Happy Drama Day!

Happy Valentine’s DAY!!  Never into the spirit of it, so I started the weehours of the day with many gorgeous drama dudes!  I need to hit the sheets like 2 hrs ago.  But I stayed up watching KDRAMAS!  ME so smart.

I’m declaring myself out of kdrama slump…  Whatever Wind that is Blowing in That Winter, it BLEW my mind.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Writer Noh, u must want to keep me as one of your fangirlminions, got your memo, duly noted!


SHK is a revelation.  I’ve never been able to connect with much of her emoting through the ages, esp in her strictly angstymelo days, she could be crying 59 out of the 60 mins of the ep to blindness, dying of terminal illness, in incestuous love entanglements, dead parents, harassed by HOT! mean dudes, I just could’t care about any of it.  I could see effort, but it didn’t surmount to much without the innate ability to delve deeper into the character, making it a hollow shell, or simply connect the dots to flesh out one coherent characterization instead of being satisfied with just getting through the scene good enough, imo.  But here, as this lonely icy heiress, I somehow connect with her every woe as she presents them in this withdrawn miserable cocoon inside her suffocating gilded cage.  It just works in the frigid climate of this drama and she fits like a glove.  For intangible reasons. I have my heart teetering towards her, all the time in her scenes.  She gets my abiding attention, which has never happened, and that is even when she’s sharing a scene with the super-writerNohregular tour de force Bae JongOk.  I’m putting my bet on her stealing the show (I’m surprising myself just typing this) Her character is one perfect casting.

I enjoy JIS on my screen very ridiculously much, to the point he’s a bona fide guilty pleasure.  I’m not strictly his fangirl because I don’t find him attractive, at all, but he’s darn perfectly pretty even with his psycho ‘me-scared-of-wimmen-I-want-my-Mommyy!!’ eyes.  I can watch him overacting a scene of constipation, I truly can. I have no problem ever watching him and feeling the pain and tears WHILE additionally laughing my ass off at his patented, trademarked, ridiculously affecting CAMP!  Then there are moments he’s just glorious (not jk), maybe not due to his intentional control, but it clicks and fireworks! Together they make an interesting opposite attract matchy OTP I can’t look away.  But is there an irky at the bottom of my fangirly biased heart this is one heck of a perfect role for myhyunbinnie?!?!  HECK YES!!!! It will be a hailstorm of fanwars and things will get so fugly and ridiculous to the max and every minute interaction of them on screen would be twisted into being exploitative, but I don’t care coz I can shut it all and it will never dampen me enjoying the beautifully written drama, to think: their personal history will add another delicious oomph, and that’s what life experience can do to honing one’s craft, no?!

Out of the K F4, I find Kim Bum the most attractive then, and now still, on a strictly shallow basis.   His face and cute smile are very far far far away from buggy to my eyes, but he mugs and poses and mugs and smirks and pompously announces his lines and mugs and poses and smirks and smirks and smirks, oh, and glares.  I can’t keep up with the sensory overload of non-stop gesturing of every muscle of his body.  My eyes have to dart from his glaring eyeballs to his smirking lovely lips to his moving hands as if he’s playing pictionery, let alone he’s literally jumping and running like a spastic, very pretty, monkey.  Cutiepie, at least give your smirk muscles  a break.

Oh, there is also some more memorable snow Kdramaland has installed for us, I watched as much Iris 2 as one should, if you are of the too nosy for own’s good sorts….mins? half an ep?  About right.  There are BLACK NINJAS/NSS (possibly standing for Not!ASSES) Top agents , head to toe black, dead serious on some deadly killer mission, STEALTHING THROUGH SOME ARCTIC-ESQUE SNOW!! We have zoom ins of the black pants of black ninjas treading through thigh-high pure white snow and we can see EVERY flake of it! HOW DANGEROUS a mission is THAT??!?!?!?!?   O! M! F! G!  This is of the exact gamebook of a YuMehMeh Kdrama equivalent.  A napalm of shit, the most snarkable and thus entertainment.  The age we’re living in.

