Friday Pretty Post

What did I do?!?  I’m not worthy.  All the glossy C magazines ganged up and decide to cover EVERY ONE of my C pretties.  Loverboy in 4 (or 5) Feb issues alone.   These are my absolute favorites.

[credit on pics; thanks to original posters]

Fan Bingbing:  every set of her pics (and she must be the most photographed C actress atm) I can find one I can’t look away, this set is the one she’s biting the peach

CHEN! KUN!  Ngl, everytime I see CK being dapper I have to rub my eyes and unsee Leslie(T___T)  The one he smokes!   *_____*  I’m anticipating FBB and HXM’s Bride with White Hair, but in the back of my mind if CK is cast instead, it would be so much yummier!!!  And Master WKW,  what are you doing next decade!? Can you just consider putting CK  under your lens?!? PRETTY PLEASSSEEEEEE?!?!?!

Liu ShiShi and HuGe:  I love SS in the first one, lately I think her peeps are trying too hard to give her an edgier or more mature image when I think the laughing without a care simple SS is her greatest allure.

Not too fond of the spread of Zhou Xun this month (the cover is horrible unless the theme is pinkzombiebride, I would think they would want us to want this pink Chanel number (same one Tang Wei donned in her spread below) but no freaken way.  However the following pic takes my breath away:

Tang Wei: Effortless and so on the money in what they are trying to do: for a minute I wanna buy shorts and linen shirts and jump into a pool (and I’m still hugging my downs)

Zhao Wei: lady are you sure you wanna focus on behind the lens?!  I crave her being drop dead gorgeous on screen, but she just never wanna.

Supermodel Emma Pei 裴蓓, if I’m a bride again, I would soooo salivate after every piece of these garments.

SongJia: still my fav  C drama actress.  Her face is subtle and classic enough to blend in with an almost plain, quiet, understated beauty.

My fav TVB hottie: Bosco

Han Dong: argh, the clothes r giving me rashes and itches!!!! but gosh this is the best constructed face in current Cdramaland.  It is blasphemy of me to check out Swordsman (ie Yumama’s fanfic of Smiling Proud Wanderer) in the first place but worst yet for the characters of rapist Tian (and the very pretty Chen Xiao in drag or…less of man)  but he is possibly the only one of the leads that can act himself out of that miasma of Yumama shitload.

Rhydian Vaughn:  I actually am impressed with him the most in Girlfriend, Boyfriend.  Somehow he has a control over how charismatic he can be on screen being true to a character instead of prioritizing in fandom sating.  There is something very direct with his acting that is easy to connect with as an audience and I can always look past his gorgeous Eurasian surface because he’s opposite of too conscious. never caught up in his own looks (two of my biggest gripes in too many TW younger actors these days esp) and tap into the authenticity of character he’s portraying, after which he lets the nuances of the character seep through inconspicuously.  When I watch him I feel like I can sit back and just take in the show, he’s not perfect, but it’s not hamming up begging me be some lenient acting judge and react to every tiny improvement actorly scene done well.   I guess I have been having a hard time with many TW thespians last few years because that noticeable effort even when it’s not too OTT territory is distracting and tiresome.

Not a fan, but I like these 2 pics of Han Geng:

Bolin: The ‘rocker’ pic with guitar is sorry cutie, trying too hard, but he is charming like the dorkier Takeshi younger bro

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  WHY are you doing everything BUT a proper manguo Cdrama?!?!?!

12 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post

  1. First time I’m not salivating over the guys (ChenKunHOTNESS still burns!) but over FBB! Omgosh her spreads are dropdead GORGEOUS I don’t even have enough words! Either the camera loves her or she can just command the dead object like a Queen. Zhou Xun’s and TW’s are also my favs out of the bunch.

    1. LOL you took the words right out of my mouth
      I was about to say Fan Bingbing looks like a QUEEN
      She seriously has the best stylist in the world 😮
      i like looking at pretty dresses just as much as the next girl and when FBB wheres something she’s always a showstopper not to mention she makes the most godawful hairstyle look regal

      Her Cannes wardrobe was next level amazing and this was my reaction to her clothes most of the time tbh

      I want Yuan Hong in a noir type drama XD

    2. I think it’s both the camera loves her and she and her team is sooo savvy in what works on her. Aside from her face, she does not have a model-esque body, but she can wear any garment put on her body to death without fail.

    3. I think it’s both the camera loves her and she and her team is sooo savvy in what works on her. Aside from her face, she does not have a model-esque body, but she can wear any garment put on her body to death without fail.

  2. Whoever picked out FBB’s outfits, did an amazing job! *_*…lol at Chen Bolin, he’s too innocent to pull off the tougher look, actually the bracelet looks weird on him.

    1. haha I was giggling at his foot to notice. All Bolin needs to do in photographs is to smile and smile.

      FBB’s outfits are stunning on her, but I can’t think of anyone able to carry it in Cdramaland. And her makeup, it’s very bold and loud but she can conquer it all.

      1. rofl how did I not notice his boots! Are those wellingtons or lady boots? I think you’re right, all he needs are his cute protruding dimples *_*

        She looks gorgeous with her red lips, they got everything perfect for her pictorial.

  3. What are you trying to do? Death by teh pretty?! XD Gorgeous human beings all of ’em but I’m aligning with everyone about FBB. Lordy, she looks fabulous!

    Could someone put Chen Kun and Yuan Hong in something noir? Actually, could the world handle that? ;P

    1. WHAT are you doing suggesting CK and YH in noir?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WANTWANTWANTWANTWANT!!!!
      They do not have the best bodes, longest legs in Cdramaland but boy they can bottle that debonair and sell it back the truckloads when in suits!!

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