Early Happy Lunar New Year


Loverboy is singing in Cantonese (zomg tbh quite decent the enunciation, pitch…not so much lol) a Lunar New Year ‘pop’ song 《祝福你》/Blessing you, like a cute Bobblehead CN Ken doll/lounge singer.  I will credit him updating the look made famous by John Travolta in SatNightFever.  But he’s adorbs and he’s my loverboy, so only I can tease and poke him.  It’s super short, but I’ll take it, esp he and Elanne look super adorable and cute together.  I have hopes Mulan will be quite good, don’t disappoint me kids!  So now that the OTP is officially on the biggest promo platform, singing in these LNY shows, any day now.   I’ve lost count how many dramas YH has cooling on the shelves, I do not care of the quality, I just want to see him bobbing his head in a C modern or sth, ANYTHING.   I’ll have to disown him though if he stoops so low as to do a YuZ’s drama.

Speaking of YZ…

and his brand of stinkiest crap, Swordman is the fresh reigning darling show for snark. It’s lunar new year and my Mama raised me to avoid anything fug and stay away from crap and unfortunate every new year week to max out the luck, wishing upon an auspicious coming year.

That is not to say I’m not devouring up ALL the most brilliant snark only a YuZit’s (I bestow upon you this nick) crap can inspire like new year candy.  And the spoilers (really nth to spoil here) and recaps ZOMGLMFAO the best lol therapy for a rainy day, spare me the blindness fr theFUG and braincells from being completely annihilated.

DongFongBuBai is one of the most interesting villain in LC’s wuxia world.  He has the drive and determination to possibly be a wulin(the ‘forest’ of wuxia) master but void of the chivalry to be a hero.  The narrow-minded focus of him to obtain the best martial art skill at ALL cost, to the extreme of castrating himself because the bestest wuxia mantra he is delving in said so.   He’s given up his sex for wuxia. So, YuZit is switching the sex for what?!  Some empty girl power fueled sympathy?!?!?!?  For a ruthless one-minded villain?!?!?!?!?!?  I’m offended.  Then of course, there’s more insults to the injury .

And this sweetie summed up YuZit’s DFBB construct so we don’t have to:

归海仲景:于麻麻不愧是于麻麻,新笑傲江湖这东方不败改的真是前无古人后无来者……东方不败,女,父母不详,有一妹仪琳,有一弟不详,年少时强盗屠村被父母抛弃并与妹 妹失散,后被独孤求败所救,教授武功,女扮男装上黑木崖……十年后下山恋上令狐冲,最后给任盈盈下毒并把自己的心换给她,死了

Yumehmeh is YUMEHMEH, this DFBB in her retelling of  ‘笑傲江湖’ is an abomination never conceivable….DFBB, female, with parents unknown, a sister Yilin (She is the cute innocent nun pining after LHC, the daughter of a monk and a nun no relation whatsoever, the age does not make an iota of sense, per canon) and a brother unknown.  When she was a child, ruffians rampaged her village, her folks fell victims and she was separated from her younger sis Yilin.  Then she’s taken into apprenticeship by the great martial art maestro Dugu Qiubai (he created the Dugu 9 swords which was later passed down to LHC fr a DemonSect senior).  She cross-dresses as a guy and up Black Woods Cliff she goes (where Demon sect is based)…10years later she descends down the cliff and falls in love with LHC, poisons his supposedly OTP Ren YingYing, THEN gives RYY her heart, and DIES!!! The End.

To add, and totally within the realm of what Yumama can spit out, (s)he said LHC is similar to Deer of Mt Duke’s Wei XiaoBao (an extraordinary slimeball whatthe?!?!?!?!!? Even Wallace can’t stand it but correct her LHC is LHC, WXB is WXB).  LHC is also an orphan like DFBB, taken in by his sifu, ie he could be the unknown bro of Miss DFBB.  Full-on cross-dressing INCEST!!! Color me impressed in how to royally fck up canon marrying a wuxia classic with every headdesky trope of Kdrama makjang.   Chen QiaoEn is such a misfit in a period,  she totally can not carry this frightening ‘femme’ fatale wuxia mastervillain in stature and there was no attempt at period speech nor mannerism.  She still looks every bit like the soft girly mousy country bumpkin with boobs to me.   Fine in a TW idoldrama, but even in a YuZit wuxia with teletubbies, it’s unacceptable.