12 thoughts on “Happy Drama Day!

  1. Thank you dearie for your thoughts of the drama, i really appreciated. I have only watched raw, so i can’t tell much, but JIS and Kyo moved me. I like the layed out of the drama, simple yet intruiging. I really like the directing and story keke..oh i am trying not being bias dearie.

    Happy new year dear! Hugz

    1. *hugz* Kim!!! Thank you!!!! 😀 (I just rewatched bits and edited my post w/ some new binnie related thoughts…)

      Kyo impressed me the most out of EVERYONE, I mean I’m not trying to be mean but what are the odds?! She got enlightened in WW, but there were moments of shakiness as if she’s very unsure (and part is the characterization at play), but here, there is this newfound confidence/assuredness in acting I’ve never EVER seen before in her. It’s like she’s this epiphany and has distilled the craft to a point she really is not just a vessel requiring good directing, but an artist of her own thought.

  2. Although being as a hardcore fan, i have never thought she is the best actress out there. I have always thought i wanted more from her and i could really see her improvement fro Today, and twtwb really confirms her growth in acting. Yay, i am happy.

    1. She really really gets it in Winter Wind Blows, finally!!! I’m so happy for you Kim, it is an awesome feeling to see an artist I care about to finally reach a potential, I now have the trust in Kyo to reach newer heights! ^^ I guess we have to thank writer Noh, I truly see a new her in WW, and I bet working with thoughtfully written scripts instead of something absolutely catering for ratings gets into her head acting is a vast bottomless pool of challenge she can’t get too comfortable with.

      1. @utkim I noticed the massive change in her in Lee Jung-hyang’s Today/A Reason to Live. There’s a scene towards the very end especially where I was like — ”holy craaaaap….Is that REALLY SHK? O__0′

        mookie: I liked her in WW and did notice a subtle switch go off, but truthfully, I’m convinced WKW did it. Man is an institution, the gold standard. Surely, that’s what did it. Hehe.
        I’m betting she’ll steal the show, too.

        1. What I saw in WW is…she’s engaging in some input of hers, it was rough around the edges, and she still did not have a precise read on the character like many of her costars, but preWW, she was an empty vessel, I do not see any active interpretation of anything handed her way, it’s apparent to me as if she’s just doing scene to scene as she’s told by PD decently, but there was no connection, no conviction.

          I will seriously credit her in TWTWB, but yes, you must be right in WKW sparking a fuse in her that gives her some form of newfound insight and confidence. But then WKW is not 100% successful, to this day Takeshi and Charlie Yeung (and Andy Lau) are still…too self-absorbed with their image….to really ledge on a character without too much of their star-baggage.

  3. Oh, i got read your edit comment…and yes, this role would be perfectly for Binnie…i am dreaming about it heheh.

    Btw, happy birthday in advance, mookie…muackkk

    1. OH thank you~!!!! haha you are the first one to give me well wishes! 😀 You are too sweet Kim! muakkkkkk

      I just thought JIS, while I truly enjoy seeing him on screen because it’s entertaining but he can easily go overboard, plus it’s clear he is explosive, there is not much difference in how he approaches this character with his characters in Dirty Carnival or What Happened in Bali. It works here perfectly, but a lot of his scenes are very deja vu with no element of surprise.

      I just thought with the new maturity of both Kyo and Binnie, there can be new synergy. And binnie can bring in some more nuances and shades to the complex character

  4. I have now watched all eps 1,2,3 with subs…so in love with the show and i love the writer to put a lot of efforts on the characters. They are written with cares and brain in it. I love how she makes OY blind but abs not stupid and weak. And OS..ah , i love this character a lot, he seems cold but can’t hide his tender heart.

    EPs 3 had many moments which broke my heart to pieces sob sob.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahah Yumehmeh hahahahahahahahahahahahah God when I think Jin Yong banned TVB… And he agreed with this sh.. Yumehmeh gave us… I want to cry

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