My Sweet Drama Valentines!

*there is a Csubbed version by the baidu HBbar dearies but I can’t pull myself to focus on ANythiNG to translate.  Binnie is basically saying in face of fear and difficulty one can choose to walk away from it, but facing it can bring out an inner strength, tackling new challenges…Our lives is in our own hands…blablabla*  *DROOOLLLLLLLLLZZZZ*

HOTTT PICS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K2’s concept:  So what if DongSoo did not die, and gets a fresh hand of cards instead, living a normal life as a fisherman while modeling on the side?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Gosh, binnie, this is new, this is a different you, this darker, killer fire, slow constant burn in your eyes and gone is all that hint of boyish shyness, in place is this new confidence of a grown man, new manliness oozing and I might just hyperventilate myself to death here!!!!

Not that I like it, but instead of really filming sth meaty, he’ll embark on his very first Asian fanmeet, first in Taipei and later in Singapore and Shanghai?

I mean if this is truly what you wanna do HBinnie, sure!  BUT from the years I know you from the sideline,  dog and pony shows are not your thing.

So we just got over the hoopla that was Feb 14th (I hope you dearies all had a sweet day!).  I myself munched on too much champagne truffles I sure am having a few new cavities.  It was also the anni of my loverboy’s fanclub, it’s 6 years young now!   My sweetheart wrote a sweet message at the webby, and ahhhhhhhhhh, the warm fuzzies I have after a bite of the yummiest piece of chocolate he is personifying.

At the moment, I’m on my way rushing to my set at the banks of Elephant Mt,  I’ve not woken up yet.

I met up with Bro 8, 9, 10 last night for the first time.  We have not had a gathering for almost 2 years.  This is a very rare occasion, that’s why even though I have an early shoot today, I couldn’t help but downed a few drinks.  Bro 8 said, BuBu is the happiest set he’s resided last few years, all the ladies are cute, the guys are all ‘rascals’.  To the last part, I am cautiously agreeing.

It’s true, 2012 had been a fruitful year for all of us, one drama, BuBuJingXin, brought us so much, so much more in the last year or so.  To put it simply, we are all busier, so busy we can’t go back home as often, so busy we have very little time on our own for privacy.

I’m very laid back, I believe in the motto there are no absolutes in this world,  being busy has its merits, being free has its joy, so I live accordingly.  That’s why I have been mindlessly having a ball of fun, living.

I wish, it will be the same in the coming year.  You will not change, and I will not change.  Lets just 行至水穷,坐看云起 *, watching the world changing quietly in our serenity.

Thank you for sticking with me for another year, your support has been my greatest motivation.  My goal this coming year is still:  be a better actor, bringing better productions to you.  Wishing you all a happy new year, a happy valentine’s day, wish our a happy birthday, growing up all strong and healthy!

*Loverboy is playing with a famous poem 終南別業 by Tang poet 王维(Wang Wei): 行到水窮處,坐看雲起時: Walking on, wherever the path leads, not minding where it ends.  At the end of the path, just sit down, take the time, and enjoy the clouds flying by.

Here is a bunch of fan-captures of him on the set of HuaXuYin, I bow to these diehard redbeanies, it’s the lunar new year celebration and for many this is the only time the whole family can gather from all parts of the country, and they took a few days off this precious time to visit Loverboy on the set bringing him all sorts of goodies.   Pics are not allowed on set, the fans are not even allowed to step in, but YH dashes out whenever he can between takes, and will sign whatever you ask him to, take how many pics to heart’s desire only reminding them  to take note of the production does not want it leaked, and he’ll keep urging them to leave and be careful since this is a very remote location for their safety, like constantly.  Yup, the flailing fangirls flailed more.

And here he is, all shy because the ballsy fangirl askes him to gesture ‘2’ ie derp, ie a word describing his entire existence, and she harasses his middlefinger.

The general in his army garb.  GORGEOUS!!!!