It’s a tradition to visit a temple LNY day and buy a red fortune windwheel to swirl in the good luck.  I’m thinking most positively this is what CQE is trying to do here, personifying :

No, she has not gone batshitcrazy (yet, unlike the audience)  and I don’t think she’s batting imaginary flies, she’s just proclaiming she’s gonna be the most feared ruler of the entire wulin.  That’s her begrudged minion, with loyalty aligned to the previous leader of the sect, not even one doubt she is a halfassed crossdresser.  Those are bOObs, dude.

And there is a full-on wedding night scene between Wallace and HanDong somewhere.  While it is slashy and delish with Wallace asking if he’s ‘pretty’? with a muakkk.  This is hell!no!! NOT LHC, those who’ve braved the PoS are often saying his LHC is very lovechild of Chinese Paladin 3’s Chang Qing and Li Xiao Yao.

Need some palate cleanser?

YH is gorgeous as 沈岸/Shen An for the HuaxuYin drama.   Back to his Yang Kang hot badboy form. *DROOOLLLLZZZ*  These are not official stills but fan captures on the set:

Being the sweetheart and waving to his fans:

Fanart is out!

And hahaha because of his ‘little red flower’ nick, this handiwork happens

KC’s Mu Yan….just not gelling:

And doing cutest PSA for pet adoption for strays, to which the fangirls are asking to adopt him instead:

And my Loverboy is rumored to be in another drama right after HXY.  *breathe* TYTY TPTB, I don’t know You love me sooooo!!!  I was asking for YH in a manguo Cdrama and this one has him as an officer! IN UNIFORM!!!  The cute redbeanies get to work already coming up with a possible look!  *SWOONNNNN*


24 thoughts on “Early Happy Lunar New Year

  1. One crappy day and you have me chuckling away at my computer screen 😀 Netizens are so cool sometimes, got to love some of his hair accessories, actually I think I owned something like that pink bow once upon a time :p

    On the other hand, Loverboy never does stop working does he? Or is that something that all actors seem to do, I never hear about them taking vacations, or they’re really good at doing at least that in private. I do hope he gets to be centre stage in whatever dramas he’s planning to do, not even a hardcore fan but, he’s got talent, I don’t see why he never really gets to be the one. Also his singing…it was terrible and I was squealing. I think your fangirling is spreading! 😀

    As for Swordsman, I only watched the trailer, there was a little sequence just like the gif showing Chen Xiao En cackling…crying…laughing, I couldn’t tell. At least nobody can hold her for only doing fluffy rom-coms with the same role. She can now claim that she has tried, but it just so happens that uhh she sucks at it.

    1. Happy Lunar New Year to you Aehyu! (I guess you are celebrating it right?)

      He’s been work to the bones, quite annoying none of his works are out yet post BBJX. But oh well haha I’ll loop this offkey vid and bobble my head along with him!

      1. Happy Lunar New Year to you too 🙂 That’s a real long time then, ugh I wish whoever’s doing the picking and choosing would air some of the stuff that’s been floating around the net already! It’s driving me nuts, seeing all the pretty stills for various dramas, then sitting in some long ass arduous wait for it finally get sarft or the tv stations approval to air is just so~ annoying! Alas video it is…

        1. This is what I hate most about Cdramaland, while I actually like preproduction (because the live-shooting habit of Kdrama is insane and hazardous to the well being of the artists, really), there seems to be a lot of back stage elbowing/bribing for sth to air, because how else do you explain bloodboiling turds by YZ to air in a ridiculously prompt fashion while other surely better dramas can be shelved for years. It is getting too rating thirsty and money minded. Everything out there is attracting eyeballs mostly by throwing on as much nonsense for maximum snarkablity. *sigh* I’m mad at myself caving in checking out the hoopla of Swordsman just to see the ridiculous…like so many.

          1. Same here, I appreciate pre-production, that way nobody’s dying or paying some speed driver to deliver tapes on time (sorry I had to throw in the KoD ref.), but it’s ridiculous for dramas to wait up to 5 years to get airing. By the time it has started there is no way it can keep up visually with something that’s been filmed in the past year, technology will have improved, and it just makes it look bad in comparison to something that is airing at the right time.

