Hyun Bin for K2

;_______;  like the rest of the fandom, I have tears, emotional tears of joy.  After which we’ll all self-combust in his hotness, of course.

[credit on pics; big hugs and thanks to original posters!]

Honestly I remember K2 as quite harmless, slightly boring concepts of hot men in a clashing technicolor down jackets, engaging some outdoorsy sports.  This is black and white, noir, there is a combustion and even binnie is visibly perspiring, feeling the hotness radiating from himself.  There is his bicep!!!neck!!! and his throat!!! and his adam’s apple!!!, his EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the owl competing for who has the deadlier killer gaze. Or is this K2’s revision of Harry Potter, and HBinnie is the gleaming Fawkes the phoenix arising from the ashes of K2 clothes because this hotness needs no dressing. Or the owl is my stand-in, eying my hubby like a piece of hot Tang Seng’s meat.  The fire is ready, and that sleeveless number can be easily burnt to ashes.  That brings me back to the question, are you sure of this concept K2?  I’m sooooooooooo not complaining, but all I get is you yourself is abandoning your merchandise, and squealing along with us HBinnie you are so ridiculously hot, too sexy for K2 clothes.

And shame on you SamSung, haha this is how HBinnie should be utilized, not featured in a fleeting moment, and piling on useless clothes even a clothing line is NOT making the silly booboo.

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