A rare sneaked out fanpic of the set with Loverboy and his OTP JiangXin, ahhhhhh looking @#%$#&^$#@ delicious, you two!

And the BuBu Gang, gathering at Elephant Mt for their respective busy filming schedule, and took the time to send a cute tweet making fun of  14/LGX on his bday  Feb13.

YH: Big brothers are all wishing our 14mei (sister) a happy birthday!  Wishing you as pretty as a flower and as precious as jade forever and ever, more beautiful than a fairy, and hope you can marry into a rich family and give birth to lots and lots of lovely kids!

They are gesturing 2, 1314.  Which stands for be a derp (2)for a lifetime (1314).

Prince9/HanDong copied YH’s exact lolz greeting, and KC ‘fell in the trap’ retweeting  with the simple HB #14, to which the prankster Prince10/Ye deliberately forwarded KC words wishing them marital bliss for hundreds of year to come!!!  XDDD

And the sweet lil bro/sis really listens to the big bros and….continue to be la derpette the day after his bday, sending this Vday wishes to the world

LGX: 214, wishing all the lovers on earth are brothers and sisters! 

Lolz 14, if this is not a veiled love declaration to your true love Bro 8, I don’t know what is.

Loverboy also posted a voice message yesterday, musing his opinion on ‘2’ ie the state of being a derp/dork, the different types on derps as categorized by their actions on the momentous day of Vday AND the day on lunar calendar (Day6 of first month) for praying for the bestowing of good luck from the God of Fortune.  Please don’t ask me what he said exactly, my mando is nowhere near proficient enough and obviously he can side-job as a rapper or a tongue-twisting standup or whatever he wanna.  *bow*

Loveboy’s new civil war/ spy drama is CONFIRMED and I’m truly excited from the synopsis!!!  He’ll be shooting it right after HXY in March.

And for the first time, he’ll be the leading man in a modern (sorta) drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND with a leading lady I like!  Seriously I feel like my prayers last few years are answered in one scoop (now let me be greedy and just wish I can get to SEE some of his delectable finished works, and I’ve lost count, there are 7 or 8 dramas he’s finished and STILL nth is out, What THE HECK!?!?!?!??!????????????)

This new drama is 秘密航线 (Secret Routes).  YH is YH is 谢一航 (Tse YiHang), captain of a freight ship, on the surface, he’s into the business of pirating goods for the rich businessmen, but instead he is working for the communist party transporting supplies.  He has an OTP he grew up with, who is a doctor and will volunteer her service to the bigger cause.  He’ll also have a fellow underground spy admirer, AND a sexy barownder ladyfriend who will always help him out.  Ohlala. Oh, and there’ll definitely have bromance with guy2 as well, ie I bet part of why YH accepted the role is because EVERYONE will be falling for him. lol

From the synopsis (VERY SPOILERISH!!), the story is set in 1947 there is a freight route transporting necessities to the northern rural mountains via 闽江 (Min River in FuJian). Tse YiHang, the captain of Forward freight but also a member of the underground party, while transporting cargoes for rich businessmen, he supplies the guerrilla fighters on the side.  One day, he got intelligence of a spy investigating the money route of the underground army, the spy is undercover as the owner of a textile company, Mr. Xia.  Tse tries to save his friends in the underground army while keeping the freight route working as usual.  Xia suspects Tse is a commie, but all his attempts to leak out the intelligence fail with the witty interceptions of Tse.  Then there are some danger involving Tse’s bro and pirates…and Xia saved Tse’s life, just when Xia is beginning to trust his big bro Tse, he finds out Tse maybe an undercover agent.  To halt the invasion of the revolution army entering FuZhou,  Xia prepares a boat loaded with explosives and set the harbor ablaze.  Both Xia and Tse are killed, ending the entanglements of their brotherly friendship and revolutionary ideologies.  The Forward freight is unscathed, soldiering on its route.