            I really am curious as to how YZ does it. He’s magically kept the storyline to his vers. of YZG and already has SARFT approval?! I’ll admit I am a sucker for anything that is visually appealing, but I have no respect for someone like him. I think it’s sad that they’ve forgotten that more than those damn ratings, losing peoples respect is something that will tarnish his rep. in the long run.

            Maybe I am hoping for too much, but I do wish someday a Go-Eun for C-dramaland pops up and sticks to her guns right until the end. *wishful thinking*

            1. That’s why YZ is the shrewder, smarter of the 2 sillies (the other being LB of TR of course) gripe of SARFT on DMY is the ending, you can’t really twist up a patriotic hero who died for the country in battle in history book to be one who will elope for love and heck his responsibilities in Cdramaland. The word is the sypnopsis of what YZ sent in is all about romance and nth touching the landmines of the political. He is so shameless to make a buck he’ll change names, dynastics, plot, EVERYTHING and just shop it as YZG but it can be just the emptiest of shell with no resemblance of the source (see the most lol craptastic travesty that is Swordsman) YZ is successful because his mind is one-track in making a profit, haha he’s so remote from anyone who will bother with reputation or anything that won’t make quick $$$. And long run?!?!? In many ways he’s like those scammy deplorable businessman producing tinted food like pork with addictives faking as beef, or oil extracted fr the drains. It’s a cancer, what he’s producing is not drama, but a hecking of scenes thrown together to spruce up the most controversy the audience can’t look away. He actually read literature in college, and so I refuse to just throw in the towel in saying he’s just illiterate even though many of his lines and plots are so bizarrely inaccurate, but rather, he’s calculated this appalling silliness will bring in the biggest snarkfest, an eyeball is still an eyeball. That is why I have to disown anyone who think his stuff is ‘good’. He’s already overstaying his welcome since Goong.

              1. At this point I really would like someone to pull the stick out of SARFT’s ass and give them a damn good beating. Surely they realise the ending is already written inside a book, that’s been read by quite a few, if not that, at least give your audience some credit for knowing the difference between fiction and reality…I guess you’ve got to stick your propaganda crap somewhere.

                I do wonder how he came into this profession though, when he sounds more like he would do so much better as a lawyer. (no offence to anyone with that profession.) Ha! If there’s a secret in C-dramaland, it’s how Gong got famous in the first place…I sat through about half of the first season, and then I realised I was watching Meteor Shower with people dressed up in period garb for the shits and giggles. I think the worst part is, he has the ability to make something that could look brilliant, but he’s so wrapped up in making his money, that he wouldn’t invest a penny on the storyline even if had plenty to spare (which he probably does at this stage). Shame how the good stuff gets logged back, and all the poop somehow manages to make a profit :/

  2. Happy Lunar New Year chinggu! It’s already the last day of the Dragon here, and professed lazy me iz typing away wishing peeps happy CNY while mom is doing all the Chu Xi dinner preps for tonite, ain’t I a bad bad girl?! XD What’s up on your end?

    I checked out the drama trailer, and I’m like MUAHAHAHAHAHA is all I can do.

    1. 蛇年幸福健康!心想事成! Dear Chingu!! ^^

      Gosh we were feverishly making all those nin gos till just now, I’m beat, we decided to go central assembly line and churned out 2 dozens sweet ones after work tonite. tmr will be the lor bak go. And some of my friends (we are all….diaporic, away fr fam) will gather and make dumplings and tongyuan from scratch. I’m not northerner but hubs and some friends are so it’s so much fun to adapt all our vastly different cultural heritage into one true melting pot

  3. Happy Lunar New Year! Been watching the video over and over again. The song is short. I just can not get enough of it… He looked and sounded excited. I like Elanne’s voice and smile.

    The fan art is incredible. Is the second pic a fan art too? YH look so handsome there.
    I can not help but giggle over the pics that followed. He’s so adorable. Had he been a female, a lot of the opposite gender will want to be her man! “She” is beautifull. Hahaha!

    Your Loverboy looks so good in uniform. Even if you clothe him in rags, he will still look like a million dollars!

    1. Thank you sweetie!

      The second pic is tweaked, but his face and the outfit is what he’s snapped on set. It looks lush and ornate, which fits his status as a big shot general.

