only amazing things could come out from both your recommendations. Will let ya all know when I’m done with it! 😀

              1. YAY!!!! I’m pretty sure you will like it. Unless u can’t stand anymore HK gangster movie w/ some bloodletting. This is also the first time I see Jacky Cheung in a new light.

  4. @supah

    I may need to rewatch FA, I have only done it once and still I don’t care much about it. It was my least fav WKW till Blueberry Night (and so true, I refuse to treat it as a WKW, I actually do block it out and dissociated it with the rest of WKW). I think I can guess what scene bugs you in FA, does it involve Michelle?!

    imo 2046 is his most ambitious and abstract work, I don’t think I’ve explored everything he’s illustrating in it. I like it a lot but I still can’t put it to words what is exactly at work there. And lemme guess, the scene is one with Faye-train-whispering-hole?

    In a way I am sure why I connect with WKW is because I paint as a hobby and when I’m working on a bird, the process usually involves slaving over every feather and the very last thing that brings the creature alive is that simpliest tiniest white opaque dot on the eye, the glow reflected fr the light, I can do my best job with every other minute detail, but it is that tiny dab separating paint and brush strokes and a vision of a living thing.

  5. Borderline-generic 90s HK Triad film it might be (and I love those!!), and WKW then may not have been the supreme master of mood and aesthetic that he is today, but it was a classic and thrilling experience all the same, and I LOVED the brothers and their relationship — kdrama Sirius could have learned a thing or two from this. You’re so right about Jacky Cheung’s performance, mookie, and Andy Lau was mega hot [thud!] and I still can’t watch that steamy telephone booth kiss proper. Take my breath away? Yes. Literally.
    Can’t wait to hear ripgal’s thoughts! It’s better decades late than never.

    FA – yes, it was the scene involving Michelle.

    2046 – I’ve heard mixed reviews about 2046 but I will forever cherish and adore it for a multitude of reasons. It’s also where I first discovered KimuTaku and his pairing with Faye Wong was just… WOW.
    The scene in particular was something Tony narrates towards the end, and you’d kind of figured some of it out anyway, but it’s the way that scene, his very palpable emotions and the way every little detail from all three films finally gets strung together to form one cohesive whole. You understand why exactly he had a relationship with Gong Li and Zhang Zhiyi, then his observations of Faye as ‘the android with delayed reactions’, his run-in with Carina Lau and pointing out her years of yearning, all those things. The approaches are very different but the message is similar to Shunji Iwai’s Love Letter, that memories are mostly a lingering regret, and it’s sad and beautiful at the same time.

    1. Yesh I saw it last night, and was impressed! The gang bromance and brotherhood painted with a sense of realism and heart. A bit rough around the edges and yes, a bit on the generic side, but the relationships interactions btwn Andy’s char and Jacky/Maggie’s felt so REAL and effective, it was as if the actors were living the characters (esp Jacky! he opened my eyes!) .. the mood and tone set with a unique flair, def not something I was expecting from a movie from 25 years ago! o__0

      And the tension and sensuality between Andy and Maggie, WHOAA.. really took my freaking breathe away! KYAAAA~~ I esp loved the conversation they had and awkward silence after they devoured each other in the phone booth (literally!), the lines were awesome considering the time they were in.

      I am now intrigued, and shall follow up by DL-ing Chungking Express 🙂

      1. Yay! You watched iiiitt! I’m so glad that even after all these years, your reaction to the film is pretty similar to what mine was! Wheeee.
        Except you’re able to put in much better terms than I could have back then. xD

        Oh, yes, definitely keep us updated on your WKW discovery. It’s precious, precious stuff!

  6. mookie, is Loverboy really opened a book-store, as in a book-store, a place where we going buy a book to read, that book-store?? if its true, whoaa its so odd to a celebrity run a business other than restaurants or fashion business, actually its the first time i heard such as, he’s surely one of a kind.. OMG my love and admiration for him has DEFINITELY increasing a lot 😡 thank you for the news mookie 🙂

    1. YES A STORE WITH BOOKSSSSSSSS, AND YH!!! I mean he won’t be for sale, but how dreamy is that place on earth!!!!!!!

      I’ve heard his parents are quite well to do. He has no worry for money (he’s said he’s horrible with finance haha and I rem he can’t even count $ right in some game during promo for Clothing the World), so I’m not surprised.

  7. OK, I’ve watched The Grandmaster. Sorry to deviate from the views here, but I definitely did not enjoy it. Somehow, I just cannot see Tony Leung as a convincing Ip Man and IMO he’s a miscast. This is the first (and hopefully only) Tony Leung role which I didn’t care for. Zhang Ziyi, on the other hand, was surprisingly brilliant. And I didn’t see the point of Chang Chen’s character.

    On the up side, I am very very thrilled by YH & Jiang Xin’s pairing! Even though I read that Shen An is one terribly hateful character, just seeing him paired with JX onscreen thrills me no end. I hope this won’t be the last of their onscreen cooperations.

    1. It’s only my opinion since I’m the one who watched it. As I’ve said, this and all WKW are not for everyone!

      But what makes a convincing Yip Man though?!?!?! If you are talking about showy Kung fu moves, what if their intent is to delve into the introspective?!?

      Chang Chen’s character (and EVERY bit character) is of utmost importance to illustrate why Yip Man can be THE grandmaster.. Never piqued you that fight scene was also in the rain like the beginning TL fight scene?!?! CC’s character’s kungfu is actually the sharpest of schools in RL, its defense is in all out killer moves, the philosophy behind is to kill, cold bloodedly kill, in contrast to WingChun. His character puts his master skill to use for espionage as a weapon, and that laid the path for his denouement.

      OH I CANT WAIT FOR YHxJX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can absolutely do no wrong in my books. I’m a bit taken aback on how old KC look though, esp when they are trying too hard to make him younger looking.

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