The leading lady is 韩雪HanXue, she is YH’s classmate at Shanghai Theatre Academy,  张丹峰 is guy 2 undercover agent Xia (who will fall for HX’s character).  HanXue’s character is the daughter of a rich businessman Mr Feng, she was educated in London, reading medicine, back in the country, she works at a church-run hospital, she and YH’s YiHang have feelings for each other since they were young, she sets up her mind to fight the same fights with him, but in tumultuous wartime, personal happiness is trivial to the well-being of the masses.

12 thoughts on “My Sweet Drama Valentines!


    Yuan Hong, what a nice guy, always being so courteous to fans. It’s no wonder that so many girls love him! Such a gentleman! *SWOON*

    It’s always nice to see the Bubu gang being all bromancy with each other LOL 😀

    1. Its a drama adaptation of the Chinese novel, Hua Xu Yin by Tang Qi Gong Zi (retitled as City of Devastating Love). KC plays the male lead and YH plays a main character in one of the side stories opposite Jiang Xin. IRL, 10 is dating Jiang Xin (and apparently they are super cute with each other) so that explains his presence there this time of the year… 😀 But what’s 9 doing there?

      OMG they are so so so cute together. I think one of the reasons it’s so hard to forget BBJX is because the cast really had AMAZING chemistry, both on and off the screen. Everytime I read of their gathering, it makes me want to go back and watch BBJX and again. Even the flooding (tears) parts.

    2. Hi sweetie! ^^

      Glad that you are all mended! Happy CNY to you and fam!

      haha but he’s also a jokester first and foremost, from a fan acct, if you ask him to sign more autographs, he’ll ask who are they for (since he’ll titled each one) but one of the fangirl did not say (plus she’s quite starstruck) and he didn’t sign the other few she asked, at first she took it as he won’t sign more than 1 per person, but then another fangirl asked and told him to title it to her roommate, a big fan as well. So the first fangirl pouted why he didn’t sign her extra ones, he half-jokingly said, ‘I thought you didn’t have any friends who like me!’ *winkwink*

      lolz, I guess this is also why I love the boy.

  2. Happy Lunar New Year to you & your family. Oh, when can I see Hyun Bin on tv? Hopefully he will be faster than Jo In Sung. I heard you & is watching That Winter, The Wind Blows. I like it and is shipping JIS & KB, all the way, lol. But I think you need to supply me with some tissues soon:(

    I recommended Hui Er to your blog bcos she is also a rabid YH’s fan. So both of you can either share or fight it out, haha…..I heard him singing a new year song in Cantonese. I don’t dare to leave any comment except lol:P Hopefully his drama will be released soon. I wanna watch the one with Si Won:)

    1. TYTY! ^^

      argh, I LOVE the writing of Winter Wind Blows but I can’t believe it but SHK is the only acting of the leads I truly like thus far. JIS is all over the place, mostly OTTing with crazyeyes and haha I’ve already jabbed on KB, so I’ll be nice! :X

      ahicic, hehe he’s MINEEEEE!!!!!! I have more Totoros than YH, so I bet I have an edge in just wrapping him under my fingers throwing Totoros at him. lol

      Oh…it’s not tooo bad actually, if u have heard of what the last years of cantopop ‘singers’ are daring to perform in public… at least it’s better than Twins and Leon Lai and they are considered singers as part of their profession. I sure will sing worse than him in …Swahili?! lol

    1. Report #13435427561 is saying, his management is saying he’ll greet us with a movie. :/ I’m not gonna be picky anymore, I just need him to truly work and that’ll ease my unease on all the FMs and CF appearances. What Nice Guy2? (I ❤ NG…so…)

  3. You never fail to amaze me with your keen observations. I envy the fan who grabbed YH’s middle finger. I hope her other arm was wrapped around his waist or better, they were holding hands! My! That would be heaven on earth! LOL!

    YH is sooooo sweet and considerate to his fans. It’s touching.

      1. Hahahaha! That’s my wishful thinking and imagination at work! Those are all I have since I know that I will have no opportunity at all to see the guy in person. Hahahaha!

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