      I think he looks better in elaborate costumes, his bode is actually very skinny making his head disproportionally large. That’s why the general consensus is he’s better looking in periods than moderns, We’ll see! The C idoldrama with SiWon could be out in summer (I think!)

    1. KC is SY, he looks horrible in his makeup and costume and hair :/ They are trying too hard to young him up but it’s doing opposite.

      But the leaked synopsis, this is sooo loosely based on the book I’m actually intrigued in what they will come up with.

  4. aww YH is so cute
    Why hasn’t his dramas come out
    and then i have to wait for them to be subbed T__T

    my c-drama kick started with BBJX (i still watch k/j dramas for the modern stuff; i kinda stopped watching sageuks for the time being) but i think i like how female centric c-dramas are (even though i hit the FF button when the dowager Queen/villain takes up more than 50% of the episode..)

    I still haven’t watched anything that tops BBJX..recommendations?

    Why is ruby in half the dramas that are subbed???? She is everywhere O.O
    i FF’d my way through Qing Shi Huang Fei (which was pretty bad) for Yan Kuan and his perfect eyebrows :p

    1. Oh Ruby is such a smart lass, all her dramas, no matter how turdish the script, she will fill it to the brim with GORGEOUS guys haha, I bet the fangirls of the pretties are what driving the fansubbing, that and Ruby is of the forever loved golden fandom of Princess Pearl.

      YH is still not that big a draw, so his pickings are not as ‘top-notch’ *argh, but top-notch in Cdramaland these days are only measured by ratings and usu rating monsters are killing it because they are so snarkable it’s entertaining* Thus, many of his projects are hemmed by less big guns. He has an eclectic mix of dramas in production and post production, any day now!

      Oh…recs…I’m not good at recs because I am too off the norm and I like things for strange reasons, and tbh most popular C periods now are all idoldrama K makjang copycats just with costumes and period setting. There really is no point watching anything by YuZheng for example.

      I really love Zhen Huan Zhuan https://mookiehyun.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/zhen-huan-zhuan/ It’s like BBJX for adults, BuBu is for the younger crowd and it reads like an angsty shoujo manga, we fell for it rabidly, it’s well done, but ZHZ is much more meticulously produced and written. It’s more a proper drama, although still nowhere near being accurate historically, but at least the real figures align with what we know of them from records and historical text.

  5. @aehyu,

    I’m all for SARFT sticking to their guns though. I’ve lost faith in the general public’s taste nor the judgment of difference btn fiction and reality. Look at the case of Swordsman, it’s lowest of yucraps, why bother make a wuxia if the intention is just to spin out a dim a dozen ho-hum shoujo romance that is not even done well, sth that is of the exact playbook in his EVERY drama just now acted out by all twisted well-known wuxia characters and not making an aota of sense?! But it does the trick and there is a new young gen initiated into the world of ‘JinYung’ through it, and shipping LHC and DFBB and jabbing RenYingYing (and sigh, the character has no chance of being likable acted by the most fuggliest PS’d face) as the third wheel bitch bragging this is a bona fide populace hit being on Baidu top 100 whereas the original novel didn’t make it to any such list. That whole shitting on one of the best written OTP in all of JinYung (and frankly he’s not really good at that dept) is my bottom-line. YZ really needs to die and disappear from this world.

    Of course SARFT can fold itself and heck the censorship and let anything goes, but it doesn’t seem like they have any intention to.

    And any drama has a different audience than purely fans of the book, or I should say, the point of having a censorship bureau, whether I like it or not, is to ‘protect’ the public from material THEY deemed hazardous, it may only be a handful few they are protecting it from, versus the norm who can discern, but still it’s the handful few’s ‘well-being’ they are after. To an extreme, their rationale is why we need banning/rating for extreme violence/ porn, while most of the audience know it’s make-belief, it is still not suitable material for groups of audience.

    I can understand the fan of the book wanting the adaptation be absolutely true to every detail, but then as with every adaptation, there will be a significant fraction of the audience who may not have read the novel, and you will be surprised how some younger readers of the novel knew nothing much of the patriotic hero Huo and held the opinion the YY in the novel was a possibility and just worthy of the squeeworthy romance alone at the expense of historical manipulation. And, nowadays, we have the internet, there are international audience who treat it as entertainment and know nth of the history nor feel the need to look into it, and this is exactly why SARFT will never ever let DMY see the daylight.

    YZ ‘talent’ lies in utter shamelessness and plagiarism, his early stuff were actually not as disgustingly crappy, BUT he’s been doing the same old like Qiong Yao of his generation since day one: makjang, shrilly, fake-angsty shoujo mary-sue romance. Before he hit it big, at least he will put some care into the production, now he’s like a well-oiled shrewd machine, who doesnt even bother to pretend he care except for all the lying liar who lies promo shit he’s performing and like minds you mention he can be a fantastic scummy lawyer because he reminds me of a ‘model’ of the industry in an US drama I love: Breaking Bad. I don’t really see it as a secret why Goong will be a big hit, it is Imperial Meteor Gardens and every HanaDan will be popular with the fangirls, then there is the utter sheer stupidity which makes is risibly entertaining for watch for snark alone, and YM+FSF does have on shippable OTP, they are both decent actors enough to stay afloat YZ’s crap.

    And that is why I’m doing my own protest against anything attached to yumehmeh, I will only watch cuts of say HanDong or ChenXiao of Swordsman because in their defense they do not have the lead status to to choose and pick yet, but Wallace, Joe Chen, who willingly enter into doing this offensive piece of crap, I judge.

    1. Oops, only saw this today, wow we could probably write dissertations based solely on our hate for Yu Zheng at this rate :p

      As for censorship, I guess that’s an unending debate, the more you say something is unsuitable for you and hide it away, the more tempted you become to look for it. It’s just in the case of SARFT, you will never find it. In the end I feel that it’s really up to the individual (international or other), whether they have that desire to look beyond the surface knowledge of something is up to them, but some part of them should know they’re closing themselves off to a part of knowledge. I suppose at this point of debating censorship etc we’re venturing off the dramaland boundaries and it could all just end up being political garb that I don’t have enough knowledge of.

      Back to YZ, so evidently he has enough money to not give rats ass what the quality of his product is so long as it sells. Eh well the best I can do from behind a computer is not watch any of this productions. As for what you said about Gong-*head desk*.

      I expect nothing less, I read your awesome post on the shit that is ‘Swordsman’. I got a good laugh out of it, and I do not even want to contemplate what went through Wallace and CXE’s heads when they signed on to be a part of it. As actors who have choices in what project they pick now, it’s like blasphemy. Chen Xiao on the other hand looks super~~~ pretty…no that’s not it- he looks beautiful, and that’s not an insult. Some twisted, hypocritical part of me actually wants to see HIM in ‘Legend of Lu Zhen’.

      I feel like after ranting, and bitching the hell out of YZ I’ve suddenly gone back on my words. I think my opinion stands, he will continue to produce crap, but if he gets lucky each time, picking that one tiny detail that gets peoples attention, he’s going to keep getting an audience.

      1. I’m not really a fan of DMY the book because of it’s complete disregard of history. I’ve falled out of love with TongHua because of it, because better author, like Louis Cha, ALWAYS work within a plausible AU of WhatIF. There are plenty of poems, writings and historical texts honoring the death of HXB at battlefield, so to completely heck that for the sake of a tale of romance is not sth I can stand by as well. Is it true about the rumor it’s gonna have an airdate in Summer?! O___o tbvh from the looks of it this may hit XYS territory of dissappointing camp and there is never any romantic chemistry I can extract from ANY of SS and HG’s collab, I mean I will keep an open mind, but for many pairing, it doesn’t need to be written in the script coupling for the chemistry to be felt.

        Is legend of LuZhen a book adaptation? YZ’s writing has never ever worked for me so I doubt if I can sit through an ep, we can always rely of fancuts.

        I don’t think YZ’s success is luck though, I can trace every step and thought behind through very diligent calculation to make sth so hated it’ll be talk of town can’t look away kinda deal. I mean writers, scholars, weibo personalities are all writing critiques left and right on it. It is a form of national past time I guess, but like driving a gas gusting big chunk of metal with a gas mileage of say a few miles/gallon going to get gas can be a fun entertaining drive in handling the machine, but what a waste of time, really.

  6. Reminded me of a quote:
    If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place. (c)Lord Halifax [url=”http://idipic.com/History1″]this page[/url]

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